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Women Kung Fu Fighting 1.3
Welcome to the era of Women Kung-Fu Fighters game, Fight, Brawl andSlam your enemy down and Finish her in this girl fighting game.Welcome the most amazing women wrestling and kung fu fightingtournament of the year. Women Kung Fu Fighting is an old schoolfighting style tournament with addition to modern world skills andfighting styles. This tournament is worldwide famous so wheneveryou’re fighting the whole world is watching. Not only that, withevery fight is held at a different arena or different locationaround the world so may have to fight in the jungle, in the city,in the airport or some places like that. Wherever you go, eyes willbe watching you and it’s on you to give them a good show. Womenfighting game have many women characters, that have entered thetournament but only one has succeeded every time. Fight with yourfavorite women character and beat every other wrestler, fighter orkung Fu fighter there is to emerge as the queen of the tournament.Become the queen of the arena by declaring yourself the victor, bydefeating every single female kung Fu warrior.This women streetfighting game is very easy to play, first you select your mode,which you want to play, we have story mode, or player to cpu modeor cpu to cpu modes. In story mode, you have to chase every womenfighter and kill them with short time. Use fighting combo or useyour own fighting skills and let’s fight. This game has multiplefemale characters that have distinct fighting and wrestlingabilities. Put your fighting instincts to use and show no mercyagainst the rival title holders. There are multiple locations setup for where you’re fighting, choose your favorite location tofight yourself. Enjoy the amazing fighting and sound effects in theamazing women kung fu fighting game. Enjoy responsive controls andrealistic animations of girl’s fighters in and only in Women KungFu Fighting game.
Blocky Pizza Delivery 1.1
Play the best of restaurant games and play as a pizza delivery boy.Drive to people’s homes and deliver them hot pizzas to keep yourbusiness warm and running. You are the Lake-Side Township’s onlypizza restaurant and there’s a responsibility on you. Everyoneloves pizza so there is constant demand of the pizza and you mustsee to your customer’s needs. Play as a pizza delivery boy with apizza delivery car and deliver hot pizza in your pizza deliveryvan. Enjoy the simulation of amazing blocky characters deliveringblocky boxes of circular pizza’s cut in triangular pieces. Deliverpizza in your amazing pizza delivery van on time and earn money anda great tip. Enjoy the simulation of blocky car & van in thispizza delivery van simulator. Blocky Pizza Delivery is not only apizza delivery game but it is a pizza delivery restaurant game. Youcan also play as a customer and go to the pizza restaurant andorder a Dine-In and eat the pizza hot and fresh at the restaurant.You can go to the restaurant, order the pizza you like and get iton the drive-thru restaurant by driving in your blocky cars. Or youcan also go to the restaurant and order the pizza of your choiceand go home and the pizza delivery boy will deliver it for you atyour home. Play as a pizza delivery boy or pizza delivery vandriver and driver car to deliver pizza. Enjoy the best and mostadorable pizza delivery simulator. Specially developed for childrenthis is the most lovable pizza delivery game in the internet foryour children. This pizza delivery game has special blockycharacters with their little blocky vehicles in a blocky city.Enjoy the best pizza delivery restaurant game on the internet.Download today and enjoy the fun loaded Blocky Pizza Delivery.
Mom Prison Escape 1.3
Get ready to break some bones & become a survival mom.MomPrison Escape is a story based first person game in which you playthe role of a special agent mom. This crazy mom can break bones andkill anyone who stands to harm her family. Get ready to play as oneof the most furious crazy mom simulators is ready to punish somecorrupt people. Fight gangs, destroy gang lords, kill policemen& break the prison. Have all of it only in Mom PrisonEscape.Your son is captured by policemen and they are going toexecute him on a false charge of murder. Some corrupt gang mafialord had paid off police to capture your son. Investigate why yourson is captured and why the drug lord has a feud against your son.Become a detective and investigate your son’s arrest. Killpolicemen, thugs and gangsters that come to stop you. Execute allof them and gain progress to higher difficulties. Find proofs andgather Intel from dangerous sources. Play a plan and break your sonfrom the prison. Help the crazy mom get her son back. Killpolicemen at the police station and kill gangsters that stop youfrom your investigation. Use your hands and guns as your weapons;you were the sniper in the army back in your golden days. Don’t letthat experience go to waste and think fast, act fast and shoot fastto take-down multiple enemies in a minute. Learn how to use sniperin this mom kill simulator. Kill all of the people who areresponsible for your son’s arrest. Kill the gang lord afterbreaking your son from the prison and destroy the mafia lord’sarmy. Kill every person you find on the street hiding as locals.Break into the police station and kill all policemen who startfiring at you. Knock all of the policemen out and go to the jailsection. Break your son from the prison and take him back to homesafely. Then kill all of the men of drug lord to finish him.Usestealth at all times because defense is the best offense. Attackthem in the blind spot and kill people quickly before they killyou. Use sniper and your hands as in combat and knock down enemieswith you punches and kicks. Defend your son before the time runsout and investigate why your son was captured in the first place.Remember, you are one against the whole army in Mom Prison Escape.
Street Fighting Revolution 1.2
Street fighting revolution is a street fight game and we arecalling out to the entire street fighting around the world to cometogether at the annual street fighting championship and show theirstrength and abilities. Its time you can prove yourself among therivals of your kind in the Street Fighting Revolution. Welcome theworld of fighting man and women fighting championship together.Many street fighting are joining this world fighting event. In thisstreet fighting game, you can play at amazing new exciting placesaround the earth. All matches are held at different places withextreme climate and environments. Fight from the depth of hugeJungles to the hot surface of enormous deserts. The world of streetfighting wrestling is now revolutionary and has come with manydifferent characters with many different superpowers and fightingskills. From a series of a large number of characters you can playas any character you want. This is our latest and the most amazingfighting simulator you will find on the internet these days. Playas being one of Fantastic Street fighting who will brawl on thestreets of different city.Enjoy the simulation of multiple amazingcharacters with their amazing sound effects and realisticanimations. The controls provided in this game are very amazing andsuper realistic. With responsive controls and interactiveenvironment the street fighting revolution is the best fightinggame you will ever find. Download street fighting revolution todayand play as one of the many amazing male or female fighting
King of Kung Fu Fighting 1.5
Welcome to annual wrestling tournament where champions of championswill come around and clash with each other. Many will come but onlyone will emerge victor. Do you think you have the guts to facecountless fearless fighters? Download today the flawless king ofkung fu fighting now!It is time to join the yearly competition offlawless victories and merciless fights. King of Kung Fu Fightingis the ultimate fighting tournament all kung Fu fighters around theworld train years for. Show off your Taekwondo, Ninja and Kung Fuskills and assassinate players from around the globe. Show yourTaekwondo, Ninja and Kung Fu skills to the whole world and emergevictor among the most dangerous players of the planet. Beat enemiesin one on one combat mode and fight two rounds with them. You haveto win two rounds to succeed to the next player. King of Kung FuFighting comes with a world of street fighters and professionalwrestlers brawling among each other at one fighting contest. Getready to break some bones or get your bones crushed by ruthlessfighters from the whole world. Fight your way to the top and beatevery player in this tournament one after another. Perform flawlesscombos hits and hit your enemy while he’s in midair and vulnerable.Take no chances, defend and attack and most importantly look forthe time gap of your opponent’s combo and hit him while he’svulnerable.This is the annual ultimate fighting contest so everyfight is held at a random location hosted by the sponsors. Thisgame is sponsored by some largest companies of the world. The placeof fighting could be a sunny desert, a deserted waterfall, a wildforest or a snowy mountain. Get ready to fight under hardcoreconditions. Defeat your enemies in hand to hand battles and lessenthe odds of your defeat. Perform special combos and use deathlykill shots and variety of attacks to break the enemy. Break somebones and crush some skulls in the ultimate kung Fu fighting gameof year the King of Kung Fu Fighting.
Mom Survival Island 1.1
Mom Survival Island is the brand new and most famed game amongsurvival issues of all time. This game focuses entirely andcompletely on human survival in a deadly island. The island is verydangerous and keeps the most dangerous animals and locals here.Most wanted gangsters and terrorists reside here to lay low. Thereare furious bears, perilous rhinoceros, and lethal crocodiles. Theykill all humans and animals for their feast. Survive on the mostdangerous island on the planet in Mom Survival Island game.In Momsurvival island game, your boat is crashed and your sister ismissing. Go to the island and fight yokels who captured yoursister. Pick up axe afterwards. Cut down trees with axe, kill anyanimal that come near you. Go and kill rednecks in the nearesttribe using axe. Pick up gun from there. Shoot and kill animals tomake an area safer for you to sleep and live. Shoot all of thecriminals and liberate the hell station. Fight with the criminalsand break your sister from the jail. Go to your hut and take yoursister safely there. Kill any rednecks that come in your way. Goand find some fruits to eat from the jungle. A bear has attackedyour sister. Go and find the first aid box. Kill the people who tryto stop you. Go back to your hut and use the first aid box on yoursister. Your sister is surrounded by crocodiles, kill allcrocodiles with axe and rescue your sister. Find some food foryourself and your sister. Be aware of the rednecks. Shoot theanimals in the jungle to make the area safer for you and yoursister.Survive among the most notorious rival forces of humannature. Eat, fight, survive and live to see another day. Play themost amazing survival game of the year. Download the mom survivalisland game
Stickman Prison Escape Story 1.3
Download and enjoy another stickman simulator and play as amastermind criminal and break the prison. Play the amazing andlatest Stickman Prison Escape Story now and enjoy manipulatingguard and prisoners into breaking the most notorious and heavilyguarded prison.This stickman version the stickman prison escapesstory focus on the story of a lone criminal mastermind who wascaught after killing a cop with car accidently. He has been in theprison for years and knows the move and routing of every guard andconcerned convicts. He has an escape plan and he needs your help inaccomplishing this escape plan. Break the most famous and guardedprison of the year followed by an amazing storyline only instickman prison escape story.In the stickman prison escape storyyou have to beat your cellmate on purpose so that the police guardwill come in to stop you. Leave the cell immediately and steal therod of senior guard. Now use the rod to break the lock of the outercell wall and kill all police guards that come in your way. Collectsome cash from room. Using the hammer from labor room break thewall of the cell, the police have caught you in action; they willcollect all your weapons now you have to kill your cellmate and allthe policemen that come to stop you. Kill your cellmate and collectthe steel rod again to break the lock of your cell door. Collecthammer from that room and break the wall again and act fast. Onlydangerous prisoners are there so there is no door at this cell youhave to break the wall using your hammer. You have to kill thatcrazy prisoner and then break the wall of his room to proceed tothe next level. You have to fight yourself through thesedifficulties and then you have to make a run for the wall and climbthe prison wall to escape from the prison. There will be manypolicemen chasing you at that time. You have to run faster, dodgethe policemen and quickly climb the wall and make your escape.Thisis the most amazing and fantastic stickman prison break simulator.Make a plan, execute it, act fast and kill anyone who getsin-between you and your freedom. Play now the groundbreakingstickman prison escape story.
Stickman Wrestling 1.1
Are you a fan of stickman fighting like games? Well look nowhereelse, because the best stickman fighting revolutionary tournamentis here. Fight with the famous stickman heroes and gangsters. Fightagainst multiple players to prove your worth and emerge victoriousamong all other stickman forces in Stickman Wrestling.StickmanWrestling is the best stickman fighting game on the internet whereyou go hand to hand against stickman players from all over theworld. Each stickman player in this tournament has come from astate or to represent some country. Each player has a uniqueskillset. They have different moves and a variation in theirfighting style. Discover each player and their special abilities toknock out enemies and rivals.Stickman wrestling is a tournamentwhere stickman characters from all over the universe are comingtogether to prove their worth. Jump, kick and punch the soul out ofyour rival’s body. Throw combos of punches and some fearful kicksto the body of your opponent. Fight in a player vs. player mode andknock out each player to proceed to the next player. Knock downevery player in the tournament and prove that you are the bestfighter in the world. Fight, thrive and survive in the most lethaltournament in the stickman fighting history.Choose your player froma grid of multiple players and fight with that fighter. You canchange your player at any time during the tournament but theprogress of previous player would be lost. Choose your fighter tofight the rest of the fighters in the amazing stickman fightingtournament. Enjoy the contest of the champions and witness thethrilling fighting experience ever. To become the best player youhave to defeat the best player. Join in on the championship of thebest stickman fighter and prove that you can surpass any fighter.Learn amazing new fighting instincts and work on your reflexes. Totake out smart player with higher difficulties you have to keepcalm and keep moving. You have to dodge their attack and look forthe gap and then attack. Stickman Wrestling represents the bestbeat-down you’ll ever experience. Train, Practice, Fight andSurvive!
Epic Battle: Stickman Warriors 1.1
Epic treat for the fans of Epic battle simulator and stickmanwarriors. The latest Epic Battle: Stickman Warriors is the amazingnew battle strategy game based on the concept of stickman warriors.Experience ground breaking clash of stickman warriors and classicweapon and war tactics only in Epic Battle: Stickman Warriors.EpicBattle: Stickman Warriors is backed by epic battle simulator ofclash of stickman. Enjoy using stickman warriors to build a furiousarmy to fight battles and emerge victorious. Witness the clash ofstickman in this classic style clash of battle armies. Experienceclash of battle of stickman fighters and enjoy this epic battlesimulator.You have to fight battles to build a stronger army and toloot gold from the army you defeated. Experience with each fight,the clash is of stickman warriors, Spawn soldiers anytime into thebattle field. We have developed this game so you can have fullcontrol over your army at all times. You can send new soldiers towar, during the clash of battle. You can deploy a part of your armyto a specific location. You can change your army war tactics. Youcan change your battle formation. You can replace small soldierswith stronger soldiers in the next war. You can deploy any warrior,archer, or giant stickman soldier at any place to build a strongerarmy.The goal is to take over the enemy’s castle or destroy it.Send your army to a war from your castle to destroy the enemy’scastle. Both armies will do their best to destroy each other’scastles. Show no mercy and deploy stronger warriors into the battlefields. Keep watch of all the soldiers in the battlefield anddeploy soldiers where your soldiers are being killed or are less innumbers. Use small fighter stickmen to fight with small armies anduse archers and giant stickman warrior to destroy castle or pack ofarmies.Fight the most amazing battle and test your battle and warinstincts, a good commander never lets his soldier life taken invain. Command your army to the victory and witness amazing clash ofstickman in the latest stickman warrior battle edition the EpicBattle: Stickman Warriors. Download now!
Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War 1.1
Epic treat for the fans of Epic battle simulator and modern warcravers. Witness was the fall of huge armies, human and robotwarriors.The latest Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War is theamazing new battle strategy game based on the concept of humanwarriors. Experience ground breaking clash of human warriors andclassic weapon and war tactics only in Epic Battle Simulator:Advance War.Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War is the most amazingwar simulator out there. Built a strong army and command them andlead them to glory. Build the most furious and strongest army inthe whole world. Lead your armies to victory, spawn soldiers andalso manipulate war vehicles. Witness the clash of man vs. man andmachine vs. machine in this classic style clash of battle ofarmies. Enjoy the battle of fighters and witness breathtaking clashof armies on the battle field.Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War isvery war action based game where you have to fight battles to builda stronger army earn gold after you defeat the rival army.Experience is with each fight, the clash of battle warriors. Spawnsoldiers anytime into the battlefield. To buy stronger solider youhave to earn and spend more gold on each solider.Remember that youare the commander of the army of the battle league. Built yourfavorite army is from scratch assign position to your soldiers,tank and vehicles before and during the battle league. You can sendnew soldiers to war, during the clash of battle. You can deploy apart of your army to a specific location. You can change your armywar tactics. You can change your battle formation. You can replacesmall soldiers with stronger soldiers in the next war. You candeploy any soldier, robot, jeep or tank at any place to build astronger modern army.The goal is to take over the enemy’sstronghold and destroy it. A stronghold is a place from where yourarmy comes from, it is the only secure place an army has duringwar. If you take out your enemy’s stronghold and capture it, thatarmy automatically loses. Send your army to a war from yourstronghold to destroy the enemy’s stronghold. Both armies will dotheir best to destroy each other’s strongholds. Keep watch of allthe soldiers; human and robots in the battlefield and deploy humanand robot fighters where your fighters are being killed or are lessin numbers. Use small fighter warriors to fight with small armiesand use robot warriors and jeep and tanks to destroy stronghold orpack of armies. Jeeps and Tanks can use machine guns and firemissiles.Step into the arena and battle with the furious armies ofthe world. Defeat all armies and take over their strongholds so youcan win amazing battle and prove your army’s worth. Test yourbattle and war instincts, become the war commander of your army.Command your army to the victory in the amazing battle and waraction game the Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War.
Werewolf Survival - Life of the Werewolf 2018 1.1
Life of the Werewolf 2018 is the brand new and most famed gameamong survival issues of all time. This game focuses entirely andcompletely on werewolf survival in a human city. The city is verydangerous and keeps the most dangerous gangsters or criminals andpolice force here. Most wanted gangsters and terrorists reside hereto lay low. There are furious police officers, perilous gangsters,and lethal monster. They kill all humans and animals for theirfeast. Survive on the most dangerous city on the planet in life ofthe werewolf 2018 game being a werewolf.In Life of the Werewolf2018 game, you are a werewolf, kill animals for you food, saveanimals from different monsters, save wolf and werewolf fromdangerous police, and gangsters. Go and kill rednecks in thenearest tribe using wolf combat skills. Kill all of the criminalsand liberate the hell station. Fight with the criminals and breakyour sister werewolf from the police. Go to your hut and take yourwolf safely there. Kill any rednecks that come in your way. Go andfind some animals to eat from the jungle. Survive among the mostnotorious rival forces of human nature. Eat, fight, survive andlive to see another day. Play the most amazing werewolf survivalgame of the year. Download the life of the werewolf 2018 game.
Fire Breather Hero Transform Dragon 1.2
Fire Breather hero transformation Dragon is the latest of dragonfly simulator. Go on quest with a fearsome fire breathing dragonand demolish all your enemies with fire of fury. Witness theamazing harness of dragon power by simple human. Convert into anamazing red dragon that breaths fire and transforms back into itshuman form.A guy named Max has taken the responsibility ofprotecting its city from constant attacks of terrorists, gangsters,wild animals and dragons. Max is a very intelligent scientist andhe has developed a powerful suit for himself which helps him fightthe bad guys.Play as Max and witness his transformation as the firecatches his body and he transforms into Fire Max. Play as Fire Maxin the Fire Breather Dragon and see max transforming into a lethalfire breathing dragon. Breathe fire and put your enemies on fire.Go on quests and wipe the city from evil, crime and lethal wildanimals.You have to rescue people from burning buildings andperform various missions as a regular human being. During such oneincident your suit reacts to fire and after a while you becomeinvincible to fire. Fire will not affect your body anymore and thesuit will start to produce fire your power will increase. Live asthe new you and discover the limits of your power by doingdangerous missions alone. Kill animals that attack you in thejungle and in the city. Kill gangsters and rescue kidnapped peoplefrom jungles and city. Find the power of red dragon inside yourselfand trigger that power to transform into a big fearsome dragon.Fight in the air with other dragons and kill them.Enjoy realisticscenery and a beautiful vast environment of a jungle and a city.Fire Breather hero transform Dragon is equipped with realisticsound effects and fire burning simulation. Fight with amazing newpowers in the best dragon simulator and fight with the big blackdragon that controls all other dragons.
House Construction Builder 1.0
House Construction Builder is a brand new house builder simulator.Latest, updated with most amazing features build the house of yourdreams in the fantastic house builder simulator of 2018 the HouseConstruction Builder.House Construction Builder comes with amazingnew fantastic features and helps you understand the basic buildingof a house. Learn to build the house base on which the house willstand and build up a two story big house with amazing newconstruction machines. Operate all machines yourself and learn theamazing knowledge of building a house using large constructionmachines. Ever wonder what those big yellow machines atconstruction site actually do? Well it is your chance to learn andexperience first-hand the difficult job of a house constructioncompany using this fun and enjoyable house buildsimulator.Build-a-House:First you need to collect the mud from theexcavator and drop the mud in the dumper and fill the dumper truckwill mud and drive the dumper truck to construction site. Now laydown all mud on the house base area and fill it up and place alayer of concrete over it to strengthen the house base. It is amust to build a strong base or earthquakes and floods can seriouslydamage your house and people living in it. Then you need to pick uppillars and start placing all the pillars in place. The pillarshelp the house stand and basically it is the skeleton of the wholehouse. It supports the walls, roof and protects the house fromearthquake shocks. Then you have to build walls and roof for thehouse and you have to build another story for the house the sameway. Drag the pillars with the help of crane. Set them and buildwalls and roof for the house. Build an amazing house front, createstairs towards main door and built fence and shade for the housebalcony. Set up windows and air conditioner on your house and usethe best quality of wood. In the end, go to the tile shop andselect your favorite tile and place it on to your house to give ityour final finishing touch.Build an amazing house that stand foritself and make you proud in the amazing house building simulatorof 2018 the brand new House Construction Builder.
Cube Army Survival & Cube Sniper Shooter 1.1
Welcome to Underground Marines National – a secret organizationwhich has a sole purpose to protect the nation and to produce oneman army quality soldiers. Cube Army Survival & Cube SniperShooter is a fantasy game that is based on semi-realistic war heroaction. Play as the one man army soldier and stop the enemy’s armyfrom taking over your nation. Play survival mission and as well asopen fire mission and take down as many enemies as you can.CubeArmy Survival & Cube Sniper Shooter is a perfect mixture of twoamazing games; the army war hero action in which you will fightagainst the armies alone and the sniper shooter missions in whichyou will have to take down enemies from shadows and defeat themusing a highly rare super sniper.The game is set in mood in twodifferent environments. The first environment follows up a hugearmy base where the army is located and is planning their wartactics and war attacks. This army base is located in the snowydeserts where you have to carefully kill all enemies from 3different enemy bases. The other environment is the ruins of theold devastated city. The ruins are the perfect hideout for armiesor soldiers as the places are abandoned for ages. You have to sneakup on soldiers and unleash hell upon them using a heavy machine gunand destroy tanks and convoys of enemy’s soldiers.Use either yoursniper or use your machine gun and carefully take out army convoyssingle highhandedly. Become the nightmare of your enemies and wipeout every single soldier from the soil of your nation and becomethe hero and be seen for great fame and rewards. Download and playCube Army Survival & Cube Sniper Shooter now.
Street Steal Gangsters Mafia 1.2
In which gangster game, we explain how to become criminal, is thelatest action based gangster mafia game. This game will take youthrough the life of a gangster as you take up thug life missionsalong with your companion. Being a gangster, beat up localgangsters and kill mafia gang lords. This is two man journeys frombeing some local gangsters to being the lord of the city. You wereframed by the gun smuggling mafia and you have to take your revengeon the mafia by breaking bad as a gangster. Convert all your rage,anger and fury in your power and destroy the mafia with the help ofyour best friend. Kill dozen of mafia members that were responsiblefor your incarceration. Show the gang lords the power of an honestman turned bad and unleash hell on your enemies.You can steal anyvehicle, kill any person in the city, kills your targets and clearall the missions. Kill peoples and stealing money and purchasingguns and stealing guns from other gangsters and cars you can doeverything in this game. Use your best friend’s help and killenemies together and take out enemies by planning a two man killstrategy. Use dangerous death machines like tanks and helicoptersand surprise the enemy from lethal fire attacks. Enjoy thesimulation of a battle tank and destroy enemy’s vehicles and killmultiple enemies at once. Kill many people as you take out yourhelicopter and fly over enemies and rip apart their inner basehouses. Cars, tanks, helicopter and all vehicles are yours todrive. Steal any car and earn bonus points as you unlock more andnew items proceeding to advance levels. Download and must enjoy thegame story.
Police Robot Transform: Police Force Story 1.1
Get ready to play the most amazing all in one police multi storygame, include police robot transformation, special agent force, andpolice dog and prisoner bus and transporter truck game simulatortill date. Play and enjoy every police and gangster simulator allin one. Download the fantastic Police Robot Transport: Police ForceStory.Enjoy the multi-story of a police department and see howtheir daily life and troubles are about. Enjoy the most realisticpolice force simulator and chase criminals and destroy the evilplans of gangsters. Police Robot Transport: Police Force Story gameis based on the concept of police crime chase in any case. Witnessall at one place and play in an interactive gameplay where thedaily life routine of a police force department is describedeffectively.Play as a police special agent in this police gangsterstory, Take down evil enemies of state in this police crime chase.Destroy the evil plans of mafia and other gangs that take up armsto destroy the city. Protect and serve the city in the fight withgangsters. Take the police helicopter and take down the vehicles ofgangsters. Using the police helicopter take down the chopper ofvillains and destroy their airpower. Use the amazing and fullytrained police dog for crime chase and detect bomb purposes. Usethe police dog and find bombs with it as your police dog chase thesmell of chemicals. Enjoy the simulation of police robot cartransformation and enjoy driving the police robot car as the carcan transform into a robot. Go to missions as a police transformrobot car and destroy the gangster’s vehicles and kill gangstersusing missiles and bullets attached with their car and installed onthe robots. Also you can enjoy police car transport, drive all thecars on the transport truck and load the police robot cars on thetruck. Drive them to location and unload the police transport truckand release the vehicles one by one and unload the police transformcar.Take part in police prison transport and transport dangerouscriminals through the crime cities and transport criminals from onejail to another. These criminals include special ex force membersand rouge police robots. Beware of the danger while transportingthese dangerous prisoners. If the police transport prison bus fallsall of the prisoners will be released. You don’t want such evil outon the street again. Drive carefully the police transport prisonbus.Take part in the gun action and daily life police routine andtheir troubles and see the police force from an entirely differentangle. Enjoy the simulation of police robot and character andvehicular simulation of police jeeps, police cars and policehelicopters. Enjoy the gun fight and police vs. gangster action allat one place. Brace yourself with the hardest police transport bussimulator or police transport truck simulator and transport cargovery carefully. Download the groundbreaking Police Robot Transport:Police Force Story now!
Stickman Prisoner Transport: Police Airplane 1.1
In the Stickman Prisoner Transport: Police Airplane you have totransport dangerous prisoners overseas and throughout he states. Inthis particular stickman adventure, you are the police prisonguards, you are the transport. Drive local prison buses from oneplace to another while you being the driver. Drive these busessafely from one jail to another. While you’re on the way, keep aclose eye on the convicts so they don’t try anything smart. Drivethe transport bus carefully if you bump into locals or crash intoother vehicles, buildings or obstacles your mission willautomatically fail. Transport the prisoners on time and earn greatreward and show courage. Unload the prisoners one by one the sameway you load them and transport them into the other jail.You canalso use the helicopter to transport some real evil prisoners whohave attempted to escape many times. These prisoners are reallycatchy and very cunning. They know how to manipulate people so becareful. Fly the helicopter safely in the air and transport theseprisoners to a maximum security prison. When you get to the maximumsecurity prison you unload the prisoners from the helicopter one byone and you have to move them onto another jail. When you arefinished transporting them your mission will succeed. But if youcrash while in the midair and do not transport the prisoners ontime your mission will fail. So take note of your time andtransport prisoners carefully.You also have to transport someconvicts from one place to another place. You have to move themfrom one big jail in one city to the other big jail in anothercity. Piloting a cargo plane to transport the convicts is thetoughest job anyone could ask for. You have to carefully fly fromthe airport after transporting the convicts on the plane. Whilethey are on the plane, you have to carefully fly the plane in thesky before you run out of runway. You have to stop the plane fromcrashing, rotating and smashing into any obstacle. After you havereached the other state, carefully bring down the plane on therunway and apply brakes. And stop the plane at the definedlocation. Unload the convicts from the plane and move them to thenext prison. After you have carefully delivered the convicts ontime you’ll receive great respect as being the excellent prisonerstransporting pilot in Stickman Prisoner Transport: Police Airplane.While transporting the prisoners you have to be careful of thebuilding you can smash into and other obstacles such as trafficvehicles, cars and other buses even local people. Transport themonto the next plane and nourish your experience as the prisoner’stransporter only in Stickman Prisoner Transport: Police Airplane.
Incredible Monster Army Prison Break 1.0
Do you love prison break games? Are you a fan of lone survivor herogames where you get to fight multiple enemies? Do you love puzzlegames? Get ready for a thrilling adventure and get ready to wreck,smash and destroy the corrupt army force.You were a war hero whowas captured by the right hand army a special unit led by thecorrupt General Kaz. The general captured you and killed yourbrother and they have converted you into a monster. An incrediblemonster, that has humongous power and can destroy lethal machinessuch as tanks and helicopters like breaking plastic toys. Get readyfor one awesome journey to the next world where you have to killand take down the whole right hand army unit so they stopexperimenting on the prisoners. General wants to capture you andperform experiments on you to create more soldiers like you. Theywant to kill you, dissect you and make you into an experimentalsubject. Break the prison in the most intellectual manner. Use yourarmy survival skills and incredible monsters humongous power totake down enemies. You can transform into incredible monsteranytime you want. You can destroy walls and wreck tanks and lethalmachines. Crush the right hand army soldiers and show them thepower and fear of the monster they created. General Kaz will doeverything in his power to stop you so you have to be prepared.Follow the in-game story in order to survive. There is a magicaldiamond hidden in the prison. That diamond will help you controlyour power. You have to steal the diamond from the prison securityand deactivate heat vision laser beams. High intensity beams areyour only weakness. So get away from laser beams and deactivatelaser security to unlock hidden and special doors. Find sticks,keys and many other objects that will help you break the prison.Create a riot in your cell to distract the guards. Kill the guardsand get your of your cell and follow instructions to ultimatelybreak from the Alcatraz prison.
Helicopter Transformation Robot - Flying Robot Car 1.0
Helicopter Transformation Robot: Flying Robot Car is the latestbrand new robot fighting simulator featuring many differenttransforming robots. See car transforming robots and play withamazing helicopter transforming robot heroes.HelicopterTransformation Robot: Flying Robot Car brings you to the edge oftransforming robots simulator. Enjoy fighting alongside oftransform robots and enjoy the featuring transform robot. Play withall the new and fantastic robots with their awesome transformationsand amazing new weapon and updates. Fight in your own way and killgangster robots causing trouble in your city. You have to protectthe robot city. Play as the savior of mankind and robot-kind aswell. Command the largest transforming robot force on planetearth.Enjoy the multi-story of a transforming robot. Enjoy the mostrealistic transforming force simulator and chase criminals anddestroy the evil plans of gangsters. Transforming Robot Force Storygame is based on the concept of transforming crime chase in anycase. Witness all at one place and play in an interactive gameplaywhere the daily life routine of a transforming robot force isdescribed effectively. Play as a transforming helicopter robot ortransform car robot in this transforming gangster story. Take downevil enemies of robot city in this transforming crime chase.Destroy the evil plans of mafia and other gangs that take up armsto destroy the city. Protect and serve the city in the fight withgangsters. Take the transforming helicopter and take down thevehicles of gangsters. Using the transforming helicopter take downthe chopper of villains and destroy their airpower. You can usemanipulate flying car transform robots that can drive and fly aswell. Go to serious locations and cover miles of radius in seconds.Enjoy playing alongside of the largest robot transforming robotheroes on earth and save the city from daily life alien robotcrisis.
Aliens VS Army Skull Deadly Island 1.0
From the Ocean of Survival Island we bring you the ultimatesurvival island game. Aliens VS Army Skull Deadly Island is thebrand new survival game. Survive in the most lethal island andsurvive until your reinforcement arrives. Join the largest andpopular survivor army and survive against crazy wild animals, giantdinosaurs, T-Rex, and fearsome Aliens. Aliens are the predators andthey will hunt you down till they rip you apart. So either get huntby the aliens or become predator yourself and kill all aliens tosurvive on this terrible island.Your helicopter crashed while youwere on an investigation to report back about the unusual spaceshipcrash at the skull deadly island. Aliens attacked your helicoptersand they have crashed you on the island. Get away from the crashsite and find your partner solider and protect and defend eachother on this skull deadly island. Survive with your knife and killanimals and find your gun from the crash site in the wreck. Protectyour partner as you are the captain on this mission and the soldieris your responsibility. Kill tons of aliens and alpha aliens thatcontrol the small aliens, kill dinosaurs and fight T-Rex, Rhinos,Alligators and other deadly animals living on the deadly island.Seeyour mission objectives and move with stealth, any wrong move willthrow you and your partner in the pit of death. Brace yourself forthe hardest survival island game of the year 2018. Kill as manyanimals, dinosaur and aliens as you can. Use heavy explosive bombslike C4 to kill multiple targets at a time and use heavy machineguns and rifles for long range attacks. Explore the Skull deadlyisland and uncover the dangerous species that reside there. Survivein harder to hardest conditions. It is time to put the survivaltraining of army corps. to some good use. Test your limits and seehow far you can go and survive on the island of death.
Mini Trucks Cars Transport - RC Cars & Trucks 1.0
Are you a fan of remote control cars and trucks? Well what are youwaiting for? Download the very awesome RC Transport simulator theMini Trucks Cars Transport - RC Cars & Trucks now for FREE!Thistransporter simulator is a special treat for the fans of transportcar game and remote control cars. Transport mini vehicles in minitrucks over mini tracks laid all over your house. Control all minicars with amazing RC car controls. Perform stunts with mini carsand collect points by passing through and jumping throughobstacles. With amazing smooth controls you can drift, wheel andjump through hurdles and enjoy this amazing new car transportsimulator. Mini Trucks Cars Transport - RC Cars & Trucks is thelatest of vehicle transport simulator. This special RC simulatorhelps you control these toy miniature cars on remote controls andhelps you pass through obstacles in different levels. The RC carsand trucks are controllable by the player and the player has fulljoystick fun control over all vehicles as he alone operates allvehicles and complete mission objectives.You have to manually driveall cars and park them or load them into the truck one by one onboth lower and upper portion of truck. Then you have to drive thetruck to the marked destination and park truck and car parking.Drive park cars one after another from the truck and unload themand drive each car to its destination and park the car at its carparking location.Enjoy the fun transport simulator for both kidsand adults who want to have playing with remote control cars. Passthrough obstacles, ring, slopes and hurdles and win big points inthe amazing Mini Trucks Cars Transport - RC Cars & Trucks.
Blocky Police Airplane Transporter 1.1
Get ready to transport police vehicles through the police airplane.Enjoy firsthand experience of the airplane pilot and airplanetransporter.Blocky Police Airplane Transporter is an amazing newgame made for the fun of your children. Blocky Police AirplaneTransporter can be enjoyed by teenagers and children of young agealso. Being an Airplane Transporter is not an easy job and being apolice car transporter is even harder. The newest transportersimulator comes with a big truck simulator, an airplane simulator,a car simulator for transport purposes. Transporting policevehicles across cities is not an easy job. Police vehicles are veryexpensive and are different from other vehicles. In Blocky PoliceAirplane Transporter you have to transport police vehicles into theairplane and then transport them into big cities. In this blockyworld, everything you see is either blocky or made of some blockygeometrical shape. The people are nice in the city and the city hasa very nice airport. Gameplay of the Blocky Police AirplaneTransporter is pretty simple. You have to drive all of the policecars from the police station to the transporter big truck. Afterloading all police vehicles on the big truck, you have to drive thetruck to the airport and park the big police truck near the policeairplane and unload all of the vehicles one by one from the plane.After unloading all of the police cars from the big police truckyou have to drive all of the police vehicles on the police airplaneto load them. After loading all of these police cars on the policeairplane one by one you have to perform the duty of a policeairplane pilot. Drive the airplane carefully and land verycarefully on the next airport. After successfully landing thepolice airplane on the airport you have to unload the entire policecar from the police airplane. Drive all police car on the policebig truck to load them. After loading them in correct manner andwithout damaging the cars you have to carefully drive the bigpolice truck from the airport to the police station and unload theentire police car there. If the cars are damaged or you kill acitizen while driving the big truck irresponsibly, your missionwill fail and you will have to do the whole mission from thebeginning. Drive very carefully makes a lot of money from thepolice car transporter business. Enjoy the view of miraculousblocky city. And also enjoy the simulation of police vehicles and abig aero plane transporter.
Superhero Street Fighting Kung Fu Fighter 1.0
Fight like five of your favorite superheroes, kick enemy’s buttsand kill zombie and alien monsters. Enjoy the ultimate pleasure ofstreet fighting in a zombie apocalypse and alien invasion. Fightdangerous gangsters and use weapons to take down larger enemies andboss type monsters.Superhero Street Fighting Kung-Fu Fighter is thelatest war hero superheroes street fighting simulator. Unlike otherstreet fighting superhero street fight comes with an intractable 3denvironment and stunning HD graphics. Fight the bad guys and knockout multiple enemies in a one man army battle. Fight multiplegangsters, aliens and zombies alone and kill gangsters, aliens andzombies to clear an area. Fight boss class enemies such as fearsomemafia gang lords, killer aliens, warrior robots and devouringmonsters. Superhero Street Fighting Kung-Fu Fighter presents youthe new street fighting simulator of 2018. Jump, kick, punch andblock and fight furiously in the era of modern street fighting.Master the combat style and pattern of each player and unlockpowerful superheroes and play as them to beat down multiple enemiesin seconds.Fight dangerous and lethal gangsters roaming on streetand beat them down in epic new street fighting. Enjoy new streetfighting with addition of zombie apocalypse throughout the city.Fight off a flood of zombies heading your way, how many can youkill? Find out and develop natural reflexes and modern battle newstreet fighting instincts in Superhero Street Fighting Kung-FuFighter. Fight the aliens landed from their alien space ships anddestroy the killer robots and are wrecking the city and destroyinganything that comes in their way. Fight off armies of alien androbot warriors and defend the earth. Kill as many as you can andtest yourself in the epic battle of one man army superhero.Download Superhero Street Fighting Kung-Fu Fighter now for free.
River Railroad Builder : Bridge Construction 1.1
Hey there! You Love construct things? How about building the traintrack on a bridge? Play the amazing and brand new railwayconstruction simulator of all time. Enjoy building bridge in citiesand in forests only in River Railroad Builder: BridgeConstruction.River Railroad Builder: Bridge Construction is themerger of two big games in two big environments. Two games includea bridge constructor simulator and a railway line constructor. Twobig environments include, constructing a railway path in a big cityand constructing a river railway bridge in a forest. So there aretwo big projects for your team to handle and you can choose tostart the project you like. You can either construct both bridgeand railway track in the city or you can connect the forest withthe near island town building a bridge first and then constructinga railway path over it. Enjoy the firsthand experience of being abridge constructor or a railway constructor. Operate heavy machineslike Dozers, Rollers, Cranes, Fork-lifters, Chip Spreaders, Paversand Excavators. Learn how to operate all of these heavy machinesand educate yourself with their versatile functions. Gain easyknowledge of construction machines in this fun buildersimulator.First of all you have to build a bridge so you canconstruct a railway line over it. Operate the crane and place thevertical pillars for the construction of base for your bridge. Nowplace horizontal slopes of concrete and hard cement to complete thebasic skeleton of bridge. Now operate the truck and load the truckwith concrete and take the truck to the bridge construction siteand unload all of concrete over the bridge. Placing the concretewill help us keep the pillars and slopes together. Now operate theheavy roller machine and smoothen the concrete you have spread onthe bridge. Let that mass dry while you operate the fork-lifter andpick up ladders and drop them into the big crane. Now drive thelarge crane over the surface of bridge and start placing theladders on the bridge carefully. Place all the ladders in line orthe mission will fail. Now operate the fork lifter on the site ofrailway line construction and place steel rods on the lengthyperimeter of bridge to complete the process of train railway line.Placing the rods will hold the ladders in position so when thetrain moves the ladders will support and strengthen thebridge.Complete both of these mega building projects in city and inforest and enjoy the working of heavy machines with innovativeknowledge. Enjoy building your bridge and railway line and leaveyour stamp on the city.
Superboy Revenge: Super Girl Hero 1.0
Fight aliens and huge army of intergalactic enemies along withyoursuperhero friend. The flying superhero team is ready to savetheday again. UFOs are descending and alien spaceships are landingandcrashing into tall buildings causing chaos and destruction.Thereis chaos everywhere and innocent people are being killed. Theworldis in desperate need of a superhero. Aliens haveattackedthroughout the city. Listen to your command and go tomissions andcomplete missions to save the day. Play as an amazingflying superhero boy and superhero girl, kill aliens in alien war.Cover thewhole city and kill aliens one by one from one place toall placesin the city. Fight aliens and kill aliens. Fly to themissiondestination and shoot laser beams of heat at the enemies.Kill manyaliens and put them on fire using laser beam from youreyes. Enjoythrilling battle combat with aliens and fight offmultiple aliensat once. Turns the tables on aliens in this epicbattle with aliensand enjoy the thrilling graphics with amazingsimulation ofeveryone’s flying superhero boy and super hero girl.SuperboyRevenge: Super Girl Hero comes with action packed missionsandchallenges.In the Superboy Revenge: Super Girl Hero you havetowear a cape and play role of a flying super boy or a super girlwhocan fly in the sky and between the tall building; the superheroboy has immense strength of body and can shoot laser beam heatfromthe eyes. Use laser to burn your enemies to ash. Play asthefantastic superhero in the very awesome and latestsuperherosimulator. Fly like a super hero boy in the superherosimulator andfight aliens in the fantastic battle of alien’s war.People arehiding at different places in the cities. They are afraidof beingkilled by the aliens. Protect the people and declare thearea safeafter killing all aliens from a certain area. Aliens arekillinghumans at places around the city. Protect your city and thepeopleof the city from being tortured, murdered and caught inrandom actsof alien attack aftermath. Protect the people from alieninvasionand kill alien enemies as a powerful superhero in SuperboyRevenge:Super Girl Hero. Download for free.
Superboy Aliens War 1.0
Alien war and superhero fights have begun all over the world.Alienshave become a threat at an international level. It’s timefor a heroto raise, fly high and turn the tables in this alien’swar.Assumethe role of a flying superhero boy who can fly in thesky andbetween the tall building; the super hero boy has immensestrengthof body and courage greater than a mountain. Play as thefantasticsuperhero in the very awesome and latest superherosimulator. Flylike a super hero boy in the superhero simulator andfight aliens inthe fantastic battle of alien’s war. Aliens arekilling humans atcertain places around the city. Protect your cityand the people ofthe city from being tortured, murdered and caughtin random acts ofalien attack aftermath. You have to fight toprotect the innocentkind and powerless human beings. Kill as manyaliens as you can inthis superhero boy simulator aliens warAlienshave attackedthroughout the city. You are dispatched from thecentral homelandsecurity and national security. Listen to yourcommand and go tomissions and complete missions to save the day.Play many level ofamazing flying super hero boy and kill aliens inalien war. Coverthe whole city and kill aliens one by one from oneplace to allplaces in the city. Fight aliens and kill aliens. Flyto the missiondestination and shoot laser beams of heat at theenemies. Kill manyaliens and put them on fire using laser beamfrom your eyes. Enjoythrilling battle combat with aliens and fightoff multiple aliens atonce.Download super hero boy alien’s war nowfor free.
Army Soldier Gunner Battlefield - Terrorist Attack 1.1
Welcome to the army special force operations game, Your countryisunder war and the odds are against us. Your assistance iscriticalin order to save the country. Do you think you can dealwith armyconvoys packed up with immerse firepower alone? Pick upyour armor,gun and jump into the battle field for one last time tosave yourcity. Now it is time to do or die. You have nothing tolose sodevote yourself to your country and fight hard. Use yourcommandocombat and ninja, taekwondo skills and put it into actiontoday.Many army convoys are fighting in the city at differentlocations.Secure each location and hold off enemies tillreinforcement makescontact with you. You may have to deal withwhole convoys of gunsloaded truck, tanks and artillery helicoptersalone. Enemies haveheavy weapons and cause them trouble with yourmachine guns anddestroy their convoy. The enemy is well preparedand is furious atthis time of war. They have excellent soldiers andbest marksmen ontheir vehicles and helicopters. If they have a shotat you, theywon’t hesitate to take it. So take cover behindbuilding, vehiclesand enemy cars. Defend and make offense, attackthe enemy fromwhere they are least expecting it. Destroy all ofenemy’s vehiclesand battleships and take revenge for your country,for yourcity.You are one man army and you have to fight against theenemyalone. You have to take charge of the army tank and takedownvehicles like apple from trees. Shoot all of the army convoy atthewrong end of your tank’s nose. Use missiles and heavy machinesgunsattached with your army tank. Drive an army jeep and gettomultiple locations faster and clear enemies from all locations.Useyour machines gun to crush the army convoy. Play special levelsinwhich you have a machine gun attached at the patrol guard andyouhave to stop the enemy from crossing the barrier. This mode isverythrilling and specially developed for hardcore gamers. Crushwavesof enemies heading your way and destroy all of them beforethereach your barrier to enter in the city. Enjoy the simulationofwar tanks, battle ships, heavy helicopters andchopper,groundbreaking gunships and weaponry. Use stealth to stayalivemore. You have on life and you got to save the city while youarestill alive. Witness the amazing simulation of army and learnarmytactics. Finish off enemies in the war they started.
Army Commando : Island Escape Game 2018 1.0
Ever thought of surviving alone on an unknown island? ArmyCommandoSurvival Island is about survival alone. Get lost on a hugeislandkeeping wild animals, cannibals and rogue armed forces.Welcome tothe epic army hero escape. When the helicopter of thearmy commandowas shot down by enemy armed forces he was forced tosurvive andput an end to enemy army. Become the one man army heroand surviveon the island and kill enemy armed soldiers and destroythem.Aftergetting shot down by the enemy and surviving the crashJohn wasvery hurt. Step into the shoes of an army commando John whoisskilled in gorilla commando survival training and closerangecombat. John has amazing set of skills like firing guns,killinganimals, using different tools like axe, rod etc. get readyto goon a survival journey with commando john and bring the end toenemyarmed forces. You have to hunt to find food for yourselftosurvive; you have to cut down trees to get wood in order tocookyour food and light a fire to protect yourself from cold andunfairweather climate of Survival Island. You have to fight offcannibalsand tribal people that are living here from centuries.They willkill you without thinking twice. Most importantly you havetodestroy the army base, their ground support like tanks etc.andtheir radio towers in radio station so you can cut theirconnectionwith the enemy country in survival island armycommandoescape.Infiltrate the army base and kill many armedsoldiers usingguns, weapons and knock out enemy’s in close combat.You may findtools such as axe, rod, and weapons such as guns andrifles to helpyou in killing enemies and animals and survive on thedeadlysurvival island. Go and evolve your commando instincts andplay asthe elite one man army against a large enemy and largerforced ofevil nature.Download now for free Army Commando SurvivalIsland
Flying Robot Cab Futuristic Transports 1.0
Do you love flying car games? Get ready for a wonderfuladventureand drive amazing sports cars, luxurious limo cars, bigcars andbuses. Drive amazing different cars into the sky and becomethepilot of the flying cars in a beautiful city. Enjoy as youplaydifferent levels of amazing fun and adventures in a big city.Flyacross and near the beautiful big buildings and skyscraperstransporting people.Flying Robot Cab Futuristic Transportsfocus ontransport of people. Ever wonder what a crazy flying taxiwouldlook like? Well go ahead and enjoy piloting many cars fromthefirst airway flying cabs. Drive amazing new different cars suchasfast sports cars, luxurious and expensive limousine to pickupimportant and rich people. Drive the big bus and transportpeopleand tourist and show them around the beautiful city fromamagnificent angle.Explore the amazing city from the sky andperformAriel stunts and acrobatic car stunts to master the drivingofamazing flying racing cars. Have fun driving the racing carsandbig cars to pick up people and drop them at theirdesireddestinations. Go to the destination safely and landcarefully tocollect fare and earn points. Drive and collect moneyand bonuspoints at mission objective completion to unlock moreamazing, fastand beautiful big cars with great grip. Download theamazing newFlying Robot Cab Futuristic Transports car and pick anddrop thetourist/locals in the most amazing 3d flying taxi game ofthe year.
King of Street Fighting 2018 1.0
King of street fighting and fist fighting is here. Fight intheultimate battle one man army simulator and knock out badguys.Choose from a series of four super hero characters andfightenemies. Clear street after street in King of Street Fighting2018and enjoy street fights and spectacular user interface.Enjoystreetfighting like never before, with an intractable 3denvironment andstunning HD graphics. Fight the bad guys and knockout multipleenemies in a one man army battle. Fight multiplegangsters aloneand kill gangsters to clear an area. Fight bossclass enemies suchas killer aliens, warrior robots and devouringmonsters. King ofStreet Fighting 2018 presents you the amazingstreet fightingsimulator of 2018. Jump, kick, punch and block.Learn the basics ofstreet fighting combat and master the combatstyle of each playerand perform amazing combos and take downdifferent enemies.You haveto go on different missions and fighthundreds of bad guys comingat you in waves. After the normalgangsters there come strongerenemies and larger ones. After youkill the gangsters you have tofight robots, aliens and differentmonsters. Clear the area andcollect bonus points by killingmultiple enemies at the same time.Fight in a brand new dimension of3D street fighting and discovernew amazing experience of streetfighting game.
American Football Traffic Racer 1.0
Are you ready to dash through fast traffic and achieve the titleofultimate traffic racer? Step into the shoes of the famoustrafficAmerican football and enjoy playing along with him andrunningthrough and above of traffic cars. Enjoy the fast simulationoftraffic multiple game modes from endless to missionobjectivechallenges and pace you in the most amazing andchallenging trafficracing game of 2018.American football TrafficRacer is the brandnew traffic racer simulator of 2018. The trafficracer simulator isone such where one character has to run on roadsand sprint fasterand against the furious traffic. Cars are comingcloser on highspeeds and you have to jump dash and swipe left orright to dodgethe cars. Challenge yourself in many exciting newmissions andunlock special mods where you can challenge yourself tobe theultimate traffic racer. Enjoy the character American footballas heruns towards his goals in the epic traffic racer mode intwo-wayendless.We feature different game modes in American footballracerlike one way, two ways, endless mode, time challenge andfreesprint mode. In one way you face the traffic coming fromonedirection only. It is the easiest mode and recommendedforbeginners to traffic racer games. Two-way mode in Americanfootballracer puts you on a wider road where traffic comes frombothdirections coming and going. This is a mode recommended formaturegamers who love freestyle running. Enjoy Full Park our moderunningthrough the fast traffic in American football racer andenjoy thechallenging two-way endless game mode where you cancompare withyour friends. Time challenge mode is where you have tocompletechallenges in a given amount of time. It is a mode forthoseplayers who seek challenges from all traffic games.
Girls Fitness Workout Gym 1.0
Woman Power! Yay! Get fit with these motivated powerful women.Playthe fun lady fitness game and learn about fitness and a varietyofdifferent games. From motivated and powerful characters getreadyto get fit. Level by level play and exercise different varietyofexercise in Girls Fitness Workout Gym. Go from fat to fitwiththese beautiful ladies. Workout in an all-out ladies gym,listen toyour trainer and perform your exercise as she tell you. Doyourcomplete workout routine to burn maximum calories of theday.Complete your exercise on time to achieve your goal andprogress tonext level. Train in ladies virtual gym and choose yourfavoritecharacter. From a beautifully designed gym environmentwithmotivated trainer and gym buddies learn beginner to advancedlevelexercises. Go to the gym trainer and follow her directions. Dotheworkout as your trainer instructs you too. Hit all thecorrectangles to burn extra calories. Perform your workout fastertoincrease your heart rate and maximize your progress rate. Taptheworkout button as fast as you can. Sweat and push yourself toseebetter results. Do basic gym workouts for your strengthtraining,do style training for self-defense and better reflexes, dotrainingin water for better and increased stamina, see a betterversion ofyourself by pushing harder. Girls Fitness Workout Gymoffers youladies a chance to get better than you were yesterday,more fit aseveryday progress. Overcome the old you every day andbecome bettereach day.
American Football Player Fighter 1.0
American Football player came to city for meet family, whentheycame they saw some aliens and alien spaceships are landingandcrashing into tall buildings. There is chaos everywhereandinnocent people are being killed. The world is in desperate needofa superhero. Aliens have attacked throughout the city.Americanfootball player cam outside and face supernatural poweraliens andgangster outside. They fight aliens and kill aliens. Runto themission destination and Fight bad peoples, aliens andeverythingbad that came to your way. In the American Footballplayer fightergame you have to wear a cape and play role of a superboy who hasimmense strength of body and can fight with crime &aliens.Play as the fantastic superhero in the very awesome andlatestsuperhero fighting simulator. People are hiding at differentplacesin the cities. They are afraid of being killed by thealiens.Protect the people and declare the area safe after killingallaliens from a certain area. Aliens are killing humans atplacesaround the city. Protect your city and the people of the cityfrombeing tortured, murdered and caught in random acts of alienattackaftermath. Protect the people from alien invasion and killalienenemies as a powerful superhero in American Football playerfightergame. Download for free.
Silver Hero Fighter 1.0
In Silver Hero fight game, silver hero boy has immense strengthofbody and courage greater than a mountain. Play as thefantasticsilver hero in the very awesome and latest superherosimulator andfight with aliens in the fantastic battle. Aliens arekillinghumans at certain places around the city. Protect your cityand thepeople of the city from being tortured, murdered and caughtinrandom acts of alien attack aftermath. You have to fight toprotectthe innocent kind and powerless human beings. Kill as manyaliensas you can in this silver superhero fighter game.Supernaturalpowers have attacked throughout the city. You aredispatched fromthe central homeland security and national security.Listen to yourcommand and go to missions and complete missions tosave the day.Play many level of amazing fight super hero boy andkill aliens insilver hero fighting game. Cover the whole city andkill aliens oneby one from one place to all places in the city. Runto the missiondestination and attack of heat at the enemies. Enjoythrillingbattle combat with aliens and fight off multiple aliens atonce.Download silver hero fight now for free.
Furious Car Racing Lite 1.0
Welcome to awesome car racing simulator 2018. If you are a fanofcar racing game then look no further, this is the ultimatecarracing simulator with beautiful graphics and smooth carcontrols.Car races on furious and fast tracks of LA, London,Iceland, Tokyoand Birmingham. Race in cites or on car racing tracksin front ofthousands of car racing fans. Smash the throttle, andrelease allgas and fury on the track. Drive fast and perform stuntsto earnpoints. Perform drifts and win the heart of spectators.Downloadthe Furious Car Racing Lite the most awesome and funsimulator carsimulator for kids and adults. Enjoy amazing graphicsandastounding sound effects, get and give Goosebumps whilst racinginyour furious cars. Choose from a wide collection of supremesportsand luxury bonus cars. Earn money by winning races. Unlockcarsusing the money and collect all cars. Play as the amazing carraceranyone has ever seen. Have your racing dream come true andplay theamazing car racing simulator now. Furious Car Racing Litefeaturestwo seasons of car racing. Each season has different racingtracksall over the area. After finishing the season one you can goonunlock season 2 and play international races all over theworld.Play as the furious car racer you are and show your carraceabilities in Furious Car Racing Lite. Enjoy racing newanddifferent car race rivals. Your rivals will show you no mercy,sosmash and overtake your rivals and drift your way to thefinishline and establish your dominance among all car racers.Downloadthe most fun car simulator of 2018 Furious Car Racing LiteforFREE!
Dance Coach 1.0
Who doesn’t want to dance and stay fit? Get ready to becomethebiggest dancer that ever lived. Get fit with dance workout andalsobecome a legendary dancer. Get fit with more than justclasses.From hip hop to jazz to electronic beats and free styledance.Learn all type of dance in this amazing Girls fitness Danceclub.Dance coach teaches you different style of dance, differenttypesof dance. Join in for regular classes and enjoy dancingwithbeautiful members of the dance club, invest your time and learnnewdancing skills. Practice and perfect your dancing skills.Workoutalong with the class and motivate each other to get fit.Dance andown the floor to score fan points. The more fans you earnthe morescore you get. Step into the sneakers of different powerfulgirls.Dance with each other and dance in the club. Perform yourthinganywhere and earn the respect of fans. Steal the spotlight andgeta chance to perform on the stage. Own the stage and learnmadskills. Show off your mob style at the club. Learn from thecoachesor get start perfecting your own skills. Beat the time clockor youwill fail to impress the fans. Dance faster, harder andmorefiercely and built your fan base. Hurry Up! It’s time to getfit.Download the fun to play dance workout app DANCE COACH now!