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The Last Gun: Space Strike 0.4
The year is 2121, an asteroid-like object has been detected tobeheading into earth's atmosphere. Further investigations provethisobject to be some sort of a mother-ship of an extraterrestriallifeform. In a bid to defend their home, the governments of theworldunite and launch a special strike team against thispotentialthreat. The aliens prove to be far more advanced intechnology andwarfare and easily wipe out this strike team. A bravesoldierhowever makes it into the mothership where he discovers amilitarybase and uses the tech to enhance his fighter jet. He thensets outto become mother Gaia's last line of defense, the Last Gun.TheLast Gun: Space Strike is an all new space shooter game withfastpaced action and shooting. You can equip free power-up ammowhichmakes the game even more fun to play.