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Full Screen Video Caller ID : Video Caller Screen 1.4
Full Screen Video Caller ID is an amazing application speciallydesign for calling screen, Who get bored from old calling screen ?Who is still using old photo calling screen ? Video Caller Screen -update your calling screen with video calling screen. Show HDVideos while somebody calling you. Clone your android phone toVideo Caller Screen with added feature of video caller ID. Here wedevelope a new application for calling screen "Full Screen VideoCaller ID" in that you can set HD videos on calling screen, Setthemes for calling button, Set ringing volumes and media volumes.Many options available to customize your video calling screen withdifferent themes. Features :- - Simple easy to use for all androidusers. - Easy to set themes for calling screen. - Set HD Videos oncalling screen. - So You can customize Incoming calling screen. -Place your favorite videos as a caller ID so that your can alwayssee it when you get a incoming call. - As Well As You can customizeOutgoing calling screen. - Set HD Videos for calling screen givenhere or if you want to set from gallery. - Filtering of contacts isso simple here. - If your video set on contact then your contactinformation see here with full screen. - Play HD Videos whileincoming call for free. So now Update to latest calling screenthemes Full Screen Video Caller ID.
Super CPU Cooler Master 1.1
Super CPU Cooler Master helps you to cool your phonequickly.Features of Super CPU Cooler Master :- Very Easy to Use andFast Cooling.- Real Time Temperature Measurement to Free Yourmobile.- Cool your mobile in a second.- Full Analysis of CPU usageand detecting overheating applications.- Very Easy to control thetemperature of the CPU.- Remove applications that heated up yourphone.- Very helping to save battery power and battery poweredcooler.- Also It will clean cache memory, free up RAM, Boost yourmemory, so you can easily use your phone.
GPS Route Finder On Map 1.1
GPS Route Finder On Map help you to save your time. It helps younot to waste your time in long route.The most easy way to knowwhere you are.GPS Route Finder On Map clearly show your destinationand understand the route that is suitable for you during journey/traveling.Features:- High quality maps.- Find easiest and fastestroute for your destination.- Track all the locations you havevisited, only for your information.- Find nearest route for yourdestination.- Find Driving Route,Walking Route.- Find Address ofany area in map.- Supports different maps types : Normal,Satellite, Terrain maps.- Just Enable Your GPS Location for moreaccurate Location.- Find total distance and traveling for yourdestination.- Find your current location with a single click.-Easily delete your complete phone location history just by oneclick.GPS Route Finder On Map application Find fastest route foryour destination.Just pin start and end point and get walking routeand driving route.
Mountain Up Hill Climb Racing 1.0
For car racing lovers who want to drive caronmountains here you get amazing game for it.Features:* Very smooth and easy to play, so anyone can drive car easilyonmountains.* Control your racing car to climb mountains with mostrealisticcontrol.* Give accelerate to your car with maintain of brake.* You can feel real turbo sound when you climb mountains withracingcar.* Endless mountain road.* Feel Realistic hill climb driving experience.* You can feel Realistic car handling with real turbo soundofengines.* Different Levels for racing car lovers.
Indian Railway Guide : Info 1.1
Indian Railway Guide is a complete travelapplication for the travelers of Indian Railways.Here you can find train timetable, train fare, trainarrivals/departures time at a station and much more from yourphone.Indian Railway Guide application gives less burden to you, and veryeasy to use so anyone can use it very easily and gettinginformation them self.Features here You can get :- Without internet you can getting all information easily in singletouch.- No need to remember train names or numbers.- Searching can be more easy using train number or name.- For searching train enter train number or name and Auto completeoption available for you.- Easy Searching Train List.- Easily Get Train Time Table.- Find Train Station between Two Station.- Very Easy of Use, easy Navigation and clearly User Interface, soanyone can use it Easily.Notes : Indian Railway Guide : Info application is not affiliatedto indian railways or irctc. Only a tool to access publiclyavailable information.
Navratri Garba Video Maker 1.2
Navratri Garba Video Maker is the easiest way to create a video inslide show style with adding amazing filters on your navratriphotos, awesome garba music tunes, beautiful and lovely navratriframes and make your Navratri more memorable.Navratri is goldenmoment of every person life so you can remember those day withcreate Navratri Garba Video Maker application.Navratri Garba VideoMaker with music with several steps, selecting beautiful navratriphotos, adding filters and music, instantly finish your own video.You can arrange the photos in order with the perfect background,music, frames and animation to create a video of your own.NavratriGarba Video Maker have reach set of Navratri different themes toapply on Navratri photos to create video from photos and Garbamusic.Features :- Create video from Adding Music, Navratri Photos,Frames, Effects to make Navratri Garba Video Maker.- Add Photosfrom gallery as many as you can, Select each and every Photosindividually so that you can leave unwanted Photos.- Edit each andevery Photos with Amazing Filter Effects, Blur Effects and photoEditing Tools.- Pick up Best Navratri Frame from large collectiongiven here.- Choose Lovely Music for your Navratri Video.- Set theSpeed of the video as fast/slow as you want.- Show Instant previewof your Navratri Video, so if you show preview for your video.-Just save it and enjoy your beautiful life with Navratri GarbaVideo Maker.- Show All Videos in your sd card.- Share yourvideo.Enjoy in Navratri...!
Passport Visa Photo Maker 1.1
Passport Visa Photo Maker application enables you to create ID cardphoto of your choice with image and any background, you can choosecolorful background for it,as well as you can crop the backgroundand apply new one to create your Identity Card photo of yourchoice.This application lets you save time by combining standardpassport, id or photos into single 4x6, 5x7 or A4 paper.SpecialFeatures of Passport Visa Photo Maker :-- Extremely powerful andEasy to use, anyone create easily their Passport Photos.- Selectphoto form camera / gallery as you like.- Cropping of photo is soeasy in case you can crop standard crop, custom crop, or free sizecrop.- For adjust your photo you can rotate left, rotate right,flip horizontal, flip vertical.- Easy to erase and change thebackground of the image.- Adjust Brightness or Contrast on yourphoto.- Select perfect size for your photo in that you can changeit easily.- Simply Save photo with single copy or multiple copies.- All sizes and format supported, you can choose your size as yourrequirements.- Passport Visa Photo Maker supports for all screensizes.- Easy to Share Photo with friends.Passport Visa Photo Makerapplication enables you to create ID card photo of your choice withany image and any background, it is a friendly tools to createpassport size photo.
Beauty Selfie Camera Expert 1.1
Beauty Selfie Camera Expert application is a beautiful and simple,intuitive interface selfie photo camera application designed forselfies and enhancements.Here you can take best selfie photos whiledecorate them instantly with selfie photo editing tools.Make yourselfies more perfect using the Beauty Selfie Camera Expertapplication.With Beauty Selfie Camera Expert application you can goany place and you take Selfie with your friends. And also BeautySelfie Camera Expert to save your device and make Beauty SelfieCamera Expert to your profile picture.Features of Beauty SelfieCamera Expert :- - Capture Beautiful Selfie Photo On Expert andSmart Way.- Beauty Selfie Camera is an amazing selfie photo editingtool for create stunning photos.- You can Import a photo directlyfrom phone Gallery or Take a Photo Camera.- Get Camera Option likeTimer option for Beauty Selfie Camera.- Flashlight Settingon/off/auto/torch.- Better and Smooth adjustment & fit intophone frame.- Selfie Photo Editing Function Like Brightness, Touchmood, Zoom in zoom out, rotate, import pic from gallery, cameraflash and many more.- Easy mirror view for your photo.- Writecolored text on pictures with 25+ different fonts as well as youcan change Text Font, Size, Color and Style.- Easy camera previewto be square or rectangle.- Easy Timer for Better Preparation.-Cool with Stylish & Halo Real-time Filter effects For SelfiePhoto.- Large Collection of Stickers which Specially Designed forSelfie.- Edit the photo with simple and easy selfie photo editingoptions, double click to remove it.- Save and Share the CreatedPhotos Via All Social Media Application.- Share your creation onsocial media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and etc.- You canalso share your moments to all type of social websites.
Voice Reverser : Rewind Audio 1.1
Rewind all your recorded voice, You can record your voice fromwithin the application itself, Voice Reverser application reverseyour voice recording and store in your phone storage.Features ofthe Application :- Very Easy to use and Reverse Your Voice in FastWay.- Just Record an audio or You can record a word, a sentence ora text, anything you record.- You can listen your original voiceand just reverse it to listen reverse voice recording.- If youdon´t like reverse voice recording, then you can cancel the audioand record it again.- After listening it you can save it orcancel.- Voice recording is so easy with this application.- Showyour all reverse recording in your phone storage.- Share ReverseVoice Recording with your friends.Download "Voice Reverser : RewindAudio" application and enjoy reverse recording.
Love Locket Photo Frame 1.1
Make Lovely Memories with this App. Love Locket Photo Frames is abeautiful photo application for lovers and couples in love.Features:• Multiple Loving Lockets Photo Frames available.• Transform yourphoto cropping/rotating• Choose a picture from gallery or take apicture using camera.• Adjust the picture by zoom in zoom out usingsimple finger touch or gestures.• Add lovely Text in your LocketPhoto Frame.• Instantly save or share your images.Create awesomelove locket frame with your photos and impress your lover.
Digital Signature Maker 1.1
Creating your new signature images with signature maker is verysimple as drawing and color full pencil.Digital Signature Maker isuse without internet Connection.***Features***- Text Signature withDifferent styles.- Manual Paint Signature with Different colors andstyle.- Save it in your phone or SD card.- Change brush sizes.-Erase signature.- Re-draw signature.i hope you will enjoy it...
Panorama Camera 360 1.1
Panoramic camera could make your Mobile phone into a panoramiccamera.Take full length full view photos quickly and with full HDclearity.Simple and Easy Panorama Camera 360 app.*** PanoramaCamera 360 Features ***- Tap screen to start the process- Fast andsmooth panorama stitching- High definition and fast panoramiccamera- Save your photo in your device- Share Panorama Photo Be aprofessional photographer with Panorama Camera 360.
Hindi Keyboard : Hindi English Typing Keyboard 1.2
Hindi Keyboard provides easy way to type in Indian language, so nowall you are type your messages, texts, emails and all that textstype in Hindi Language with Hindi Keyboard : Hindi & EnglishTyping Keyboard application. Hindi Keyboard will helps to enjoyeach and every taps with music just on your figures. Here you willfind superb and hd themes from Hindi Keyboard. Al well as you canset your own photo or your besties photo in hindi keyboard and makeit awesome. Hindi Keyboard application will also provide customsettings for hindi english typing. And for best of them here youget lovely and cute Emoji for amazing messages. Also you can changekeyboard from hindi to english ot english to hindi while typingwith Hindi Keyboard. How Hindi Keyboard Works ? 1. After InstallingHindi Keyboard just enable in your keyboard settings "HindiKeyboard Black Orange". 2. Next you can change your keyboard to"Hindi Keyboard Black Orange" for use it. 3. Amazing and StunningThemes is there to decorate your hindi keyboard. 4. As well as youcan set your photo on hindi keyboard and change it any time. 5.Easily you can see preview of hindi keyboard inside application. 6.Cool Settings for hindi keyboard like sound, vibrate, and optionsto select language. 7. Change language at any time. 8. HindiKeyboard having many more smiles, flowers, fruits, cars, bell andmany more. 9. So, when you are going to write text by default Hindikeyboard will appear and make your typing more easy. Hindi Keyboardkeyboard works as default keyboard in android phones and tablets.Hindi Keyboard can be used for all kinds of applications whereHindi text is required.
OS10 Notification Style : iNoty Control Center 1.4
Do you know OS 10 release ? Do you have notification style like OS10 on your android device? Do you want to set themes of OS 10 onyour android phone? OS10 Notification Style is an amazing anduseful application for all android users who feel experience likeOS 10 Notification Style. Here you will get amazing OS10notification center style to make your android phone look likePhone 6 and Phone 7. iNoty Control Center is the perfectcombination application of iNotifycation and iControl. When youwill have the experience to be using OS10 with amazing OS 10 Theme.You can access your All Notifications, Play Music from MusicPlayer, Easy to set Night Mode of your Phone and many more. you cancontrol everything in new style, theme phone, smooth and design,OS10 Notification Style : iNoty will bring you to a new experience.Features :- - All Notifications to show the notify you receivedlike style OS10. - Show all control panel tools like carrier,signal strength and wifi signal like OS10. - Amazing, Beautiful andsmooth application look like phone7 theme. - Lots of function likeiNoty on Phone 7. - Customnize inotify information on notificationbar, you can change status bar color easily. - You can set StylishText with color change with different styles. - Easy to changeoperator name. - Fully smart iControl Panel View. - Show Batterypercentage. - Set Calendar event with customize tomorrow event. -High quality and very fast to show notification like USB DataConnection, Messages and many more. - Support time 12h or 24hformat. - Show Today information and notifications information. -Touch to choose any info on the notification bar to show in fullscreen and open application. - Night Mode Supported. Supportedfunction in OS10 Notification Style: - Support toggle for Bluetooth- Support toggle for Data Connection - Support toggle for PortraitOrientation Lock - Support turn on/off flashlight - Support togglefor Airplane Mode - Support toggle for Wi-Fi - Single tap to TurnOn/Off Notification - Support toggle for Silent mode Now downloadand enjoy OS10 Notification Style application and feel like Phone 6or Phone 7.
Calc Vault - Photos, Videos & Application Locker 1.4
Calc Vault - Photos, Videos & Application Locker is an amazingtools for all who want to secure their photos, private videos &all applications in safe locker. So here you can easy to importyour photos & videos & on this behind you work with fullysmart calculator. Here your files will be secretly stored in thisapp & can only be viewed after a Numeric PIN is entered oncalculator panel of this application. This can be used as regularcalculator for daily use. Features :- - Very Simple yet Easy toUse. - Simply you can access this app by inputting “=” on thecalculator. - Here you can get amazing Calculator which can usedaily routine for calculations. - Amazing Photos & Videosprotection so your selected files will be hidden and can only beaccessed with correct password. - Beautiful Themes for Calculator& application lock screen. - Easy to Manage, Delete, Unhide,Move Photos &Videos in this app. - Secret Locker within you canonly open private photo by typing correct password into thecalculator. - Get more secure with your private applications. -Powerful and faster App lock with different lock themes for yourbetter privacy of your applications. - Show Fake Password Screenand show fake content in some cases when you need to open secretlocker in front of other person, so anyother person not open yourlock easily. - Capture Intruder images & record all photos ofintruders from inside the application itself, so when you open thisapplication you will show with full details of intruder. - Intruderselfie will be taken of people who enters incorrect password intoyour application lock. - Unlimited storage limitation for yourhidden files. - Locked applications using Classic PIN pad. - Alsoyou can lock wifi & bluetooth with password protection ofapplication lock. - Beautiful Calculator with different colorthemes. - Dark Mode feature available. ✔ On clicking Plus Buttonyou can add Photos & Videos to safe vault. ✔ Easy to Lock Apps.✔ In case you Forget Password, Recover Password by your registerede-mail id & regain access to the application. ✔ Easy to ChangePin. ✔ After Installing Application, enter in application it willask to Set your password. Type your password.Here there are 2possibility. 1. After installing first time if you set calculationslike 1500 +/- 1000 then press ok then it is 2500 or 500, & yourpassword is 1000 to access application. 2. And if change passwordor set by default any four-digit then it will your password. ☆ Thisapplication doesn't store your hidden data online, it will saved inyour storage. ☆ Easily you can change your password, forgotpassword sent on your registered email address. ☆ Intruder photoswill be stored in your phone storage. ☆ After uninstall applicationyou doesn't lost your files. Device Administrators Permission :- ByStart Protection, You will be asked to activate DeviceAdministrator Permission for this app. Timer Lock App uses deviceadministrator permission for prevention of accidentallyUninstallation and nothing else. To Uninstall this app you need todeactivate device administrator. You can easily deactivate byTurning off Start Protection from the app or you can go toSettings->Security->Device Administrators from your phoneanytime. You Enable Device administrators Permission for appuninstall protection we confirm that you are agree with Deviceadministrators Permission. This app uses Device AdministratorPermission. BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE permission :- Allow BINDACCESSIBILITY SERVICE permission to use applock so that you can usethe applock feature fast and reduce battery usage. This app usesAccessibility services. This app may look like simple calculatorwith naked eye but has a secret gallery lock behind it. If youenter the correct password, this will actually allow user to Keepsafe photos & videos behind fully functional Calculator. Notes: Before uninstall this application unhide your personal files& data otherwise it will be lost forever.
Gujarati Keyboard : Guj & Eng 1.1
Gujarati Keyboard will helps to enjoy each and every taps withmusic just on your figures.Here you will find superb and hd themesfrom Gujarati Keyboard.Al well as you can set your own photo oryour besties photo in Gujarati keyboard and make it awesome.And forbest of them here you get lovely and cute Emoji for amazingmessages.How Gujarati Keyboard Works ?1. After Installing GujaratiKeyboard just enable in your keyboard settings "Gujarati KeyboardBlack Orange".2. Next you can change your keyboard to "GujaratiKeyboard Black Orange" for use it.3. Amazing and Stunning Themes isthere to decorate your Gujarati keyboard.4. As well as you can setyour photo on Gujarati keyboard and change it any time.5. Easilyyou can see preview of Gujarati keyboard inside application. 6.Cool Settings for Gujarati keyboard like sound, vibrate, andoptions to select language.7. Change language at any time.8.Gujarati Keyboard having many more smiles, flowers, fruits, cars,bell and many more.9. So, when you are going to write text bydefault Gujarati keyboard will appear and make your typing moreeasy.Gujarati Keyboard can be used for all kinds of applicationswhere Gujarati text is required.
Happy New Year Video Maker 2019 - Photo Slideshow 1.5
Happy New Year Video Maker 2019 is the easiest way to create a 2019new year video in slide show style on this new year with addingamazing 2019 filters on your photos, awesome music tunes, beautifuland lovely new year 2019 frames and make your New Year morememorable. Photo Slideshow helps to becames this New Year is goodand golden moment for every person life so you can remember thoseday with create with this application. You remember all person inyour life on this New Year celebrates with your families throughthis application. Happy New Year Video Maker 2019 - Photo Slideshowwith music on several steps, selecting beautiful photos, apply 2019themes, adding new 2019 filters and music, instantly finish yourown video. You can arrange the photos in order with the perfectbackground, music, frames and animation to create a video of yourown. Happy New Year Video Maker 2019 have reach set of New Yeardifferent themes to apply on New Year photos to create video fromphotos and New music. Features : - Create video from Adding Music,New Photos, Frames, Effects to make Happy New Year Video Maker2019. - Add Photos from gallery as many as you can, Select each andevery Photos individually so that you can leave unwanted Photos. -Edit each and every Photos with Amazing Filter Effects, BlurEffects and photo Editing Tools. - Pick up Best New Year Frame fromlarge collection given here. - Create Photo Slideshow in 2019theme. - Choose Lovely Music for your New Year Video. - Set theSpeed of the video as fast/slow as you want. - Show Instant previewof your video, so if you show preview for your video. - Just saveit and enjoy your beautiful life with Happy New Year Video Maker2019. - Show All Videos in your sd card. - Share your video tosocial networks. Make this New Year 2019 very Healthy and MoreBeautiful, creating video with Happy New Year Video Maker 2019 withPhoto Slideshow Application. Welcome This New Year 2019...!
Mega Zoom Camera 1.2
Mega Zoom Camera application with handy zoom scroller simple andeasy to use, and you can edit your long distance created photo withcool annd stlylish effects. Features :- Now capture long distancephoto will be more easily.- Support front camera and Flash if yourdevice have facility.- It can works on every phone with a built-incamera.- So now you can take pictures with optical zoom x100.-Access to maximum hardware optical and digital zoom.- Use it aszoom camera or as a zoom-mirror - easily take a photo of the zoomedpicture - It's FREE!- Save and share your long distance photo withfully zoom with your friends on social sites.Enjoy Mega Zoom Camera, it's free for all.Mega Zoom Camera application gives you anability to use maximum values of digital and optical zoom with cooleffects.
Mobile Caller True Location ID 1.1
Mobile Caller True Location ID application for all who want totracking anyone number while somebody calling you on your phone,you can easily get information that who is calling you and showcaller location easily.Now easily find anyone phone numbers easily,so you want to get information of caller.Features of Mobile CallerTrue Location ID application:-- Easy to find anyone callerinformation on your phone.- Search number on Map.- Contacts in thatView all your contacts location sorted by Caller Name.- Calls inthat locations are displayed sorted by City or State. - Call Logsin that all call logs displayed by Call Time including CallLocation.- Searching can be more easily and find the location ofmobile phone by City or State.- Get caller information on callingscreen.- Search ISD and STD Number Code for various countries.-Totally free and very useful too.
Happy Diwali Video Maker 2017 - Photo To Video 1.1
Happy Diwali Video Maker 2017 is the easiest way to create a videoin slide show style with adding amazing filters on your photos,awesome music tunes, beautiful and lovely diwali frames and makeyour diwali more memorable.Diwali is golden moment of every personlife so you can remember those day with create Happy Diwali VideoMaker 2017 application.Happy Diwali Video Maker 2017 with musicwith several steps, selecting beautiful diwali photos, addingfilters and music, instantly finish your own video. You can arrangethe photos in order with the perfect background, music, frames andanimation to create a video of your own.Happy Diwali Video Maker2017 have reach set of Diwali different themes to apply on Diwaliphotos to create video from photos and Diwali music.Features :-Create video from Adding Music, Diwali Photos, Frames, Effects tomake Happy Diwali Video Maker 2017.- Add Photos from gallery asmany as you can, Select each and every Photos individually so thatyou can leave unwanted Photos.- Edit each and every Photos withAmazing Filter Effects, Blur Effects and photo Editing Tools.- Pickup Best Happy Diwali Frame from large collection given here.-Choose Lovely Music for your Happy Diwali Video.- Set the Speed ofthe video as fast/slow as you want.- Show Instant preview of yourvideo, so if you show preview for your video.- Just save it andenjoy your beautiful life with Happy Diwali Video Maker 2017.-Create high quality Diwali Videos with your photos instantly onyour mobile or tablet device.- Create Diwali Photo to Video.- ShowAll Videos in your sd card.- Share your video to socialnetworks.Happy Diwali Video Maker 2017 helps you to createbeautiful Diwali Wishes videos for your loving ones from photos andmusic with Diwali video themes.
Bubbles Notification LWP 1.1
Get your All Notifications displayed in beautiful and playfulbubbles on your homescreen with Bubbles Notification LiveWallpaper.Notification like Missed Calls, Messages and otherNotification comes it will appear in Colorful Bubbles on your HomeScreen.In Plus here you can Brust Bubbles to Directly access yourapplication easily, So brusting bubble is so easy.For example, ifYou have one missed call then missed call show on your home screenwith "Bubbles Notification Live Wallpaper" application, if you wantto direct access it, just brust the bubble and easily you canaccess it.In Bubble you also show time of notification comes.Setamazing live wallpaper given here for Bubbles Notification LiveWallpaper.Features:- Easy access to all your notifications.- VeryColorful Bubbles for Your Live Wallpaper.- Amazing and HDBackgrounds for your Phone to set it On Live Wallpaper.- Also youcan set your own Photo as Live Wallpaper background.- Easy to showall Notification.- Brust Bubble and access Notification easily.-Simply read notification on Bubble and easy read and reply.-Unlimited Notification in all Bubble.Amazing and Useful BubblesNotification Live Wallpaper.
Easy View In Gujarati & Read 1.1
Easy View In Gujarati & Read applicationdisplay Gujarati fonts in which don't have Gujarati languagesupport, But now you can easily view and share Gujarati text in theandroid phone with your friends.Easy View In Gujarati & Read application helps you read theGujarati text without switching your application.How to see Gujarati Text with Easy View In Gujarati & Readapplication :-- After Installing "Easy View In Gujarati & Read" Applicationand open it once.- After that Copy the Text that you want to Read in Gujarati, Youcan copy Text anywhere either from any other application.- View Instantly Text.- Finally you will get automatically new window with yourtranslated Gujarati text.- Also you can copy any unreadable Gujarati text.- Work on Low memory and battery.- Share ant translated message anywhere on social sites with yourfriends.
Baby Photo to Video Maker 1.2
Baby Photo to Video Maker application is Make Video With Your BabyPhotos & Favourite Music and Many Effects For Video withBeautiful Frames.Baby Photo to Video Maker application is aProfessional Video Editor that will Help You Create WonderfulStories Of Your Baby.Baby Photo to Video Maker Converts Your BabyPhotos into Video with Many Customization Effects Like BabyFrames,Blur Effects, Filter Effects, Music & Photo Editor.Babywill be so cute and beautiful with many effects video and babythemes frames.Baby Photo to Video Maker will help you createamazing Baby Themes Videos using photos of your kid or your babyphotos.Features :- Create video from Adding Music, Baby Photos,Frames, Effects to make Baby Photo to Video Maker.- Add Photos fromgallery as many as you can, Select each and every Photosindividually , edit them so that you can leave unwanted Photos.-Edit each and every Photos with Amazing Filter Effects, BlurEffects and photo Editing Tools.- Pick up Best Baby Photo Framefrom large collection given here.- Choose Lovely Music for yourBaby Video.- Set the Speed of the video as fast/slow as you want.-Show Instant preview of your video, so if you show preview for yourvideo.- Just save it and enjoy your beautiful life with Baby Phototo Video Maker.- Show All Baby Videos in your SD card.- Share yourvideo to social networks.You create stunning video with differentvideo effect and also you add your favorite background music Foryour cute babies and create video for them.Create a Beautiful Giftfor your Babies.
Real Citizen Calculator 1.4
Use smart calculator for business problem, maths calculationproblem solve and any other calculation problem solve easy.Features Here You Get:- - Simple and Smart Calculator interface -Easy Calculation - All operators gives perfect calculation - Easyto use - Free For All - Percentages - Memories - Use Anywhere andAny place Real Citizen Calculator application has been designed andengineered for easy operation at any level. Which gives perfectsolution for any query.
GPS Alarm : Location Alert 1.1
Now travelling became more easy with GPS Alarm : Location Alertapplication.Features :-- Very easy and simple for Location Alert.-Easy to Navigate on Map.- You can add multiple location like setyour desired location.- Just set your own location alert and placedetails, "GPS Alarm : Location Alert" alert you.- You can easy toview your saved location.- Set alarm to On / Off as you like.-Totally free and Useful for all.GPS Alarm : Location Alert isuseful in common things like collect a book from your friends,meeting with a friend, to reach at hostel, go to favouriterestaurants, travelling from one city to another city and manymore...
GPS Voice Navigation On Map 1.2
GPS Voice Navigation On Map is simple to set up, supports AllAndroid Devices.GPS Voice Navigation On Map Features:- Easy andVery Helpful for Travelling Person.- GPS Voice Navigation On Mapapplication makes your travelling more easily.- Just Speak tosearch between 2 places, route, Map and navigation.- Search isintegrated between current location to destination location bydefault.- Use of Google Map Service and navigation.- Fully AnimatedNavigation on Map.
Anniversary Photo Video Maker 1.2
Anniversary Photo Video Maker is the easiest way to create a videoin slide show style with adding amazing filters on your photos,awesome music tunes, beautiful and lovely anniversary frames andmake your anniversary more memorable.Anniversary is golden momentof every couple life so you can remember those day with createAnniversary Photo Video Maker application.Anniversary Photo VideoMaker with music with several steps, selecting beautiful photos,adding filters and music, instantly finish your own video. You canarrange the photos in order with the perfect background, music,frames and animation to create a video of your own.AnniversaryPhoto Video Maker have reach set of Anniversary different themes toapply on Anniversary photos to create video from photos andAnniversary music.Features :- Create video from Adding Music,Anniversary Photos, Frames, Effects to make Anniversary Photo VideoMaker.- Add Photos from gallery as many as you can, Select each andevery Photos individually so that you can leave unwanted Photos.-Edit each and every Photos with Amazing Filter Effects, BlurEffects and photo Editing Tools.- Pick up Best Anniversary Framefrom large collection given here.- Choose Lovely Music for yourAnniversary Video.- Set the Speed of the video as fast/slow as youwant.- Show Instant preview of your video, so if you show previewfor your video.- Just save it and enjoy your beautiful life withAnniversary Photo Video Maker.- Show All Videos in your SD card.-Share your video to social networks.
Focus.N.Filters -Fingertip Art 1.1
Focus.N.Filters is an amazing Fingertip Art application for writestylish text on colorful backgrounds and share with yourfriends.You can also draw a painting and name as you want with manyfont filter.Here we are provide different types stylish fonts,colorful texts, font types and amazing backgrounds in that you canwrite loved ones name and very easy to used and beautiful UIdesign.You can set social DP profile photo.Focus.N.Filters isawesome application to write your name in Stylish font. These willallows you to convert any name into Very Creative font.Features:-Amazing appliation for create focus n filter text.- Draw your namefingertip art.- Auto Text, just enter your name and createbeautiful text art with stylish texts, fonts.- Manual Text, youpaint screen to draw signature of your own choice.- A largecollection of calligraphy fonts.- Choose beautiful backgrounds.-You can Re-draw your signature text.- Choose best stroke/brushsharpness as per your need.- Easy to Erase signature and create newone.- Save your Fingertip Art opn your SD Card.- Share yourcreation with social media.- You can set your Fingertip Art as yourDP on every social sites.Thanking you!
PDF File Reader 1.2
App features:- Horizontal/ Vertical scrolling mode- Jump toPage/Text Search- Import PDF files from device folders
My Photo Zipper Lock Screen 1.0
My Photo Zipper Lock Screen is anamazingapplication to lock unlock your mobile using a zip with aphotoimage or using background.Pull down the hook on the screen to unlock the screen and pull itupto lock the screen and feel the zip effect.My Photo Zipper Lock Screen application provides different phototoset on zipper lock screen.Features :- Very Simple and easy to use for all.- Option to enable and disable My Photo Zipper Lock Screen.- Also you can set pin password for lock security.- Select Large Collection of multiple HD wallpaper.- You can do setting for Date and Time to make beautiful zipperlockscreen with changing color of them.- You can change sound as you wish.- Choose your photo from gallery.
Unlimited Voice Changer - Funky Voice Changer 2019 1.3
Record Your Voice and After Listenning them to Modify Voice. Hereyou can record your voice, apply voice effects, save it your sdcard or phone storage and share with your friends.! Apply Helium,Giant, Robot, Cave, Monster, Nervous, Drunk, Squirrel, Child, Dead,Reverse/Backwards, Grand Canyon and many more. You can Play yourFunky Voice here and after that you can save your Funky Voicesshare it easily. Unlimited Voice Changer is being introduced herefor adding some crazy effects in your real voice. To change yourvoice, just record your voice and apply the effects that match toyour taste. It has more features like : - Easy to navigate andrecord your voice. - Just Record yourself and then taste to changeyour voice. - Here you get different sound effects. - Record voice,save and shared with friends. - You can set ringtone, alarm soundand notification sound also. - All your creativity will shows yourin your phone storage named with "Unlimited Voice Changer".
Couple Photo Aquarium LWP 1.2
Couple Photo Aquarium live wallpaper for free and enjoy with yourcustomized photos as background under the Sea. You can select photoframes which you like and fit your photo in that frame. Colorfulfishes swims on your photo frames with beautiful animations. Youcan control fishes speed, quantity, size and directions. You cancontrol water bubbles also.**** Features ****- Select any of Yourphoto to place it with the frame in the aquarium.- Add anotherphoto of your Love to place it with the frame in the aquarium.- Youcan adjust the position of the frame to top, bottom, or center. -Select a frame of your choice- Select a background of your choice-Select type of fishes. You can select the random options too. - Twooption of fish flow, from right and from left. - Fish quantity,fish moving speed, and fish direction selection of your choice. -Same as fish customize option for bubbles too.After finishing allwith the setting finally save it and enjoy it on your screen.
Indian Railway Live Train Status - Railway Inquiry 1.2
Indian Railway Live Train Status is the Fastest, Simplest and avery light application to find every necessary information aboutIndian Railways. Get live train status regarding current delays andposition at any point. Live running train status, time tables,station status, PNR status, Rescheduled Train, Canceled Train andreservation date for Indian Railways. Railway Inquiry are happy tohelping in find and solve all queries about Indian railway. Searchhere, Find here and Get here all Information about Indian Railways.Feature of Indian Railway Live Train Status Application : - No needto remember train names or numbers. - Searching can be done usingnumber or name whenever required. Use the partial train name if youdon't know it completely, auto complete text for easy. - Trainstatus might be a little time variance due to delay in update fromsources. - Don't need to remember Indian railways station names.Auto complete option available for searching. - Easy PNR Statuswith ease, see the coach, platform and reservation status all atone place, Check the Status and Refund Rules. - Find Indian railwaytrains between two stations or using a train name or number. - Seethe seat availability in one-click. - See the fare for all theavailable classes ,for inquiry to get complete fare break up basedon Class. - Live Train Status is more accurate and faster way toaccess status or running position. - Shows here expectedarrival-departure timings, platform information and more. - Showsarriving and departing Indian railway trains in next 2 or 4 hoursfor the selected station. - Watch the route on a map or list witharrival / departure timings and halts. - Information of CanceledTrain. - Rescheduled Train Information. Disclaimer : Indian RailLive Train Status application is privately maintained and does nothave any official connection or affiliation whatsoever to IndianRailways, IRCTC and related organizations. All content available inthis application is for general information purpose.
Video Popup Player :Full Popup 1.2
An amazing multi-tasking video player for your android phone towatch many of videos at the same time.As well as do your regularand important wotk and show videos easily.Features :-- Multiplevideo popups support.– Watch and Play multiple videos at the sametime.- Very Easy to Play multi videos, while working on your phone.- Pinch and Zoom your popups to your desired size.- Video PlayerFunction like Next,Previous Video,Shuffle,Volume in popup player.-Supports number of video media formats.- Full Screen mode.- Customvideo player settings.- Multiple video feature. You can createmultiple video Popups. - Easily redirect to your videos.Enjoy VideoPopup Player and share with your friends. 1.4
OS 10 Photo Assistive Touch application in that you can easy accessall setting with one touch, here you can choose large style ofcolors or if you want to set your photo in background then also youcan do easily, also you can hide OS 10 Photo Assistive Touch insetting application. Latest new styled theme like OS 10. EasyAssistive Touch is better, more powerful and functional thanassistive touch of phone. It is Virtual Home button, easy touch tolock screen and open recent task , Clean ram, boost speed, one tapram booster and many more. so also you can add, remove any shortcutby your easy access. It will help you to quickly access shortcutsfrom anywhere in the mobile while using other application.So youcan lock/ unlock your phone very easy in just one click. Featuresin OS 10 Photo Assistive Touch :- - OS 10 Style Assistive Touch forAndroid. - Fully Customize OS 10 Style Assistive Touch tool becauseyou can modify it easier than other application. - Call or sendmessage to your favourite contact. - Quick open your favoriteapplication. - Quick shortcut on your Home Screen. - Go to allsettings very quick with a touch. - You can set many of colors herefor Photo Assistive Touch. - As well as You can set your photo onAssistive Touch Background. - Access all of your phone shortcutlike. ✔ Wi-Fi ✔ Bluetooth ✔ Brightness ✔ Ringer mode (normal,vibrate, silent) ✔ Screen rotation ✔ Airplane mode ✔ OpenNotification ✔ Power popup ✔ Volume up & down ✔ Location (GPS)✔ Flashlight bright ✔ Data usage ✔ Recent Apps ✔ Many more...Device Administrators Permission :- This application uses theDevice Administrator permission. It is necessary and used only forlocking the device when you use feature turn off the screen. Youneed to enable Administration before it can be used that feature.You can easily deactivate by turning off start protection from theapplication or you can go to Settings -> Security -> DeviceAdministrators from your phone anytime. BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICEpermission :- This application uses Accessibility services. It isnecessary and used only to perform a global action. For applicationfeatures you need to grant this permission to use that action. OS10 Photo Assistive Touch is an assistive tool, touch the floatingpanel on the screen and access all shortcut with operate your phonelike OS 10.
Leaf Live Wallpaper 1.2
Enjoy the marvelous sight of colorfulleafsscattered across sunny fields and valleys with amazing newLeafLive Wallpaper!Many kinds of leafs can now decorate your screen.Features- 10 background are available.- 4 types of leafs.- Animated falling leafs on your screen.- You can touch any leafs than change leafs position.- Various type of falling leafs position.You can change the size, speed and amount of theadditionalelements. The final look of wallpaper depends entirelyonyou.This beautiful, free and enjoyable live wallpaper is waitingforyou!
True Phone Speed Dialer Widget 1.1
True Phone Speed Dialer Widget application arrived to replace yourold dialer & contacts application and bring new dialingexperience to the next level!Simple way to quickly access yourcontacts and makes your calling very easy.Very useful applicationfor android user that always struggling to dial any contactnumber.Here you can add unlimited number of your important contactand add a widget on home screen.Just with a one tap you can call toyour loved one.Features :-* Very easy to make calling songle onetap to call. * Choose specific contact on single and make a call.*Change contact photos as well as colour theme of your choice.* Addunlimited contacts on home screen.* Manually sdjust size of contactwidget.* True Phone Speed Dialer Widget makes your daily callingvery easy.
My Photo Aquarium LWP 1.2
My Photo Aquarium live wallpaper with high quality fishes and airbubbles. With Water effect and graphic quality will give yourealistic feel of aquarium. The main purpose of this application isphoto frame. Very smooth and easy to use. User friendly menu fordirection.**** Features ****- You can control fishes speed.- Alsocan control water bubbles.- Touch mode – ON/OFF.- You can set thebubbles and fishes in less or more.- Three option of fish flow fromright , from left and both. - Select photos from gallery or clickfrom camera.- After finishing all with the setting finally save itand enjoy it on your screen.
Fast Battery Charger 2016 1.1
If you are getting bored from using old battery charging techniquesand still you tired from battery charging issues.Fast batterycharger 2016 is a amazing battery saving application that not onlyhelps in increasing battery timings but also optimizes device`sperformance.Features of Fast Battery Charger 2016 application:-Very simple and easy to use interface.- Automatic fast chargestartup after connecting charger.- Effective displays batterytemperature and percentage.- When full battery charged Alarm willalert you.- Fully charged battery estimated time.- Smart batteryconsumption.- Amazing battery optimization speed.- Ram usage,Battery percentage and Estimated up time, Battery temperature,Voltage and many more.- Fast charging mode from Saving mode,Sleeping mode and Customize mode.
HD Video Player 1.2
HD Video Player both video and audio player. Now you can watch allpopular video and audio formats on your phone or tablet. It workslike Full HD Video Player And Audio Player, it is best VideoPlayerHD Video player supports all popular videos formats,including AVI, 3GP, MKV, TS, MPG, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, FLV andMP3., and also work like 1080p video player and built-in powerfuland intuitive multimedia manager with automatic identification ofall video files on your is a best video Player. Featuresof HD Video Player :- Getting all video files with folder-wise.- HDplayback your video files.- Video zooming options (aspect, full,custom, zoom in, zoom out).- Smooth play back videos.- Screenbrightness and Volume button provided to control brightness andvolume button.- Support for all video and audio formats.- Easy touse.
Typing in Hindi - Easy Hindi To English Translator 1.2
Wanna find conversation in hindi while language typed in hindimeaning ? Want to convert all english words into hindi word in sameenglish meaning ? Want to translate hindi to english or english tohindi language ? Typing in Hindi - Easy Hindi To English Translatorapplication best application for your all problems. Typing in Hindiapplication is a free transliteration tool for that you can typeyour text in English and get the text converted to Hindi language.Here you just type english text in your language and find that textinto hindi language,Amazing ...! You simply write text in englishlanguage find conversation in hindi language that you can copy orshare on social media application. Easy Hindi To English Translatorapplication is the best Hindi translator for English learning andEnglish translator for Hindi learning. Here you can easilytranslate words and text from Hindi to English and from English toHindi. You are able to translate words & even sentences, injust a split second. Just type any English words to find meaning inHindi or on Hindi words to find its English meaning instantly. Youcan also type copied text here or translated word paste anywherethat you want. Voice typing also available here if anyone don'twant to type a word, text or sentences and find easily meaning intheir language what they want. Features:- * "Typing in Hindi"application translate your english word or sentences into hindihome language. * Easy to write English words will be change intoHindi. * Application also suggest the right words here. * Usedefault english language and get translated word into Hindilanguage. * Smart user interface with smart themes which you like.* Translated word or sentences share copy or share on social mediaapplication. * "Easy Hindi To English Translator" is completelyfree and can translate word sentences from Hindi to English andFrom English to Hindi. * Perfect application to improve yourconversation & English Speaking skills. * If you want to typein hindi language then Hindi keyboard available for free. * Easyconversation in english to hindi language. * Easy conversation inhindi to english language. * Here you can type a text or paste anycopied text directly to it. * You can type in English using youdefault keyboard or directly type in in-build Hindi Keyboard. *Single click to geet translated text. * You can copy the translatedtext & use this text anywhere you like. * Voice typing in hindior english text available if you don't want to type a word orsentences. * Translated text share any on social media application.
3D Smoke Effect Name Art Maker : Text Art Editor 1.2
3D Smoke Effect Name Art Maker application provide famous uniquefont styles to make your name on different social media profilepicture that are the latest trend to make you unique on differentsocial media platforms. Create wonderful Smoke art text effectswithin a minute. Make stylish and fantasy names with Smoke EffectName Art, beautiful backgrounds with Smoke Effect Name Art Enjoy.SSmoke Effect Name Art Maker application to create stylish andfantasy names with Smoke Effect Name Art & beautifulbackgrounds with Smoke Effect Name Art Enjoy. Create artistic styleof name for signature to add your signature to other photos or asyour email signature. Create Name Art with Smoke Effect Fontscreated for you. Generate stylish text on photos by using differentfont text, color text, add more photo, add more text and decorateit with available background or photo from gallery. Create awesome,amazing and beautiful lovely cards with new Text Art Editorapplication. 3D Smoke Effect Name Art Maker provide 50+ famousunique 3D font style and emojis to make your name on differentsocial media profile picture that are the latest trend to make youunique on different social media platforms. Features :- - Awesome3D Smoke filter backgrounds. - Attractive Smoke texturing effectfonts. - Attractive Brush presets, backgrounds, overlays, textures& much more. - Beautiful stylish fonts and stylish effect text.- Set stylish font color and decorate symbol color. - Various focus& filters. - 30+ 3D smoke effects and designs. - Zoom &rotate text on your photos. - Smoothly text size control withfinger movements. - Super HD creation can be generated. - Save yourdesigned creation in gallery. - Share your creation on social mediaapplication.