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VR Tank Wars 1.1
Tanks are moving forward, war has begun and you must fight as neverbefore to determine the destiny of humanity in this virtual realitywar simulator. Face German tanks in the greatest battles of theSecond World War history as Stalingrad, El Alamein and OperationBarbarossa.In Tank Wars VR you can live an immersive experiencelike never before, taking control of your anti-tank cannon toeliminate all the enemies that appear in large, detailed andspectacular sceneries.YOU HAVE THE CONTROL: In Tank Wars VR youhave to move YOURSELF, control the situation around, you willdiscover where and how to combat the enemy, do not let them defeatyou.DECIDE HOW TO PLAY: If you do not have a virtual reality toolas google cardboard, you can play using the interactive versionwith the gyroscope, where your movements define how to interactwith the game, or by clicking the screen, but the virtual realityexperience remains the most attractive and interesting.DISCOVER THEFRIGHTENING SECRET WEAPON: Unlock the secret level and discover themost fearsome and terrifying "tank" that has ever been created; youwill feel panic of such a “destructive weapon”.CHARACTERISTICS:-Totally Free Game- 8 World War II great battles- Secret Level withtwo scenarios and a special enemy- Two spectacular navigation menus- Two game types: time resistance and tanks destruction- Dynamiclevels with different weather conditions and at different times ofthe day- Three different game modes - Variety of enemy tanks tofight according to the mission
VR Galaxy Wars 1.4
VR Galaxy Wars will bring you into the battle for the future of thegalaxy. Prepare your guns and get into the turret of your spaceshipto defend the humanity in a 360 degrees VR war that you can playwith your google cardboard or using only the gyroscope of yourmobile phone. Soldier, join the space resistance.* Easyinteraction: look at the enemies to shoot or look at the objectsfor interaction* Amazing 3D environment full of action withhundreds of enemies. Experience frenetic combat with this VR spaceshooter* Two play modes: you can use a VR headset or you can playusing only the gyroscope of you device. You decide how to combatthe enemy* Four amazing missions around the galaxy fighting forsurvival of humanity in VR