BlackBerry Limited Apps

BlackBerry Blend
BlackBerry® Blend seamlessly blends messaging and content that’s onyour BlackBerry® smartphone* with your Android tablet. Get instantnotifications, read and respond to your work and personal messages,and access your documents, calendar, contacts and media in realtime. Read and respond to your BBM and text messages instantly onyour tablet. You can also access your email and work files withoutthe need for VPN. No wires, no saving to a cloud, no transferringinformation between devices, it’s just there. BlackBerry Blendrequires you to sign in with the BlackBerry ID associated yourBlackBerry smartphone* as your BlackBerry ID will be used to accessyour BBM, email, text messages, files, and all other devicecontent. For more information,*BlackBerry Blend works with selectBlackBerry phones. Visit to check if yoursmartphone is supported.
BlackBerry UEM Client
The BlackBerry® UEM Client integrates Android™ devices with yourorganization’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) software:BlackBerry UEM, BES®12, or BES®10. Once activated, the BlackBerryUEM Client enables: • Secure access to work email, calendars andcontacts • Automated configuration of work-related policies, Wi-Fi®and VPN settings • Easy installation of your organization’sapproved mobile apps • Dual business and personal use of mobiledevices for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies • Activation ofAndroid™ for Work and Samsung Knox™ features Additional securityand enterprise mobility management capabilities are available forBlackBerry UEM-managed Android devices with BlackBerry® Dynamicsapps such as BlackBerry® Work installed, including: • Secure mobileproductivity apps for document editing and sharing, intranetbrowsing, and more… • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK and app-wrapping andcontainerization for internally developed enterprise apps • Popularenterprise apps, secured for UEM-managed Android devices •End-to-end secure connectivity IMPORTANT NOTE: To activate theBlackBerry UEM Client, your organization must use BlackBerry UEM,BES12, or BES10 for EMM. Please check with your organization’smobility experts before downloading this app. You will not be ableto activate the BlackBerry UEM Client unless your organizationcreates an account for you from a compatible EMM solution fromBlackBerry. Trademarks, including but not limited to BLACKBERRY,UEM, and EMBLEM Design are the trademarks or registered trademarksof BlackBerry Limited, its subsidiaries and/or affiliates, usedunder license, and the exclusive rights to such trademarks areexpressly reserved. All other trademarks are the property of theirrespective owners.
Work Space Manager for BES12 26785_518
Work Space Manager for BES12 is required torun Secure Work Space for BES12 on Android devices. Work SpaceManager provides IT administrators the ability to performadministrative actions, to set policies and automate provisioningof configuration profiles to Secure Work Space for BES12.IMPORTANT NOTE: Work Space Manager for BES12 is required for SecureWork Space for BES12 by BlackBerry, and your organization must useBES12 or BES10 enterprise mobility management platform. Pleasecheck with your organization’s mobility experts before downloadingthis app. You will not be able to activate Work Space Manager forBES12 unless your organization creates an account for you from acompatible version of BES.
Secure Work Space for BES12 26785_518-4.4
Secure Work Space for BES12 integrates Androiddevices managed by BES12 by BlackBerry (and BES10) with convenientand secure access to integrated enterprise productivityapplications including email, calendar, contacts and intranetbrowsing. Email, Calendar and Contact information is synchronizedwith enterprise mail servers using Exchange ActiveSync® viaBlackBerry® Secure Connectivity, removing the need to open upconnections to messaging servers from the internet.Email Features:• Receive Push Mail Updates• Read and Write HTML Formatted Email• Add, Download and View Mail-Attachments• Select Multiple Items• Search Messages• Move Email Between Folders• Reply to Meeting Invites / Update Calendar• Flag for Follow-up• Custom SignaturesContacts Features:• Receive Push Updates for Contacts• Global Address List & Contact Photos• Edit/Update/Delete Contacts• Filter and Sort• Quick Search• Email/SMS/Call from Contact• Search and Import users from GALCalendar Features:• Receive Push Updates for Calendar• Create/Edit/Delete Appointments• Receive Reminders• Create from Email• View by Agenda/Day/Week/Month• Accept/Decline MeetingsBrowser Features:• Open Multiple Browser Pages in Tabs• Organize Bookmarks for Quick Access• Navigate the Browser History• Search Field• Browse corporate intranet pages via BlackBerry® SecureConnectivityIMPORTANT NOTE: to use Secure Work Space for BES12 yourorganization must use BES12 or BES10 enterprise mobility managementplatform, and an active user account and credentials are required.Please check with your organization’s mobility experts beforedownloading this app. Secure Work Space for BES12 will not rununless your organization uses a compatible version of BES to managemobile devices, apps and content.
BBM Meetings 2.0.31343
BBM Meetings offers a fresh new take on mobile collaboration. Witha mobile-optimized user experience, BBM Meetings allows on-the-goprofessionals to meet using smarter software and to be moreproductive, any time or place.Get the free app to join BBM Meetings or as part of your BBMMeetings subscription to host meetings. BBM Meetings is availableon Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry as well as on Windows PC and Maccomputers.You can enjoy:• HD VIDEO & VOICE CONFERENCING: Bring great ideas to lifewith HD video and voice conferencing for up to 25 participants.View the speaker and presentation in full screen, or swipe throughthe gallery of attendees.• BBM CHATS BECOME MEETINGS AT THE TAP OF A BUTTON: Turn any BBMchat, multiperson chat, group chat, or BBM Voice call into a livemeeting with the simple touch of a button.• RING. ANSWER. JOINING A MEETING IS AS EASY AS THAT: Stopstruggling with conference IDs, passcodes, and PINs. When it’s timeto meet, your phone rings. Answer it just like a voice call andyou’re in the meeting, ready to go.• PRESENT ANYWHERE, WITH GROUNDBREAKING MOBILE COLLABORATION:BBM Meetings is designed for mobile, so you can present from yourdevice of choice – mobile or desktop. Show your screen, deliver apresentation, share a document, or even add temporary notes.• BETTER COLLABORATION. BETTER VALUE: Get all the standardmeeting features and innovative new mobile experiences, plus awardwinning BlackBerry T-support included with a host subscription.• SCHEDULE ON THE MOVE: Easily start or schedule a video andaudio conference from your mobile device. Invite attendees fromyour local or company address book using email or BBM.• CHAT WHILE YOU MEET: Sometimes a good idea can’t wait for thecall to wrap up. Send a message to the group while you meet or senda private message to a single attendee.• TAKE CONTROL. STAY PRODUCTIVE: Keep meetings on track andproductive by managing attendees, even when hosting from a mobiledevice. Pass host controls, mute noisy lines, remove attendees, andlock your meeting to keep it private.• DIAL IN: Outside of your data coverage or roaming overseas? Noproblem. When you don’t have access to data, simply dial in from aphone line.• MEET FROM YOUR COMPUTER: When you’re at your desk, host andparticipate in meetings easily from your Windows PC or Mac.• SAVE IT FOR LATER WITH COMPUTER RECORDING: By saving meetingaudio to your computer, you can save calls for distribution orsimply to recall important information and actions later.Get the free app to join BBM meetings or as part of your BBMMeetings subscription. To learn more please
Work Security ID for BES12 1.3.0
Work Security ID for BES12 generates one-time passcode from a softtoken located within Secure Work Space, enhancing mobile security,while streamlining access to protected work resources - no need tocarry a separate hardware authenticator to securely access RSApasscodes.Work Security ID for BES12 is RSA Ready Program Certified.Once activated, Work Security ID for BES12 enables:• Integrated, two-factor authentication from your mobiledevices, through RSA SecurID SDK and BES by BlackBerryintegration• Copy and paste generated one-time passwords (tokens) from WorkSecurity ID to access Secure Work Space apps• Use for standard authentication tasks, such as VPN, Wi-Fi andsecure access to corporate intranets• Quick deployment to employee devices with Secure Work Space withRSA Authentication ManagerIMPORTANT NOTE: Work Security ID for BES12 an active account inBES12 or BES10 (enterprise mobility management platform) and SecureWork Space by BlackBerry. Please check with your organization’smobility experts before downloading this app. Work Security ID forBES12 will not run unless your organization uses compatibleversions of BES by BlackBerry to manage mobile devices, apps andcontent, Secure Work Space by BlackBerry, and RSA AuthenticationManager.
BlackBerry Connectivity
BlackBerry® Secure Connect Plus streamlines behind-the-firewallaccess and provides an additional layer of encryption for corporatedata in transit. The BlackBerry Connectivity app is required fordevices to use the BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus feature inBlackBerry UEM. BlackBerry Secure Connect Plus can deliversignificant cost savings by eliminating the need for purchasing,configuring and managing mobile VPNs. This app can also improve theon device user experience by enabling multi-media and streamingapplications (including voice, video) to run on Android™ devices,providing a secure IP tunnel between apps in the work space and anorganization’s network. Purchase of Android™ for Work withBlackBerry Secure Connect Plus licenses is required to enableusers. Please check with your organization’s mobility expertsbefore downloading and installing this application. For moreinformation and to see the Release Notes, visit
BlackBerry Launcher 2.1902.1.10150
BlackBerry Launcher lets you organize apps, widgets, and shortcutson customized home screen panels for instant access. Turnmulti-step actions like sending an email or calling a friend into aone-click task. Major Features: • BlackBerry pop-up widgets allowyou to view any app’s widget by simply swiping up or down acrossthe icon on your home screen • Add shortcuts to the home screen toadd contacts, notes, tasks, and calendar events quickly and easily• Create custom shortcuts for speed dial, Google Maps directions,drive scan, and more • Customize the look and feel of your deviceusing custom icon packs, wallpapers, and ringtones, and change thegrid layout of your home screen panels • Hide apps from the homescreen and the All Apps screen (for Android 7.1 and later) •Conserve battery and data usage with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wirelessnetwork shortcuts • Fully supports Android Enterprise deploymentBlackBerry Launcher requires the BlackBerry Hub+ Services app todeliver a consistent experience across all BlackBerry applications,and to manage your subscriptions Enjoy BlackBerry Launcher for freeon your BlackBerry device! If you don't have a BlackBerry device: •Enjoy full functionality of the app for 30 days • After 30 days,use the app with full functionality and some ads • Purchase amonthly subscription to enjoy the BlackBerry Launcher without ads.This grants you access to all the BlackBerry Hub+ apps, includingCalendar, Contacts, Inbox, Notes, and Tasks • Enterprise Customers,please visit: Forsupport, visit
BlackBerry Camera
The BlackBerry® Camera is optimized for the Schneider-Kreuznach®certified camera on PRIV. Take professional-quality photos withminimal effort! Creativity comes naturally when taking photos isthis simple, and when your results are this beautiful. TheBlackBerry Camera includes professional settings that you can applyas you frame the scene, including live filter effects and exposurecontrol. Features like Phase Detection Auto Focus, OIS, and adual-color flash help the camera focus instantly, deliver feedbackto you quickly, and capture crisp, vibrant photos, even in lowlightKey Features: • Phase Detection Auto focus – Lightning-fastautofocus technology, commonly found in professional cameras,ensures the moment is always crystal clear• Panorama – Captureeverything around you in stunning detail with massive, 140megapixel, 360 degree panoramic photos• 4k video – See every detailin your videos with incredible definition• Panorama selfie –Include more of your surroundings and fit all of your friends inthe photo with you • Live filters – Express your artistic side byusing filters that you can see before you even take the photo• 60fps video recording – Video with smooth and lifelike motion formoving subjects
DTEK by BlackBerry
In this world of interconnected apps and networks, controlling whatis shared and with whom it’s shared with can be a challenge.BlackBerry® DTEK for Android™ allows you to view and improve yourprivacy level and monitor application access to your camera,microphone, location, and personal information. Take control withDTEK by BlackBerry. Key Features: • Monitor – Know at a glance theoverall security rating for your device, as well as for specificsecurity features. You can identify whether you need to take anyaction to improve the security of your device. • Control – Easilychange your security settings to improve the security rating foryour device and specific security features. • Track – Turn on eventlogging to track what your apps are doing. Advanced tools help youtrack what info your apps have accessed, how it’s being used, andthe duration of use. This includes which apps are accessing yourcamera, microphone, location, and personal information. • Alert –Be notified of specific application activities when you set upnotifications.
BlackBerry Keyboard 4.1904.3.16701
The BlackBerry® Keyboard includes several components that worktogether to deliver an optimal user input. With a complementary setof on-screen keyboards for touch interaction and fast access to themost critical text elements, this keyboard simplifies text input.Major Features: • Predictions and suggestions can autocorrect yourtypos, offer suggestions for the next word, and remember words youuse often • Multi-language keyboards allow you to quickly changethe language you are typing in, just by adding a new language toyour list of available input languages • Customizable quick phrasesand number pad can be easily accessed by sliding the keyboard leftor right • Flick gestures let you select words from the predictionbar and input them directly into the text field • Text selectionand fine cursor control lets you format your work properly to giveit a polished and professional appearance • Type by swiping yourfinger from letter to letter to form words and sentences withouthaving to remove your finger from the keyboard • Quick modes letyou easily access your productivity features such as voice input,emojis, fine cursor control, clipboard, and settings EnjoyBlackBerry Keyboard for free on your BlackBerry® device! Forsupport, visit
BlackBerry Hub+ Services 2.2023.1.6529
BlackBerry Hub+ Services is the foundation upon which all of yourfavorite BlackBerry applications are built. It provides bothenhanced security and improved productivity. Key Features: • Findout about all BlackBerry Hub+ applications • Enjoy a moreconsistent experience across your BlackBerry applications,including common menus that allow you to open items in otherBlackBerry applications. • Manages the data for all BlackBerry Hub+applications, providing secure and efficient access to your mostcritical data. This includes the sync logic that obtains your datafrom the Internet, seamlessly keeping your device up-to-date. • Befirst to find out what’s coming next in Inside BlackBerry • Fullysupports Android for Work deployment and, when enabled by youradministrator, supports unifying your personal and work views whilemaintaining strict data storage separation.
BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox 2.2023.1.6583
Keep organized with BlackBerry® Hub+ Inbox. Inbox consolidates allyour emails and calendar events in one unified app, and Inboxseamlessly integrates social notifications from Facebook, WeChat,Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and more. BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox isalso available for Android Wear. Major Features: • Manage multipleemail accounts without switching between apps. The BlackBerry Hub+Inbox supports Gmail, Yahoo!,, Microsoft Exchangeaccounts, and many other IMAP and POP3 email providers! • Quicklyselect recipients for email messages using suggested contacts andrespond directly to messages and calendar invitations • Snoozeitems so that you can view them at a later date, time, or location• Create custom views to organize, filter, and group your messagesbased on your needs • Dark theme option gives your BlackBerry Hub+Inbox a fresh new look and feel • Rich formatting toolbar lets youhighlight important items and capture the reader’s attention •Fully supports Android Enterprise deployment and, when allowed byyour administrator, supports unifying your personal and work emailaccounts while maintaining strict data storage separation OnBlackBerry devices only: • Quickly identify unread messages via thered BlackBerry spark indicator • Launch BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox withthe familiar bottom-to-right Swipe Gesture BlackBerry Hub+ Inboxrequires the BlackBerry® Hub+ Services app to deliver a consistentexperience across all BlackBerry® applications, and to manage yoursubscriptions Enjoy Inbox for free on your BlackBerry® device! Ifyou don't have a BlackBerry device: • Enjoy full functionality ofthe app for 30 days • After 30 days, use the app with fullfunctionality and some ads • Purchase a monthly subscription toenjoy BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox without ads. This grants you access toall the BlackBerry Hub+ apps, including Calendar, Contacts, Notes,Tasks, and Launcher • Enterprise Customers, please visit: For support,
BlackBerry Hub+ Notes 2.2023.1.6583
BlackBerry® Hub+ Notes is a place to keep track of to-do lists,your bucket list, notes for a presentation, or action items from ameeting. Stay organized by managing all your important notes, fromfamily gift ideas to your weekly shopping list. Major Features: •Rich text editor lets you format your notes and organize your listswith bullet points, numbered bullets, and check boxes • Sync yournotes with email providers such as, based on MicrosoftExchange ActiveSync 14.1 or later • Organize your notes intocategories by adding custom tags • Dark theme option gives yourBlackBerry Hub+ Notes a fresh new look and feel • Fully supportsAndroid Enterprise deployment and, when allowed by youradministrator, supports unifying your personal and work notes whilemaintaining strict data storage separation BlackBerry Hub+ Notesrequires the BlackBerry® Hub+ Services app to deliver a consistentexperience across all BlackBerry® applications, and to manage yoursubscriptions Enjoy Notes for free on your BlackBerry® device! Ifyou don't have a BlackBerry device: • Enjoy full functionality ofthe app for 30 days • Purchase a monthly subscription to get fullfunctionality of BlackBerry Hub+ Notes. This grants you access toall the BlackBerry Hub+ apps, including Calendar, Contacts, Inbox,Tasks, and Launcher. • Enterprise Customers, please visit: For support,visit
BlackBerry Hub+ Calendar 2.2023.1.6583
BlackBerry® Hub+ Calendar allows you to schedule appointments andcreate events with ease. Use the Agenda, Day, Week, or Month viewto quickly glance at your events. The BlackBerry Hub+ Calendar letsyou view and respond to meeting invitations directly from theBlackBerry® Hub+ Inbox. You can also call into meetings directlyfrom your event reminder with just one tap. Major Features: • Syncwork and personal accounts for a truly integrated experience.Supports Google Calendar,, Office 365, MicrosoftExchange ActiveSync, and subscribed calendars, amongst others •Forward and respond to meeting invitations from BlackBerry Hub+Calendar or Inbox quickly • Meeting mode automatically silencesyour audible notifications during meetings • Manage multiplecalendars, and search for calendar events by subject, location, orparticipants • Agenda view widget lets you see your schedule fromyour home screen at a glance • Dark theme option gives yourBlackBerry Hub+ Calendar a fresh new look and feel • Fully supportsAndroid Enterprise deployment and, when allowed by youradministrator, supports unifying your personal and work calendarswhile maintaining strict data storage separation BlackBerry Hub+Calendar requires the BlackBerry® Hub+ Services app to deliver aconsistent experience across all BlackBerry® applications, and tomanage your subscriptions Enjoy BlackBerry Hub+ Calendar for freeon your BlackBerry® device! If you don't have a BlackBerry device:• Enjoy full functionality of the app for 30 days • After 30 days,use the app with full functionality and some ads • Purchase amonthly subscription to enjoy BlackBerry Hub+ Calendar without ads.This grants you access to all the BlackBerry Hub+ apps, includingInbox, Contacts, Notes, Tasks, and Launcher • Enterprise Customers,please visit: Forsupport, visit
BlackBerry Password Keeper
If you don't have a BlackBerry device: You can use this app on yourAndroid device absolutely free for 30 days. After that, you cancontinue using the app for free, with some ads. To remove ads andunlock access to more apps, subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ from theapp. If you have a BlackBerry device: BlackBerry smartphonespowered by Android get the app for free. Requires BlackBerry Hub+Services You have a lot of passwords to keep track of – email andsocial accounts, online banking, access to work applications. Andthey all have different security requirements. BlackBerry PasswordKeeper stores all your passwords, login information and importantrecords safely in one secure location that is protected with apassword of your choice. Password Keeper works with the BlackBerryKeyboard to make it fast and easy to log in to web pages and apps –just tap to insert your login info from Password Keeper. • Keepyour personal information safe with AES-256 encryption • Accessyour secure vault of information with only one login password •Randomly generate secure, unique passwords to replace weakpasswords • Check that your passwords are strong using the passwordstrength meter • Store new passwords, lists, and notes, editexisting items, and mark items as favorites for quick access • Openand log in to webpages using the built-in browser • Export PasswordKeeper records to an encrypted file to store in a location of yourchoice • Easily import records including from a previous BlackBerry10 device • Fully supports Android for Work deployment • Part ofBlackBerry Hub+ On BlackBerry devices only: • Autofill usernamesand passwords in web pages and apps with the BlackBerry Keyboard •Using the BlackBerry Keyboard, add new passwords quickly by savinglogin info right from an app or web page’s login screen
BlackBerry Hub+ Tasks 2.2023.1.6583
Increase your efficiency and productivity with BlackBerry® Hub+Tasks. Create tasks and to-do lists with due dates, and receivereminders to help you meet your deadlines. Major Features: •Effortlessly create one-time or recurring tasks with due dates andreminders, and receive notifications for upcoming tasks • Sort yourtasks by due date, priority, or creation date • Sync your taskswith email providers such as, based on MicrosoftExchange ActiveSync 12.x or later • Dark theme option gives yourBlackBerry Hub+ Tasks a fresh new look and feel • Organize yourtasks into categories by adding custom tags • Fully supportsAndroid Enterprise deployment and, when allowed by youradministrator, supports unifying your personal and work tasks whilemaintaining strict data storage separation BlackBerry Hub+ Tasksrequires the BlackBerry® Hub+ Services app to deliver a consistentexperience across all BlackBerry® applications, and to manage yoursubscriptions Enjoy BlackBerry Hub+ Tasks for free on yourBlackBerry® device! If you don't have a BlackBerry device: • Enjoyfull functionality of the app for 30 days • Purchase a monthlysubscription to enjoy BlackBerry Hub+ Tasks without ads. Thisgrants you access to all the BlackBerry Hub+ apps, includingCalendar, Contacts, Inbox, Notes, Tasks, and Launcher • EnterpriseCustomers, please visit: For support,visit
MicrosoftexFAT for BlackBerry 11
SDXC Cards store data in a different format, versus previousgeneration SD cards. This application lets you unlock the fullpotential of your SDXC Card for your BlackBerry smartphone.KeyFeatures:• Supports SDXC cards up to 2 TB capacity• Can save filesin excess of 4GB in size
BlackBerry Hub+ Contacts 2.2023.1.6583
BlackBerry® Hub+ Contacts stores all your contact info in onelocation for convenient management. Within the app, view yourcontact details (such as phone numbers and email addresses) andcalendar events that you share with a contact. You can also createand manage contact groups. Major Features: • Sync work and personalaccounts for a truly integrated experience. Supports local andsynced contacts from popular email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!,Office 365,, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts,and more • Remotely search your work directory address list rightfrom your device • Add new contacts and search for a business orlocation to add it to a contact entry • Safely share a contact andprotect their personal data by controlling which info you share •Dark theme option gives your BlackBerry Hub+ Contacts a fresh newlook and feel • Fully supports Android Enterprise deployment and,when allowed by your administrator, supports unifying your personaland work contacts while maintaining strict data storage separationBlackBerry Hub+ Contacts requires the BlackBerry® Hub+ Services appto deliver a consistent experience across all BlackBerry®applications, and to manage your subscriptions Enjoy BlackBerryHub+ Contacts for free on your BlackBerry® device! If you don'thave a BlackBerry device: • Enjoy full functionality of the app for30 days • Purchase a monthly subscription to enjoy BlackBerry Hub+Contacts without ads. This grants you access to all the BlackBerryHub+ apps, including Inbox, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, and Launcher •Enterprise Customers, please visit: For support,visit
BlackBerry Device Search
If you don't have a BlackBerry device: You can use this app on yourAndroid device absolutely free for 30 days. After that, to continueusing the app, subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ from the app or fromBlackBerry Hub+ Services. If you have a BlackBerry device:BlackBerry smartphones powered by Android get the app for free.Save time and effort navigating through your device and findinformation on your smartphone really quickly with BlackBerryDevice Search. Easily find a contact, a meeting, a file, an emailor a song by searching in one universal search bar. • Remote searchoption if the info you are looking for isn’t found on your device •Select and filter the categories you want to look in before youbegin your search • Use Instant Actions such as, “Call Mike,” “Maphome,” or “Email Mary” to quickly perform tasks • Searchuniversally through your device Contacts, Calendar, BlackBerry Hubemail, documents, files and more • Fully supports Android for Workdeployment and, when enabled by your administrator, supportsunifying your personal and work views while maintaining strict datastorage separation. • Part of BlackBerry Hub+
BlackBerry® Virtual Expert
Does your BlackBerry need a health assessment? Are you consideringa repair? The BlackBerry Virtual Expert diagnostics application isa simple self-guided diagnostics app brought to you by BlackBerry.This application is designed to help you identify the cause ofsymptoms that your BlackBerry device may exhibit or display. Youwill be guided through a series of hardware tests to produce a testresults summary. The BlackBerry Virtual Expert is customized foryour BlackBerry smartphone’s model features, and includes a seriesof tests for: - Cameras - Camera Flash - Display - Keyboard - MainKeypad - Side keys - Slider - Touch Screen - Receiver Speaker -Loudspeaker - Stereo Headset - Microphones - Vibrator - Status LED- USB connector - USB port - Light Sensor - Proximity Sensor At theend of the test(s), you will be given the test results. If any ofthe tests have failed, you may wish to contact your serviceprovider with the diagnosis for customer support – to get back tousing your BlackBerry quickly and efficiently.
BlackBerry® Help
In the BlackBerry Help app, you'll find all the information youneed to get started and use your BlackBerry smartphone powered byAndroid™. Learn how to personalize your home screen, set upshortcuts, find apps, type on the BlackBerry Keyboard, and more.The BlackBerry Help app includes interactive tutorials, setupinstructions, device feature demos, a search feature, and links tomany other helpful resources.
Secure Browser for BES12 26764_496-26
Secure Browser for BES12 is a securebrowserthat gives you quick access to your organization’s intranetfromyour Android phone or tablet, without a separate VPNconnection.Secure Browser is for Android devices integrated withyourorganization’s enterprise mobility management platform, BES12byBlackBerry (or BES10) and Secure Work Space.If installed, the Secure Browser for BES12 will replace theSecureBrowser within the BlackBerry Secure Work Space and willprovide anenhanced and more secure browsing environment.Secure Browser for BES12 enables:• Streamlined mobile access to your organization’s protectedonlineresources, such as your corporate intranet, without aseparate VPNconnection• Secure intranet browsing through BlackBerry SecureGlobalNetworkIMPORTANT NOTE: Secure Browser for BES12 requires anactiveaccount in BES12 or BES10 (enterprise mobility managementplatform)and Secure Work Space by BlackBerry. Please check withyourorganization’s mobility experts before downloading this app.SecureBrowser for BES12 will not run unless your organization usesacompatible version of BES to manage mobile devices, appsandcontent.
BBM Enterprise
BBM® Enterprise is a secure mobile, cross-platform, messaging andcollaboration tool. It provides the same user- friendly experiencethat’s earned BBM millions of fans worldwide – with the end-to-endsecurity enterprise needs. BBM Enterprise allows users to takeadvantage of the speed, reliability and privacy of BBM for fastercommunication, collaboration and decision making while providingsecurity conscious organizations enhanced security over corporatedata. BBM Enterprise is the ideal business communication toolbecause it is mobile and immediate. Unlike enterprise IM tools thatwere originally designed for use on the desktop, BBM Enterpriseoffers a truly mobile experience, on a variety of devices. With BBMEnterprise, you only need one app to cover your mobile messagingand collaboration needs. Users know when their colleagues havereceived and read messages, so they can collaborate withconfidence, in real-time. One-to-one chats, group discussions andfile sharing all happen with the protection required bysecurity-focused organizations – and all with an immediacy andaccountability that’s hard to achieve through any othercommunication channel. BBM Enterprise uses a FIPS 140-2 validatedcryptographic library and leverages BlackBerry’s secureinfrastructure, trusted by security-conscious and regulatedorganizations around the world, to protect data while it’s intransit and at rest.  All the added security offered by BBMEnterprise happens in the background, so there’s no impact on theBBM user experience.
BlackBerry Limited
***YOU MUST ACQUIRE A VALID LICENSE DIRECTLY FROM BLACKBERRY TO USESECUSUITE®*** SecuSUITE® is a secure communication solution forend-to-end encryption of voice calls and instant messages toprotect you from the threat of eavesdropping. The SecuSUITE® appfor Android connects calls quickly, keeps them secure and ensuresexcellent voice quality. SecuSUITE® is an independently validatedand certified encrypted mobile communications tool for thecommunications of officialSecret/Classified/Restricted/Confidential/Unclassified, butsensitive data over voice and IM. SecuSUITE® is adopted by manyleading world governments for the protection of National Securitytrough secure mobile communications. Key features include: •Secured with strong data-in-transit (DIT) and data-at-rest (DAR)encryption • Common Criteria certified and NIAP Protection Profilecompliant with NATO approval in progress • Connection to customerPBX, conferencing server and PSTN, allowing for corefunctionalities such as breakout calling, break-in calling, andsecure conferencing • Supports dual layers of encryption acrossdata channels, complies with SUITE B cryptography requirements, andFIPS 140-2 (NIST) • Instantaneous call setup with ultra-fast keyagreement and superb voice quality • On-premise installation of thebackend provides full system sovereignty and control for thecustomer to meet compliance requirements (hosted solutionavailable) • MDM/EMM-agnostic; however, recommend pairing withBlackBerry UEM • Remote deployment and simple user managementthrough a user-friendly, centralized admin portal
BlackBerry Notable 2.1902.1.2592
Notable is a content creation and sharing app that allows you toquickly capture content on your device screen, mark it up with textor free-form drawing tools, and quickly share it to your friends.The screen capture is triggered from the device convenience key,assigning as a swipe gesture shortcut, or by tapping the dedicatedscreen capture notification in the notification tray. From therethe user can mark up the content they captured quickly in the app –they can draw on it freely, add text, or even add stickers to theNotable to help call attention to something specific, or expressthemselves. Once the Notable has been created, the user can quicklyshare it to their friends via the Android share framework.Use-Cases: • Capture and highlight an interesting item you found onPinterest that you want to share with a family member via BBM. •Capture and callout a specific location on a map that you can sharewith your colleagues via text message to help show where you aregoing to meet for lunch. • Capture a specific slide in apresentation that was sent to you for review as an email attachmentand callout any changes that need to be made. • Take a picture of afunny moment, add a quick caption and share it with all of yourfriends on Facebook. • Take a picture of a household item that youneed to replace, add a quick caption or note and save to Evernoteor your favorite Tasks app to remind you later. • Create simplephoto collages with Notable by adding multiple photos to a singleNotable and share it with your significant other.
BlackBerry Privacy Shade
If you don't have a BlackBerry device:You can use this app on yourAndroid device absolutely free for 30 days. After that, to continueusing the app, subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ from the app or fromBlackBerry Hub+ Services.If you have a BlackBerry device:BlackBerrysmartphones powered by Android get the app for free.Privacy Shadeprevents people around you from seeing your screen by blocking outeverything except for a small view area that you control, whilestill letting you interact with the full screen.• Turn on PrivacyShade to control the visibility of sensitive content• View and sendsensitive content while in the open without letting others aroundyou see your private information• Use Privacy Shade to only exposethe exact area you’re reading or typing in• Adjust the transparencyof the shade to suit your environment
BlackBerry Productivity Tab 2.1902.1.2599
The BlackBerry Productivity Tab provides quick access to your Hub,Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. Swipe on any screen, in any app, totriage your latest messages, reach out to favorite contacts, andlook over your schedule. Tap on any of the four icons within thetab to glance at the most pertinent info for Hub, Calendar, Tasksand Contacts. You can even take action directly in Hub, such asdelete or reply all.
BlackBerry Power Center 2.1902.1.1381
BlackBerry Power Center helps you optimize your device and apps sothat they run efficiently. Take steps to reduce your battery usageby managing individual apps. Power Center also provides suggestionsto optimize your device settings. Major Features: • Optimize powerconsumption with recommendations to configure your system for thebest battery life • Identifies apps that would benefit from batteryoptimization • Choose application preset settings or advancedmanual configuration to control how you save power for each app •Receive notifications if your battery might fall below a certainlevel before you typically charge your device • Manage memory usageby preventing apps from are running in the background, and receivealerts for high memory usage Enjoy Power Center for free on yourBlackBerry device! For support,
BlackBerry WorkLife Persona
IMPORTANT: Please contact your IT administrator if you havequestions about accessing or using BlackBerry WorkLife Persona inyour enterprise. Get a separate corporate identity on your owndevice for calling and text – without an additional SIM –withBlackBerry WorkLife Persona. This second work identity eliminatesthe need for employees to use their personal numbers for work, sotheir personal lines stay private. With BlackBerry WorkLifePersona, users get a separate corporate profile for a greatwork-life balance while enterprises can manage compliance demandsand costs that come with BYOD. End-user features: Work and personalprofiles are active simultaneously Work identity maintained aroundthe world Native dialing and incoming call experience Compatiblewith any device and any carrier Integration with Active Directoryfor out-of-the box employee lookup and dial IT features: 100%control of voice and SMS to meet compliance requirements SMSArchiving: out-of-the box SMS archiving with e-Discover solutions.Voice archiving: out-of-the box voice archiving in on-premrecorders and on the cloud Cloud-based and carrier agnostic forfast deployment Built-in reporting with visibility into SMS andvoice analytics: total and individual usage, top users, average SMSper user, average call time by user, etc.