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1010! Puzzle Block 1.5
Challenge your puzzle game skills with thisexciting skill game that will keep you entertained for hours.Train your brain and develop your logic with this simple game thatlets you combine puzzle blocks, build and destroy structures bycreating lines and test your logic with friends. Enjoy addictingbrain training exercises with the power of 1010!Enjoy playing 5 game modes that will addict you and you won'tnotice the time you're spending.1010! Puzzle Block Features:Connect Shapes, No Matter Where You Are− Connect puzzle blocks in addicting matching games. Start and stopany time, no matter where you go.− 1010! Puzzle Block is the perfect challenge for a short period ofrefreshing brain training on the bus, at school or in theoffice.− Connect shapes together with addicting, simple to learn brainteaser gameplay.Combine Puzzle Blocks in Addictive Games− Combine puzzle blocks in order to build and destroy full linesboth vertically and horizontally.− Combine blocks in this addicting challenge that will put yourlogic skills to the test. Don't let the shapes fill the grid!− Match shapes to form colorful lines in addictive puzzlegames.Challenge Your Friends Online− Challenge your friends and family in an online ranking systemwith help of achievements and leaderboards.Challenge your advanced skills in Plus Mode− Is the normal game too easy for you? Challenge your skills inplus mode that has new blocks.- Plus mode requires advanced skills because it has new blocks andthis makes game more complicated.Challenge your speed in Survival Mode− Challenge your friends, colleagues and family in Survival Modeand show your skills in a limited time.Challenge your logic and strategy in Bomb Mode− Challenge your skills and strategy logic in Bomb mode, becauseevery move you make matters, so make it count!Play a new challenge mode: "HEXA MODE"- Combine Hexa blocks in order to destroy full diagonallines.− Combine Hexa blocks in this addicting challenge that will putyour logic skills to the test. Don't let the shapes fill the bigbee nest!!!