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Grey Phobia 1.0
Blackturn Ltd
Grey Phobia is a Hack and Slash, third personshooter game, which is based on post apocalyptic, sci-fi, comixscenario.X+Y year. The sun becomes a red giant star. "Apocalypses" isjust a word created by human. It by no means can describe what atthat moment is going to happen with the human race. After thisbreach nothing will remain the same.The World with its history will fade away in infinite fogs. Fortheir wastefulness and extravagant nature people will face thatmoment unprepared. Instead of taking thorough care to secure itssurvival, humankind wasted priceless time given for the illusion ofcomfortable life.The sun which was always associated with the day and life, nolonger justifies its magic name. Now the name “sun” has change to“Grey Phobia” as its rays no longer render the colors except grayand red. Not in vain these colors express the fear ofemptiness.Grey Phobia features:- Exciting comix story with great campaign- Millions of zombies to kill- Upgrade your equipment to face the upcoming zombiesassaults- Equipment crafting system- Complete all achievements and quests to gain more powerfulgear.WILL BE UPDATED WITH NEW CONTENT!STAY TUNED!We would like to hear your opinion or suggestion for the nextupdate, please write them at [email protected] or leave acomment below.If you encounter any issues, please report them at [email protected] the game!
Crazy Skydiving Sheep 1.0
Blackturn Ltd
Game is in early stage and it's very simple, try to avoid obstaclesin your way and collect boosters to contain or gain more speed. Wewould like to hear your opinion or suggestion for the next update,please write them at [email protected] or leave a comment below.Ifyou encounter any issues, please report them at [email protected]