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Taxi Simulator 2016 Pro 1.3
Fasten your belt and get ready for the most exciting new game ofoff road Taxi Stunts game simulator. Do you want to try 3 differenttypes of Taxi games in a one package of off-road taxi stunt gamesimulator? If The answer is yes , then get ready to enjoy the Game.Are you a fan of off road games? Are you crazy about stunts games?If yes , then this taxi game is exactly what you are looking for!Now you have a chance to become a real taxi driver in one of thebest 2016-17 taxi simulator. Drive your asphalt luxury cars on theoff road hill and mountain and beware of the traffic, pick uppassengers and drop them to their destinations.Off road taxi gameis one of the most powerful game in Google play store which willgive you feel like a stunt performer and also a taxi driver 3d.First time we are giving the chance to the taxi driver to become GTstunt performer too. Drive the taxi simulator carefully on the hillbecause roads are very dangerous and curvy and you have to drivetaxi safely and avoid heavy traffic which are coming opposite toyou like heavy trucks ,extreme cars etc. Your yellow cabs havevarious luxury models such as Ferrari, Mercedes, and Nissan. Soenjoy the various car feels in the taxi.You can drive your cabfaster than bus and heavy vehicles and perform different extremestunts on the hill climb environment. So with this way you canenjoy the stunts as well. You are free to enjoy the realistic offroad taxi physics on the mountains.Are you ready to perform theworld highest jump? If yes, then Take one level high in the taxicar stunts world. World’s difficult and exciting stunt racer Ramphas been constructed for you to perform your stunts. Make your airstunt with nitro taxi motor car. Smash the dangerous air race offroad taxi stunt. Using turbo nitro engine, enjoy rapid nitro power.Drive your taxi and chase the different traffic racer and performyour extreme stunts.Drive with real off-road 4x4 taxi cars, makesure your wheels gain the best traction and power possible. Be thebest off-road taxi hill driver and do the off road taxi stunt onthe hill and mountains adventure.Off road Taxi Game features:- Full3D environment- Simulator driving and smooth controls- Realisticgraphics- Taxi driver missions- Different extreme stunts levels.-Drive the taxi simulator and drop the passengers to theirdestinations- Many different routes across the hill and mountainenvironmentBoost your driving skills in one of the best 2016-17taxi hill games presented by BLEEDING EDGE GAMES. We want to giveyou Games which you never got before so give us your ideas withyour reviews.
Tuk Tuk Offroad Auto Rickshaw 1.1
Tuk tuk tuk tuk . A little noisy but it sounds great when you aredriving first time tuk tuk rickshaw on off road hill climbenvironment. Enjoy the best off-road tuk tuk rickshaw whichincludes everything you want i.e. speed racing, extreme stunts,offroad parking and taxi the people from one point to other.Whiledriving on tuk tuk rickshaw, you will get the feel like you aredriving heavy traffic vehicles such as off road truck, off-roadbusses, off-road taxi on the hill glitchy roads. So you are goingto be an auto rickshaw driver and Avalanche GT STUNT performer inthis amazing simulator game. I am sure that you will enjoy thiscool and new concept of OffRoad Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw stuntSimulator game.Drive carefully so that you can provide bestservices to the passengers by dropping them to their destinationpoints. This game will test your skills of acceleration, steering,driving and parking. Accept the different challenges as it isreally difficult to drive on off-road. Drive fast as you can bypassing through curvy roads to prove yourself as a good off-roadtuk tuk mountain climb driver.Passenger’s disturbance can result tothe deductions of your coins so be careful from zigzag hill climbroad and not to demolish by any car. Just be on the way and avoidhitting from crazy road crashers i.e cars, trucks, buses and otherheavy traffic vehicles.In this off road tuk tuk rickshaw stunts youwill have to complete all the levels to become the best tuk tukdriver 2016 or 2017. Drift your tuk tuk rickshaw just like cardrifting as we are giving you a chance to enhance your skills ofdriving. Offroad tuk tuk rickshaw is a new challenging stunt Game.Clear all grand auto jumps and stunts in this challenging tuk tukstunt simulation. Pick Nitro powers for history’s furiously grandautomobile tuk tuk racing. Earn more coins to maximize your coinsand get the chance to unlock the new tuk tuk rickshaw. Several tuktuk rickshaws are available in this game so choose your fastest andturbo engine tuk tuk so that you can earn more coins and makeextreme stunts.Show your manoeuvre through the treacheroussurprising ramp to complete the levels! Fasten your seatbelt andenjoy loads of stunts! Enjoy the thrill of drifting and landing oftuk tuk rickshaw through spectacular stunt ramps and offroad curvyroads.This simulation game OFFROAD TUK TUK RICKSHAW STUNT isoffered by the BLEEDING EDGE . we always want to give you our bestand this time also so stay tunned with this simulation game andgive your ideas or views by your reviews.
Racing in Moto : Bike Racer 1.2
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride a motor bikeat breakneck speeds while dodging cars, trucks, taxis and othermotorbikes? Well now you can! Racing in Moto Bike Racer is rapidlygaining a reputation as one of the best racing action games aroundand it gives you the chance to experience moto madness at its mostextreme.It doesn't get any more realistic than this. The game'scombination of the laws of physics and hair raising racing actionwill give you a real adrenalin rush as you feel the drift of anactual bike dodging traffic on a real life highway!So strap on yourhelmet, drive your moto fast and furious and experience the heartstopping drift of racing in moto. Bury the competition as you racethrough a variety of treacherous tracks while enjoying theauthentic bike physics of the crazy-paced game play. Racing in Motohas taken the racing genre to a whole new generation of the fullvocation mode. Simple to pick up but hard to master, this 3D racinggame will keep you in the high excitement zone for hours on end.Overtake the other vehicles as close as you can to score bonusesand learn to steer your furious moto bike at incredible speedsthrough dense rush hour traffic! Enjoy each one of the 5 excitingnatural environments like the bumpy off-road adventure, the hotjungle mania, the busy city, or slip and slide up and down snowymountains. Racing In Moto Bike RacerThis moto bike racing game isfor the new generation of fearless gamers. Join in with fantasticdrag racing, or take a rival motorcycle and whip the motor into afrenzy of speed. Drift, drag and crash into oncoming vehicles.Smash your way to collect the special charged nitro pick ups. Ifyou're a fan of turbo bike racing games, then racing in mototraffic racer then you'll find no better game to make your heartbeat faster. Race your Moto in the big city or off-road, throughthick jungle forests and on snowy hills or try your skill as anoff-road or big city bike rider. Racing in Moto Bike Racer comeswith many awesome features, amazing graphics and a whole load ofexciting missions. Can you beat the best of the rest and become theKing of moto bike road racer?Game Features:• 5 game playenvironments with rising technical difficulty• Authentic 3D Motobike physics and feel-good graphics• 5 unique motorbikes for you toride however you wantBleeding Edge Studio tries very hard to bringyou the best so if you enjoy racing in moto leave us a review andadd your suggestions and ideas. We'll do everything we can to makeyour 3D racing dreams come true!
Taxi Driver Cab Simulator 2017 1.3
Get in to the most famous taxi and drive the passengers safely totheir destinations!Are you a fan of high speed 3D simulators? Doyou enjoy games with blue skies, bright sun, pristine sidewalks,and fresh new faces? Does the thought of heavy vehicle driving giveyou a major rush? Then this crazy cabbie simulator has everythingyou need. Fasten your seat belt and experience this crazy drivingtaxi adventure in a taxi game all about real racing around off roadand winter towns to complete challenging missions. Hold on tightfor a wild ride and feel the thrill of riding through the vast TaxiDriver Hill Mountain 3D. As a pro taxi driver your job is to pickup the passengers, drive through heavy traffic and drop them off attheir specific destinations. But remember, time is of the essence!With this epic parking adventure of Taxi 3D, you have to be thecourageous kind of yellow cabbie who takes on any challenge andproves he is better than the rest. Drive on the hill roads andexperience a gorgeous hill station like city taxi driver. Drive athigh speed and don’t let curvy paths and treacherous turns slow youdown. The passengers are waiting, SO BE QUICK! Prove that you arethe best of the best in this exciting taxi driver cab simulator2017.Fasten your seat belt and get ready for a thrilling drive!Sitbehind the steering wheel of your taxi and take people to theirdestinations on time. Drive down off road terrains and up hills andmountains to the passenger location! Beware of the dangerous roadtwists and get to the destinations on time. Prove your worth as thebest taxi driver playing this Taxi Driver Hill Mountain 3D. Drivelike a crazy driver and reach the beautiful hill stations andmountains like you've never driven before. Enjoy the beautifulsights, drive your snow taxi driver simulator on the beautiful hillroads and earn money from passengers. The roads of the mountain arevery narrow with a dangerous drift, so you have to focus on thetrack and be ready with the brakes! Drive safely around the steepslopes to get pass hazards and obstacles or you might destroy yourcab taxi. Be the rush hour cabby who excels at his work. Justremember you are driving against the clock so drive as fast as youcan to complete your tasks. The ride of this cab is worth taking,so keep your seat belt on and then drive like the fastest andfurious driver who has only one goal—to complete the impossiblemission! You will get addicted to this simulation game. Prove youare one of the stubborn drivers ready to accept every challenge inany condition. Enjoy this exciting chance to operate our amazingcar driving simulator features, not available in any other moderntaxi games and deliver heavy cargo to earn more cash! Take the roleof a busybody cab driver in this fun driving simulation game!Complete your tasks and missions of the day by transportingpassengers to their desired destinations. But watch out forhitchhikers and rushing customers! Swerve around traffic safely tosave time and earn the respect of your customers by always being ontime! We are committed to bringing high-quality, innovativesimulator games onto the free to play please share yourthoughts in your reviews. And always stay tuned to BLEEDING EDGESTUDIO for the latest ideas and exciting concepts in the world of3D simulators!
Offroad Jeep Simulator 2016 1.2
Get ready for the most realistic driving challenges!Do you like offroad games? Do you want to play the 4x4 off road jeep hill driving?If you are waiting for these type of jeep games , then your waithas come to an end because we are introducing the most addictiveand excited off road jeep for you , so get ready for the off roadjeep hill driving which is presented by BLEEDING EDGE .Select yourfavorite off road jeep; drive it through a beautiful hilly forestand huge mountains. There are 8 levels which are full of fun, stuntand many more. Drive your off road jeep and go to some specificpoint. There are many off road hill tracks where you can drive youextreme off road jeep. You can drive your 4x4 jeep on the road, offroad track of hills and mountains so get ready to enjoy all that.You can perform stunts and race with the other off road jeeps likeasphalt. We are giving you a full pack of excitement. Do you wantto take all this excitement? Enjoy this Off-road Jeep hill drive.Do you want to learn off road driving skills or do you want todrive these expensive luxury jeeps on hill and mountain? Use yourdriving skills and drive your 4x4 and perform different stunts andbe an off road 4x4 jeep driver. There will a racing challenge indifferent off road tracks and you will have to be careful becausethere will be land sliding if you will touch the stone then youwill lose the level. You have to be on time because the clock isticking and you have to leave behind the clock needles. Stay awayfrom construction area because some workers are working on the sideof the off-road track. Stay away from the heavy vehicles which arecoming to you if you will lose your control then you will becrushed by the other heavy vehicles and traffic so becareful.Amazing concepts and Car physics behind this off road jeephill driving.4x4 Off-road Hill car simulator is an open world of4x4 off road jeep simulator where you can experience the 4x4 in ahill climb environment by performing extreme stunts 4X4 Off-roadJeep Hill Driving Features:• Outstanding challenges in each level•Free open world 4x4 off-road hill climbing.• Amazing graphics andsmooth physics simulation • Real time reflections and superb 4x4off-road vehicles• Wonderful 3D graphics design bringing reality ingame • Exciting 4x4 jeeps like Hummer, Range Rover and Pickupsembellished with attractive colors • Smooth and Easy ControlsYourfeedback is very important so that we can improve our gameplay . Wehave given you a lot of things in a very limited pack so enjoy thegame from the BLEEDING EDGE GAMES.
Powerboat Racing Real Racer 1.3
Play 3D Power Boat Racing in Grand 3D environment. Powerboat GTReal Racer: Tidal Rider is super-fast and one of the most popular3D motor-boat racer games in the play store. For all lovers ofwater sports and powerboat racing, this powerboat racing game comeswith luxury speedboats and jet ski boats so you can experiencefurious powerboat racing and win challenging drag races acrosswater. Sail along beaches and sea-shores while overtaking rivalracers off-the-track and feel the realistic physics of a true waterpowerboat racer. Enjoy the challenge of eye-popping water tracksand awesome 3d power boats air stunts over ramps. This powerboatrider offers a breathtaking mix of wild stunts.EPIC powerboatDRIVING SIMULATOR, this time on board a furious SPEED BOATThispowerboat racing real racer game is not to be mistaken for anothership driving simulator games or Jet Ski simulator games. A Jet Skiin a Jet Ski simulator it is nowhere near as fast and furious, andthe waterpowerboat racer ships in this Powerboat GT Speed areextreme strong and aerodynamic for the ultimate drag speed boatrace. Use all these epic features in the range of speed racing boatships to defeat your rival boat riders in epic speed boat races inthis power boat racing simulator game!At the start of this fast andfurious game race, players are given an awesome jet ski to starttheir pro turbo boat racer career. The more they win the bigger thejet ski collection becomes. The first couple of levels are prettydoable—even for the beginners—but the higher the level the greaterthe challenges are going to get. Playing this game will turn arookie driver speedboat racer into a PRO driver speedboat racer.This powerboat racing crazy stunt game offers an exotic mix of wildstunts and intense challenges. As you race through hairpin turns atbreakneck speeds on lakes and rivers, you’ll find yourselfstruggling to keep control and reach the finish line in recordtime. Tap the turbo button of your hydroplane for amazing fastspeed and an ultimate racing experience. Crush opponents and winthe crazy drag race on your motorboat with your expert drivingskills.Game Features:• Fly through the air and perform dramaticstunts to pick up booster points• Enjoy realistic physics and highfidelity 3D graphics• Use new tracks to challenge your skills!•Extra fast turbo speed on board 3D powerboats• Earn coins inquick-play mode to buy and upgrade vehiclesBleeding Edge Studiovalues your feedback and ratings. They help us make the best gameswe can for you, your family and your friends. And if you happen tofind any bugs in any or our games just drop us an email and we'llget it fixed just as soon as we can and we'll always reply to youremail. Thanks, and let the games begin!
com.bleedingedge.bussimulator.proparking 5.0
Are you ready to drive coach bus on bumpy roads? Play the mostrealistic Coach bus simulator game. Drive carefully by avoid theaccident and show your Coach bus driving skills. The off-roadtracks are very curvy and dangerous around the downhill in CoachBus Simulator Parking. There are many different stops in this coachbus simulator. Your specific destination will be painted the gamemap on the screen of this roadways bus driving simulator game. Earncash bonus and also career ranking on successfully complete levelsfor Coach Bus Simulator Parking. The incredible levels of thisCoach Bus Simulator Parking are made to provide you the ultimateCoach Bus simulator feeling. Get into your bus and just drive asmuch as you can so that you can earn money and also enjoy thedriving on downhill. You will experience the off road bus parkingdriver feeling only in this bus parking simulator games free whichcontains different interesting coach parking levels and missions!We are bring this Coach Bus Simulator Parking for everyone canenjoy this bus driving simulator. This game smooth and realisticcontrols of this off road bus simulator game will make itattractive to play. This is realistic bus driving games so you haveto transport a huge number of passengers in this off road busgames. Drive in bumpy roads in not easy you have some skills of offroad tourist bus driving and bus parking missions. You can drivepublic bus driving games but be careful to avoid hitting thetraffic in this bus driver simulator. You can also learn theparking to park this passenger bus driving in the coach bus gameplace. Enjoy this off road bus journey and safely transport thepassenger’s cargo bus very perfectly parking area on bus stationsfor pick the passengers. The downhill off road bus games isdesigned in the awesome downhill environment with impossibletracks. If you love danger highways bus games, than you to theright place and play this bus game with awesome speed on DownhillMountain Tracks. You have to show your extreme driving skills withNY uphill bus and realistic bus driving games. Coach Bus SimulatorParking Features : 🚌 A real view of city highways and Mega citytraffic. 🚌 Beautiful sound and background music. 🚌 User-friendlygameplay 🚌 Different camera angles view & realistic bus 3Dsimulator driving. 🚌 A wide variety of Modern buses. 🚌 Extreme citytraffic rush to drive
Real Sports Car Racing 2017 : No Limits 1.0
Car racing fever is your chance to try the new generation of 3Dsimulator games. We are proud to present this real car racing nolimits where no limits really means no limits! Experience drivingand drifting the real racing car. Race and drift on big citystreets, squeal around corners and curves and weave between lanesalong with the very best top car speed racers! Test your skills atreal driving or fantastic drag racing. Get into your speed car,turn on the motor and go! Speed car racing comes with a choice ofexciting vehicles to give you the real feel of the best speedracing! It is a nitrous, freely available 3d game and one of thebest speed car fast racing games around today. Enjoy hi-speedracing in five exciting environments. Feel free to drive your caron the bridge, mountain, forest and city. Open the turbo speedlimit and hold on for the adrenalin rush of a super-fast carfeeling.This latest thrill driving game will never let you put yourcellphone down. Watch out for the heavy Moto traffic and overtakesmoothly and carefully without causing a crash! Just enjoy the realdriving. Drift, race, drag and crash and smash your way to collectboosters, pick up special car bonuses to change vehicles and stayahead of your friends! If you love turbo car racing games, thenthis will test your skill of racing through traffic hurdles,hazards and much more!Race your car fast & furiously but try toavoid crashing into oncoming traffic!Drive your car as fast as youcan along the city highway, collect nitro, to gain even more speedand experience the feeling of the very best endless racing! Pick upmore coins, earn rewards and upgrade your car by taking out betterand faster cars to complete the target levels. Download Real carDrift Racing No Limits. Experience the best HD car racing game andbe the best champion of this real car racing no limits game!ChoiceNature Scene :Real Car Racing No Limits brings you the bestgraphics for speed racing in five different natural scenes .Carracing in the city is much harder while driving in off-road . It'sup to you. Become a city car rider, or off-road racer, you choosethe environment! Graphics:Great graphics of fast cars and realisticenvironments for you to chooseFeatures=> 3D NEW-GENGraphics=> Super-charged action packed car motor racingsimulator game=> Smooth motor handling controls=> High speedcar racing with tilt and steering controls=> Various road tracksand scenarios to choose from=> Overtake other high trafficriders to get more coins=> Complete more stunts to get higherscores=> Choose from many supercars all waiting for you to ride!
com.bleedingedge.offroad.truck.oil.transporter 2.2
You know that the driving of heavy vehicles is much harder thanother vehicles driving so put your hands on steering of heavy oiltransporter truck and be the professional off road master driver ofthe hill climbing roads and off roads. So accept the challenge ofgrand truck driving and become an expert driver of this heavy fueltransporter truck. Off road truck oil transporter is a drivingsimulation game for everyone & drives your grand truck oiltanker from oil refinery to fill up the fuel, Oil, diesel andtransport oil to the off-road petrol & diesel gas stations.It’s a heavy duty being an off-road cargo truck driver to reachsafely on destinations without crashing or blasting. Off-road oilcargo trucker is a heavy driving game in which you have to drive along heavy trucks with oil tanker attached to it. The mainobjective of this game is to driving, parking & transport oiltanker safe and sound. Gasoline trucker is heavy duty vehicle withhighly explosive and flammable fuel material so drive carefully totransport oil on required gas station. Off-road oil tanker is arisky driving game as you know that the oil tanker truck is heavyin weight and you will have to be conscious while turning itssteering. If you want to transport the oil tanker truck throughoff-road climb areas then get ready to start the heavy duty asbeing a truck oil transporter driver, drive the grand oil truck andbe careful from offroad mountain traffic. Oil tanker truck is oneof the best quality liquid fuel cargo transporter truck game withan ultimate fun of driving simulator experience. You have a chanceto ride your oil tanker truck on off-road hill climb roads and bethe best rider and drive off-road truck as a off-road legendsdriver. Off-road Oil Tanker Transporter offers you to drive oiltrailer lorry from petrol station depot and deliver oil cargo ondifferent fuel stations. • Experience the Heavy Transporter Truckwith Oil Tanker • Many Thrilling Levels to enjoy off road Oiltransporter Truck Driving • Driving Fun on Mountain tracks withReal Traffic • Heavy Truck Driving Simulation with Smooth Steering& Hydraulic Brakes • A Unique Idea of off road OilTransportation • Addictive Gameplay with HD Graphics Your feedbackand review is really mean to Bleeding Edge Games so stay tuned withus and hope we will fulfill your demands .we want to give you thebest game so you can enjoy.
Real Coach Bus Simulator Parking 2 1.2
Have you ever wanted to learn how to drive a bus? Well now you can!This 3D simulated bus driver game will provide you with all thetraining you need to successfully maneuverer a bus full ofpassengers safely around on and off road courses that will testyour skills to the limit! And not only that—the excellent graphicsand in-game effects will thrill you to your coach driving core asyou complete new levels and expand your fast and furious bus driverbusiness.Everyone knows that picking up passengers and bringingthem safely to their drop-off points is not easy. The roads arefilled with hazards and obstacles—twists and turns, treacherousroads and mountain paths—and that's not to mention the crazyoncoming traffic! It takes extreme driving skills and a fast andfurious attitude to get your passengers where they want to gosafely and of course—on time!You'll have to be quick. Only by beingfirst in line can you pick up and transport enough passengers tobuild your business and score enough points to reach the nextlevel. And all the while the game will test you to your limit withmissions and parking feats designed to increase your skills andtrue to life bus driving abilities!With exciting in-game scenarioswhich involve river crossings, hilltops and steep mountain pathsand trails you'll hardly have time to gaze and catch your breath atthe beautiful landscapes that surround you. The game will keep youbusy as you steer the furious bus up and down steep slopes on hillclimbing tours collecting tourists to take them to their nextdestinations.Your challenge is to be the best off-road bus driveryou can be in this heart stopping mountain and hill adventure gamewith extreme gameplay and tests of nerves and skill. Alreadyconsidered to be one of the best and most daring 3D bus drivinggames available, you'll be amazed at the rich and vivid detail ofthe graphics and the real feel of on-board physics and effects. Butbe careful! The safety of your passengers is entirely in yourhands—so stay on the road and avoid crashes and near misses withthe furious oncoming traffic.No more need to pay heaps of money ata real bus driving school. The 3D simulator game will teach you allyou need to know about safely steering a bus full of passengersaround hazardous terrain, and how to park in the tightest spots! Asalways, we are dedicated to providing our fans with the best 3Dgames possible, so please leave a review and tell us what we've gotright, what could be better and what it is you'd like to play next!Thanks, and happy bus driving!
Secret Agent Training Spy Game 1.3
Welcome to the world of secret agents and US Army Military TrainingSchool where spies operate under the radar and deploy to locationsaround the world to complete secret army missions. You are the newsecret agent sleuth, recruited and trained by the military's secretservice agency to ensure the security of your nation. Operate undercover to complete secret agent missions without being discovered inthis challenging spy stealth game. Trained as a ghost spy for topsecret missions, you'll move quickly and quietly to destroy enemymilitary bases. Test your physical fitness and mental discipline byplaying this obstacle-based fun game. But be aware that it’s noteasy to become a soldier of the National Guard—you must clear arigorous assault course. And remember your uniform represents yourhonor—don't get it dirty or muddy! Conquer obstacles acrossdifferent army courses and terrains like dense tropical forests,freezing arctic snow fields and blistering hot deserts. Escape thehigh school life and plunge into the craziest park our obstaclecourses and army bases have to offer. Can you jump over a ten footwall, swim in freezing arctic waters and climb assault nets in thedesert heat? You'll need to be mad and more than a little crazy toget through this game in one piece! Become a one man strike forceand face world armies to prove which country's army forces arebest: USA or Russia? India or Pakistan?As a ghost agent you willtrain as hard as you can to be sure you can defeat the enemy byworking undercover as a top secret agent to destroy enemy bases.Training missions show elite spy skills and how to stop the enemystealing blacklist files. Save fellow spies with your military andsecret agent training. Be the elite spy and complete excitingmissions by destroying different targets like enemy helicopters,trucks, buildings and command centers.Once fully spy trained you'llbe ready to execute dangerous operations in enemy bases—but keepabsolute silence or you'll trigger the alarm and get caught! Somemight say it’s an impossible mission, but the secret service agencywants to complete this army mission by sending the best secretagent spy in this stealth military game. And this is you! Neverbefore have such challenges been seen in secret agent rescuegames.Enjoy the latest action game with army basic combat trainingcovering different army posts. Enter the strenuous boot camp andget in line for the first call for military training, but alwaysremember your uniform is a sign of your honor and avoid getting itdirty! Play as a new recruit in the platoon and follow the chain ofcommand over rough terrain. Enjoy some wipe out and ninja warriorgames by challenging your family and friends to beat your score onthe game leader board. Exhibit fitness with physical training andmental training by following the drill sergeant's orders. Completemilitary training camp by passing the commando battalion test inthis action packed simulator game. Master intense obstacle coursesand follow orders from platoon instructors. It might be easy tobuild 6 pack abs and get fit in the gym, but it’s a hell of a jobto pass this special forces operations course. Show real disciplineand physical fitness by climbing tactical nets and ten foot wallsand much more while all the time drilling, grounding and grindingto enhance your Marine soldier skills.
Cargo Truck Racing Action 1.0
Cargo Truck racing action are ready in garage. You will race forthe unlocked ones. Drive at extreme speeds without taking damage.Show all the drivers on the road that you are the illegal andlimitless truck driver. Don't smash rivals, just overtake to batethem in this freeride illegal truck race.3D truck racing will neverbe the same again! Race your truck in a fascinating gamingenvironment, survive the dangerous slips and slides and watch outfor the maniac oncoming traffic! Racing in moto truck racer hasalready earned the reputation of belonging to the best racingaction available on free-to-play. No other 3D truck race is asrealistic as this combination of real drift physics and hairraising Cargo Truck racing action.Everything you expect from truckracing games and sentidos truck driving games is available inRacing Game : Cargo Truck racing action This is not like theaggressive truck race games where you smash your racing rivals orcrash anything on your way. The aim of this game is to overtakecars and trucks. Go distance as much as possible without takingdamage and without giving destruction. Just close overtakes bringyou scores. See every automobile and vehicle on the road as racersto overtake.Take the racing in moto truck racing challengeKeep yourspeed above 100 km in order to get score. With the coins earned,you can unlock new Racing trucks and new racing tracks on variousboulevard. Besides, you can update braking, acceleration andhandling skills of your Racing trucks to race in extreme.Demolition will not bring coins but distance and close overtakesare to get a high score. When you overtake the vehicles in oppositedirection, you get more score! But don’t rear end or crush vehiclesin this crazy traffic. There is no artery no criminal in thisjoyful Cargo Truck racing action game.Game Highlights:Game playenvironments with increasing difficulty and thrill factor•Authentic 3D Moto Truck physics and rich, life like graphics•Unique Trucks for the very best in on and offroad funBleeding EdgeStudio does everything possible to bring you the very best 2D and3D racing in moto experience. Leave us a review and tell us whatyou like about this game and what we can do better. Help us makeyour gaming wishes come true!Cargo Truck racing action Features: •Changeable truck color and wheels• Cool and smooth graphics•Realistic truck physics• Different trucks to drive• Collect speedboosters and • Truck customization• Day & night environments
Real Deer Hunter 2017 1.3
Let’s go hunting with Sniper Real DeerHunter2017. This is an amazing and addictive action pack game totake youto an ultimate adventure in the most realistic environmentwithtrees, grass, outdoor, mountains etc. Those who love huntingwilllove this first person sniper shooting game where you don'thave asquad & you need to do it all alone. Grab your gun, testyoursniper skills and don't let the deer escape. Let’s go huntinginthe real jungle wilderness environment. Do you trust yoursnipershooting skills? Let’s show how to hunt. The game gives youanawesome experience with real 3D graphics, sound effect andtheenvironment. The deer might be unaware of your presence sotakeyour best shot to become the best huntsman of the jungle.Jungle deer hunting is all about thrill & fun. Deer is asmartand clever animal so to be a professional deer hunter you musthavegood aim and shoot skills while holding your breath. You are onaDeer hunting expedition of 2017 in a dense jungle environmentwhereyou have to hunt deer in a specified time. In this DeerHuntingencounter your shooting and hunting expertise should be atpar towin this immersive challenge while enjoying a best deerhuntingexperience.Hunting the rabbits, deers and fox is not easy they are sensitivetofire sound and start to run and therefore very hard to target.Aimthe headshot to become pro in this gameWide range of sniper riffles are available to unlock. Unlocktheweapons by clearing level or purchase them. The game iscompletelyfree to play game but you can buy sniper rifles. Collectthe bestsniper rifles by clearing each level.Keep your eyes open to find wild animals. Do not waste yourtime;Just Do It. And get your best shot. The beast will run awayafterhearing the fire so be careful and aim the head and don'tallowthem to run into the woods. Try to complete the levels andunlockthe sniper weapons to shoot with ease. Difficulty increaseswiththe increasing levels. Test your sniping skills and havefun.Real Deer Hunter 2017 Features:• Great Deer Hunting Experience• Smooth Game play & Interface• Powerful shooting weapons• First Person Shooting• Efficient gun control• Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Real Time Jungle Environment• Multiple Missions• Multiple weapons• Interactive EnvironmentDownload now Real Deer Hunter 2017 and ENJOY UNIQUE DEERHUNTINGEXPERIENCE WITH AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS. 2.5
Get ready to race and destroy your opponents in demolition derbiesand full track speedway racers that will offer you the thrill of alifetime. Destruction has never felt so real as you see doors andother car parts smash of your car. Fasten your seat belt and sittight to win demolition derby racing. Just hit hard & recklessall other derby cars, crash them and destruction rivals derbydrivers to crash them while damaging to your own vehicle, hit hardagain and again until you win alone at derby racing track. Dragother derby cars in addition push your rivals off the track to winthe car crash derby death race. Speed up your vintage car &truck and enjoy with amazing car crash stunts. Demolition derbyextreme car racing is an adventure and action packed vehicledestruction game, where your car driving skills are tested to theextreme level with furious driving to recklessness. Those who loveperforming high level car stunts, fast driving, dangerous turns andmultiple hurdles. Xtreme car racing stunts arena challenge beginswith an extra dose of amazing multiple vehicles driving and truckstunt. Go against hurdles, car crashing, high jumps and speedracing. Always try to crash rival cars from side & rear. Areckless face-to-face c’rashes and avoid to stop your engine ifextreme damage caused. There are many twist and turns on all tracksso be careful with your drive. It’s an ultimate survival testagainst all opponents with your demolition derby xtreme car drivingskills Folks! our superior introduction of xtreme car drivingsimulator provides you stunts performed to accomplish extremedemolition. Grab the finest of limo car games for an amazingexposure to limousine car battling hard with opponents. You wouldhave played conventional car racing and stunt car racing gameshowever this is a completely novel idea of deforming car ofopponents; explore realistic extreme car destruction of delicatevehicles and heavy duty giant enemy obstacles inside extreme derby.Feel like a pro, just download demolition derby car racing, a realmaster piece in the genre of alike car destruction games.Demolition Derby Car Racing Features: • Realistic environments:Derby Arena • Beautiful derby racing track • Intense high speedracing action • Customize and improve your Car • True HDsoundtracks, and real car sounds! • Real-time car destruction anddamage • Realistic Car Physics and smooth controls • Multiplechallenging missions • Realistic Driving Experience of carsdemolition derby games for free is the car xtreme racing game whichmeans the user will race the car in a totally different environmentas the user will drive the car on a roof top car whirlpool stadiumas the user will race with other riders and these drivers are thereto eliminate each other and destroy each other’s vehicle and thelast car that survives is declared to be the winner. The user willcompete with monster trucks and modified rally cars derby racingand in this situation user has to find a way to survive. The derbyracing games features multiple challenges where the intensity ofchallenges as the user proceeds. The cars featured in the derbycars game are exclusively designed for xtreme car racing as the lowriders, hot wheels, stunt cars and motorsports cars are notsuitable for races like derby destruction this so user must find away to survive the race and a suitable car for the purpose, monstertrucks, muscle cars and modified cars are suitable for the purposeas these cars can face the attack. The derby destruction simulatorbecomes another factor in this free demolition derby games as thederby car games either will try to suck cars destruction derbygames in or push them away from the track using massive airpressure.
Desert Sniper Assassin Shooter 1.1
Desert sniper shooting game is best free games in sniper shootinggames 2017.This hardcore FPS simulates bullet fall over greatdistances, wind, and trigger-pull.That’s right, you’ll have tosmoothly pull the trigger for an accurate shot. Sounds tricky,right Desert sniper shooting game is about army commando shooterperforming his duty to compete modern army of enemies by snipershooting down their lone marine sniper commando Desert SniperAssassin Shooter Desert Sniper Elite Force is a hardcore FPS, thatsimulates realistic 3d combat scenes in the desert. You will haveto hone your quick aiming, steady hand and smooth trigger pullskills Desert Sniper Assassin ShooterDesert Sniper Assassin ShooterHere is on Sniper action game full of addiction, attracting beautyand real 3D High definition graphics build in Unity 3D this is real3d sniper shooter combat right in the warm desert where enemiescommandos are equipped with ak-47 , bazooka , rpg , pistols ,chopper , artillery , m16 , us American sniper shooter , tanks ,f16 , f18 raptor jet fighters Desert Sniper Assassin ShooterA realaction games with real shooting experience of sniper 3d Try to headshot to kill the enemies as enemies are very well trained shooterand start sniper 3d shooting on you with heavy weapons right afteryou open your fire on some of their soldiers . show yourselfimmortal and become soldier of duty
Deer Hunting - Elite Sniper 1.2
Let’s go hunting with Sniper deer hunting. This is an amazing andaddictive action pack game to take you to an ultimate adventure inthe most realistic environment with trees, grass, outdoor,mountains etc. Those who love hunting will love this first personsniper shooting game where you don't have a squad & you need todo it all alone. Grab your gun, test your sniper skills and don'tlet the deer escape. Let’s go hunting in the real jungle wildernessenvironment. Do you trust your sniper shooting skills? Let’s showhow to hunt. The game gives you an awesome experience with real 3Dgraphics, sound effect and the environment. The deer might beunaware of your presence so take your best shot to become the besthuntsman of the jungle.Jungle deer hunting is all about thrill& fun. Deer is a smart and clever animal so to be aprofessional deer hunter you must have good aim and shoot skillswhile holding your breath. You are on a Deer hunting expedition of2017 in a dense jungle environment where you have to hunt deer in aspecified time. In this Deer Hunting encounter your shooting andhunting expertise should be at par to win this immersive challengewhile enjoying a best deer hunting experience.Hunting the rabbits,deers and fox is not easy they are sensitive to fire sound andstart to run and therefore very hard to target. Aim the headshot tobecome pro in this game.Wide range of sniper riffles are availableto unlock. Unlock the weapons by clearing level or purchase them.The game is completely free to play game but you can buy sniperrifles. Collect the best sniper rifles by clearing each level.Keepyour eyes open to find wild animals. Do not waste your time; JustDo It. And get your best shot. The beast will run away afterhearing the fire so be careful and aim the head and don't allowthem to run into the woods. Try to complete the levels and unlockthe sniper weapons to shoot with ease. Difficulty increases withthe increasing levels. Test your sniping skills and have fun.DeerHunting - Elite Sniper Features:• 3D Graphics and Sound effects•Real Time Jungle Environment• Multiple Missions• Multiple weapons •Interactive Environment• Great Deer Hunting Experience• Smooth Gameplay & Interface• Powerful shooting weapons• First PersonShooting• Efficient gun control• 3D Graphics and Sound effects•Real Time Jungle Environment• Multiple Missions• Multiple weapons •Interactive EnvironmentDownload now Deer Hunting - Elite Sniper andENJOY UNIQUE DEER HUNTING EXPERIENCE WITH AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS.
Lion Hunter 2017 1.4
Let’s go hunting with Sniper lion hunter 2017. This is an amazingand addictive action pack game to take you to an ultimate adventurein the most realistic environment with trees, grass, outdoor,mountains etc. Those who love hunting will love this first personsniper shooting game where you don't have a squad & you need todo it all alone. Grab your gun, test your sniper skills and don'tlet the deer escape. Let’s go hunting in the real jungle wildernessenvironment. Do you trust your sniper shooting skills? Let’s showhow to hunt. The game gives you an awesome experience with real 3Dgraphics, sound effect and the environment. The deer might beunaware of your presence so take your best shot to become the besthuntsman of the jungle.Become the best Lion hunter in the lionhunter 2017 game, test your shooting skills with one of the bestsniper gun in the world equipped with you. Remember keep yourfinger on the trigger and keep shooting until you have cleared thelevel or all Lion are dead.Lions live in jungle, they areconsidered dangerous animal. They rule the jungle by force. Evenbig in size animals like elephant and giraffes accept their reignin jungle. How lions maintain the reign? The main reason is power,strength and activeness. The other animals are usually afraid oflions and avoid to stay nearby. Lion Hunters 2017 are usuallyequipped with best rifles, snipers and other modern weapons withscope. The hunter in the jungle has to be active, alert, accuratein aiming and shooting. Lions are wild animals and can attack onthe hunter, so he has to be ready to rescue himself in case ofdanger and escape to the safe point.Hunt or be Hunted! DownloadLion Hunter2017 Now!Lion Hunter 2017 Features:• Great lion HuntingExperience• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Real Time JungleEnvironment• Multiple Missions• Multiple weapons • InteractiveEnvironment• Smooth Game play & Interface• Powerful shootingweapons• First Person Shooting• Efficient gun control• Enemy AI(Artificial Intelligence)There are different kinds of Lions andTigers in the world, But, all the Lions and Tigers are dangerousfor humans and other small animals in the jungle. The hobby ofhunting Lions has always been a brave people hobby and game. LionHunters are usually equipped with best rifles, snipers and othermodern weapons with scope. The hunter in the jungle has to beactive, alert, accurate in aiming and shooting. Lions are wildanimals and may attack on the hunter, so he has to be ready torescue himself in case of danger and escape to the safe point.
Zombie Hunting Dead Shoot 1.4
This is a zombie game of zombie hunter where zombie shooting andzombie killing is required by the zombie hunter. A city hunterbecomes a zombie killer in this zombie shooter game of a zombie.Where your seeker suspicion comes into play. Be a best in thiszombie apocalypse games because you are on zombie best new mission3d games 2017 and need to hunt and eliminate all the zombies withdeadly strike in this breathtaking sniper shooting games. Masterthe art of being a hero in this zombie hunter dead games. You needto be a high precision zombie shooter to eliminate all the targetsin this zombie killing games. You will score more with a head shot.Kill and be the winner by killing all Zombies in this one of thebest zombie shooter games. You have been hired as a best sniper andyour hub duty is to absolute the assigned zombie assault snipermissions by eliminating all targets and be the king of snipershooting games. Make the right choice by observing the surroundingscautiously and kill all the zombies in this thrilling snipershooting games. Being a Zombie hunting dead shoot means that youhave not to kill only the targets but also protect your own selffrom the ZOMBIES. Become a highly skilled elite spy sniper and runtowards success.Zombie Hunting Dead shoot Features:• First person3D Zombie shooting game• Stunning 3D HD quality graphics• Free fullversion, unlimited play• Multiple Sniper Rifles to purchase• Learnabout sniper gun assembly skills• Master sniper shooting skills•User Friendly interface• Realistic shooting and sound effects•Experience 3D shooting time as a zombie hunter• Smooth andrealistic controlWe hope that you will love our Shooting games andafter you play, you will rate them or just tell us your opinionabout them. Because we try to offer you more and more good shootinggames and your feedback will be really appreciated.
Car Transporter Truck 3D Game 1.3
Get ready for an awesome driving experience. It's time to show yourperfect driving skills while driving a heavy duty transporter on acity. You have to drive your truck very carefully without hittingother cars. Play as the real driver & a car transporter. Drivevery smoothly and make sure to reach on the required destinationpoint to unload your cargo. All you have to play this game anddeliver cars to its destination and unlock your new Multi storeycar transporter. The game consist of real-life city traffic andfulfill the duty of transport cars in your truck.Manage a jumbotruck cargo that can transfer heavy loads in one of the mostamazing truck driving games! This car transporter truck pro willgive you the jumbo truck cargo skill of driving transporterscontaining heavy shipment. In this ultimate 3d car transporttrailer truck automobile transporter game, you’ll test your drivingskills at parking cars inside the transporters and driving the bigtruck yourself. So get ready for the king of all car transportergames and car transporter truck driving games, in the modern trucktransporter. Now shift gears like a real car transport trucker inthis astounding car transporter truck transporter truck prois a new kind of cargo truck game where you need to load and unloadhigh value racing cars and sports cars on top of your cartransporter loader. In one of the most extremely fun driving andparking mania games you will be provided with some amazing cars topark in the container truck. Drive and load all the cars carefullyand maneuver them on the trailer so they fit in perfectly withinthe indicated spot. Then drive the massive truck to the destinationby following a highlighted arrow while managing the load on top.These high value beautiful racing cars do not belong to you; yourduty is to just transport them safely. So if you want to travel theroads of this big world and its big cities and you want to have acareer as a truck driver, then the best way to practice your trucktransporter driving skill is to pick up this fun and newest cartransporter truck pro. Choose your cars that you like to load thetruck with, load them on top of the trailer of the car transportertruck. Get behind the wheel of your truck and make sure yousuccessfully complete your missions.Car Transporter Truck ProFeatures:• Amazing 3D graphics.• Excellent sound effects• FREE CarTransporter Truck Pro game• Thrilling missions of transport games.•6 Extreme Delivery missions • Challenging and outstandingenvironment• Different camera angles that give you more control
Helicopter Rescue Flight 3D 1.3
Get ready to start the flying adventure over the playing helicopterrescue flight 3d game.This game is is the most exciting andrealistic helicopter flight simulator available! Life and death isin the balance and everything depends on your helicopter pilotingskills!Be the helicopter pilot to flying rescue helicopter flightand landings to save citizens in emergency situations. Act as therescue pilot and save the people in emergency from differentlocations. Fly in the skies and look around for emergency areas andrescue them all. Save lives of people in dangerous flooded city andfulfill the duty of an air ambulance pilot. Flight simulator gamesare full of nice views from big cities, but none of them are asgreat as this helicopter ambulance game. The rescue missions aremade to give you a challenge, but are easy to play. Flyingambulance simulator games like this real world flight helicoptersimulator will let you enjoy all aspects and thrills of being areal hero rescuer! Good luck with this flying ambulance simulatorgames and helicopter ambulance city game!The game includes chopperflying, helicopter navigation and complete manual handling. Thosewho love playing rescue helicopter and air ambulance games willlove to play city helicopter flight. Take control of your ownrescue helicopter and fly inside the city.GAMEPLAY FEATURES• Playas Helicopter Pilot• Real-time 911 Rescue Missions• Fly Over theCity and Reach Emergency Areas• Manual Helicopter Handling andFlying• Multiple Gameplay Tasks to CompleteHelicopter Rescue Flight3D Features:• Realistic flying simulation• realistic flight gamerescue experience• Realistic flight physics• stunning groundbreaking physics• High quality chopper• ground breaking helicopterdynamics• Dynamic camera angles• Real rescuing simulator withfantastic timeless heli flying! • Easy to play driving controls,use touch and tilt controls!
Underwater White Shark Simulator 3D 1.5
Feel like an angry white shark with White shark simulator 3d,explore underwater swimming in the ocean and searching for food!Hunt for fish in the ocean or find a prey on the beach! People areswimming around and waiting for angry shark’s attack! Find food tosurvive with this white shark simulator 3d, mind your health andenergy rate and enjoy amazing underwater views! Be a hungry sharkand spread fear and terror all over the ocean! Detect small oceananimals, fishes and humans and attack them to survive! Being akiller shark is fun!Here meet the White sharks that are extremelyaggressive, and want to quench everything along their way. AngrySharks are Rivals when you set sails in the ocean. This is veryinteresting shark game that requires your lightness and alsoprotects yourself from the shark attack.This sea predator attackpeople around them and unleash the underwater predator inside youin this wildlife shark attack. It’s not as easy as you discovertheir sounds, at different distances and you have to defendyourself from these angry sharks coming towards you with hazardoussound Rule the vast sea with your cruel and brutal attacks “Whiteshark simulator 3d”. Play shark rampage attack simulator and swiminside the water. Play as a white shark in this ocean war game andshow no mercy on these sea predators.Survive as long as possiblebeing an angry white shark! Explore the ocean and beach shore, huntfor fish and humans to bring your angry white shark with Whiteshark simulator 3d. Control a killer shark using finger pads, swimaround the ocean, hunt and try survival mode! Enjoy White sharksimulator 3d. Never get lost in the vast underwater! Hunt as awhite shark and have fun with this underwater survivalsimulator!White Shark Simulator 3D Features:• Awesome 3D graphicswith realistic water view that include the open sea• Easy crazyshark simulator controls to move in the water.• Realistic watereffects Bloody Gore Animation• Underwater environment• Smooth, easy& addictive gameplay with joystick simulator controls •Realistic sound effects• 10 Challenging levels• Real water physics,cool shark movements
Car Parking Drive Simulator 1.4
Car Parking Drive Simulator is an enjoyable car parking simulationgame in a real parking area Learn how to navigate a realisticparking environment. Steer the car meticulously and catch thebridge in time to lift your car onto the next storey. Use thevarying gears and shifts to wiggle into the parking spot. Avoidcrashing into barriers and other cars! This is quite the challengeIf you think you can drive well, let’s see if you can park well!The hardest part about the driving test is parallel parking and ifyou can’t do that, you don’t get a driving license. Bleeding EdgeStudio games is here to give your parking skills a run for theirmoney as you will be tested like you never have been before. Our 3Dfeatures are designed to give our game a realistic edge as parkingthis car using your thumbs on your device will feel like parkingthe car in real life.It won’t be simple at all as it will not be astraight forward parking job. Your task will involve routes whichwill seem like mazes that you will have to navigate through toreach the parking spot. Sharp turns will require precise steering,accelerating at the right moments and avoiding obstacle that comeacross your way. You will drive a vast selection of cars which willbe assigned to you as you progress through the game with each onemore challenging than the next to park properly.It will take a lotof patience and effort but real gamers enjoy a real challenge. Tryit out and compete with your friends to see, who is the best onebehind the wheel?How to Play: • Touch the gas button boost andspeed even faster.• Touch the brake button slowdown speed car.•Control your car with an on-screen steering wheel.• Touch the gearbutton select car rotation back or front way.Car Parking DriveSimulator Features:• Many different stages and challenges• Park thevehicle without hitting any obstacles!.• High quality physicalenvironment.• Amazing Sounds• The moment you hit chapter startsagain automatically after 2 seconds• More than 15+ levels .Easy tohard design all levels
Hoverboard Highway Surfer 1.4
It's your time to have fun on the show of hoverboard. Take part inan unusual competition, conquer the path of the train and subway,and the lively traffic of highway. Show the wonders of speed andskill, feel yourself like a surfer in the air and open all yourflight talent. If you are not averse to perform a couple of tricksin the air without a net, then you will definitely like thisgame!You will enjoy an excellent 3D graphics that allow you toenjoy amazing views of the city and its transport routes. Learn allabout the subway and the train of the future, as well as the voteof the design of the new traffic. Amazing effects of hoverboardwill help you to experience all the extreme of flight and feel likea real surfer, in party of professional competition. Excellentphysics and simple controls - a pledge of mind-blowing tricks, sodo not be afraid to experiment. Actively use the environment andcreate an unusual bunch of jumps, slides and coups. Energetic musicadds you charm and you will not get bored during thebreak.Hoverboard Highway Surfer Store has lots of items to improveyour running performance. Get runner upgrades to improve your powerups (including magnets and boots). Upgrade your jetpack too, andget lots of coins. You can also purchase Boards to surf mid-air andsurvive obstacle hits —whether you hit buses, trucks or even subwaytrains!Hoverboard Highway Surfer also gives you the chance ofgetting amazing gifts. Collect your daily gift each day and openmystery boxes to get some special rewards!Hoverboard Highway Surferis a very fun runner game. Download it now and start running!How ToPlay• Drag up to jump• Drag left,right to change the lane• Dragdown to slideHoverboard Highway Surfer Features:• Realistichoverboard physics and smooth controls• Rich background music andsound effects• Awesome 3D Graphics• Full HD resolution• Realisticenvironment• Infinite run mode 2.4
Your duty driver as a police officer is to keep the city roads asafe place by chasing down the most wanted criminals and streetrobbers. They will try to outrun your police car chase by drivingat high speed and making sharp turns on the Police Car. Police carchase Hot Pursuit is a free 3D police racing games. Action in whichyou have to chase and smash sports cars. Be the police duty driverthat will save the day and arrest all law breakers. Every missionwill be a hot pursuit police car chase 3d which will test your cardriving and chasing skills. Use your crazy police car lights andpolice car sounds and force the law breakers to stop by smashingroads into their cars. Racing against Street racer will make youfeel the heat of a real cop car driver that want to perform hisduty as best as he can. You are free to explore the city in searchof bad guys to track down and eliminate. Police Chase car game inwhich there is only one winner. Make sure each and every time thewinner is you and not the thieves or the racer. It’s a city ofsaints where environment has turned hazardous for extreme cardriving missions. Become a duty Police Driver in this action packedcop chasing and smashing cars game. Smash criminal cars that resistarresting. Drive police chase sports car from perilous maze ofmodern city streets after robbing gold and diamonds from big bank.Complete gangster escape missions from police chase car before theycaught you again. Be a notorious criminal, make an escape plan frompolice car racer by safe driving in cops and robbers sim. Ride inmultiple motor vehicles to reach safe house and evade the deadlyobstacles to take over big city. Drive through breathtakingenvironments to outrun cops in police moto game and earn cash toacquire mafia underworld cars. Driving auto cars, evading copsafter bank robbery, racing through destructive obstacles anddangerous roads! Show guts to rise the top of criminal piles incrazy police car escape plan game. In order to master this policecar chase Hot Pursuit game you have three control options forsteering your cop car: Steering Wheel, Arrows Left/Right. Chooseyour preferred driving option or change it anytime by accessing theControls options in the Pause Menu. Police car chase Hot PursuitFeatures: • Cops VS Thieves and robber’s road smash heat. •Realistic car driving and chasing simulator. • Dodge the cars,buses and trucks on the highway. • Collect fuel coins to keep yourpolice car moving. • Drive and drift on the streets of the citywhile chasing Thieves. • Multiple car control options • 3Denvironment with HD graphics. • Real Damage System for both thepolice and robber cars. • Chasing and Smashing Cars game. • Policelights scare the criminals away. • Honk your way out of highway cartraffic. • Drift police car through curved roads. • A Big City toExplore with your police car. • Be a duty police driver in thisfree police driving games. • Police car race game suitable forkids, boys, girls and adults alike. We hope that you will love ourRacing games and after you play, you will rate them or just tell usyour opinion about them. Because we try to offer you more andbetter Racing games and your feedback will be really appreciated.
Bicycle Rider Offroad Race 3D 1.4
Bicycle rider off road race 3d rush is new adventure and racinggame that will stop your senses with thrilling game play likenever seen before. Make sure it stays up in this perfect off roadBicycle being an extreme bike driver you have to show us your fastbicycle rider hill cycling 
skills as you know fast driving isbit a big challange.This game brings you a 
fun-filled bicyclerider game.All you have to do is jump over rampsFreestyle bicyclerider steer with pedal and control with handlebars, as a bicyclerider you exercise and train at the same time as you travel, it’s aperfect cycle simulation a pro cycle model with various colors tocontrol and cycle in off road area, so you will be a freestylebicycle rider & an off road. This little two wheeler monstercan perform stunts in freestyle jumping while bicycling, so ridethis crazy bicycle and do mountain bike wheeling on dirttrack.There are multiple missions for sports bike riding lovers.Yes in this motivating bicycle riding sim, you can drive with fullspeed and also have to avoid any hurdle or obstacle that comes inbetween your racing missions. Show your skills as the best off roadBicycle rider, in the fun game off road bicycle Racing. Come andplay the most exciting off road Bicycle rider. In Off road Bicyclerider, you will feel like a real bike rider! Experience theexhilarating action!So this rider racing is a complete display ofprofessional bikes with smooth controls of best cycle racing gear.Show Responsibility of a winner as amazing bicycles are going tocompete you while driving your bi cycle in city streets. Make sureyour parking skills are perfect so that you may change position ofyour bike on sharp turns and unusual situations. With your bestdriving of two wheeler in mist of bike racer –each from differentsuburban towns – may make you win your sports bicycle.Bicycle Rideroff road Race 3D Features: 

 • Variety of bicycle for you to rideoff road
 • Exciting 3D graphics! • Realistic physics • Smoothcontrols of best cycle racing gear.
 • Smooth and Realisticgameplay!
 • Beautiful Off road Environment for bike riding!
 •Bumpiest ride with extreme landscape
 • 3 different 3Denvironments
 • Upgradable features for Bicycle rider off road race3dWe hope that you will love our Racing games and after you play,you will rate them or just tell us your opinion about them. Becausewe try to offer you more and better Racing games and your feedbackwill be really appreciated.
Tuk Tuk Highway Traffic Racer 1.1
Are you ready to drive your heavy fast, speed vehicle in cityhighway to get yourself the title of best highway, traffic, citydriver? Then you have the right game besides you. It is your gameof fun, drive your tuk tuk highway traffic racer into the busy cityroads and take fast twist turns from roads. Make sure you don’tcollide with any heavy vehicle in means of racing, because you willlose your vehicle as it is a semi-open and driver is going to riskhis life in this Tuk Tuk racing, automobile, that is assigned awork of pick n drop passengers to drop door to door, in simulation3D game.Tuk Tuk Highway Traffic Racer is a milestone in the genreof endless arcade racing. Drive your Tuk Tuk through highwaytraffic, earn cash, upgrade your tuk tuk and buy new ones .Tuk TukTraffic Racer is a racing simulator on the highway with heavytraffic. Drive on the highway ahead of busy traffic and roadwinding between them. This racing game uses realistic physics ofcars, which will give the real feeling of driving and racing onhighway roads. Wreck the traffic, make them explode, turn the placeupside down. Here is brand new traffic racer - tuk tuk highwayTraffic Racer. This is the new game for speed lovers.You can wrecktraffic while speeding on highway or burnout by exploding your tuktuk. At night, you will feel the realism of the present, which willgive you our racing simulator. If you are confident in theirabilities and skills of driving, choose the manual gearbox and takefull control of the vehicle. Try to be one of the fastest driversin the global racers. Endless racing is now redefined! Now imagineyou are a driver of a rickshaw and you have to drive in traffic ofhighway and city busy traffic. Drive along fast traffic and performstunts. The game is best for traffic rider fans around theworld.Highway TukTuk Traffic Racer has following features:• BusyHighway Adventurous & Thrilling Auto Rickshaw Driving• Hours ofDriving Fun with Tuk tuk highway traffic racer driving• Multipleaddictive levels with difficulty of highway traffic variance•Extreme adventurous driving with complex turns• Amazing environmentwith traffic and vehicles.• Realistic Vehicle physics• Endlesshighway road with traffic cars
Civic Car Driving Simulator 1.3
This is a real time adventure and racer enjoyment that is going togive you some crazy civic car racing experiences with civic cardriving simulator of unmatchable speed. You are in an extrememission of civic driving and racing that is not getting to let youlower your speed. Keep your speed and race high of your car, thegame is not just about civic car, it’s also about you being a crazyand pro driver even with high speed and boundaries of real 3d civiccar driving simulator areas. You are a driver who is a pro in civiccar racing and is master of real time driving simulator. With allnew advance civic cars, your own simulator skills, racer tricks anddriving craze you are going to get to high levels of trafficcrashing and safe driving with speed as well. Well… let’s see whatyou get in this civic car driving game. Getting them in time to theevents, means you need to show your crazy driver skills indifferent civic cars as you make your way through the city. Civiccar driving simulator is a driving simulator that offers you anamount of missions. Earn your money through these missions andexpand your fleet of luxury VIP civic vehicles. And make sure youhold your reputation for the highest quality up high. We offer thema luxurious and comfortable ride from the moment they step in untilthe moment they get at their destination. Give your car somegood drifts and drive them along on a high speed towards the end inthe levels. Speed up your civic car with pro driving skills andleave the racing car behind and give them a real defeat, show themyou are a driver of no match ever. Gather the gift and boost upyour achievements throughout the game.

These supreme have greatrealistic controls the taxi cars have a great sense of Wight andmomentum on them to make they do drifts as you will race on thestreets of the city. Prepare for the drive of your life drive apowerful car. You get to buy and select one of the many differentvehicles in this newest driving simulator. Build up your nitrousbar by doing things like drifting, taking down suspects, jumping,evading the traffic in the streets. That’s why this game is calledcivic car driving simulator in this super extreme car simulator 3dgame, you get action after action

Civic Car Driving Simulator KeyFeatures:
 3D Graphics and Sound effectsSmooth and realistic carhandlingRacing on high detailed tracks Easy and realisticdriving experienceRealistic physicsThe real driftingsimulator Choose from many different carInsane feeling ofpowerful civic
Drift, race, speed and simulation all in one
We hopethat you will love our Racing games and after you play, you willrate them or just tell us your opinion about them. Because we tryto offer you more and more good Racing games and your feedback willbe really appreciated.
com.bleedingedge.anaconda.attack.sim 2.9
Anaconda revenge missions to complete. Race around the map andcomplete the mission before time runs out. Anaconda AttackSimulator 3D comes with all the features your expect from a funbleeding edge studio games. Anaconda attack simulator 3d takes youon pitiless giant anaconda life’s journey, slay your victim withsuper strength and powerful hunting skills. You aren’t ordinarycobra who use venom and poisonous fang to kill animals. Enjoy thissimulation style game, play as big anaconda snake a legless reptilemonster in the jungle area. Fight with Born as deadly killer yourtask is to crush and attack crazy carnivore animals like fox, polarbear, wolf pack, lion, cheetah and panther. Use your razor sharppoisonous fangs, coil and force for brutal attack on deer, gorilla,elephant, hippo or hunter. Target anyone comes in your way enjoylife like high definition graphics with superb attacking andfighting animations. Anaconda looking to slay your victims in themost merciless way imaginable. Attack from behind; coil a round andCRUSH your foes with force! Anaconda attack simulator 3d takes youon pitiless giant anaconda life’s journey, slay your victim withsuper strength and powerful hunting skills. Feel the adventure packthrill of powerful anaconda, slither towards your prey silently andattack from behind and destroy your prey as big killer snake theultimate scoundrel of the jungle. With this anaconda simulator gameall you have to do is look for your meal in shape of jungle animalsand at the same time survive against the human who are frightenedand wants to kill you in this brutal war with your angry anacondagames with the twist of Anaconda attack simulator 3d and anacondagame simulator. Anaconda Attack Simulator 3D Features: • 6 ultimateattack and missions in anaconda game. • Realistic anaconda snakeanimation and beautiful 3D town environment. • Realistic swamp andslithering of anaconda with smooth controls. • Amusing gameplaywith realistic animations. • Realistic sound and weather effects. •Buy new attack or other boosters! • Bite & kill human and otheranimals. • Customize your anaconda as you want. • Exciting 3D Mapsto Explore • Realistic 3D Anaconda Snake • Beautiful 3D graphics Wehope that you will love our Action games and after you play, youwill rate them or just tell us your opinion about them. Because wetry to offer you more and better Action games and your feedbackwill be really appreciated.
Real Farmer Tractor Simulator 18 Free 1.4
🚜 Take control of your farm and its fields to fulfil yourharvesting dreams in Farmer tractor simulator free. They arefarmers who produced pure natural food and contributed in theeconomy of his country. They usually grow rice, wheat and corncrops. Now he is learning forage plow farming from traditionalfarmers. Its forage plow farming season so it’s perfect time toharvest your crops. They also had a small market after crossing theriver. This awesome farmer simulation game provides you a greatchance to become a harvester and enjoy harvesting farm simulatorgame. Now enjoy the real Farmer tractor simulator. 🚜As well as arefined look and feel, Farmer tractor simulator free gives youdouble the number of farm machines to control, all authenticallymodeled on equipment from real agricultural manufacturersbe a realfarm tractor driver and prepare for the hay day. As a farm tractordriver make your land ready for canola and wheat, seed crops,sprinkle water with water sprayer attachment and silage wagon. Areal farmer driver has to maneuver the big trailer with hay intotiny spots, for example on a farm where he has to unload the haybales near a big shed. When you can drive the combination correctlyforward, you'll experience how hard it is to drive it correctlyreverse! First you have to drive the truck into the yellow squarein front of the trailer, it will attach automatically. After thetrailer is attached you have to drive your combination into theyellow parking spot. Drive farm vehicles and look after your cropson the wheat field.Grow new crops and sell them to a market formoney. But before this you will have to go through the completeprocess of growing the crops. Plow the field, then spraying thepesticides, watering the fields and all the rest of the workrequired for the farming. You are also required to transport theanimals to the city market to sell them and earn profit. Drive yourmachinery carefully as countryside roads are very bumpy. Be a partof agricultural life working in farmhouse or dairy food yieldcollection. Cultivate fields and mow grass make hay bales to feedlivestock. Clean all chaff from grass and make manure like biogasplant to spray on your fields. Learn the skills to steer youragricultural plantation truck in a farming simulator that lets youtake charge of your own wheat land. This awesome plowing simulationgame gives you amazing harvesting and plowing truck excitement.Features of Farmer tractor simulator free 🚜: 🚜 10+ addictivelevels.🚜 Realistic vehicles🚜 Time based levels.🚜 HD qualitygraphics.🚜 Energy boosting game sound.🚜 Cab view with side mirrors🚜Ultra-realistic endless driving environment.🚜 Ultra-realisticendless driving environment.🚜 Multiple farming machine includingTractor, Harvester, Seed Drill and Sprayer🚜 Grow Wheat, Barley andCanola at your farm🚜 Sow and Harvest the crops with realisticFarming machines🚜 Smooth steering control with hydraulic break andacceleration paddle.🚜 Find the selling place offering highest priceto maximize your profits🚜 Use the cash to buy better machines andimprove your yield🚜 Purchase more land to become the wealthiestfarmer in angle. Different camera views: up & behind, driverview, near the wheel We hope that you will love our farming gamesand after you play, you will rate them or just tell us your opinionabout them. Because we try to offer you more and better farminggames and your feedback will be really appreciated.
Real Raft Survival Simulator - Escape Mission 1.3
Be the survival fighter hero and get ready to find tools andresources that would help you in crafting big raft to escape thesea. Wild animals are roaming freely on the island and are in huntof prey, be cautious and defend yourself from island wilderness andother dangers. An extreme island adventure is waiting for you whereyou need to implement all possible escape and survival skills tosuccessfully escape the island through sea after crafting a strongbig raft for yourself. Make a super hit survival sea escape storywith your crafting & fighter skills to explore the islandwilderness carefully.Successful survival depends how passionate youare to escape the island via raft. Survival on this wilderness is atough challenge where you need to gather different resources likeswoods, stones, axe and ropes to build a strong raft and make yourstay on the island safe and sound. Island survival hero find cavefor your stay, Swim through the streams, find ropes, build fences,hunt down animals for food, build shelter, make fire, fight andkill the animals that may attack you, build raft out of woods andropes and escape the island by making a super hit sea escapestory.Real Raft Survival Simulator Features: • Awesome 3D graphicswith realistic water • Completely new survival experience • A realraft in the middle of the ocean • Realistic sound effects • Highquality physical environment
Impossible Stunt Car Simulator 1.4
Drive on tracks with jumps and obstacles! Do a corkscrew stunt toget achievement coins! Start playing the fun tracks rightnow!World’s dangerous stunt racer Track has been set. Take your airstunt with nitro motor car. Smash the dangerous air race with otherstunt car racers and beat hot wheels car racers in impossible stuntcar simulator. Using turbo nitro engine, enjoy rapid nitro power.Tap a nitro button to boost stunt car speed, tap to make nitroflames. Play stunt race offline and beat your friends in impossiblestunt car simulator. Race mode - Race your opponents aroundpurpose-built extreme racing tracks set all over impossible stuntcar. Crazier stunt jumps, traps and environments to challenge themost seasoned driver. Finally you can prove you’re the bestdriver.Its realistic physics engine based cars and energetic racingmission will make it adventure game. The splendid impossible stuntcar simulator provides you tons of challenging levels with greatinterior feels and entertaining. The modern stunt and drag racinggame filled with full action and free style stunt riding. Join thestunt ramp world and prepare yourself to enjoy astonishing racewith incredible high speed race track. Burn the asphalt roads atlightning speed with cool slow-motion jump animations and cuttingedge 3D visuals. Become a real stunt hero and amaze stunt worldwith your risky tricks or huge roof jumps.Impossible stunt carsimulator has returned in real 3D with easy to learn controls andmechanics.Enjoy an advanced driving and physics engine, usingdrifting, jumping and nitro rocket boosts to speed around the mapslike a stunt driving pro! Remember, the crazier you're driving thefaster you’ll go, with drifts and jumps topping up your boostmeter.Look out for danger boards and stop signs to escape cardamage around it. Start playing the fun tracks right now, andchallenge yourself to get the top score on all levels!ImpossibleStunt Car Simulator Features: • Easy to use car controls.• ImproveYour Car Driving Skills• Different cars to play with. • Increasethe powers of the car as your progress.• Awesome quality HDgraphics.• Real engine sounds.• Smooth controls and addictive gameplay.• Racing tracks to compete against different opponent cars!•Progress on the car racing tracks and open up new levels with moreamazing jumps, loops and challenges.• Upgrade your car to performeven better stunts! Loads of fun and challenging tracks with jumpsand obstacles!We hope that you will love our Racing games and afteryou play, you will rate them or just tell us your opinion aboutthem. Because we try to offer you more and better Racing games andyour feedback will be really appreciated.
Demolition Derby Bus Racing 3D 1.5
Get ready to race and destroy your opponents in demolition derbiesand full track speedway racers that will offer you the thrill of alifetime. Destruction has never felt as real as you see doors andother bus parts smash of your school.Inspired by the real derbydemolition games of muscle cars and city cars. We added a twist tothe usual school bus driver 3d simulator and school bus drivinggames to give you the real life demolition derby game experience inthe new 2016 School bus Simulator. Your derby days have startedwith real drift bus racing games and crash drive, this game isbound to take the hot spot in your collection of derby demolitionCrash racing games. Have the real derby drift demolition 3dexperience with this ultimate school bus demolition derby game 2016today. Fasten your seat belt and sit tight to win demolition derbyracing. Just hit hard & reckless all other derby cars, crashthem and destruction rivals derby drivers to crash them whiledamaging to your own vehicle, hit hard again and again until youwin alone at derby racing track. Drag other derby school bus inaddition push your rivals off the track to win the bus crash derbydeath race. Speed up your vintage bus & truck and enjoy withamazing school bus crash stunts. Demolition derby extreme schoolbus racing is an adventure and action packed vehicle destructiongame, where your bus driving skills are tested to the extreme levelwith furious driving to recklessness.Those who love performing highlevel bus stunts, fast driving, dangerous turns and multiplehurdles. Xtreme school bus racing stunts arena challenge beginswith an extra dose of amazing multiple vehicles driving and truckstunt. Go against hurdles, car crashing, high jumps and speedracing. Always try to crash rival cars from side & rear. Areckless face-to-face c’rashes and avoid to stop your engine ifextreme damage caused. There are many twist and turns on all tracksso be careful with your drive. It’s an ultimate survival testagainst all opponents with your demolition derby xtreme car drivingskillsSo what are you waiting for? Download the “demolition derbybus racing 3d” Game Demolition Derby Bus Racing Features: 🚌 Chooseyour favorite school bus model.🚌 Realistic environments: DerbyArena.🚌 Beautiful derby racing track.🚌 Adjust the controls to yourliking.🚌 Realistic and fun bus paint jobs (style your bus)🚌 Intensehigh speed racing action.🚌 Customize and improve your Car.🚌 True HDsoundtracks, and real car sounds!🚌 Real-time vehicle destructionand damage.🚌 Realistic Car Physics and smooth controls.🚌 Multiplechallenging missions.🚌 Realistic Driving Experience of cars.🚌Detailed 3d graphics optimized to run smooth on your mobile phoneor tablet device. We hope that you will love our school bus gamesand after you play, you will rate them or just tell us your opinionabout them. Because we try to offer you more and better school busgames and your feedback will be really appreciated. 🚌
com.bleedingedge.flight.sim.flying.pilot 1.4
Who wants to play the role of a flight pilot simulator? The bestflight simulator game is here. Time to fly in the sky with PlaneFlight. Flying an airport plane is not an easy task as it requiresperfect pilot skills to take off and control landing. Here atBleeding Edge Studio, we have been studying to perfect the ultimateFlight Simulator: Flying Pilot, improving the physics for you theplayer. And finally, we're excited to give you the opportunity toplay our brand new and exciting Flying Pilot simulator! Drive yourairplane and become the ultimate plane racer. Fly as fast as youcan to win the race. Be an excellent flying pilot, make a move toexplore the world. Cross the obstacles like sharp rocks, mountainsand while passing hilly areas, bridges and collect the star powers,earn more to upgrade your airplane, aircraft, and jet to win theairplane race. Be careful while flying and accelerating yourairplane, make sure you don’t hit your competitor jet. Never thelate!! Play an amazing free flight simulator games. Realisticphysics and true-to-life simulated fly real flight simulator willgive you the opportunity to make yourself a master of buoying aircraft plane in any kind of critical location like earth quake,flood, thunderstorm or any other. This is not a single task gamebut it has multiple challenges for you to perfect. This is veryawesome and amazing game. In this Airplane Rescue flight Simulatorgame there are multiple levels. On which have lots of fun andthrills to entertain you. On this simulate you have test your jetclimbing abilities. Fly the artillery plane on the city and takeoffon the airport safely. Then your mission is to supply the foods,Madison, relief, and rescue the city peoples. As a Flying PilotSave the people and die for your country during rescue people.Flight Simulator: Flying Pilot ✈️ Dynamic lighting and sounds of acommercial airplane and environment ✈️ Fast landing mode withglobal competition and 5 fault levels. ✈️ Unique reward system forgameplay ✈️ HD Graphics. ✈️ Realistic airplane handling physics ✈️Fly carefully to avoid stalling ✈️ feels like you’re flying thereal thing ✈️ Dynamic and beautiful 3d environments includingmountains, deserts, cities, rivers, oceans and many otherlandscapes ✈️ Emergency Quick Response ✈️ Different powerfulvehicles with lights and siren. We hope that you will love ourFlight Simulator games and after you play, you will rate them orjust tell us your opinion about them. Because we try to offer youmore and better Flight Simulator games and your feedback will bereally appreciated.
Police Car Cargo Transport 3D 1.2
Get ready for an awesome driving experience. It's time to show yourperfect driving skills while driving a heavy duty transporter on acity. This is the real simulation and driving adventure with citydrive. Drive police car and enjoy police car transport simulator.Take police car and get behind the wheels. Amazing drive, realsimulation game, car driver adventure and truck transport. Drivetrucks and transport police car. The best police cargo trucksimulator to make your driving skills even better. Become the bestpolice driver of the town. Your duty is to play as the policedriver. Take multiple jobs including police car driving, policebike moto transport, car transport trailer truck driver and citycargo truck driver. You have to drive your truck very carefullywithout hitting other cars. Play as the real driver & a policecar transporter. Drive very smoothly and make sure to reach on therequired destination point to unload your cargo. All you have toplay this game and deliver cars to its destination and unlock yournew police Multi story car transporter. The game consist ofreal-life city traffic and fulfill the duty of transport cars inyour truck.Manage a truck cargo that can transfer heavy loads inone of the most amazing truck driving games! This Police car cargotransport 3d will give you the mega truck cargo skill of drivingtransporters containing heavy shipment. In this ultimate 3d cartransport trailer truck police mobile transporter game, you’ll testyour driving skills at parking cars inside the transporters anddriving the big truck yourself. So get ready for the king of allcar transporter games and police car transporter truck drivinggames, in the modern truck transporter. Now shift gears like a realcar transport trucker in this astounding Police car cargotransport. Police car cargo transport is a new kind of cargo truckgame where you need to load and unload high value police cars andpolice sports cars on top of your car transporter loader. In one ofthe most extremely fun driving and parking mania games you will beprovided with some amazing cars to park in the container truck.Drive and load all the cars carefully and maneuver them on thetrailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot. Thendrive the massive truck to the destination by following ahighlighted arrow while managing the load on top. Realisticcontrols and physics for police cars trucks in a high definitionenvironment keeps the user highly engaged in truck transport gamesand that is exactly the case for this game. Steer through thetraffic, follow sergeant instructions and complete yourtransportation job & police mission within tight deadlines.Excited? Download Police car cargo transport 3d now! CarTransporter Truck Pro Features: 🚓 Amazing 3D graphics.🚓 PoliceTruck Driving Adventure🚓 Best police car transport games sounds andanimations🚓 Excellent sound effects🚓 FREE Car Transporter Truck Progame🚓 perfectly tuned police car simulator controls🚓 6 ExtremeDelivery missions 🚓 Challenging and outstanding environment🚓Thrilling missions of transport games. We hope that you will loveour Transport games and after you play, you will rate them or justtell us your opinion about them. Because we try to offer you moreand better Transport games and your feedback will be reallyappreciated. </b
com.bleedingedge.excavator.crane.heavyduty 1.6
Excavator Crane Heavy Duty takes you to a construction and citybuilding sites where the construction work is never boring! You getto buckle up and step into the shoes of different workers on thesite, controlling all major construction machines like Cranes,garbage truck and Diggers. For excavating the foundations of abuilding is being laying down the tarmac into the right position.If you ever dreamt of driving an excavator around or a heavy pieceof equipment like a paver then this Excavator Crane Heavy Duty isthe game for you. Build and dig heavy roads between mountains,hills & off road steep paths. Everyone dreams about controllingheavy excavators and cranes. There is special attraction in thesemachines. If you are also lover of these machines come and feel thedriving experience of different excavators and cranes in this gameand fulfill your dream. Be careful as these machines are heavy andcontrolling them is very difficult. Once you get behind thesteering wheel of the sand excavator vehicles all your focus shouldbe only on how to complete the construction simulator taskeffectively and efficiently. It’s a great experience of diggingsand from the ground and loading it on your dump truck with fullmanual controls. City building many mission arcade diversion inrestricted time. Beginning levels are very simple and learningbackground to control different working development vehicles withvarious devices. Insane city building addictive diversion withgreat driving perspective and inside and outside camera see forworking development apparatus easily amid building street highrooftop court building scaffolds and stacking and conveying load.As you going ahead to construct city testing levels increment withmore fun and fixation. I trust this change never let youprematurely end from reenactment till the end. Heavy machinery andvehicles are not easy to drive so be careful and be perfect in yourduty as a heavy duty excavator crane driver in this 3d simulationgame. Sand excavator crane is a mixture of simulation, parking anddriving. Excavator Crane Heavy Duty feature: 👷 I am obsessed withexcavator and cranes. 👷 Awesome construction site environment 3D 👷Play as mighty excavator operator and dump truck driver 👷 Simulateand transport heavy vehicles on rugged terrains on your heavytrailer truck. 👷 Real physics in heavy equipment machine movement 👷Driving an excavator machine is now a great fun experience foreveryone in this game. 👷 Easy to control with your fingers andtouch 👷 Addictive Missions of Driving, Excavation & Dumping 👷Multiple Gameplay Missions 👷 Realistic sounds 👷 Set at aconstruction site your tasks should you choose to download and play👷 8 challenging crane excavator and transporter levels We hope thatyou will love our Excavator Crane games and after you play, youwill rate them or just tell us your opinion about them. Because wetry to offer you more and better Excavator Crane games and yourfeedback will be really appreciated.
Impossible Tracks Car Stunt 3D 1.2
Drive super speed stunt car on impossible tracks. Lots of jumps andobstacles on mid-air tracks are waiting for stunt ride withimpossible tracks car stunt 3d. New car driving 2017 simulator withdreadful road tracks in car race driving stunt game. Impossibletracks car stunt 3d will provide you the airborne treacherous carand bike tracks for thrill drive. Impossible Tracks car 3d withaction packed sky-high drive Driving a stunt car can be difficult,Hop in your car and drive through various locations and reach tillthe end of the track without any damage only in stunt car SimulatorImpossible. This simulator features many trucks brands, withrealistic engine sounds and detailed interiors! Completelyrealistic missions and driving experience are waiting for you. Easyand intuitive controls will let you experience and feel theseextreme simulation! Sit behind the steering and control the heavyvehicles while performing your duty. Driving a big vehicle can bedifficult, will you be able to finish all the jobs? The impossibletracks stunt car simulator 3d provides you tons of challenginglevels with great interior feels and entertaining. The modern stuntand drag racing game filled with full action and free style stuntriding. Join the stunt ramp world and prepare yourself to enjoyastonishing race with incredible high speed race impossible track.Burn the asphalt roads at lightning speed with cool slow-motionjump animations and cutting edge 3D. Become a real stunt hero andamaze stunt world with your risky tricks or huge roof jumps.Thebest stunt car is on the impossible tracks and ready to be exploredby extremely experienced car drivers. Sit behind the wheels yourseat belt to experience the best driving game & impossibletracks car stunt. If you think you are a great driver then you cancheck your driving skills by this amazing driving & carsimulation game. Impossible tracks stunt car simulator has returnedin real 3D with easy to learn controls and mechanics.Enjoy anadvanced driving and physics engine, using drifting, jumping andnitro rocket boosts to speed around the maps like a stunt drivingpro! Remember, the crazier you're driving the faster you’ll go,with drifts and jumps topping up your boost meter. ImpossibleTracks Car Stunt 3D Feature: 🏎️Easy to use car controls.🏎️ImproveYour Car Driving Skills🏎️Most challenging tracks to driveon🏎️Increase the powers of the car as your progress.🏎️10 missionsto play in this game🏎️Awesome quality HD graphics.🏎️Real enginesounds.🏎️Smooth controls and addictive game play.🏎️Mid-air stuntsand driving tracks to beat racing foes.🏎️Real nitro engine soundwith impossible tracks car simulator. We hope that you will loveour Impossible Tracks games and after you play, you will rate themor just tell us your opinion about them. Because we try to offeryou more and better Impossible Tracks games and your feedback willbe really appreciated.
Sports Car Mechanic Workshop 3D 1.5
This Car mechanic workshop 3d game is the famous game to car fixingand repair with different auto mechanic jobs available to be doneby an auto mechanic like car modifying station, car engine repair,and garage and gas station and auto repair service. Car mechanicsimulation game is a must playing car mechanic and repair workshopgame with perfect car mechanic simulator features. . You are goingto perform different jobs in car mechanic workshop i.e. enginerepairing, car snickering, wheel changing, car paint jobbing, cardenting and car light fix in using various car repair tools andequipment. A top addition in car games, parking plaza games and inauto repair games’ categories. Auto fix sport car mechanicsimulator workshop has plenty of auto repair tools for you to playsuitable car repair tasks along with car fix special tasks anddifferent car driving tasks like a crazy driver. Repair your carand wash it in Service station to clean all the dust. Feel like areal car mechanic who does his car repair job very skillfully. Usedifferent workshop tools and car spare parts in mechanic simulatorand mechanic simulation sensation where car mechanic manager willbe heading the car workshop for quality car mechanic job. Unlikeother car mechanic games. Use car spare parts as part of yourmechanic simulator car workshop and jeep driver where you will alsoperform as a limousine mechanic, hummer mechanic, suburban utilityvehicle mechanic, 4x4 mechanic, bike mechanic and sports carmechanic. Show your mechanic muscle in car repair services in yourown auto workshop mechanic factory. Try using various car repairtools and collect rewards like other real mechanic games.World'smost popular Car mechanic workshop 3d is calling you to explore theauto mechanic, car repair and auto repair world with car fix, bikefix and auto mechanic simulator missions in a super enthralling carrepair car fix game. Now fix car with ease and much perfection.Sometimes your friend will also say that now you have learnt thecar repair skills through this auto repair workshop, so fix my caras well.Welcome to service station workshop Service station Carmechanic and service station workshop 3d is a new car wash and carservice simulation game. In this car wash simulator game, youbecome the owner and driver of a different car and must drive dirtycar to service station and complete car service or cash washprocedure in order to complete each level in this car workshopgame. You must enjoy the drive of the awesome sports car around thecity and big car wash service stations. You can select differenttype of car, and enjoy driving of amazing sports cars. Easy toplay, you can follow arrow the in big service station, if youfollow the arrow direction then you easily reach to yourdestination. Car Mechanic Workshop 3D Feature: 👨🔧 Many of theCars👨🔧 Get your dirty car washed👨🔧 Different Various Spare Parts👨🔧excellent service station environment👨🔧 Many of Tasks to Complete👨🔧Smooth game play and car controls👨🔧 Amazing Gameplay Adding Effectson the Car in this Games👨🔧 Captivating HD graphics with real-lifesounds👨🔧 Awesome Environment Specially Designed for the Fill ofReal Garage👨🔧 Patrol pump and maintenance garage. 👨🔧 Fully EquippedWorkshop👨🔧 Perform Auto Repair Car on Sports Cars We hope that youwill love our Car Mechanic games and after you play, you will ratethem or just tell us your opinion about them. Because we try tooffer you more and better Car Mechanic games and your feedback willbe really appreciated. 👨🔧
Cat Vs Mouse Simulator 3D 1.5
You are already boring wild animal simulator and dog simulatorgames? Are you looking for a more interesting pet simulation game?Then, Cat vs mouse Chase simulation game is the one you have beenwaiting for. This pet animal game has begun the cat and mouse fighttales all over again. Now enjoy it with a new twist! Play as oneastute cat with a sharp nose and a mission. Chase the scruffyinvading mice out of the house! This cat vs mouse simulator is theclosest one can get to a feline. Explore what is to a cat ahuman-roaming bastion and experience the thrill of hunting yourprey! Bring out the cat inside you and fulfil your duties. Run andattack with vigor using your claws and teeth. This amazing cat vs.mouse chase will take the pet animal simulation games to a newheight. Take the challenge of being a super angry cat to run andattack scruffy invading mice in this furiously dangerous mouse huntgames. Take control of your pussy cat and hunt down your preyinvading your territory. Awake the cat inside you and start racingon the streets to catch scruffy invading mice. Don't let the micerun away with cheese in this cat and cheese and mouse simulationgame. Play as cat and gather food for your small baby kittens byhunting down your prey by using teeth and claws. But be careful asthese mice are really sharp and quick and collect cheese in notime. Cheese is everywhere all you have to do is to run and attackthese mice in a blink of an eye. Get this crazy pet Cat vs mousesimulator 3d game today and enjoy the madness of cute cat vs ratwar. Awake the sleeping cat from within and take up theresponsibility of gathering food for your crazy kittens. The ratwill try to take cheese from under your nose and run away withoutdelaying for even a single second. Your duty will be to stay activeand don’t give them any chance to escape. Catch as many mice aspossible within the allocated time frame and make your territorymouse free forever. So what are you waiting for? Start your journeyof being a cat and provide food to your kittens who are waiting foryou. Don’t let the rats escape from their holes and catch them assoon as they leave them. In this Cat vs mouse simulator 3d, youplay as one of the many pet mice and eat cheese while running awayfrom the Feline! There are 10 interesting levels in which you enjoythe rat vs Cat. Cat vs Mouse Simulator 3D Features: • Realistic 3DHD Graphics • Easy and smooth controls • Exciting mouse catchingmissions • Indoor and outdoor locations • Complete excitingchallenges • Eat and Sleep to regain your energy We hope that youwill love our simulation games and after you play, you will ratethem or just tell us your opinion about them. Because we try tooffer you more and better simulation games and your feedback willbe really appreciated.
Dinosaur Simulator Free Game 1.4
A new challenging game of Dino simulator, smash down the cities inthis advanced dinosaur simulator. You no longer have to fantasizeabout being a dinosaur; your dreams have finally come true!Rediscover the lost world of the dinosaurs, take control of thedinosaurs and rampage the world. In Dinosaur Simulator game 3D youplay as a huge Dinosaur predator and learn the fun of devouringyour prey. With an appetite as big as the size of this water beast,you can hunt and eat anything. See the world as an angry monsterthat will attack anything it sets its bulging eyes on. Control thisgiant in water and on land. Experience Amazing 3D graphics andprehistoric Jurassic park environments. Play the real dinosaursimulator game and have lot of fun in destroying city!! Smash thecity and be the massive dinosaur and roam around the extremelocations. Race against a car, smash into a moving vehicle. Have afun of tilting and smashing the world with lot of noise. Dinosaurgames are always fun and this one will make you go crazy. Getyourself ready for the thrilling experience. Bleeding Edge Studiobrings you a fun new concept of having a dinosaur roaming around inmodern cities, destroying everything in its path in our new game,Dinosaur simulator free game! You can now walk around and explorethe city as a monstrous Dinosaur and do whatever you want to thevirtual environment. Flip over some cars, run after people andscare them silly! All this and much more will be possible just bytouching the screen of your device with different functions foreach touch. Yes you might be thinking we saw this in the movies butnow over here in this Dinosaur simulator 3D game you can widespreaddestruction in a very funny and enjoyable way.We assure you thatDinosaur Simulator will provide you with endless hours ofentertainment as you go around terrorizing the city. Release thewild beast in you with this free dinosaur simulation game and havefun with the very easy gameplay. It will take you back to theJurassic age for sure where there was complete destruction and youhave thrilling locations available too. So now you don’t have toimagine about the dinosaurs that what if they were alive you havethe opportunity to become a dinosaur yourself. Your dreams are realnow so discover the world of dinosaurs and take control of thedinosaurs yourself. Make sure to get your friends and familyplaying it too as this isn’t a game anyone should miss out on,especially since it’s free! Dinosaur Simulator Free GameFeatures:🐲Awesome and amazing realistic cool 3D graphics.🐲Realisticgame play and cool sound🐲So many exciting levels available to makeyou go crazy.🐲Smooth and easy controls to make the Dinosaur moveand attack.🐲Great realistic game play and a very cool backgroundsound.🐲Play with various free dinosaurs🐲Tremendous and exceptional3D jungle and city environments.🐲Awesome gameplay with attackinganimations🐲Awesome gameplay with easy attacking missionsavailable.🐲Different choices of dinosaurs available and you canplay totally free. We hope that you will love our DinosaurSimulator games and after you play, you will rate them or just tellus your opinion about them. Because we try to offer you more andbetter Dinosaur Simulator games and your feedback will be reallyappreciated.
Bear Hunting 3D 1.1
Let’s go hunting with Sniper Bear hunting 3d. This is an amazingand addictive action pack game to take you to an ultimate adventurein the most realistic environment with trees, grass, outdoor,mountains etc. Those who love hunting will love this first personsniper shooting game where you don't have a squad & you need todo it all alone. Grab your gun, test your sniper skills and don'tlet the deer escape. Let’s go hunting in the real jungle wildernessenvironment. Do you trust your sniper shooting skills? Let’s showhow to hunt. The game gives you an awesome experience with real 3Dgraphics, sound effect and the environment. The deer might beunaware of your presence so take your best shot to become the besthuntsman of the jungle.Become the best Bear hunter in the Bearhunting 3d game, test your shooting skills with one of the bestsniper gun in the world equipped with you. Remember keep yourfinger on the trigger and keep shooting until you have cleared thelevel or all Bear are dead.Bears live in jungle, they areconsidered dangerous animal. They rule the jungle by force. Evenbig in size animals like elephant and giraffes accept their reignin jungle. How Bears maintain the reign? The main reason is power,strength and activeness. The other animals are usually afraid ofBears and avoid to stay nearby. Bear Hunters 2017 are usuallyequipped with best rifles, snipers and other modern weapons withscope. The hunter in the jungle has to be active, alert, andaccurate in aiming and shooting. Lions are wild animals and canattack on the hunter, so he has to be ready to rescue himself incase of danger and escape to the safe point.Bear hunting 3dFeatures: 🐻 Great Bear Hunting Experience 🐻 3D Graphics and Soundeffects 🐻 Real Time Jungle Environment 🐻 Multiple Missions 🐻Multiple weapons 🐻 Interactive Environment 🐻 Smooth Game play &Interface 🐻 Powerful shooting weapons 🐻 First Person Shooting 🐻Efficient gun control 🐻 Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)We hopethat you will love our Bear hunting games and after you play, youwill rate them or just tell us your opinion about them. Because wetry to offer you more and better bear hunting games and yourfeedback will be really appreciated.
Mega Prison: Build, Construct & Cargo Simulator 3D 1.0
The story of Mega Prison: Build, Construct & Cargo Simulator 3Dgame revolves around the designing and construction of a Prison.You are good in designing so the jailer of the Prison contactedwith you for this purpose in this builder tycoon simulator. Nowit’s your responsibility to do in the possible time and possibleway. The first of mega city Prison construction games is to planethe surface with the help of road roller. Once you are done with ityou will move towards the loader to take walls in the site in townbuilding game and pick those walls and place them. Then you need todig the area by using the excavator to make aquarium inconstruction parts. You have to fill digging area with water inthis Prison Construction game. And place glass floor in diggingarea. Now your duty is turned towards designing this PrisonConstruction skill. You need to paint the floor to make itbeautiful and place the roof of the Prison. Then you need to setthe furniture of the sitting arrangement as the people are aroundto eat the meal in this uphill construction.There is a BleedingEdge Studio Construction Company who has given a contract aconstructed city Mega Prison Simulator. In gameplay, you need todrive the grand truck, crane road roller, an excavator, load itwith heavy cargo slabs and start working as a crew member of Prisonconstruction repair worker. Use sand digger to load the sand on thetrucker’s truck. Steer the semi-truck at high speed to reach thebuilding site where it is required. You also are going to drive theforklift vehicle to load giant concrete Slabs. This Mega Prison:Build, Construct & Cargo Simulator 3D provides you essentialmachines and tools to build a beautiful Bank. If you can handle allkinds of building machines and drive heavy types of machinery withcare than this game is for you. Drive and enjoy the most urbanemachines of 2018. Be careful as these machines are heavy andcontrolling them is very difficult. Once you get behind thesteering wheel of the sand excavator vehicles all your focus shouldbe only on how to complete the Prison construction simulator taskeffectively and efficiently.In this wifi free game, PrisonConstruction Simulator 2018 you will drive different machineconstruction vehicles for material transportation. There are heavyexcavators, rollers, dumper truck, concrete mixers, big cranes andother heavy machinery for carrying the material to the NY citysite. Be ready to complete the challenging construction mission andbecome the best builder prison construction site truck drivingsim.Features of Mega Prison: Build, Construct & Cargo Simulator3D🔒 Superb NY City prison construction game!🔒 Drive heavy vehiclesin NY City transport missions!🔒 Truck drive transport and prisonconstruction duty!🔒 Become the best prison construction of 2018!🔒Mind-blowing 3d graphics and best sound effects!
School Bus Driving Up Hill Rush - Free Bus Games 1.0
Are you ready to drive your school bus on off-road tracks? Off-roadschool bus games and enjoy school bus driver. Now play the mostrealistic school bus simulator games. Gameplay includes 6 beautifulbuses in this school bus driving games. Eye-catching interiors willmake you feel like driving a real bus. Everyone knows that pickingup student and bringing them safely to their drop-off points is noteasy. If you are looking for a realistic school bus driver 3d simor bus driver simulator, there is nothing better than the newschool bus driver 3d simulator. This is a unique type oftransporter sim and one of the top school bus driving and you are abus parking games in this schoolbus driver 3d sim. There is a lotof school bus driving games but School Bus Driving Up Hill Rush -Free Bus Games is one of its own kind and fast driver.The winterholidays are ended ready for driving schoolbus games for highschool student. your duty is to pick the passenger from their homeand drop their point safely. Your mission is that pick all studentand drop very safely. Safety is the first priority during the driveyour school bus driver no need you break the traffic rules you needto avoid the rush traffic like cars, the simulator does not crashyour bus driver games and you need to obey every traffic rules formaking you the best driver for the school bus. Every morning yourduty is steering your buss and safely ride pick the passenger fordrop their place safely and at the time. Vehicle game good practicewill make you a good driver in your practical life. When you startyour point 1st you fasten your seatbelt when you press the breakyou are not safe without the seat belt. The kid’s student iswaiting for the favorite coach going to school. You provide thepassenger safely transport. Transport bus driver simulator gamemake you best high school bus driver for riding huge simulator todrive on the busy highway intercity and outer city if you loving tomagic school bus games install the transporter game for polishdriving skill.This School Bus Driving Up Hill Rush - Free Bus Gamesis the super smooth control and HD graphics. Weather is awesome,Sound is amazing in the simulator the school passenger enjoys thesound. Control sound high and low in your hand. Attractivebackground. Designed in a beautiful city. If you loving simulatorgames and want experience in your driving skill you need to playhigh school bus driving for making you expert driver for the bigvehicle driver. Transport game is the most exciting to learn driverules and skill and all traffic laws. If you play unique transport,then your internal emotion like real coach drive on the highway.Ride your powerful vehicle on the busy road maintain your speed andavoid to hit another vehicle if you hit any vehicle or cars yourmission is failed and you need to start your mission again so drivevery carefully. School Bus Driving Up Hill Rush - Free Bus GameFeatures:🚌Amazing movement to pick up & drop.🚌Enjoyable vehicledriving game.🚌Impressive control system.🚌Graphics areoutstanding.🚌Beautiful 3D environment of a city.🚌Real life busdriving skill.🚌Easy to bus selection mood.🚌Amazing concept fordriving big vehicle
Expert Village Farmer Simulator: Bull Farming Game 1.0
🐄The old times plowing was full of fun and hardworking. Many peopleof this age want to experience that time at any cost. To fulfillthis desire of the players of farm village Games, we haveintroduced our real farming games. In farmer life, you aresuccessful to enjoy each and every step of land insemination of theold age. Become a member of milking cow simulator by playing thisamazing Farmer Simulator. Take the control of heavy bull simulatoron your farm and its fields to fulfill your harvesting dreams. Thisfarmer’s life is the latest farming game but full of traditionalstyle. You can plow, sow and harvest while using the traditionalmachinery in sheep farmer future. Even you can sell your crops formoney in farmer games free with a tractor. You can have fun whileplaying this farm adventure games and you can become a professionalfarmer. Download the Expert Village Farmer Simulator: Bull FarmingGame and enjoy the village life! In this bull cart heavy harvestingsimulator you are the farmer in new tractor games free, this is allabout the farming and prepare the fields for crops and cuttingusing bull where tractor farming games are not reached. In this 3dgame of Village farms you are the farmer and growing crops as aprofession and to fulfill the need of you foods for all theseasons.🐄You need to drive the horse cart and search a shop forseeds in animal’s farm. Buy the wheat seeds and come back to yourfields in the farming sector. The second step you are going tofollow is plowing in modern farming by using the bull cart. Now youneed to do seeding in your fields in farm tractors. You have to doit the manually heavy tractor. Once you are done with this you cando watering in your crop in tractor farmer. This will be veryinteresting for you as you are going to do with the help ofwatering mill in the virtual farmer. The bull is hungry now you aresupposed to take care of him as he is a helping hand for you inharvester game. Now you can cut the forage for him and put in frontof him in agriculture land with the help of horse cart. You havethe cow on your farm now you need milking the cow to show yourfarmer’s skills.🐄If you are the fan of farming games then downloadour Expert Village Farmer Simulator: Bull Farming Game for free andstart farming experience on your device. Enjoy the life of villagebull farmer and experience the real-time bull farming and alsolearn how the farming is in old days. So are you ready for farmingsimulator 3d amazing farmer’s game? Let’s download then and startfarming in an awesome hilly environment and experience the plowing,sowing, watering, and harvesting.Expert Village Farmer Simulator:Bull Farming Game Features:🐄 Take the control of realistic vehiclesand pieces of machinery🐄 You can grow different plants in realfarming🐄 You can sell crops for money in plow farming🐄 High-quality3D graphics🐄 Many hours of free fun of farming 3d simulator🐄Awesome environments of Romanian village farmers🐄 Enjoy awesomegame design, created by a team of the top game designer.🐄 Enjoyrealistic sound effects.🐄 Finish all levels, with differentobjectives and challenges
Submarine Simulator 3D - Underwater Survival Games 1.0
Have you ever played a submarine simulator games? Or did someauditory acts in real life. This is the time to get over allprevious water free submarine games and underwater diving games.Become an ultimate submarine simulator games free. Play top game of2017 in the underwater environment. This addictive and mostexciting game Submarine Simulator 3D - Underwater Survival Games.#1 game for scuba divers, water pilots, and lovers for waterdriving games in the water. Get into the marine ride. Futuristicmarine control system with heroic interior and exterior of thismarine system submarine games simulator free. Drive an endless andmost daring water life park of amusement recreation. Global warmingis increasing and sea level is rising day by day. You are thedaring player to explore the underwater acoustic marine life. Divein the realistic and ultimate huge submarine with your teammembers. Hold onto control. You have the 3D sea map inside thesubmarine. Submarines are the best way to do deep undersea andocean. Real sharks are found at the deepest levels of the sea. Donot hit any obstacles. Move smooth and increase your speed withnitro racing and real-time driving skills that you have developed.By playing racing cars and asphalt retro driving of motor racing.This vehicle is large and huge. Submarine Simulator 3D - UnderwaterSurvival Games is the best underwater simulation. The top-levelgame is here. Download for some real submarines war gamesfun.Submarine Simulator 3D - Underwater Survival Games Features:🛳️Lifelike Battle Cruiser Russian Submarine🛳️ Incredible underwaterenvironment🛳️ Gunship battle and helicopter battle simulation🛳️ Godeep underwater to avoid detection and attack🛳️ Machine guns andtorpedoes for attack 🛳️ Realistic sound effects for attack anddestroy
Tunnel Construction: Railroad Crossing Train Game 1.0
This Tunnel Construction: Railroad Crossing Train Game is one ofthe best Tunnel construction game. This heavy truck game gives youa chance to play something else than the other boring road games.Many interesting and exciting tasks are waiting for tower crane inthis Tunnel Construction. Start loading and transporting the cargoobject. Workers want to build the New Highway Tunnel on time thatis why they need you for driving the dump truck. Engineers willgive you all the instructions about tower crane. Lift and transportall cargo important objects with the excavator in this up TunnelConstruction Game. If your dream is to build a highway tunnel thenthis construction game will fulfill your desire. Your task in thisbuild the city game is just to operate the forklift crane and buildthe Tunnel Highway. In this river road game, we have pier, decks,stones, blocks and all kinds of construction things. But you canbuild and drive vehicle in this build city tunnel game as in a reallife. In this Tunnel Construction: Railroad Crossing Train Game, wedesigned realistic environment.In this Tunnel Construction:Railroad Crossing Train Game adventure, you will be engaged highlyentertaining construction duty or cargo transportation duty ontunnel highway where you will construct 3d tunnel utilizing latestequipment from builder games which includes sand excavator or heavyexcavator crane along with tower crane which is ideal tunnelconstruction or well-spread train construction sim. Do you likeplaying bridge construction games or highly thrilling heavyexcavator games then this game will fulfill your requirements? Inthis forklift game, you will take the role of becoming the off-roaddriver or professional engineer which has to tunnel construct 3d orengaging railroad building tasks with dumper truck or cargo truckalong with forklift while using cargo simulator or realphysics-based construction simulator and build up perfect railwaytrack passing through tunnel. In this city construction game,initially, you will have to make your way through the 3d RockyMountains by initially blasting the mountain for railroad crossingand later removing the 3d stone from the way for railway trackconstruction with road roller for subway train or realistic Indiantrain. In this builder game, expertly utilize bridge constructionor road constructions skills along with railway constructionabilities and build up perfect railroad crossing passing throughthe Rocky Mountains.In this Offroad Tunnel Construction SimulatorRailroad Crossing Train 2018 Game, you will use tunnel heavy-dutycargo truck on the construction site. We will give you multipledumper trucks and excavator to dump the stones in these tunnelRussian bridge construction games 2017. You will show your bestconstruction skills and work like a supervisor in 3d bridgeconstructor free game. In construction games free of buildinghouses, you will take all construction machinery on the tunnel roadconstruction site in this construction sim. We will give you achance to become super construction crew master to build a highwayroad tunnel in these tunnels US bridge construction games. Come anddownload this Offroad Tunnel Construction Simulator RailroadCrossing Train 2018. Good Luck!Tunnel Construction: RailroadCrossing Train Game Features:🚧 Multiple thrilling 3d tunnelconstruction games task🚧 Huge range construction machinery andhighway tunnel construction games atmosphere🚧 Easy and smoothdumper truck controls🚧 Enjoy smooth dimension with bridge gamesaddictive environment
Fantastic Car Driving Simulator 2018 - Drift Cars 1.0
Fantastic Car Driving Simulator 2018 - Drift Cars is the newestopen-world racing simulator, driving simulator games vehicles on asecluded forest island where you can perform awesome stunts, smashinto interactive driving simulator games free environment objectsand explore the amazing car racing simulator. With small villagesspread throughout the Modern City, you can cause havoc by car gamesimulator race through, smash into crates, road signs and muchmore. Experience realistic free racing games damage by tossing yourfree racing games no wifi, and asphalt roads into objects.Simulator game car racing, use them for highway car racing gamessimulator anywhere! You have the freedom to drive anywhere, doanything, and rule the Fantastic Car Driving Simulator 2018 - DriftCars environment with your car realistic driving simulator, sostrap on yourself in, you're in for an NY City adventure in drivingsimulator games free.Fantastic Car Driving Simulator 2018 - DriftCars are have been the craze of youngsters and they love to playgames of the racing simulator, street driving and drag trafficriding which gives them the fun of real driving simulator simulator is one of these kinds of games where you get toobusy doing driving simulator games free on highway and streets.highway car racing games simulator along on highways dragging othercars and crossing them by close calls to increase your car racingsimulator experience. Drive through every bit of length of thehighway to earn more score and close calls will give you extraracing points as a racer. Drive with the different type of carracing simulator in your garage and put tires on fire with yourfree racing games skills. In this city Fantastic Car DrivingSimulator 2018 - Drift Cars you are going to grab the sports cardrifting games free 2016 and driving opportunity with your highwayracing games. This racing simulator car is great drag racing anddriving opportunity for young youths who love adventure and fun.This Fantastic Car Driving Simulator 2018 - Drift Cars is basicallya contest of drift racing, in this contest of drift racing gamesthere fast racing competition between driving simulator games anddrag racing cars. This car racing simulator is a traffic racing anddriving opportunity for your fast-moving drag cars. Fantastic CarDriving Simulator 2018 - Drift Cars Features:🏁 Fast boosts reachcrazy speed!🏁 Cruise on different highways!🏁 Drive through trafficon🏁 FULL HD graphics🏁 Realistic control and gameplay🏁 ARCADE andTIME ATTACK mode available!🏁 2 types of smooth controls🏁 Earn cashto unlock new cars and upgrades🏁 Tune and pimp your favorite colors
Life of Golden Eagle Simulator 3D - Bird Simulator 1.0
In this Life of Golden Eagle Simulator 3D - Bird Simulator you takecontrol over a mighty bird - eagle games that fly over the RockyMountains looking for the prey. Help him grow from a weak eaglesimulator into a Strong eagle simulator games. Hunt down yournatural enemies and survive the dark nights of Jungle. Easy to useeagle bird simulator game controls, Attractive gameplay, withBeautiful HD graphics and open world style layout. Stunning Explorethe Jungle environment brings this forest to life eagle simulatorfree. Use your meat to improve your Stamina, Strength, and flyingSpeed. Take extra food to your family for your baby bird simulatorfree. This Life of Golden Eagle Simulator 3D - Bird Simulator hasbeen designed using the actual research published on a life of afree eagle simulator game. This wild eagle simulator free game isunder development so you will be able to challenge your friendssoon.🦅The golden eagle simulator games start its journey in thewild animal simulator of the Northern Hemisphere. Every morning,the golden eagle wakes up, bright and early and goes on quests. Itsfirst quest involves building its nest. The flying bird simulatorgames for free goes in search of materials to build its nest. Ittries to find grass, yarns, straws etc. in order to get its nestready. Once the nest is nice and ready, it goes on more quests.Each level comes with a new quest, for example, the hungry eaglegoes in search of food, spots its target and in an attack that isnothing but deadly, the flying bird simulator games catches anddevours its prey.Life of Golden Eagle Simulator 3D - Bird SimulatorFeatures:🦅 Wild Eagle Jungle Eagle Simulation 🦅 Fly Like a RealEagle and Hunt your Prey 🦅 Biggest Challenges of Wild Hawk🦅 ExtremeRealistic Eagle Survival Environment 🦅 Amazing 3D Graphics andStimulating Game Play 🦅 Smooth Controls and Super Engaging Sounds 1.1
Bumper car games never have been this much fun. In this Bumper CarsCrash Drive game you will have the chance to ride in many differentbumper cars and beat all of the opponents in the special car crasharena we have made for you! The challenge for you will be to masterthe extreme bumper car machine in order to destroy all the vehicles& bumping cars that are there in the destruction arena in theminimum amount of time, in order to be crowned as the nationalbumper car destruction champion. You will have to eliminate allbumper car rivals before anyone of them crosses the finish line.But always remember, it’s not important that you win, but that youhave fun in this amazing bumper car games. All you have to do iscrash drive & hit your opponent hard with your steering wheelevery time opponent tries to come near you and try to crash yourbumper car. In this epic game you have to improve yourself witheach level and the car driving challenges you with rival bumpingcars leading to a Cup. You will have to carry out amazing bumpercar crash collision stunts with steering wheel and defeat all rivalelectric cars in epic bumper car crash course. On the racingtracks, excavations are set everywhere and time clock is tickingdown. So, you have to hurry up before the time meter counts down tozero. If you land on a mine, the life of your bumper cars willreduce. In the challenge arena you have to smash all of your rivalbumping cars before the time runs out or before they cross thefinish line. Now this style of bumper car simulator is ratherdifficult than the other bumper cars styles. In this car crasharena you dash from the start line and try to knock down everysingle one of your opponent and destroy their car which will getthem eliminated. You will have to eliminate all bumper car rivalsbefore anyone of them crosses the finish line. Consider this asbumper car training. So what are you waiting for Download thisBumper Cars Crash Drive & get ready to knock players off thestage with your bumper. Bumper Cars Crash Drive Features : 🏎️ A lotof different bumper car missions for you to play and enjoy! 🏎️Unlock and play with all kind of different Bumper Cars 🏎️ Hit allyour rivals and knock them out! 🏎️ Be careful to avoid theopponents coming from opposite direction. 🏎️ Realistic car enginephysics and debris simulation. 🏎️ Extreme bumper car driving like aprofessional car driver. 🏎️ Amazing colorful electric bumper carswith interactive Play mode. 🏎️ Stunning 3D graphics and great soundeffects We hope that you like our Bumper Car Game. Don’t forget torate it. Feel free to give us your valuable feedback. For moreupdates and games visit our store.
com.bleedingedge.crazybunny.jungle.runnergames 1.4
Welcome to our Stickman Ninja Kid Jungle Warrior: Subway Surf 3DRun Game If you like Ninja Warriors that not only hop over hurdlesin Shadow jungle Fight but also stickman ninja hero, then StickmanNinja Kid Jungle Warrior: Subway Surf 3D Run Games free is just foryou! Do you like to play Stickman Ninja Revenge games free, beststickman games, ninja warrior revenge games, and FREE Subway Surf3D Run Games? Are you looking for a chance to play free bestrunning games of stickman ninja hero, the legends of warrior ninjaand many other shadow ninja jungle fighters for kids? If yes, thenyou must download our ninja league of warrior stickman - forestRevenger War games which is more engaging than shadow of junglewars & shadow ninja real wars. You’ll enjoy a lot becauseyou’ll also have options of character selection like a shadowplayer, Stickman Ninja Kid & a girl toon character withupgraded EPIC SHADOW COMBAT powers of jumping and speedster runsame as Action Games Offline 2k19. You might have played many timesas Stickman Ninja fighter Legends in stickman ninja league,stickman ninja legend, subway hero legends having shadow of ninjadeath, league of jungle shadows and other minster ninja legendswith ninja shadow hero but this time we are going to publish twoscenarios in one running game like simulation as well as actionleague of ninja stickmen having better quality than other games ofStickman Ninja Kid Jungle Warrior. There will be fighting monsterslike sticky ninja games free on the way like top games of stickmanninja jungle shadow warrior 3d & you’ll have to get escape fromEPIC SHADOW COMBAT with theme of RPG stickman games. You’re a ninjakid in jungle Run Free and you have to become master of mostEXCITING RUNNER games. Play again & again ninja stickman jumpgames free. Firstly, understand the features of Endless NinjaStickman Fun games free by tutorials better than Surf Run 3D games2019. It’s an addictive endless kid ninja gameplay. Become ninjabuddy runner against the army of jungle darkness and let’s make itthe best subway game of EPIC SHADOW COMBAT. Don’t be lazy whileplaying endless jumper games free with the theme of Subway Surf 3DRun free games & Ninja Kid Jungle Game Run Free. When you startthis free endless sky games, firstly stickman ninja will be defaultcharacter and there will be space coins and gems along the way thatthe player of ninja stickman jump games free will pick up to unlockthe new adventure characters for ninja shadow jungle bug rush andyou can also upgrade those characters of Hunted Jungle Runner 2019by using coins & gems like our shadow stickman runner games& Run Subway surf 3d game Ninja. Bring your light speedinstincts of subway runner games to our upcoming mutant ninjarunner shadow hero to hit the oncoming foes of ninja subway realjungle surf 3D, hop over risky hurdles like top subway ninjastickman run games and vibrant environments for ninja kids run& Run Multiplayer crazy run games. Crazy ninja & friendswill go on an adventure of ninja kids’ endless runner games thatwill keep you hooked for hours just like ninja running games free& shadow of ninja fighting death! So just hold your phones forfun real run games and download Stickman Ninja Kid Jungle Warrior:Subway Surf 3D Run (the foremost thrilling run game of the year2019). Features of Stickman Ninja Kid Jungle Warrior: Subway Surf3D Run: Variety of awesome powers in fun ninja games free. HDgraphics of Ninja Escape Race. Multiple modes of shadow ninja wars.Smooth controls to run under shadow of ninja fighting death. Sowhat are you waiting for other Stickman Ninja Revenge games free,the legends of warrior ninja, and other stickman ninja jungleshadow warrior 3d? Download our Stickman Ninja Kid Jungle Warrior:Subway Surf 3D Run Game free and have fun. Endless Ninja StickmanFun games free will be updated according to your suggestions likefun multiplayer games. Don’t forget to leave a feedback. 1.2
Hello, gamers, are you addicted enough to play monster truck gamessame as offroading games, fun racing games, multiplayer racinggames online & other arcade games of derby crash race stunts?If you like to play Driving Xtreme 2 like offroad desert drivegames, then you’re in the right place and we are going to publishnew Multiplayer master racing games & you can play it on yourandroid phone as Xtreme MMX Monster Truck Racing: Offroad FunGames. It’s not simple like fun driving games, 4x4 racing, andother monster truck derby games, however, we’ve developed anoffline mode of monster truck races in derby demolition battle aswell. If you don’t have an internet connection while playing thismonster truck vs car destruction games, then you can go in anoffline mode of demolish reckless monster truck and enjoy thefearless car derby racing game stunts. There are different 4x4racing & Multiplayer Driving demolition derby games that you’veplayed before but this is very different Monster Truck DerbyRacing. Speed your Top Monster Truck up in derby demolition battle,with hazards of derby car arena, multiplayer car games online likePVP driving games and car stunts of RC rally games. MMX dash isbased on real physics of monster truck Xtreme derby 3d with itsbest mechanics with perfect monster truck strategies likemultiplayer offroad games. Don’t wait for another race stunts gameand hold your phone to play monster truck rooftop stunts game &become destruction driver of exciting monster truck smash games.Destruction of cars plays the major role to make it the bestdemolition arena game titled as Xtreme MMX Monster Truck Racing:Offroad Fun Games. Have you ever wanted to drive a monster truck inreal life or monster truck battle games like extreme stunts cardriving? Great! It's about time to test your driving skills anddecide on the truck category you would choose in this Monster TruckDerby Racing games! Choose your truck for crash racing destructionbattle and test it in the multiplayer games online of best derbygames, derby car arena, Limited Races in derby stunt car game, hotracing wheels, Single Contest of PVP driving games & Daily Racemode of Xtreme Monster Truck Real Derby Racing battle! Climb to thetop of the online leaderboards after playing banger racing games& smash other monster truck drivers after playing this speedymonster truck stunts game! Smash the enemy vehicles using driftcars driving skills for the monster truck desert game. Jump overthe ramps of trophy truck racing game & exhibit the fearlesscar derby racing game stunts same as monster truck racer arenagames. Hit blindly to smash and crash the monster trucks insidedemolition arena of rally desert racing and win the crash racingdestruction battle in best derby games. The only thing for you isto drive and survive in racing adventure games, and give maximumdamage to your derby racing opponents. You might have played manytruck racing games, monster truck derby 2019 games free, OffroadTruck racing games and other Car & Bike Racing games but hotracing wheels having PVP driving game is the best match as per yourinterest of crazy MMX derby racing games. You’ll enjoy thesuspension of monster trucks if you play our off-road monster truckracing games free. Locked monster trucks have upgraded powers ofrooftop stunts and nose will help you to win the derby demolitionof ultimate hot racing wheeled driver games. Features of Xtreme MMXMonster Truck Racing: Offroad Fun Games: Multiple of locked monstertrucks with upgraded engines. Multiplayer mode as well as offlinemode. HD graphics of derby demolition environment. Realistic crash,and demolition sound effects. 2 modes in selection for Boss BattleRaces. So what are you waiting for other MMX driver games with PVPdriving action, fastest 4x4 offroad monster truck games, and otherMultiplayer monster truck derby stunts game? Enjoy our Xtreme MMXMonster Truck Racing: Offroad Fun Games.