Blitshake LLC Apps

Walking Simulator 1.0.0
Blitshake LLC
The most advanced walking simulator isnowavailable!Challenge friends and enemies to a rigorous walkathon to seewhowalks best. For serious walkers - not the faint of heart.Are you learning to walk? Do you enjoy cross country,longdistance competitions? This app is for YOU.
Smash Lane 1.0.2
Blitshake LLC
Smash your way through intense,destroyableenvironments. Hone your aim as you smash targets topieces andshatter deadly obstacles and enemies in your path ofdestruction.- Destroy 9 unique worlds- Throw baseballs, bombs, bowling balls, bouncy balls,&fireballs- Encounter deadly obstacles, including mechanized glasswalls,birds, elephants & cannons- Realistic physics simulation
Flap 3d 1.03
Blitshake LLC
The amazing flying 3d adventure isnowavailable!Tap to flap your flappy wings to reach dizzying newheights.Avoid pipes and bombs standing between you and the rest ofyourflock. Our realistic physics system accurately models everyimpact!Collect fashionable hats to crash your bird in style.