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com.wsinc.jewelCrush.DiamondLordSwap 1.3
diamond lord swap tons of awesome rewards and surprises match 3Crush free games with gems in this jewel world of match 3 puzzlegames. Start dazzling and blast jewels as a real legend in thejewel world for the goblin. New game with great and beautiful worldwhere you must defend your kingdom and your people from horde ofbeastly goblins. Save the survivors from evil goblins and don't letmonster to grab your land Smash goblins before they get out save.Our sparkling puzzle adventure in the wonderland is ready andcraving for you to solve the levels!Solve every quest in this jewelworld that’s filled with challenging jewel games and be the best!
Toy Puzzle Crush:Army Men 1.1
toy puzzle crush:army menPlay toy puzzle today and join millionsenjoying the latest touch craze!a fun match-3 puzzle game for allages which will delight you with colorful effects and interestingpuzzles. Match by two or more to make them disappear.Multiplelevels and interesting mechanics are sure to keep youentertained.beautiful artwork will make you fully entertained whilesolve free and have a try!play with your families& friends via Facebook.
Cookie Crush Bomb Star 1.4
cookie crush bomb starcrush cookies in yummy puzzleAre you lookingfor a fun match 3 game? You do not have to spend time becausecookie crush bomb star is what you want!A new interface styledesigned by a match 3 master will give you a differentexperience!What are you waiting for? Download it now and enjoy theaddictive match 3 gaming.
Witch Crush Puzzle 1.2
witch crush puzzle free diamond match 3 puzzle game swap to match 3or more similar shiny jewels in a row. At each level you havespecific list of goals that need to be completed. Tap diamonds tomake them crush and unleash amazing power up! As your journeythrough the levels advances, you will see all sorts of differentenvironments pass in this magical world full of mystery. - freematch 3 puzzle game - enormous amount of unique levels - beautifulempire with colorful surrounding - match 3 or more jewels in thejewel world - Cclassic matching puzzle game with a twist
Hippo's Familly Bubble 1.2
hippo's familly bubblerelaxed and fun bubble game with Hippo'sfamilly for the kids who wanna spend a great time with Hippo bubbleand Hippo's familly.this is the finest bubble game for kids.easy topick up and play!absolutely free to play game!join 3 or more bubbleof same color to make them pop!win the game by eliminating allbubbles!beautiful art and effects to maximize the experience!
Ice Princess Pop 1.2
ice princess popextremely addictive and fun bubble free gameclearall the bubbles on the screen to level up,and try to get 3 stars oneach level, just have a try, you will find endless fun!❄ a lot ofchallenging puzzles!❄ exquisite game interface!❄ cool animationeffects!❄ download for free!❄ applicable to any ages!❄ applies toall android devices or google play users!❄ any time at anyplace!Extremely addictive and fun bubble game! enjoy our bubblegame!The more play and the more exciting!!! believe us and downloadit. You will never regret it!
com.wsinc.gemskingdom.pharaohEmpire 1.4
pharaoh treasure empire Get on with your Egyptian adventure today!Enter this interesting era of Egypt’s kingdom and engage in atactical game with Pharaoh legend. match the mighty Pharaohs andwatch them vanish from the dashboard to win points! Get the apptoday and enjoy an adventurous journey! game features: amazinglyunique new levels waiting for your exploration. mysterious Egyptianworld, hundreds of checkpoints waiting for you to unlock. a varietyof game objectives,mobile mode, time mode, collection mode.wonderful arsenal for props. enjoy high quality visuals andexciting special effects
com.wsinc.gemskingdom.mysteriousPharaohCureseJewels 1.6
mysterious pharaoh cursed jewels Enter the great pyramid explorethe treasure world Get into the time machine and visit ancientEgypt! Enter the Great Pyramid of Giza, explore the tombs in theValley of the Kings and find the lost treasure. Mysterious Egyptworld, hundreds of well-designed free levels! During this match 3game, you will have to break the cursed jewels to unlock new levelsYou will love this game because it has a set of puzzles you have tosolve to move to the advanced levels and there is also a set ofwonderful levels and running everywhere puzzle new solution youneed to complete the game before the end of time
Cat Angle Bubble 1.2
cat angle bubbleWith this special game, perhaps the hottest gaminggamers have exclaimed: the game is too fun and too good, you canplay games and entertainment In this bubble popping game, there arepuzzle and arcade modes. In puzzle mode, the bubbles are sticked toa compressor so you can use the walls to bounce off and reach tothe top bubbles. Arcade mode is faster, you must be quick atpopping bubbles. Whichever you play, there are dozens of bubblelevels. When playing you also need good strategy thinking, you mustuse the balls of the right color and match 3 bubbles, use freeitems
com.wsinc.gemskingdom.ToyCrushPuzzleLegend 1.3
toy crush puzzle legend the toy paradise, the best free match 3game With so many enjoyable levels, unique features and boosters,toy crush puzzle legend is a must-have game on your Android device.Play now for free and enjoy loads of challenging levels! Start thisunlimited free fun crushing, swapping, switching, popping andmatching 3 or more toys in vertical or horizontal lines to blast,pop or crush them.
com.wsinc.gemskingdom.treasurewar.empireClash 1.2
empire clash treasure war Crush free games with gems in this jewelworld of match 3 puzzle games. Start dazzling and blast jewels as areal legend in the jewel world for the goblin. New game with greatand beautiful world where you must defend your kingdom and yourpeople from horde of beastly goblins. Save the survivors from evilgoblins and don't let monster to grab your land Smash goblinsbefore they get out save. Our sparkling puzzle adventure in thewonderland is ready and craving for you to solve the levels!Solveevery quest in this jewel world that’s filled with challengingjewel games and be the best!
com.wsinc.jewelCrush.PharaohOfEgyptDiamond 1.2
pharaoh of egypt Return to the golden realm of ancient Egypt inthis challenging game In Egyptian society, religion was central toeveryday life. One of the roles of the pharaoh was as anintermediary between the gods and the people. The pharaoh thusdeputised for the gods; his role was both as civil and religiousadministrator. - mysterious Egypt world, hundreds of well-designedfree levels! - fun for more than a million players already- classicmatching with a twist - very addictive and popular match 3 jewelspuzzle game - easy and fun to start but a challenge to fullymaster. - stunning graphics with a highly polished interface.
com.wsinc.jewelCrush.FlowerGarden 1.3
flower garden the best time killer puzzle game The flower gardenblossom game gives you a unique opportunity to create the mostweird and wonderful flower hybrids. Here you can become a floristand a designer, here you can create your own window sill filledwith flowers, grow exotic flowers, create colorful bouquets andgift them to your friends! Set on this amazing quest now! Swap andlink the flowers and complete missions. Unlock amazing boosters andother surprises to help you on your journey.
Magical Jewel Star 1.1
magical jewel startons of rewarding and super fun puzzle gameadventures await.Play fun puzzle games with your social mediafriends! Join the new matching game all your friends areplaying!Beautiful animation & cute graphics, travel through thecolorful lands to relax with exciting gameplay and amazing leveldesign.Play the best match-3 game for Free, and watch hours fly by!Experience new and interesting game modes and levels that are moreexciting.
fruit harvest time 1.3
build your paradise & yard,harvest the fruits sweetest andjoyful vacation through wonderland of fruits fruit harvest time isa very addictive puzzle game. Become the most delicious and juicystar possible in this garden wonderland. swipe to match 3 or morejuicy over 850 creative levels, full of fun and amazing challenges!collect the fruits, crush the frozen fruits colorful and deliciousfruits. wisely use the fruits and powerful boosters, make the kidshappy! try to get 3 star stage clear and get the rewarded magicfruits combinations!
com.wsinc.toycubeblast.kidstoycrush 1.3
Click on any 2 same adjacent cubes and take on this addictivelyfascinating cube blasting trip in kids toy crush! Match 2 or morecubes of the same color to clear levels and solve the challengingpuzzles with limited moves. If you like color puzzle games, thisaddicting match 2 board game is your perfect choice! blast all thetoy cubes, clear the board and get awesome boosters and rewards!tap and blast the blocks, reach the target and achieve high now and enjoy this amazing puzzle adventure. playing freepuzzle games is the best way to pass time! infinite level andcompletely free to play
Witch Mahjong Cards 1.0
witch mahjong cardsDownload and discover the most fun and amazingmahjong puzzle game on android! An Epic witch adventure awaits andthis is an experience you will treasure.over 1500 boards!a new freemahjong board every day!thousands of levels with challenges.freehints help you to make game easier.optimized for portrait mode,playing game in one hand!designed for all ages, have fun with yourfamilies.complete daily mission, claim powerful rewards.
gingerbread cookie crush 1.6
gingerbread cookie crush swap and match your way through new cookiegame Are you looking for a fun match 3 game? You do not have tospend time because gingerbread cookie crush is what you want! A newinterface style designed by a match 3 master will give you adifferent experience! As you play, you will get multiple power-upsthat will help you more and more in your quest. If you alwayswanted to reach the highest score and enjoy the ultimate cookiematch 3 experience, it will be right up your alley. What are youwaiting for? Download it now and enjoy the addictive match 3gaming.
Witch Bomb Bubble 1.3
it's bubble magic puzzle witch bomb bubble, fantastic graphicgameplay about bubble match puzzle. Burst to the stunning world ofalmost 1000+ bubble blasting levels. Pop as many bubbles as you canin this bubble shooting puzzle game. Train your brain and get in onthe puzzle game action as you shoot in magical bubbles. Thisamusing bubble game is very simple and easy to play features: -amazingly original brilliant graphics - burst all bubbles to gettarget - completely free to play, challenging to master! - pop 3 ormore same with minimum shoots to win 3 stars - magical bubbles :rainbow bubble, fire bubble, aiming line - 1000+ challenging bubblepopping levels that help to train your brain and finger - drag yourfinger to move the laser aiming, and lift it to shoot bubbles.Enjoy Our bubble game! The more play and the more exciting!download today and explore over 1000 spectacular levels filled withexciting boosters and bonuses
Toys Fever Cube 1.2
toys fever cubestart your story and collecting beautiful toys!Match2 or more cubes of the same color to solve puzzles and clearlevels. With limited moves, your puzzle-solving skills willdefinitely be challenged.Blast your way through thousands ofamazing levels in this amazing puzzle game.It is easy to play, butit is plenty of fun and surprise.How to play?Tap 2 or more adjacentcubes of the same to crush.The more cubes get crushed each move,the higher score you will get.Achieve required score to passlevels, no time limit.
com.wsinc.cooljelly.FruitHarvestFram 1.4
fruit farm harvest play a fun match 3 game with your favoritefruits fruit farm harvest, addictive fresh new match puzzle game.Embark on this fruity juice adventure now! Taste the fresh juiceexperience and swap to match 3 or more delicious fruits indeliciously fruits Now the fruit party is completely free todownload in Google Play! Join this fantastic party with yourfriends!
Fruit island Match 1.4
fruit island match match 3 fruits and burst juicy Take yourself ona wild journey and experience the match3 adventure with fruit!Never ending game and never ending fun with daily bonus every day!Challenge and compete with your friends inside the game and getrewarded! You are not going to put it down once you have started!easy and fun to play, even more fun to master with skills 1000+juicy levels of the best connect 3 game with different challenginggoals happy blast party time after goal completion free to play ondifferent devices, no wifi needed! play and compete with yourfriends free gift box for each level which helps you pass the leveleasier!
Candy Bear Taste 1.1
This candy bears game will give you hours of sweet land fun. Becomethe candy bear hero and stop the evil sweet land thirsty monstersthat move after this beautiful candy land to win all the yummy! Notime to waste, cross the gems and start your sweet journey - switchand match 3 or more yummy- create combos to achieve maximum scorewith three star and beat other playersEnjoy this fizzy, free fungame. With more characters, levels and features added all the time!
com.wsinc.toycubeblast.toycrushtoon 1.4
toy cubes match collapse cubes to unlock logic puzzle quest Tap onany 2 or more adjacent toy cubes of the same to blast and collectthe toys from where they stuck. collect lovable ducks andhobbyhorses to help with tricky levels numerous boosters along theway to help easy and fun to play but challenging to fully mastereye-catching graphics and cool effects over 800 addicting puzzlelevels spectacular rewards and extra bonuses unlocked after levelpassed
Fruit Cubes Tap Blast 1.0
fruit cubes tap blasta funny and juicy match 2 puzzleIn the fruitfactory, you can find so many fruit! Your mission is to collectjuice by tapping cubes in the same color. The more cubes you blast,the greater score you will get!Different from puzzle games, youonly have to tap on two or more toy cubes to have a great blast!Easy and fun!- Tap more than 2 of the same fruits to blast them!-Tap more than 5 of the same fruits to generate special fruits:rocket, bomb or rainbow!
com.wsinc.jewelCrush.GardenMasterBlossomFlowers 1.4
gardener master blossom flowers become a gardener in flowers gardenenjoy a relaxing day outdoors, take a walk in our magical gardenand match the flowers! ready to start swapping and matching somebeautiful flowers? get it now for free and join the exciting andcolorful match-3 adventure! challenge yourself with hundreds ofthrilling levels as you advance through the game. each levelpresents a new mission that you’ll have to complete. Try to usefewer moves to clear a level, so you can get the chance to earn 3stars. master all the different challenges to level up and winpoints.
Blossom Cube Crush 1.3
blossom cube crush Tap on any 2 or more adjacent flower cubes ofthe same to blast and collect the buds from the garden. Plan yourmoves strategically, take on this smashing fascinating cubeblasting trip Fall in love with this sweet new Match 2 flowerpuzzle game! It’s the best match 2 game you’ll ever play with morethan 800 flower blossom levels.
Fruit Yard Match 3 1.2
fruit yard match 3Never ending game and never ending fun with dailybonus every day! Match the fresh fruit into lines of 3 through 900+challenging levels in this delicious puzzle adventure. Dip yourfingers into the best fruit game ever made by challenging andcompeting against your friends inside the game to get rewards! Youwon’t put it down once you’re started!
com.wsinc.blockpuzzlegame.jewelstar 1.2
jewel block classic Simple but addictive puzzle game! how to playpuzzle 1. simply drag the blocks to move them. 2. try to createfull lines on the grid vertically or horizontally. 3. blocks can'tbe rotated. 4. no time limits. ★ exquisite Game Interface! ★ easyto play, and classic brick game for all ages! ★ it is all free andno wifi need! ★ support leaderboard.
Cube Blast Rescue Toy 1.3
cube blast rescue toy Bust the blocks and enjoy this colorfuladventure! Join the fun world of staffy and help collect herprecious toys! Collapse the cubes game will create amazingadventure. Using boosters if you meet some hard level, we have someboosters to help you!tap to blasting, keep tapping to win thelevel! tap 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same to blast achieverequired score to pass levels, no time limit the more cubes getblasted each move, the higher score you will get try your bestclear all cubes, you will be rewarded Just tap to play, show yourreaction speed and eliminate skills!
Flowers Mania 1.2
flowers maniablast your way through beautiful gardens full of sweetbudIn the dreamy garden, flower fairies invited you and friends toplant & bloom the flowers. From the bud to blossom. Each levelwith challenging puzzle is started with just a dull bush, once youhave solve the puzzle, the flowers will bloom from bud to blossom.It is an addictive mania matching game that everyone should notmissed!700 challenging levels..coming soon for the newlevelsstunning paradise graphics and effects set in beautifulflower gardensdifferent modes available for each levels. easy andfun to play, challenging to master
com.wsinc.toycubeblast.ToyPartyMania 1.3
toon cube collapse the super addictive match tournament Play supercollapse puzzle game and blast the cubes! Match 2 or more cubes ofthe same color to clear levels and solve the challenging puzzles,enjoy your time toon cube collapse is a fun hit puzzle game withhundreds of free levels and unique boosters and graphics. Join thecolorful puzzle adventure and crush all the cubes! Excellent andaddicting match 2 breaker game! Have a blasting all the cubes!
com.wsinc.cooljelly.PharaohLostTreasure 1.4
pharaoh lost treasure now to open the Pharaoh lost treasure journeyReturn to the golden realm of ancient Egypt in this challenginggame In Egyptian society, religion was central to everyday life.One of the roles of the pharaoh was as an intermediary between thegods and the people. The pharaoh thus deputised for the gods; hisrole was both as civil and religious administrator. game features:amazingly unique new levels waiting for your exploration.mysterious Egyptian world, hundreds of checkpoints waiting for youto unlock. a variety of game objectives,mobile mode, time mode,collection mode. wonderful arsenal for props. enjoy high qualityvisuals and exciting special effects
Magnetic Bubble 1.3
Are you ready to start the action? This incredible magneticbubbleis simple and easy to learn, perfect for both adults and kidstoenjoy! Magnetic bubble is simply a magnet for all eyes! Get itnowand start popping. Work your way through all thedifferentchallenges and puzzles, solve the brain teasers and winlevels!
Ice Diamond Crush - Snowman Elf 1.2
ice diamond crush - snowman elf A cool and addictive match-3adventure challenged with snowman elf. Super power effects andmagnificent artwork when combine different boosters! Fun and easyto pick up, but a rewarding challenge to master! you can play itany ware and any time. Play at any age and on any device, the gamehas a small size and is very smooth.
Candy Bear Match 3 1.2
candy bear match 3start the sweet puzzle and have fun in thiscandybear adventureBecome the candy bear hero and stop the evilsweetland thirsty monsters that move after this beautiful candyland towin all the yummy candy stars! No time to waste, cross thegems andstart your sweet journey - switch and match 3 or moreyummy- createcombos to achieve maximum score with three star andbeat otherplayersEnjoy this fizzy, free fun game. With morecharacters,levels and features added all the time !
Cookie Sweet 1.3
cookie sweetenjoy the full cookie adventure for free! Welcome totheworld of cookie sweet, cookie sweet is a very addictivematch-threegame! cookie sweet is a brand new and amazing casualgame!How toplay:- tap the same cookie quickly!- specialcombinations (4 inline, 5 in line, L shaped combinations) createsuper cookiescookiesweet tips:- use special items to clear yummy-tap cookies veryfast, and try to make more combos!- Over 850interesting levels
Jungle Mahjong Solitaire 1.0
jungle mahjong solitaireSimple rules and engaging gameplayDownloadand discover the most fun and amazing mahjong puzzlegame onandroid! An Epic jungle adventure awaits and this is anexperienceyou will treasure.over 1500 boards!easy to play, tap& tap tomatch two tiles, make them crush.a new free mahjongboard everyday!thousands of levels with hints helpyou to makegame easier.all styled themes for FREE!optimized forportrait mode,playing game in one hand!designed for all ages, havefun with yourfamilies.complete daily mission, claim powerfulrewards.