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Sky Saga Survival Craft C10.1
No game here is better at putting the weaponin your grasp and the control in your hands than Sky Saga SurvivalCraft! In this addicting FPS world, you aren't just watching acharacter navigate worlds, you ARE the hero. With engrossing andpowerful entertainment experiences, you'll have the best seat inthe house to catch all the action! Download for free now and runand shoot for your life!!***FPS SAGA EXCITEMENT!!***A full blooded human suddenly appears in a utopian future wherehybrids are normal and humans are creatures of myth. After beinggranted a weapon that embodies you perfectly upon your 21stbirthday, the weapon takes you to this vast new realm, but as youawaken in this strange terrain, you find you are unarmed... andunder attack. The aviators (as you later learn they are called),surround you, alerted that a strange phenomenon has occurred intheir world despite all precautions taken that a human shall neveragain step foot on their land after a massive war that nearlycrippled the land they call home. You are their biggest threat andnow your only way home and away from these fearsome foes is toreunite with your one true weapon. Until that time comes... youmust fight to survive.***SHOOT TO THE TOP, AIM FOR THE WIN***Knowing how to aim each unique blocky weapon is only half thebattle in this first person shooter saga, because there's amultitude of mobility options and challenges that make this game soaddictive and fun. If you are ready to set this blocky world on itsheels, you'll want to start off prepared! At the game's launch,you'll be prompted to watch a short video ad. This clip will rewardyou with a mega power-up this will be a great boost as you set offon the first level. Brace yourself for the most extreme challengeright up front because you'll be faced against the clock, whichwill count down what time you have to beat the level and blast pastevery blocky threat in order to earn a powerful permanent weapon.Equip while you can, for the levels will only get more intense fromhere as more and more enemies flood the land, their sights set oneliminating your threat to their utopian world. Enjoy brilliantpixel graphics and vast vistas with deadly enemies. Jump, crouch,aim, shoot and RUN! Mission style instructions let you know whatyou'll be up against at the onset of the game. Watch more videoclips and earn ammo as you play! This game is amazing. Begin thechallenge now!Game Features:-Power-ups-Blocky weapons-Hand-to-hand combat-Map style level select-User-friendly, intuitive game interface-Classic retro pixel graphics-Precision aiming-Entity mapGame Levels:-Volcano-Sky Island Town-Mines
Cube King FPS: Taken Destiny C10.2
The last hope for a crumbling society, youmustbe the hero for all of humanity as you take up the mantleofguardian in Cube King FPS: Taken Destiny.***The Last Hope of the Humans***It is the year 2043. Following the systematic elimination ofentirepopulations, the continents are almost ready- a wasteland.Only afew small factions are left, protected by the sole survivingcity.For decades, this city has been under the guidance ofasupernatural band of guardians sent to keep the humanpopulationfrom becoming extinct. At the beginning of theirappearance, theseguardians appeared as stalwart warriors who wereable to interactwith the humans and fight their battles, but overtime, their powerhas diminished, leaving them merely a privycouncil that leads thelast of the race in battle against evolvedspecies who would seekto destroy them. With their ever diminishingrole in the humanrealm, the guardians have made it their final taskto employ thehelp of a human stamped with the crest of the gods whowill becomethe leader and recruiter of the next group ofguardians.***A New Guardian***Your village was burned to the ground, and you were itsfinalresident, the sole survivor, when a supernatural beingdescendedupon the ruins of your homeland to mark you. Fleeing fromwhateverprophesy has been given to you, you've managed to evadeevery raceincluding your own for nearly six years, when you aretakenprisoner and brought to the surviving city for sentencing. Itisthere that you discovered that your mark was that of the nextraceof guardians and that now you must take on the responsibilitiesofkeeping humanity from going extinct.This exciting FPS adventure is full of fun andthrillingchallenges. Go head to head against game timers, collectblockyweapons, and earn mega power-ups and helpful perks throughyourjourney. Battle fierce and honorably. You are the world'sfinalhope. Entity maps and loading screen game tips will help guideyouthroughout your journey, but the final success must be yours.Dowhatever it takes to conquer eveil and restore peace and powertoyour people.Game Features:-Easy touch screen controls-Earn power-ups by watching short video ads-Intuitive user-friendly interface-Stunning pixilated environments-Melee and firearm weapon variety-Brutal FPS combat-Health packs and ammo-Precision aiming-Hand-to-hand combat-Retro 3D pixel graphics-Entity map for aerial views of oncoming enemies
Diverse Block Survival Series C10.2
Diverse Block Survival Series is ahighlycompetitive game crusade where your battle moves coulddeterminethe fate of humanity.~*~PLOT~*~The realm, embroiled in a bitter war, has taken its toll ontheUnited Colonies. Announcing they have a high potent serumtoenhance performance and turn the war around in their favor,thepopulation is encouraged to enter the camp and becomeperfectcitizens. When they get there, they realize they have beenlied to.It is an extermination camp designed to eradicate theradicals whohave fought the rising totalitarian government.Mistaken for anObedient, you were saved from being herded into thecamp bygovernment soldiers. Knowing the next wave of exterminationsareplanned for the second group of panicked captives, you takeaction.It seems the tyrannicals have already taken over the UCCapital andnow you must engage in a ruthless battle beyond thewalls of thecapital which threatens all of humanity...~*~WAR~*~Launch this game and unlock an instant reward by viewing abriefvideo clip. The power-up you receive will be yours to useuntil youdie. The map level select screen will direct you to thefirstlevel, which you will have to conquer to unlock subsequentlevels.As you begin your first campaign, your mission will be tokill agiven number of enemies in a certain time. To succeed meansyou'llbe handsomely rewarded with a permanent weapon to equip andwieldthroughout the rest of the game. As each level grows indanger,you'll need any help you can get. Enemies not only increase,theyalso boast higher health and damage. Eliminate all threatstobecome the ultimate warrior and save all of humanity!Top Game Features:>Loading Screen Tips>Entity Map>Precision Aiming>Unlock Daily Rewards>Intelligent Enemies>Game Timers>Collect Blocky Weapons>Cool Pixel Graphics>FPS Combat
Ultimate War FPS Games C10.2.1
Ultimate War FPS Games showcasesblow-your-mindaction! Run through 3D worlds in an amazing warstimulator game withloads of extreme challenges! You'll beaddicted from the first map.~~~All Out War~~In a world where each birth is two bodies but just onemind,amassing an army for ultimate war is a given.During an air raid, you are hurried to an underground shelterwithdozens of other civilians. The person who brought you theredied onthe way to the shelter, and the others are equally asconfused asyou. You are now at day 15 with no idea what ishappening aboveground. That's when the mood suddenly shifts. Thosecowering in thecorners with their families, or tending to thewounded, are now ateach other's throats, hungry for a taste ofblood. You've beenspending the last several hours diffusingescalating spats when oneof the contributors hauls out and hitsyou, and suddenly you havehim pinned to the ground with a shard ofglass pressed to histhroat. Suddenly you jump to you feet, blinkingback the rage andrealization dawns. You're acutely aware now as newthoughts ragethrough your mind, that the reason you are here isthat your minddouble has been captured by the enemy and brainwashedfor battle.You're quickly being converted to a pawn of the enemy.And if youcan't get to your double before the brainwashing takestotal hold,you'll be just a mindless drone. Very possibly, a deadmindlessdrone...~~~Primed for Battle~~~Download this hit action game and begin a total assault ontheenemy! Claim your power up when you load the game and thenlaunchthe first map where you'll be put to the ultimate test: araceagainst the clock. Run through the level, killingenemies,collecting weapons and guarding your perks. If you run lowonhealth or ammo, view a brief video clip to earn what you needtokeep on fighting. Dash through the level and complete yourmissionin the given time and you'll wield a powerful permanentweapon.With increasing difficult game play, you are in for adangeroustime, so take all the advantages you can. Equip yourfavoriteweapon and get shooting!Game Features:-Precision aiming-Hand-to-hand combat-FPS fighting style-Entity map-Collect perks-Melee and firearm pickups-3D pixel graphics-Loading screen game tips-Map-style level selectGame Levels:- Symmetrical Laboratory- Sewer Lair- Magneto Lair
Hardcore Hunter Mini Hero C10.2
Hardcore Hunter Mini HeroTest your limits, never lower your defenses, and aim forthekill. This free app is a thrill-a-minute first person shootergamefeaturing cool pixel graphics in a dangerous world of mayhemandintrigue. Survive it if you can...When the world is faced with domineering terrorists, oneheromust stand up for all of mankind.You are a special CIA agent on a collect mission and youmustretrieve some samples of bio-weapons from a suspectedterroristlab.As an undercover agent you take a commercial plane onlytodiscover that the enemy has placed agents on the same planeandtheir mission is to vanish you. Since you discovered them,you'llwait till the plane has landed and you will kill allthethugs.You discover the lab is located near the enemy base so youwillcollect the samples and thenyou will proceed to infiltrate the enemy base to destroy themonceand for all. The world needs a hero. Be that hero.Run, Sprint, Jump, Crouch, Aim, and Shoot in this hit FPSActionGameFeatures:Multiple levelsIncrease difficultyWin permanent weaponsBeat the mission timersWin Power-upsControls:Use your thumb on the left side of the screen to move andwalkUse your thumb on the right side of the screen to aim andturnClick the fire button to shootAim the crosshair at enemies to destroy themAim at weapons and tap on the screen to pick them upLook at the radar to spot where enemies are located
Battle Strike Survival 2 F
Battle Strike Soldier Survival 2 is a3Dshooting game with realistic pixel battlefields to exploreanddominate. You can pick from arsenal of weapons as you movethroughthe levels, either by finding them or earning them fromcubescollected and through trial challenges. Immerse yourself inthearenas and come out the victor!~~To Destroy the Enemy~~I'll never forget the day the bomb exploded our convoy. Theblood,the anguish... How could I have survived? I saw the lights,thepain fell away and something beautiful overtook me, and justlikethat, it was brutally ripped away. Somehow I was stillliving,however the pain WAS gone now, and I was left to wake tothemassacre of my fellow soldiers. I didn't understand. Myclotheswere ripped to shreds, , yet not a piece of shrapnel darestouchme. Sitting there, numb and wondering, I knew. I just knew. Isaweverything clearly. I knew where they would strike next,wheretheir headquarters lay in wait for me, and infinitely more.Somehowmy brush with death had filled me with a propheticalknowledge.Dusting myself off, I gave a farewell to my comrades andset off.I'd survived... but darned if my enemy could say the samewhen Iwas done with them.~~Critical Strikes, Brutal Soldier~~Shoot a hail of bullets with your powerful blocky weapons andridthe battlefield of this enemy scum. Achieve the best score ineachmission and accept challenges that will award you a bountyofvaluable assets. Game timers, daily rewards andlimited-offersallow you to earn or achieve the items you need forsurvival. Touchscreen controls allow for easy navigation, weaponchoice andaiming. Time your shots, hide from enemies for the bestadvantageand take them by surprise. No place is safe in this noman's land,so you must always be a guard. A good soldier is alwaysaware!FEATURES:~Titan Mode Gameplay is available~Collect Cubes to earn new weapons~Weapon & Enemy Variety~Player Selection Menu~Cool Audio Background~Game Tutorial~Comics Story
Zombie Outbreak Survival Games C10.2
Zombie Outbreak Survival Games is a darkandlethal FPS campaign. Set in a bleak apocalyptic world, azombieoutbreak has turned into an impossible fight, and forthoseun-infected, life has turned more into winning the battlethanfinding victory in the war.***Surviving the Zombie Outbreak***My beach had no fires, no 'HELP' sign written in driftwood or'SOS'made from stones. I did not want to be found. This abandonedtownon a now deserted island was my refuge. But they found meanyway. Iwas not unprepared. I knew they would come, but I hadhoped formore time. If losing my family to these undead monstershadn't beenenough, the zombies had done something unthinkable,claiming allgovernment offices and orchestrating a hostile takeoverof theremaining human colonies. When I fled to this town, I'd doneso toescape the pain of watching my family members dismemberedbefore myeyes in punishment for my rebellion, I hadn't realizedthat theisland would save me or that, later, when I survived thesecondwave, that I would be the last of my kind and that the onlyway torestore humanity and bring about an end to the zombieoutbreak wasby reversing the effects of the radiation which adbrought aboutthis nightmare in the first place...***Winning a Battle while Losing the War***Brace yourself for in intense battle of skills. This zombieinspiredfirst person shooter universe is rife with challengesandunstoppable enemies. To start playing, launch the game. Thisactionwill prompt you to view a brief video ad. Accept the offer,andwhen the video is complete, you will earn a mega power-up touseuntil you die. From the map select screen, choose the firstlevel,where instruction on the number of foes you will need to killwillbe given as well as the time you have to accomplish thismission.Run, jump, collect weapons, aim and shoot. If you run lowon healthor ammo during your journey, viewing more videos will gainyou theperks you need to keep up the good fight. Beat the gametimers, andearn a powerful permanent weapon. You'll need thisadvantage as thegame only increases in difficulty from here, withtougherchallenges, more enemies, and foes with higher damage andhealth.Use your skill, quick wit and sheer good luck to triumph andbecomethe ultimate fighter!Game Features:- Action-Packed Zombie Horde Mode Gameplay- New Exciting Melee and Firearm Weapons- 6 Zombie Horde Levels- Hand-to-Hand Combat- Loading Screen Game Tips- Simple, Touch Pad Game Controls- Many New Types of Zombie Enemies- Execute Lethal Strikes with Precision Aiming- 3D Pixel Graphics- FPS CombatGame Levels:- A Zombie Infested School Yard- City Square- A Zombie Infested Football Field- A Secret Lab- An Army Base- The Great Infested Outdoors
Skyblock Hunter Survival Games C16.6
Join the resistance and do away with the Purgethat haunts humankind in this unforgettable action adventure FPSgame, Skyblock Hunter Survival Games!RESISTANCE...Because if we fight, we might lose, but if we don't fight, we'vealready lost. The Purge is upon us. Their symbol will soon becarved into the chest of their victims. These monsters, hidden bydaybreak, will soon assume their natural state and feed theirbloodlust as they feast on our brethren. The hierarchies haveinstilled in us the fear of the night, instructing us to coverunder our bedclothes and sleep the danger away, where they believethe monsters cannot touch us, but the rebels know better. We'vetested a new theory and have been victorious. Our bodies were meantto fight, to overcome the weakness of our psyche, and without theplacation of sleep, our consciousness has evolved, free from thereset of sleep. We are now ready to challenge these monsters andtake back the night.WAR...Delve into an immersive 3D FPS challenge in this epic saga thatcombines the brilliance of a survival game with the popular pixelgraphics and mixes them together with a generous helping of cool,modern-day weapons. Collect and wield melee and firearm blockweapons as you navigate world bursting with beauty and danger.Timers set the ultimate challenge where you have to speed throughlevels, killing a given number of enemies within the timeframe.Your success will be met with great rewards, but your failure mightjust be your undoing, for while you may proceed to the next level,you will be without the benefit of the prize awarded. Challengeyourself and earn awesome power-ups by watching brief video adsupon launching the game as well as mid-battle when supplies arescarce and you need the goods to keep up the fight. The worldawaits your heroics. Do you dare challenge the system?Features:-3D pixel maps-Blocky weapon pickups-Power-ups-Game timers-Hand-to-hand combat-Loading screen game tips-Setting screen controls-Map style level selectLevels:- Island Jail- Abandoned City- Old Cargo Ship
Resident Virus Battle Cube C10.2
Kick major zombie butt in Resident VirusBattleCube! Collect cool resources and confront intelligent undeadenemiesas you traverse sprawling 3D worlds.***Undead Mayhem***Reincarnation exists, and for society's worst criminals, deathisthe ultimate escape plan. Prisons keep inmates alive as longaspossible, but once they die, recover teams are dispatchedtocontain them before it is too late. In an effort to controltheprobability of an escaped reincarnate, government officialsworkedwith top scientists to create an injection for prisoners thatwouldstamp their souls with a permanent marking forquickidentification. The markings were designed to bestraightforwardand easy to identify, but the serum mutated, andinstead, thecriminals were reincarnated into the living dead.Officials werequick to contain the issue initially, but when thesecurity of amajor penitentiary was compromised and the prisonersattacked andkilled, an influx of zombies flooded the land. Thesheer number wastoo much for the retrieval group to handle and inthe attack, themutation spread. With the force jeopardized, thelack of manpowerwas keenly felt. In no time at all, the world wassuffering theweight of the infection, and in the mayhem, factionsformed tofight the zombie hordes.***Dangerous Missions***The sole survivor of your faction after the rest were infected,younow roam the lands, fighting hordes and searching for anelusivecure to end this madness. Running against the hands of timeitself,you must cross treacherous lands and kill a given number ofenemiesto complete your mission and survive another day. With mapstylelevel select, you can enter vast 3D pixel worlds and claimultimatevictory if your aim and skill are a match for the bruteforce anddetermination of these undead monsters. Collect blockyweapons andclaim cool power-ups by watching brief video clips. Ifyou aresuccessful in beating the game timers, your reward will beapowerful permanent weapon you can carry with you throughworlds.Strike fast. Kill hard. This land is fraught withunimaginabledangers and every step could potentially be yourlast...Features:Blocky weapon pickupsTimersPower-upsHand-to-hand combatEnemies with high damageIntuitive, user-friendly interfaceLoading screen game tipsFPS combat3D pixel graphics
Cops vs Robbers: Final Escape C10.2.2
Cops vs Robbers: Final Escape is a masterofchallenging missions, domineering enemies, and cool weapons.Takeup arms in this exciting FPS experience and test your skillsinorder to earn your freedom and survive!☓☓A Story Of Ultimate Survival ☓ ☓Humanity has discovered that once you surpass the age of 50years,you start to regenerate and get younger. You just have tomake itto this age. With a population control law enforcing policeto killanyone 49 years of age on contact, survival in the cityisimpossible. Your 50th birthday is nearing, and law statesyoucannot be killed once you surpass this birth year. You'vegoneunder the radar all these past months, but now you've beenmistakenfor a man who just robbed the government's largest vault.With thecops at your heels, it's going to take everything you havetosurvive these final few days...☓ ☓Non-Stop FPS Action☓ ☓Download this addicting first person shooter game for free andgetin on all the shoot out action fun! Delve into a worldofbreathtakingly beautiful, 3D pixel graphics as you gohead-to-headagainst oppressive foes. Collect modern weapons andearn amazingperks and power-ups. To claim your power-up, simplyview a briefvideo ad upon launching this game and the prize is yours to keepuntil you die. This perk will be useful to you as youenter yourfirst map and are besieged by the ominous ticking handsof theclock. Yes, that's right. This game features an integratedgametimer that counts away the time you have to kill all enemiesinorder to earn the ultimate permanent weapon! If, at anypointduring your journey, you find yourself on the verge of deathorshooting blanks, the videos from earlier are there to help yououtand gain you the supplies you need to keep on fighting.Takeadvantage of every per for you'll need it in thisblock-eat-blockworld of cop vs robber!Features:-Unlock cool characters-Triumph over game timers-Avoid devastating character demises and finish levels-Vibrant pixel game graphics-Challenge yourself-Simple touch screen controls-Learn from loading screen game tips-Claim awesome power-ups-Collect blocky weapons and cool perks-Hand-to-hand combatLevels:-Island-Castle-Forest