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Lockwatch - Thief Catcher 5.5.0
Lockwatch is a clever little app that secretly takes a photo usingthe front camera when someone tries to unlock your phone with thewrong code. The picture of the intruder is then emailed to youalong with their GPS location without them knowing. The app hasalready proven to catch hundreds of thieves around the world, andhas helped recover hundreds of lost phones successfully. FREEFEATURES • Takes a secret photo using the front camera when someonetries to unlock your phone with the wrong code. • Sends you anemail with the photo, GPS co-ordinates, and a map. • Completelysilent and invisible. The thief won't know they're being recorded.• Very small app (less than 1 MB) and no battery drain. It onlyruns when the wrong unlock code is entered. Each unlock attemptmust be at least 4 digits or dots otherwise it will not register asan attempt. Wait at least 10 seconds before entering the correctcode otherwise Lockwatch will discard the email. OPTIONAL PREMIUMFEATURES All of these additional features are available when youupgrade to Lockwatch Premium in the app. This costs about $4 USDbut you only need to purchase this once. • Detect SIM card changes- Lockwatch will email you if someone inserts a new SIM card inyour phone. It will even include the SIM phone number andsubscriber ID in the email (if possible). • Send email when poweredon - If the thief turns your phone off and turns it back on whenthey are home, you will be notified of their location. • Takemultiple photos - Instead of just one photo, Lockwatch will takethree photos about one second apart. This improves your chances ofgetting a good image of the thief. • Record sound clip - Lockwatchwill record a 20 second audio clip using the phone's microphone. Itdoes this whilst it is taking photos and getting the GPS location.MORE INFORMATION For help or to find out more about LockwatchPremium, visit our web site at app uses the Device Administrator permission to monitor screenunlock attempts.