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Math Brain Free 1.0.9
About Math Brain Free It is proven that "Mental Calculation" can beexercised to achieve higher accuracy and performance. Math BrainFree is a mental workout application that tests and exercises yourskills in solving simple arithmetical calculations. You face acalculation with 3 possible solutions, solve and find the rightanswer in 10 seconds. Points and grade depend on time taken andmistakes done. There are tree difficulty levels in the game: -Easy:Primary school level -Normal: Average skill level -Difficult:Advanced skill level For further information, methods andtechniques read the Wikipedia entry on "Mental Calculation". Forquestions, suggestions and bug reports visit the developerswebsite. Copyright © 2014
Natural Colormix Arcade 1.0.6
Natural Color Mix Arcade is simple colorpuzzle game. Find the right color combination by mixing the threebasic colors red, yellow and blue. The mixing happens in a naturalway - subtractive color mixing - like mixing oil or water color.Compete in three different play modes:Normal - 3 lives to loseTimed - 60s to goFreaky - How fast are you?