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Candle Blow Screen Lock 2.13
*** Candle Blow Screen Lock ***Type : Screen LockWord Best Top Candle Screen Lock is Totally different lock screenwork with your voice or Mouth Blow.Candle Blow Screen Lock is a beautiful animated candle screen lockthat is effective is low noice surround. in high noise its workingis effected.Blow Air from your mouth on candle or mice to unlock mobile*Candle Blow Screen Lock Features** Effective in Low Noise* Beautiful Animated Graphics* Real Candle flame Animation* Detects Continuous Air Sounds* Time, date and battery status is show on itNoteAt same time, If you see double lock screen is running on yourmobile, then disable System Screen Lock please. Thanks
Bubble Rings Stack 1.003
Welcome in Bubble Rings StackTube Bubble Rings Stack is Arcade game in whichdifferentcolourful tubes are fall down by using touch. Fill thestack withrings as long as possible to achieve a good score andfun. beatyour previous scores.To Add rings in the stack, please tap anywhere on screen onlywhenthe ring is on centre of Stack Rod.Avoid to fall without stack cylinder direction. Tt willdangerousfor ring and game.FeaturesSimple ControlEasy to useMulti Colour RingsBeautiful GraphicsSharing OptionSound/Mute Option
Blocky Race Loop Driver 1.02
Blocky Race Loop DriverBlocky Race Loop Driver is a circular driving and endlesscircularloop race.It is a easy, simple , logical but challenging cardriving/racinggame.Player drive a car in ground circles, so keep player car safefromother red high speed traffic cars and avoid from anycrash.Observe/ watch all other cars in right circle, avoid fromcrashesand earn coins/points for your score from every circle.Try to drive carefully. Survive in circular loop race as longaspossible.Circular Loop Race/Drive is very easy to play, definitelyaddictive,hard to master, impossible not to crash but best racinggameconcept!* Join this Racing/ Circular Loop Race/Drive. try to playmaximumtime with Speed up without crash! *Game Features:- Beautiful visuals and amazing Circular Tracks.- Earn coins for other game features.- Reliable controls and Graphics- Awesome beautiful animations- Effective Sounds
Magical Candle Blow Screenlock 1.6
Magical Candle Blow Screen LockMagical Candle Blow Screen Lock is a beautiful stylishanimatedcandle screen lock with highly technological tooladvancement ofandroid technology that is effective in low noisesurround. in highnoise its working is effected.Blow Air from your mouth on candle or mice to unlock mobileinMagical Candle Blow Screen Lock.*Features** Beautiful animated Candle.* Perfect Screen Lock features.* Easy and Reliable to use* Effective in Low Noise* Detects Continuous Air Sounds* Time, date and battery status is show on it.* Completely free
UP and UP 1.02
* UP and UP *Welcome in UP and UP.A jumping action game.Smoothly and Simply tap to jump.* Short tap behave like short jump.* Long tap behave like Long jump.Don’t touch the Red boxes . These are deadly for Player.Beat your previous high Score and enjoy it.Survive for as long as you can.BenefitsUp and Up will test your reaction of touch and timing skills.Try different kind of Action and Logical game withbeautifulGraphics.Simply to used. Kids Level Game.Features.Attractive Sounds.Button for Change BackgroundThanks . (UP and UP team)
3D Photo Cube Screen Lock 1.0
***** 3D Photo Cube Screen Lock *****Type: Screen Lock.3D Photo cube Screen lock is totally different screen lock.Itsbeautifully designed, beautiful heart touching animations,reliablefor all easy to use.Tap the unlock button to unlock mobile.3D Photo cube Screen lock is a security feature for mobiledevicesthat helps prevent unauthorized access to the device.We can also say as a 3D Photo cube screen lock or 3D Photo cubelockscreen, a 3D Photo cube screen lock requires a specific actionto becorrectly performed by anyone attempting to use alockscreen-protected device.3D Photo cube Screen locks or 3D Photo cube lock screens canrequirethe user to touch the lock button to perform action unlockthemobile screen lock.In 3D Photo cube screen lock, Home screen showing your Picturethatyou select in our phone gallery, today date, today time andyourmobile battery status.****How to open***** Install > Click Icon > Select Photo > tapunlockbutton.****Some necessary points to use this screen lock are***** select a photo.* Touch the lock button.****Home Screen Display***** Battery Status.* Time.* Date.* 3D cube Photo. That’s rotate again and again.* Unlock button. That is beautifully animate andbeautifullydesigned.****Change Photo***** When you want to change photo, double tap or double clickthePhoto cube box. Setting will be shown. Click the changepicturebutton and then select the picture and then click OK button.Yournew picture will be showing on cube photo box.****Features***** Beautiful animated graphics.*Designed good.*Time, date, battery status is showing.* Easy Use.*Animation use in unlock button.******** Note********you can use only one screen lock at one time.