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Hi Keyboard - Emoji Sticker, GIF, Animated Theme 1.23
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😘Hi Keyboard😘 is a free Keyboard for Android phone that users arewelcomed to Select & Share a stunning array of emoji,animoji stikers & GIFs with your favorite apps like Facebook,Messenger and Instagram! Besides, HI Keyboard also helps you totype fast and easy with Gesture Typing and Voice Typing. 🤔Reasonsfor choosing Hi Keyboard😊 ★Hi Keyboard knows you better and makesyour typing fast and correct! ★Follow us with personalized emojikeyboard and enjoy smiley emoji, sticker, font to key tone withyour friends anytime! ★There are rich colorful free animated themesand 100+ fonts to make your keyboard have a character, and you canslide to input smoothly! ★Hi Keyboard supports 60+ languages, youare easy to find your one. KEY FEATURES: 1.Gesture Typing: Slideyour finger from letter to letter. 2.Voice Typing: Touch themicrophone to simply dictate your text. 3.Word completionsuggestions, automatic corrections and next-word prediction basedon the words that you have typed. 4.Tons of unique free Stickers& Emoji & funny GIFs to express yourself better and makeyour chat interesting. 5.Numbers of Colorful themes offer youpersonal keyboard and suit for your any style 6.Provides variouslayouts such as QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for padtablet. 7.PRIVACY and security: We will never collect your personalinfo including credit card information. In fact, we cares forprivacy of what you type and who you type! 8.Supports 60+languages. CONTACT US Join our Facebook: END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. Your downloading, installation,use of, and other access to Hi Keyboard is conditioned on youracceptance and compliance with the terms of this license agreement.PRIVACY POLICY. We will never collect your personal info includingcredit card information. In fact, we cares for privacy of what youtype and who you type!
Multi Calculator 2.9.12
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Multi Calculator, top 5 most recommended tools app for Android.Aperfect calculating tool specially built for you. MultiCalculatoris not only very suitable for daily simple calculations,but alsocontains many useful functions with fashionable design.Such asscientific calculator for solving complex problems, BMIcalculatorfor detecting physical condition, and so on. Downloadthiscalculator, mathematics will no longer be boring. Your workwill bemuch better and more efficient than using traditionalcalculators.It will be your competent computing assistant, and allthis is forFREE! Perfect Support Performance: √Perfectly supportSamsungGalaxy S8, S8 edge, S7, S7 edge, HUAWEI P10, LG Nexus 5Xetc.√Perfectly support Android 7.1 Key feature: √Standardcalculator,simple but perfect √Scientific calculator √BMIcalculator …Features details: - Can easily carry out the foursimplemathematical operations, with no extra buttons to interferewithyour work - Swipe left on the keyboard to use trigonometric,squareroot, and other scientific computing functions to help yousolvedifficult problems - The newly added BMI calculator helpsyouunderstand and focus on your health - Can displaycalculationresults in real time on the screen and track operationalprocessesat all times - The built-in floating window functionallows it tostay at the top of the screen, so calculation no longerrequiresfrequent switching between apps. - Swipe downward on thescreen toview history; every calculation of yours willautomatically besaved for you - Using the unique formula-editingfunction, you caneasily modify any content of your formula - With anumber ofoptions for copying, so you can easily copy formulas orcalculationresults to other applications - When you switch tootherapplications during the calculation process, it will stillsave theoperation process for you - Smart percent sign operationthat makesdiscount and tax calculations more convenient and faster
Super Scanner : Fast Camera Scanner APP 2.5
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Super Scanner helps you scan, store on various contentsacrosssmartphones. A FREE scanner app that turns android deviceinto aportable document scanner and scan everything as images orPDFs.With this pdf document scanner app you can scan documents,photos,receipts, reports, or just about anything. This pdfdocumentscanner app is lightning fast and gorgeously designed forphone.THERE IS A POLAROID SCANNER IN YOUR POCKET Easily recognizetext,business cards, and car, and become a good assistant for yourlife.Features: ❂Mobile Scanner - Use your phone camera to scannotes,whiteboard discussions, business cards etc. ❂Simpler thanPolaroid- Speed Scan mode can take photos without manual saving❂OptimizeScan Quality - Smart cropping and auto enhancing make thetexts andgraphics look clear and sharp ❂Excellent OCR recognition -Helpsyou automatically recognize the scanned document as editabletext.Super Scanner users scan and manage * Bill, Invoice, Contract,TaxRoll, Business Card… * Whiteboard, Memo, Script, Letter…*Blackboard, Note, PPT, Book, Article… * Credential,Certificate,Identity Documents… We’d love to hear