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Sniper Hunter - Shooting Game 1.3
Looking for some adventure? Want to spend some time out into thewild? Is hunting, a passion or hobby that you miss practicing? Ifyes, then this is the place you’ve been looking for. So take yourbackpacks and get ready with your guns for you are going toexperience a thrilling saga into the wilds. Gritty, yetinteresting, this is one such journey that you won’t easily forgetinto a landscape with bears, deer and rabbits.Welcome to this nervewrenching game that will excite you thoroughly. But definitely becareful about the number of bullets that you have and the timelimit given to you, because if you are out of supports then thebushes are sure to turn evil. . It is one opportunity to test youraiming skills and master the art of hunting into the lands of greenwith sheer and unmitigated accuracy. So, wish you luck for thissniping adventure.★★★ Best Game Features ★★★1. Realistic JungleEnvironment2. Realistic Animal Sound effect3. Limited bullet withtime limit4. Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt5. Different animals indifferent mode6. Multiple Levels with various difficulties in eachmode7. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Jungle8. It’s FREE!!!★★★How to Play ★★★1. Select the animal as a target from Beer, Deer& Rabbit2. Clear current level to unlock next one3. zoom,shootat target with Sniper gun4. Zoom button for perfect shoot andjoystick for fix target.Coming Soon with more excitingfeatures.Please Drop down your valuable feedback using review &rating.
Match Jelly Belly 1.0
Ever found it exciting to align similar colors in a row? Want toplay something on the lines of crushing down candies, where insteadyou have jelly beans to play with? Well then, here's your one shotway to play the game you've been waiting for. Bluebell Games bringsto you it's latest venture to get you addicted, with all its thrilland fun. Stick to the jelly and eliminate the ones of similar colorto win the game and proceed to the next level. Try out your desiredgame of thrill and excitement.
Tap Me Green 1.1
Tap when green and miss the red. That's the game. Yes, easy as itmay sound, the more complicated it gets with the pacing of thecolors and the unequal time amount it appears on the screen for.All you can see at a point of time is just an interface withconstantly changing colors, and you stand hapless with your eyesopen trying to figure out when to tap the screen and when not to.Well, mistakes being a part and parcel of our daily lives, we giveyou 3 chances considering you tap the screen on the wrong color.Play it and enjoy the quirkiness that would set your eyes to thetwo vibrant colors of green and red.