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Fish Escape Adventure 2.0
Simple arcade game adventures game for android. The rule is simpletap the screen and swim your fish, but beware of the spikes thatcomes in your way.Play the game like pro and beat your friends scores inleaderboard.Achieve the different achievements.Features:- cool graphics.- cool sounds.- leaderboard.- Achievement.tags:#flappyfish, #bird escape, #bouncingfish
Live Air Tv 1.0
"Live Air Tv" is a platform to access global channels in one app.It has three categories news, sportsand entertainment. You can view the live streaming of channels onyour media players.No need of flash player, you can view the channels absolutelyfree. We are continuously adding newchannels in this app. So stay tuned and enjoy the world channels ofyour choice.Just Connect to an Internet and have fun. App best work withMXPlayer and Vlc Player.Features:- Coverage of all channels from the world.- No need of flash players.- High Resolution Streaming.- Full Screen Display.- Easy To Use.
Whats Difference 2 1.0.1
Whats difference 2 is a popular Android GameLook at the two coolpictures and try to find the differences. When you find it, justClick!Beautiful scenes cartoons buildings and much muchmore.Features:- New extra levels.- Sound effects.- ExcellentGraphics.
Whats Difference 2.3
Whats difference is a popular Android Game. Look at the two coolpictures and try to find the differences. When you find it, justClick!Beautiful scenes cartoons buildings and much much more.
Islamic Library by MQI 1.0
Islamic Library by MQI give you the bestcollection of ebooks in Arabic, English and Urdu. This applicationis must have for each muslim, to get the obliged learning and toolsto lead an immaculate islamic life.
Go Nawaz Go - Running Rush Game 1.0.2
Ready with pti supporter songs? Because this is the time of missionpakistan where you have to raise slogans in loud voice Go Nawaz Gorun back to your home. Where the political condition of pak is sotense, let’s enjoy this amazing mission pakistan game with a wirerush of run Nawaz run towards your home in tis pakistan game free.This jan games will give you chance top play with Nawaz wire rushtowards home in this mission pakistan game and securely make himrun by avoiding obstacles in this jan games. In this missionpakistan game free you have to make Nawaz run as harder as you can!Sounds interesting isn’t it? Lets be the part of Imran khan ptisupporter and politics with kaptaan to make things better in yourown way. This pakistan game free is Just a piece of fun andenjoyment about current political scenario. In this game Imran Khanis running after Nawaz Sharif. The pakistan game free mimics theenvironment over there in Islamabad with the protesters and RedZone area buildings and stuff all in one mission pakistan jangames. Tap the screen to jump over the containers, road blockers,blocker wire rush and other obstacles that are on the roads of RedZone Islamabad and protect Nawaz character from colliding with themin this pakistan game. Collect all the coins and score high to passtowards mission pakistan next level. This pakistan game is all forkaaptan lovers who love to see Nawaz shareef wire rush run fromparliament house towards his own in one single jan games. Agameplay for all those who love pti supporter songs. This adventureis more interesting then pakistan cricket game and jan games. Soall pti lovers, get up your hands, download this adventure of thiswire rush gameplay and let the run Nawaz run wire rush start!Download this thriller pakistan game and let the adventure begin.
Ice Crusher 1.0
Ice Crusher is a very addictive game that is the ultimate test ofspeed and accuracy! Break the ice cube to reach your high score,but NEVER break the black ones.Games Features:◈ Blue ice cube GivesOne Score◈ Bonus cube Gives Ten Score Bonus◈ Share Your Best ScoreOn Facebook◈ Share Your Best Score On TwitterPlease Rate this gameand feel free to review0a21968537
Muslims Islamic App 1.0
"Muslims Islamic App" is all in one Islamicapp focusing on helping the users to fulfill their Islamicobligations.The Application allows the Muslims get a diverse knowledge of thebeautiful religion Islam.User can Learn different Holy Quran words and their translationsand view the complete Holy Quran, User can also test theirknowledge by taking an Islamic quiz and hear Quran Surahsaudio.User can view the Prayer timings according to respectivejurisdictions, view important events and set alarms to them.User can view the nearby mosques with distances and view theroute on Google maps.Features:- View complete Quran.- Learn Quran words and take quiz.- Listen Quran Surahs audio.- Prayer Timings and Islamic Events with Alarms.- Nearby Mosques based on your current location.- Qibla direction.- Set Current Location.- Set Alarms.- Set the time settings according to different jurisdiction.
4 Snap 1 Word 2.1
You think you are the best guesser! Let’s check it. THINK and Guesswhat is most common in the 4 snaps showed on the screen.Dive intothe world of outstanding and amazing pics, which will surely makeyou think for a moment. Solve each puzzle with no mistake and earnextra coins for your help in higher levels. You can reveal a targetletter or remove a word with your coins.Leaderboard helps you tofind who is on the top, so beat your friend’s score and be thenumber one.More levels coming soon.Please feel free to rate thisapp.Features:- Simple and familiar gameplay design.- Outstandinggraphics and pictures quality.- Help yourself with the coins.-Suits all age groups.- Really educational learning game forkids.Photos credits:
Zombie 3D Shooter 3.0.1
Kill the zombies. Yes you heard us"ZOMBIES".You are a sniper specialist and placed on differentplaces tosurvive by testing your sniper abilities. Zombies arecomingtowards you from all sides and you have to kill target foreachlevel to move to next level.It is a complete fun game with awesome graphics. Like asniperspecialist you are always rewarded with extra bonus when youhit ahead shot.Features:★Awesome 3D Graphics★10 awesome levels (more coming soon)★Share on Facebook and Twitter with your friends
Go Santa Go Running 1.1
As the season of Christmas is here, Santa can be here any moment.Its time to play with Santa for some time. We have made a Santarunning game, where he collects candies, chocolates and toffees forthe Christmas night.You have to make sure by playing the game thatSanta collects enough, that he can give to every one in the world.Play with Santa in this game, jump through the terrain and securelymake him run by avoiding obstacles.Features:- Awesome Graphics andAnimations.- Sounds.- Adventurous Levels.Please feel free to ratethis game.
Taxi Madness 1.0
Taxi Madness is a new simulation game for all who want to become ataxi driver. You have to drive through the city and take yourpassenger and leave your passenger's to their destination. Thereare many routes to complete across the city. You can find thedifference between other simulator game and OUR TAXI MADNESS. A lotmore to come. Keep Playing and keep Watching for more levels.Tryout the Taxi Madness and become a TAXI Driver!And IF you like thegame don't forget to share with your friends on Social Media.
Real UpHill Climb Adventure 1.1
Hill Climb Adventure, One of the best physics based racing game.Bringing people more towards the game with its stunning, addictiveand awesome gameplay. You can earn coins during your gameplay andunlock not only various levels but also different and more powerfulvehicles for you. Every next level is designed tougher and you haveto struggle to get Fuels and keep going on. We'd appreciate ifyou'd report any issues you're having while playing and if you wantany changes to the game.Features:- Lots of different vehicles (youcan unlock them with coins)- Numerous stages with levels to reachin each (City, Halloween, Christmas, Desert and many more)- Coolgraphics and smooth physics simulation- Screen handled for allresolutions. - Awesome sounds during gameplay.
Word Match 2 1.0
This game asks you to find a set ofwordsplaced in a mixed grid of lettersFind out as many words as possible in a given time.Increase your vocabulary and have fun doing it with thisaddictiveWorld Match 2 game.In addition, this game has a words’ base referenced indictionariesof more than a dozen languages. Several categories ofwords arealso listed including: names, common names, adjectives,verbsFeatures:- High Quality graphics- Easy to play- Enhance vocabulary,smoth play, brain training game
Hip Hop Jumping 1.0
Are you a master of Hip Hop Jumps or you can reach at the top. letssee how many stages you can clear. Play with your friends andfamily and see who can go further.Hope you can enjoy the game.Features:- Different Characters- Amazing backgrounds- Buy the coinsto unlock different levels- Mad levels for fun and achivementsHowto play: Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to jump.Game isbrough to you by Bluehorntech Game Department
Modern Moto Racer Free 2016 1.0
Don’t forget to download Modern Moto Racer 2016 game and enjoy itafter playing this 3d game. Features:- You need to collect coins asmuch as possible in the game, Collect more gold than game time islonger - You can choose different Motorcycles.- Tilt to Turn andTap to accelerate.- Download it for Free and Have Fun.
Running Pizza Boy 2.0
Meet our running pizza boy game filledwithexcitement and adventures. The goal is to make sure that thepizzaboy reaches its destination from busy roads of the city. Youhaveto help him cross the traffic or he will fall and won’t be abletodeliver the pizza to hungry clients who are waiting for it.Itsgoing to take a while to be master of this game because asthepizza guy travels the distance the speed of the game increasesandobstacles get more difficult.How to play.-- Its really simple to play but difficult to master.-- Tap your screen for jumping the traffic.Features-- Cool graphics which give a great look to the game.-- Share your score to Facebook and challenge your friends.
Smash That Brick 1.0
Smash That Brick is another game in theseriesof Brick hitting games.We have made this game interesting, fun and a good time killerforyou.We have made sure you enjoy the game play so we designed thelevelsperfectly. You have time to beat to complete a level. Endinglevelin a specific time will earn you an extra star. Game is filledwithpowers, you will get during the game play.Current Powers:1 - Extra Ball (Helps you smash brick x-time faster)2 - Thunder Pill (Gives speed boost to your balls)3 - Paddle Size Increase (Increases your paddle size)Not only powers there are bad guys as well:4 - Paddle Size Decrease (Decreases your paddle size)5 - Lazy Pill (Slows down the environment)More powers & levels will be added in next update.Completing each level in best case will give you 3 stars.Youloose a life during a level, one star gone. There are startimesfor each level, you have to end the level within that time toearntime star as well.Currently there are 40 levels in the first release, weareworking on more as well.Enjoy and share the game. Have fun.BluehornTech
SearchItNow 2.0
SearchItNow is an Android Application. Themainpurpose of this Application is to make your life easy when youstuckin a place. Now you are not alone with SearchItNow, just openit andlook around, it takes you in a real map. You can find placeson thebasis of your selected popular keyword from yourcurrentlocation.By clicking on the location marker on the map, you can viewthedetails of the place. Such as its name, address, phone no,websiteetc.You can send the location name and address via message andemailto friends and family so that you can make up a meeting orparty onyour mood, or you can just make them aware.SearchItNow have following features-1- Quick Search through popular keywords.2- Fast and Reliable.3- User can view the complete details of theselectedlocation.4- User can share the location via email or text message.
Space Fighting Shooter 1.0
Space fighting shooterBeing alone in the space is challenging andhorrifying when you don’t have any help around you. It is importantthat you survive and defeat the enemies that come in your way whileyou reach home. Space shooter is a space action based game. Youneed to kill specific enemies in each level and maintain certainhealth in order to move to next level. You must be loving thisawesome game and we challenge you to complete the targets, they arenot that easy. Hope you accept the challenge.Features:-Gettingharder 10 levels (more coming soon)-Powers that you will get withclearing levels.-Each level getting tougher than previous.-Socialsharing with friends.One of the best games that you will be playingon your mobile.
Endless Jam Jumper 1.0
This is the alpha test version ofthegame
Ghost Crush Halloween 1.0
This Halloween, why sit back without gaming. We have developedcrazy Halloween game for you “Ghost Crush Halloween”. One game thatyou can enjoy and kill the ghosts while earning points andunlocking levels. Halloween is all fun then why miss gaming fromthis epic season. We care for gamers and spent our time buildingquality games for you. Game Play:-Match similar ghosts to kill themand earn points.-There are total 9 tough levels that we arechallenging you right know (more coming soon). Game Features:-Awesome graphics- Horrifying sounds
Brainix Kids Fun 2.0
Are you ready to challenge your Brain ?A great game to exerciseyour memory !Brainix Kids Fun is a fun game for kids. You can Playmemory games like fruits memory game, Plane memory game, foodsmemory game, and many more.GAME FEATURES- Match pairs of differentobjects- The grid adjusts automatically to your device- TopScoreThis Bluehorntech game is for fun and knowledge.
Bubble Shooter Cannon 1.0
Bubble Shooter CannonHaving fun with bubble shooting in this gameis addictive enough for playing long enough and reaching as far asyou can in scores and level. You are cartoon character standing ona Cannon which fires the bubbles. Hit the right combination andscore points.Share scores with your friends on Facebook and twitterand challenge them to cross you.Features:-Simple, addictive and funbased game.-Social sharing.-Fun, Fun and only FUN basedgame.Contact us for improving the game and your suggestions, we arealways listening to positive feedback.
Hidden Objects - Home Edition 1.0
Hidden Objects - Home Edition is one of the best hidden objectsgame ever made. Appreciate various delightful scenes with bunchesof hidden things. You objective is to find different hidden objectson every level. Using Hint and Zoom buttons to find objectsrapidly. In any level that you can not finish, you canstraightforward skip it and attempt to finish it later. Finishedlevels will be opened and you can replay them with different itemsset.
Bubble Killer Halloween 1.0
Bubble Killer Halloween is a fun bubble game, specificallytargeting Halloween season. Like all the bubble Killer game you arescenario of bubbles to hit and escape the situation. What iswaiting ahead of that is another Level, more interesting andrelatively tougher. We decided to choose Halloween suits for thebubbles this time and let the bats take over these bubbles. We hopeto bring a game, while playing you can enjoy the Halloween and havequality game time. Game Features:- Tons of levels to accomplish.- 8different bubbles to play with.- A Party Killer which is alwaysbringing the bubbles down, decreasing space for game play.You canachieve top scores and top levels achieved of your own.Game Play:Aseasy as it could get, you have to touch the screen to through thebubble in that direction.Minimum 3 similar bubbles will take themdown.Are you ready for Halloween....
Hungry Fish 2.0
"Hungry Fish" Feed the shark with your fishes. Select two or moreFishes of the same color and kind. You can select Fishes only onthe same horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Remove off all theFishes from your tank. Try to complete each level in the shortesttime possible to get a better score.You cannot feed a single fish,so plan your strategy in advance! "Hungry Fish" is a fun way toimprove your logical thinking and train your brain.Features:- 5x5,levels more levels coming soon.- HD graphics- Tablets are fullysupported.- Sounds and Fish Animation.#button and scissors, #HungryFish
ATV Modern Quad Racing 2016 1.0
ATV Modern Quad Racing 2016Enjoy a moist powerful ATV Vehicles. Canyou drive fast and lets see how far you can go ? You will enjoy ATVModern Quad bikes on dusty trail. You will race through inmountains, City Roads, Try to go as far as you can and share yourscore with your friends. You have to Control bikes in fast turbospeed during high traffic, rush times. In this high velocity gameyou need to dodge cars and trucks to drive further and get moremoney, this coins will allow you to buy new and improved ATV ModernQuad Bikes.Some Features ★ Use the turbo to boost the speed up!★Different Quad from which you can choose the one you like.★ Justswap your phone to control the Quard direction.★ Beautiful 3DgraphicsShare it on Facebook with your friends and if you like ourgame don't forget to 5 Star rating.
Break The Bubble 0.9
Break The Bubble is a free to play retro of the classic arcadepuzzle game super buster brothers.Break the bubble adventure bringsthe bubble popping action to you in this game. Shoot the bubbleswith dart and break them into two smaller bubbles. Keep breakingthem to pop all the bubbles to clear the level. Watch out for thesmaller bubbles as they more trouble. Keep an eye on the bubbles astheir movement can change any second. Download it now for free.Relive all those memories from your childhood by playing this gameinspired by the arcade legend Pang.Game Features: ü Survive forlonger time in the endless bubble raining from above to get morecoinsü Unlock more characters with the game coinsü No internetconnection required. ü Fantastic Color changing bubbles andgraphicsü Random and physics based movement of bubbles.How to play:Move the character from the left and right buttons. Shot dart withdart button. Carefully time the dart shot to break the bubble andavoid contact with it.
Fruit Ring Match 3 1.1
Fruit Ring 2 is a Free to Play 2D Game with addictive game play!Enjoy the delicious bananas, apples, cherries delightful orangesand lovely peaches. Download it now for FREE!Features★ 80+fantastic levels★ Adorable animations, eye-catching graphics andbeautiful sound effects★ No internet connection required★Lightweight game with low source usage★ Easy to Play & FREE★Great combos, amazing effects★ Challenging levels with How toplaySwipe and link two or more similar tasty fruits in line tocomplete your fruity adventure. Be aware in there, Time is runningout. Tick Tock. Earn three stars by achieving score target as earlyas possible.
Islamic Cures 2.0
"Islamic Cures" is an IslmicApplicationCompiledin urdu language for islamic Duas.Every Important Dua is included in this app. Read allthese duas and live your life happily with the Grace of ALLAH.
Pop The Ballons 1.0
Description★ ★ Pop The Balloons ★ ★ Pop The Balloons is one of thefunniest and colourful game that you can have in your device! Inthis game you have to get focused and Pop the balloons.* Control isanimated balls and destroy to double points! * More than 40 +exciting levels! * Special balloons, which will help you in thisadventure! * Funny faces and sounds to play with gusto! * More than130 + stars to unlock levels! * Mode Survivor, to compete with yourfriends!Harry up, have this game and make your best score.
Hemani Herbal 4.2.2
Official Hemani Herbal products shoppingappfor representing its products to enhance more customerexperiencefor android users.Hemani is a product from Hemani Group specially for abodycosmetics.Features:- View latest offers on Hemani Products.- Search easily and navigate through all products.- List of all hemani products with images.- Browse and Buy Hemani Products from.- pay with PayPal option.- View videos.- Links to Hemani facebook, twitter and instagram pages.
Candle Torch 2.0
Candle Torch is the app to turn yourdeviceinto a super bright torch instantly.We can also use the screen Light.A must have app for all phones!Galaxy S4 User - "Bright! OMG its bright. Thumbs up"★ Tiny file size★ Uses LED as a super bright torch★ Optional screen light★ HD graphics★ Candle animation
Ramadan (As’sawm) 1.0
We bring you this useful applicationthatoffers a multitude of services such as:- Ramadan Calendar showing ‘Sehri’ and ‘Iftar’ timings- Read Durood-e-Pak- Read 99 names of Allah- Read 6 Kalma of Islam- Activate automatic notifications to never miss a prayer.- Select your location to get accurate ‘Iftar’ and ‘Sehri’timingsfrom your place- Read Duas which are recommended to be recited during the monthofRamadan- A simple and clean Qibla compass showing the direction tofaceduring your prayers
Muffin Cupcakes: Bake pastry cooking game 1.0
Enter a world made of chocolate donuts, sweet cake bake pastries,delicious vanilla cup cake, and yummy baked good cakes and satisfyyour cravings. Hey sugary chef! Its time to run your own cake bakevirtual kitchen in this bakery business games. You have theopportunity to join this top best kids game and become the bakedgood famous cake bake sugary chef in the town. So grab your allpastry making tools and let world show your culinary skills withthis cooking games. This cup cake bakery business games is for allthose baked good cooks who love to become business tycoon in thevirtual kitchen cooking school for all sugary chefs in this topbest kids game. What to wait for? Become the cup cake kids cookingchef and start creating, baking and decoration of yummy dessertsmuffins in this cooking games. This bakery business games isdifferent from other tap to bake cook kids cooking & pastrymaking games. In this cake bake virtual kitchen game, match andcrush these delightful cake bake cup cake treats in any directionwith this top best kids game. In this bakery business games, youcan even diagonally to complete challenging levels and cheer upyourself as a best sugary chef with this pastry making games. Thiscooking games of baked good matching games become more and morechallenging as you pass more levels in this top best kidsgames.This cup cake matching games and cooking school is speciallydesigned graphical game is for those sugary chef who love to playkids cooking and pastry making games. All in one! This virtualkitchen allows you to be the part of best cooking school and bakerybusiness games of matching yummy desserts food. So sugary chef!make strategy in this kids cooking games to get cake bake targetscore in less time to score 3 stars and achieve sweet victory bakedgood real nice with this top best kids games.Warning! This cookingschool with baked good fun and bakery business games can give youyummy dessert scrumptious cup cake cravings. So come up, satisfyyour hunger of cake bake by downloading this cooking games. PastryMaking Games Ingredients Included: - Over 80 challenges to crushpastries, delicious cakes and more- Link same pastries to makegreater combo- Cool animations and graphics- Very addictivegameplay and UI- Fun to play with smooth controls for kids
Bobble Bash 0.9
Bobble bash is a free to play puzzle game inspired by the classicarcade game pangSave the world from the annihilation of aliensattacking with giant bubbles from the sky. Use your dart gun todefend the earth from these bubbles and bash them. Beware of thebubbles as they keep dividing in to smaller bubbles. Dodge thebubbles and pop them to clear the level and save the day. Bubblesmovement is random, so be alert and keep bashing bubbles.GameFeatures• Multiple awesomely designed stages• Incredible life likephysics and movement of bubbles• Unlock more than 4 characters within game coins• Very realistic and easy controls• Simple yet awesomegameplayDownload for free and enjoy the bubble popping action inthis game.
Connect The Monsters 1.0
Your objective is to connect the different coloured monsters toframe complete connection of the right color monster. CONNECT THEMONSTERS gives a unimaginable measure of enjoyable to anyindividual who adores creative challengers and exciting riddlegames.
Pirate Mine Attack 1.0
Help the pirate save his treasures from the evil monsters.You areunder attack by evil monsters and your treasures are in danger.Survive the attack and defend your riches at all costs. Engage andfinish all the notorious zombie critters and show them no mercy. Ifyou run out of ammo, wait a little and start shooting afterrefilling ammo. These merciless and reckless critters won’t spareyou if they get to you. Download this awesome free to play 2D gamenow.What’s Included• Simple tap and shoot gameplay• Unlock otherweapons for bigger levels• Incredible graphics and sound tracks•Different type of enemies and charactersPirate swamp attack is anaction packed game absolutely for free
Super Bubble Pang 1.0
Super Bubble Pang is free to playretroof the classic arcade puzzle game bubble pang.After all those action packed games, this game is still alegend.Relive those memories of childhood and play this awesomebubbleshooting game. Pop the bubbles with your dart gun and avoidcontactwith the bubbles. Dodge the movement of bubbles and pop allthelevels to complete the level. Be careful around thebubblesespecially the smaller ones as they tend to change theirmovementrandomly and it is difficult to dodge them.Game Features• Multiple awesome levels to play in.• Random movement of balls make it more fun.• Unlock and play with multiple characters.• Very addictive gameplay.Let’s get ready for this bubble pooping action game. Downloadforfree
Guess Animal Kingdom 1.0
Guess Animal names in this free animal name guessing game.Guessnames of animals from the given alphabets in this awesome guessinggame. Check your knowledge of animal kingdom and see how many namesof animals you know already. Earn coins by guessing animal namescorrectly. Use those coins to get hints about the name of animalyou don’t know or reveal the whole name. Animals from all over theworld are included in this guessing game.Game Features• Animalsfrom all around the world• After guessing the name, get the pictureof animal• Learn animal names with their pictures• No sophisticatedcontrols or buttons, simple interface to play.• Get hints or unlockthe complete name with coinsDownload now for free and enjoy GuessAnimal Kingdom.
Dress Up Doctor – Fashion Stylist Makeup Girl 1.3
Every lady wants to be in beautiful girls with wardrobe stylist andbeauty spa salon secrets. This beauty caring and makeup apps freeis fashion stylist doctor themes games where a naughty nurse andbeautiful girls can experience beauty spa salon. So its your dutyto become fashion stylist and makeover artist for the doctors. Butin this makeup apps free, first you have to become the personalstylist and naughty nurse where you have clear all the wounds ondoctor’s face in this beauty caring app. So take your makeover kitand all the doctor themes equipment and let’s get this makeup gamestarts!Being professional not requires you to pamper yourself fromtime to time this make game and girls spa is designed with doctorthemes who wants to become naughty nurse & specialist andcannot get the time for beauty spa salon for any big day. In thisnaughty girl make up salon, you first have to do bandage and alldress up working in this naughty girl make up salon. Use your ownsuper talents of personal stylist and and throw headbands toindicate their support and facilitate safe camp! Heal all theinjuries of the doctor, stitch it carefully and once it is done,dressup doctor with all your makeover skills in this makeup girlgame.So come up, play this amazing designed beautiful girls makeupgame and become the best personal stylist with this beauty spasalon game and let everyone know how amazingly you can become thebeauty caring professional with this doctor themes games.
Fingered Stress free spinner 1.0
This spinner game can assist you to free yourself from the antistress. it'll cause you to relax and stress free simply swipe toplay and spin rotate the spinner game.Swipe your finger aslaborious as you'll to urge high score. it's a toy for adults andyoungsters to spend time.You merely ought to spin this cool fidgethand spinner.Spinner game is additionally referred to as spinrotate and spin rotate game.
Super Hero Hulk Racing 1.0
The League of Heroes defends justiceduringthis city!Being a true superhero, you were lucky enough to perform withinthenice League of Heroes and,along with the remainder of the superheroes, fight withpowerfulvillain.Before you had such a good honor,you defeated several powerful villains and saved no town. TheLeagueof Heroes has become your home.however the powerful villains isn't slumbering, and aawfullypowerful villain mesmerized your fellow superheroes.Now you wish to defeat your fellow superheroes before theydestroytown.Defeat the villain and save the League of Heroes.
Crazy Stunt Spring Racing – Extreme Bike Drive 1.0
To all crazy vehicle riders, are you ready for bike racingchallenge with extremely acrobatics and bike racing challengemania?Start your turbo champion nitro bike with steel engine likean extremely acrobatics in this stunt driving with this thrillernew extraordinary distinctive bike racing challenge in this sportcycle stunts of bike extreme 3d ultimate race mania. So are youready for this unbelievable crazy atv mania stunt in this bikeracing challenge? Come up, get your sports helmet and start thisstunt driving of cool moto in racer game. You don’t have to beturbo champion nitro bike player as this bike racing challenge andstunt games is extremely thrilling wonderful ultimate cool moto andfun crazy off road stunts simulation game. This bike racingchallenge and extremely acrobatics stunt games is designed forthrilling stunt driving lovers searching for real stunt gameslovers with extremely acrobatics in this bike racing challenge. Soall moto 3d lovers, buckle up for real in the world of ultimaterace mania with amazing new beach offroad stunt driving andextremely acrobatics players in this bike racing challenge in thisstunt games. So sit on the riding seat in adrenaline fueled stuntaction racing control super trail stunt bike by dodging andavoiding insane obstacles on offroad cool moto track like a crazyvehicle racer with all your crazy off road stunts on ramp in thiscool moto game. So come up, lets perform ultimate turbo championnitro bike with extremely dangerous vehicle offroad stunts in thiscool moto adventure of beach side stunting sports adventure. CrazyStunt Spring Racing burn your sports bike tires on asphalt offroadwith acrobatics ultimate race mania whereas doing stunt driving andbecome the king of the extremely acrobatics with bike racingtricks. Crazy Stunt Spring Racing of 3d bike may be a new expertisestunt quick driving simulation for your wonderful journey.
Multiple Logo Quiz 1.0
Guess the brands from all around the worldinthis ultimate Logo Quiz GameThere are logos all around us everywhere we go and wherever welook.Letís see how many of them you remember. Guess the logosofcompanies from all around the world from tech giants likeGoogleand Microsoft to clothing brands and all other type ofcompaniesand associations. Keep your eyes for the logos everywhereon TV,streets, roads, sign boards and walls. Donít panic if youstuck ona logo. You can get hints from solving other logos andalsopurchase hints and reveal the logo.Game Featuresï Logos from hundreds of companies all around the world.ï Get hints for guessing the logo right.ï You get to see full logo once you guess it.ï Use hints to know about a logo or reveal it completely.ï More and more logos are coming!!Download now and check your knowledge of logos now.
Air Craft Strikers 2017 1.0
The legend enemy destroyer is here to finish their enemies inamazing destructive style. Aircraft strikers is an outstandingracing aircraft strike game combined with smartphone technologywith new updated levels of destruction. Aircraft strikers 2017provides you different plane flight adventures to fight withdifferent enemies on different levels with incredible and newsocial gameplay elements.In tournament level, you can upgrade yourshield levels and missiles, laser guns and mega bombs by strikingother players of the tournament. In aircraft strikers, you have totake the risk to save the civilians by striking yourenemies.Aircraft strikers offering you great reward not only forwinning the tournament but also for rescuing the pilots who havebeen taken down during the plane adventure.FeaturesEnemydestructive levels with immersive controls to complete thelevels.Different destructive boss levels.Upgrade your shields,missiles, mega bombs, and lasers to finish your enemies.Updated newtournaments of the airstrike against other players.Completely voiceover and outstanding electronic track.Easily accessible to thebeginners and as well as for the extreme hardcore airstrikes.Boostyour scores with the achievement of a new game level.Get ready forthe new extreme flight thrills with Air craft strikers 2017 withnew updated plane adventures.
Dress Up Superhero Spider 1
Let’s move the board and obtainabletoexpertise superhero spiderman that's eviscerate withcompletelydifferent quite wounds dress up superhero kids and do notlet thefolks known as that spider man is a dead superhero. you'llrelishwhereas dressing up the various superhero kids and save thembybecoming the dead superhero. you've got an incredibleprobabilityto become a real superhero. it'll elevate your spiritsand canassist you to mark name in best dress up superhero kids ofwholethe globe.
Dress Up Equestria Kids 1
Game for Kids Fable of Ever free Fluttershy from Equestria kids hasbaby pony dress up: Once Camp Ever free is at risk of closing down,Equestria kids use their new super talents and throw headbands toindicate their support and facilitate safe camp!Fluttershy wearinga baby pony dress up and have long, flowing locks with aheadband.Play game for Kids Fable of Ever free Fluttershy fromEquestria kids from my baby pony dress up.