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DTD Africa 2.0
Dish the Dirt is the first AfricanEntertainment, Talent, Trolling, Jokes, News, Funny and SeriousNews App! Conceived, mixed, baked and packaged in Africa! Downloadand WARN your brothers/sisters to download it too. Share the love!This is Africa, that's how we do.With deep verticals in entertainment, fun, business, finance,dictators, corrupt governments, strategy, politics, and more, DTDAfrica is our own equivalent of TMZ, but with a twist! The AfricanTwist!We bring you the top news across the continent atrapid-friendly-fire pace. Keep up to date with this simple, easy tonavigate mobile app, taking full advantage of your device’splatform to deliver the best reading experience. Keep pace with thehappenings in and out of Africa from anywhere in the world.Some of the App features include Option menu which you can useto access the home page, refresh the news articles, clear cache,share and exit from the app.Please download our app, share it and rate us. Thank you
Mr. President! 1.0
Mr. President is a fun, cool andsuperaddictive game, proudly baked in Africa. The Big Five are inameeting, to discuss issues that really don't add any value totheordinary citizen that they serve. Your role is to demandbetterservices from them.Tap on their heads to whack them and earn points. If youdon'trespond fast, they will take away the money that is attheirdisposal and the game ends. Whack them in the face, beforethetimer counts down to zero, and demand your rights! Keep youreyeswide open and focus! Your fingers need to walk fasteraswell!!!Let the WHACKING BEGIN!For comments and suggestions, or if you would like us todevelopa game for you, just email the developer.And don’t forget to rate if you like this game.No adverts, just play and have fun.