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Aircraft Attack 2.8
Aircraft Attack is a repetitive arcadegame,based on passing waves, destroying enemies, collectingcoins,upgrading abilities and unlocking achievements.Get the power to control a super-armed spaceship and destroyyouropponents with your own skillful hands. Survive higher wavesandbecome the best!Aircraft Attack is designed for both phones and tablets andiscurrently in the Pre-Release stage.
Traffic Control 1.0
Tap the cars to freeze and unfreeze them, in order toavoidaccidents and to respect several traffic laws, such astrafficlights, stop signs, give way and many more. Earn money whencarspass intersections safely, and buy new cars and upgrades tomakeyour job easier. Features - Simple and relaxing game-play;-Beautiful & detailed city levels; - Multiple cars to buy,allhaving 4 different themes, making a total of over 100gorgeouscars; - Upgrades for making levels easier to pass; -Realistictraffic laws and obstacles, including traffic lights, stopsigns,give-way, pedestrians, trains and more to come; -Challenginglevels. Contact and support Weare openfor cooperation to all mobile game developers globally toachievemutual success! For any proposals, questions or issues,pleasecontact us at the e-mail above. 8dcba442f6