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Bomber Special 1.4
Bomber Special - When playing Bomber Special, you will be role of abomber so that you will use the bombs to destroy all abstracts,monters. you have to move through the levels and place variousbombs to blow up your opponents. Be careful and don't get blown upby enemy bombs yourself! Blow up your friends in this game! Placeyour bombs and catch your opponent in an explosive trap. Be carefuland try not to get blown up on your own bombs. If you've still gotblown up, don't worry, you'll turn into a zombie and will be ableto greatly complicate the lives of your opponents!=================================================Features Game-Game strategy- Attractive sounds- HigherChallenges=================================================Controls-Press direction buttons (Left, Right, Bottom, Up) to move in game-Press bomb button to place bombs- After some second the bomberautomatically buzz to break block of bricks.- Setting changeposition button bombs
Candy Sweet II 2
After fruit saga, comes candy heroes story, it is much more richthan fruit saga.Candy heroes story is an amusing three eliminategame, there are different models, each model has different rule,switch or match three or more candies, all kinds of props can giveyou so much crush fun. you can freely enjoy the feeling of fightingmonster, or collecting the candies, and so on.Enter the candiesworld,smash the candies, collect the sweets, gently move thecandies, relax yourself.In this fantastic adventure,Maybe you canbecome a candy smasher heroes,control these candiescrush,splash,blast,or move.It will be a sweet saga, a heroessaga!Features,**All levels are Free,**Yummy Candies,**ShootMonsters,**Battle system,**When you stuck, props can helpyou,**Easy but funny to play, a challenge to those who can openmuch more levels,**Suitable for all ages,**Coolparticle,**Sound,**Special efficiency,**Share it with others.If youhave idea about it, you can feedback to us, we are appreciated toit!!!Thanks all for support!!!
Bomber Classic 3D 1.4
Bomber Classic 3D - When playing BomberClassic 3D , you will be role of a bomber so that you will use thebombs to destroy all abstracts, monters. you have to move throughthe levels and place various bombs to blow up your opponents. Becareful and don't get blown up by enemy bombs yourself! Blow upyour friends in this game! Place your bombs and catch your opponentin an explosive trap. Be careful and try not to get blown up onyour own bombs. If you've still got blown up, don't worry, you'llturn into a zombie and will be able to greatly complicate the livesof your opponents! .Bomber Classic 3D is a interresting stategygame that is the same as computer game of Bomberman. Players mustsearch for the key and the door to get out of the danger area. Ineach game screen always has crest dangers, pitfalls from evilspirits. Players place bombers to break the brick blocks and findthe key to open the door in each level. Please pick up gifts to notonly increase combat power but also help you overcome moredifficult challenges in the Bomber Classic 3D game. Quicklydownloading the Bomber and conquer the challenges of the game.=================================================Features Game- Game strategy- Attractive sounds- Higher Challenges=================================================There are 2 modes of playing:- Playing offline is play with the machine, players have tofight with 3 soldiers of machine automation. When troops killed allthree of the players will win.- Playing online can use 3G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth ...;Players can choose player in teams with 2 to 4 people. In onlinemodes, players will have to try to eliminate the others and try tosurvive. Who sustain life until the end will be the winner.=====================================================Controls- Press direction buttons (Left, Right, Bottom, Up) to move ingame- Press bomb button to place bombs- After some second the bomber automatically buzz to break block ofbricks.- Setting change position button bombs
bubble shooter 1.4
Have a great time playing this Puzzle Bubble Deluxe game forFREE!Our 1000+ puzzle levels will keep your engaged for hours. Wewill add more levels on futureupdates.===================================Features:1. Puzzle Mode- 1000+ fun levels of saga puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles willgo down gradually so you need to shoot quickly to avoid deathPuzzleBubble Deluxe games free has 1000+ levels to play, and more free,fun and addictive levels will be added to this bubble shooter freedownload game! Bubble Shooter Classic graphics suitable for kids,toddlers.You can continue your game to make sure that you don’tlose any progress. So just sit back, relax and alongside thosecolorful bubbles.===================================How to play:1.Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in that direction.2. Makeformations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them down.3. Clear thecurrent puzzle level to unlock the next one.4. You can even chooseto play previous completedlevels.===================================
Fruit Splash Deluxe 2.0
Fruit Splash Deluxe is a very addictive connect lines puzzlegame!Connect colorful lines of fruit to solve compelling levels inthis puzzle adventure!Fruit Splash Deluxe Features:- Colorful andvivid fruits.- Easy to learn, hard to master.- Reward players withmany achievements.- Exciting and delicious fruittrip.=============================================How to play:1.Connect more in limited time2. Achieve the target score can go tothe next level3. Clever use of super candy to create massivecombos!