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100 Doors Seasons 2 - Puzzle Games 2.14.0
You were already on summer holidays in the village? And on the sea?- No? Then welcome, you are waiting a exciting mini puzzles! Escapeto nature! "Bonbeart has done an amazing job with the sequel to thefirst 100 Doors Seasons and it still retains the challengingpuzzles and features amazing graphics on top of that." It's free collection of escape puzzle that boost yourbrain! Amazing fun picture game made in the best style of: 100Rooms, Escape and Hidden Objects! You must to enable your brain toopen the door, and escape to the next floor. Receive achievementsfor found escapes and compete with your friends for the first placeon the open 'Doors League'. ↗ 100 Doors - All Free! ↗ Find theHidden Objects ↗ Solve a mini puzzles ↗ Open the different worlds ↗Puzzles for kids and parents ↗ Every new room has amazing fungraphics ↗ Hints for the first doors ↗ Skip difficult doors ↗Without Internet and without WiFi Are you ready to open 100 Doors?Solve all the puzzles! ;)
World of Riddles - Puzzle Games 2.3.0-0301
For you we have created amazing riddles, by solving them, you willtrain your thinking, open new doors and continue your journeyaround the world. Solve puzzles, ciphers, look for patterns,conjure with a genie and much more! All of this - is to get the keyand open the doors. Immerse yourself in this interesting andexciting world of secrets and mysteries. Solve puzzles, search forhidden objects, train your logic and plan your escape! From thedevelopers of the popular puzzle: 100 Doors Seasons. Now available50 doors - puzzles! ↗ Puzzle Games - Thought-provoking fun ↗ Finditems - Find hidden objects ↗ Amazing HD Graphics! ↗ Relaxing Music↗ Regular updates of new worlds! ↗ Family Puzzle Games, Enjoy thegame with your family ↗ No WIFI? No Internet? - Offline-games,without Internet ↗ Free puzzles - logic games! Bonbeart - we makeinteresting games! Escape from the world! ✌
Mansion of Puzzles - Escape Games 2.3.0-0301
You, as a detective with a secret mission to go on a secretmansion, where you will discover all its secrets and mysteries! Useyour ingenuity to the full! Open the locks, solve challengingpuzzles and riddles, collect cards and examine the details, evenlet's shoot a shotgun! Everything is useful in order to open all100 doors! Here is a new game from the developers of a series ofpuzzles: 100 Doors - Seasons! For a long time, we will notdescribe, And now let us focus on creating new puzzles! And not forreading you came here ;) So try it, of course - you'll like it! ✌We look forward to your feedback! 🔑 FEATURES: ★ Puzzle Games -Thought-provoking fun ★ Find the Hidden Objects ★ Tips forbeginners ★ Genre: «Escape», «100 Doors» ★ Challenging puzzles foradults, for kids, family games ★ The soothing sounds and beautifulvisual effects ★ Each new level has an original and beautifulgraphics ★ Ability to skip challenging puzzles ★ Regular updates,with new puzzles ★ No WIFI? No Internet? - Offline-games, withoutInternet ★ Puzzle games - Logic games - Smart puzzles ★ FREE Games!Bonbeart - we make interesting games! 🔎 DIFFICULT? - GET HELP: 🔦Facebook: 🔦 VK: 🔦 Feel yourself in the role of Sherlock Holmes!🕵 🎩
Open 100 Doors - Puzzle Games 2.3.0
You like interesting logic tasks, rather than template puzzles,then you're in the right place. Open 100 Doors - a free collectionof new amazing and fun puzzles that will boost your mood! Composemusic, find objects, dress this penguin, finally! ⛄ Who knows whatis behind the next door? Continuation of the famous series ofpuzzles - 100 Doors Seasons, more than 10 Million downloads inGoogle Play. All the same difficult and exciting brainteaser, butin a cozy atmosphere and bright colors of the holiday. This gamewas created in the best style of genres: «Escape» and «100 Doors»,it puzzle for kids and adults! Think for yourself and play withfriends to solve puzzles and open all 100 Doors. Escape the room!Like challenge! It is more challenging than it looks! GAMEFEATURES: - Puzzle Games - Thought-provoking fun - Find items -Find hidden objects - New Year Puzzles - set the mood forChristmas! - Tips to beginners for get escape - Every new room hasamazing and fun game graphics - Use all features of your device -shake, rotate it! - Ability to skip difficult rooms - ChallengingPuzzles for kids and for adults, for family - Family games - Thegame is absolutely Free. Yes, it's all levels! - Offline gameswithout Internet and without WiFi Bonbeart - we make interestinggames! _____________________________________________ Couldn't solvethe puzzle? - GET HINT FOR ESCAPE! • • VK: • Are you ready to Open 100 Doors? Solve all thePuzzles! 🎉