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RUNExRUNE - Tower Defence 2.0.4
RUNExRUNE is a tower defense game that creates various types ofrunes to block enemies. You can make more powerful runes bycombining runes with the same type and same border. As the chapterprogresses, more powerful bosses appear, so try various strategiesthrough your own rune combination! Characteristic ● If you progressthrough chapters using various runes, you can get stage rewards andkeys. ● Open the box with the key you have obtained to get newrunes and coins. ● If you have a rune you already have, you can usecoins to strengthen the rune with a more powerful rank. ● Buildyour own combination to build the ultimate rune deck and facepowerful bosses. ● As the chapter progresses, more powerful anddiverse enemies appear. ● Enter a dungeon using a rune combinationof grown runes.