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SCRABBLE Word Checker
An easy to use SCRABBLE word checker withoffline support and full definitions.Features:- Official SCRABBLE word lists:   • Tournament Word List (178,691 words) - UnitedStates & Canada   • Collins Word List (270,163 words) -International- Comprehensive definitions provided by The American HeritageDictionary, Wiktionary, Century Dictionary, Collins Dictionary andmore.- Works offline.
Cooking Timer 1.3.3
A quick and easy cooking timer with pre-settimers.Features:- Unlimited timers- Searchable pre-set timers- Save your own timers for quick use later
RainGraph - Weather Forecast 2.3.2
RainGraph provides highly accurateminute-by-minute rain forecasts up to an hour in advance.Features• Lightning quick• Minute-by-minute rain forecast up to an hour in advance• Hourly rain forecast for the next 24 hours• Daily rain forecast for the next 7 days• Clean designTechnologyRainGraph uses the same highly acclaimed weather forecast data thatpowers and Darksky on iOS. The service is backed by awide range of data sources, which are aggregated togetherstatistically to provide the most accurate forecast possible for agiven location.Other notes• Minute by minute forecasts are currently only available in theUS, UK and Northern Ireland.• Although this app does provide summaries of the upcoming weather,RainGraph focuses on rainfall sacrificing additional data for speedand simplicity. Try out Arcus for a more exhaustive forecast, ortake a look at WeatherBomb for radar.
Forecaster - Free 3.2.0
Forecaster provides accurate at a glanceweather forecasts for the next seven days.Features• Visual at-a-glance forecasts for the next seven days• Detailed hour by hour breakdowns for each day• Minute by minute rain predictions for the next hour• Fast loading• Low data usageTechnologyOur data is provided by the highly acclaimed Theservice is backed by a wide range of data sources, which areaggregated together statistically to provide the most accurateforecast possible.Other notes• Minute by minute forecasts are currently only available in theUS, UK and Ireland.
Forecaster - visual, accurate weather for the week 5.1.3
Forecaster provides accurate at-a-glance weather forecasts for thenext seven days. Features • Visual at-a-glance forecasts for thenext seven days • Current weather conditions • Fast loading • Lowdata usage Technology Our data is provided by the NorwegianMeteorological Institute.
Review: a task list based on spaced repetition 2.0.8
Review is a to-do list that schedules revision based on theprinciple of spaced repetition. Reviews are rescheduled oncecompleted based on their difficulty. Spaced repetition is based onthe ideas of Hermann Ebbinghaus, who created the "forgettingcurve".