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Internet Booster & Optimizer 1.98.3
INTERNET BOOSTER This app is intended to enhance your internetbrowsing experience. Your internet speed is determined by yourInternet Service Provider and we cannot change that, but there aremany other factors that may affect how your device takes advantageof this speed. This is where this app starts boosting. Weautomatize a series of commands and optimizations that will putyour browser in the top of priority on your Android System makingsure you get the most out of your ISP Internet speed and deviceresources for a smooth browsing experience. This is no magic, thesecommands are actions you can perform manually one by one withoutthe help of any app, but due to the time it'd take and otherreasons it could be considered impractical, and this is the reasonthis app exists! OPTIMIZATIONS TO ACCELERATE Whether your device isrooted or not, or if you have a WiFi or Mobile Data connection (2g,3g, 4g LTE), we perform a series of automatized tasks in order toaccelerate internet speed and browser's performance. Pausingsecondary processes, cleaning RAM memory, cleaning cache memory andflushing DNS are some of these tasks. TCP/IP OPTIMIZATION We runcommands intended to optimize the way your device connects withothers through the internet. In most cases this improves ping andboosts overall speed resulting in a snappier internet browsing. MTUsize, TTLL hops, buffer size and more, are some of the settingsoptimized. These are available only for root users. DISCLAIMER * Ifyou are connected to a router, it might limit your MTUindependently of your device settings. * We cannot guarantee allthe desired results for all android devices. Android versions,frameworks and their settings are too many, but we encourage you tocontact us if you find a bug or problem or send a report in case ofcrashes and forced stops. * (to root users) This app attempts aseries of commands that could fail to apply if superuser permissionisn't granted TECHNICAL TERMS MTU - TCP/IP - Buffer - Root/SuperUser -
True Battery Saver 1.7
★ Maximize your battery life with TrueBattery Saver!A powerful app for your android device that will boost your batteryjuice making it last longer.Easily achieve two or even three times your current batterylife!How is this possible?True battery saver saves battery by analizing yourwifi and mobile data connections (2g, 3g, 4g, LTE) usage andhandling them, preventing them from using more resources than whatthey need. It also gives you the option to automatically clean yourmemory when your screen is off in order to suspend backgroundprocesses that might potentially wake up your device from deepsleep mode, this way you ensure a maximum optimization of powerusage.More Features★ Battery level (percentage) on notification bar so you can quicklyand accurately know your remaining juice and more info.★ Home screen widget to monitor battery level, temperature, voltageand more in real time!★ Root access NOT required!★ App is ad-supported but you can quickly remove all ads forfree!
Root or Not 2.0
Root or Not is a powerful root checker that quickly and easilychecks if your Android device is rooted.You'll get your result in amatter of seconds and also a list of tutorials on how to root yourandroid device, in case yours isn't. From one-click methods tomanual processes for every device, and we will add more verysoon!Feel free to get in touch if you need support or just want tosend your comments.