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心靈運籤 - 占卜 1.0
想知道每天的運勢如何嗎?不管事求桃花、考試升學求文昌、還是偏財運或事業,通通交給心靈運籤就對了。※您面臨過自己無法抉擇的事嗎? 有時候一隻籤詩可以帶給你莫大的鼓勵及勇氣現在就來試試看吧,左右晃動手機三次,就會得到最精準的籤詩及本日運勢※建議每日使用一次即可,心誠則靈※支援繁/簡體※有任何意見歡迎提供給作者關鍵字:算命、占卜、籤詩
City FreeFall 2.2.0
Ready for challenges? A fast, fun,addictive Parachute game that you can play all the time.Guide Paraman through different levels of intenseParachuting fun! "It's all in the Reflexes!"Once you see the themed areas, deploy the Paraman bytapping them before it's too late. Parachute jump downthrough different levels avoiding obstacles, collectingballoons and completing each as fast as possible toachieve the maximum score.The highest you deploy themore points you get.Post your scores online and compete for the topspot in the Parachute leaderboards!Supported for Android 2.2 or aboveCheck your Results online: 2.01.Add new propsver 1.2.51.fix bugver 1.21.Add a new backgroundver 1.01.Support GPU hardware acceleration2.Support App to SDCard
Monkey Puzzle Game 1.2.0
The cute Gagteeth Monkey is coming! Thistime,it will guide us in an adventure to Egypt.It’s said that there are countless Egyptian treasuresunderground,but there are also alps and alps before us.A total of 50 levels with well-designed codes are waitingyou.Can you help Gagteeth Monkey get the Egyptian treasures? Just doitnow! Let’s go!Let’s go for the unknown mystery!Game Instructions:A. Blocks can only be interchanged left and right.B. 3 or more matching color blocks in a line will be removed.C. The level is clear when all blocks are removed.D. The matching color blocks should be in a vertical orhorizontalline.
Super Ant 1.0.6
Game Description:If you are looking for a casual game to help killing time,youcan’t miss Super Ant of cute hand-drawn style. The funnygraffitopicture and peppy music make you not stop playing. Do youwant toshow your great scores in the world rankings? Just join usandcompete with worldwide Ant gamers!Game Features:- It is a game with no level limits, challenging your eyesightandbalance of hands, which allows you play easily with onlyonehand.-Are your reaction sensitivity and balance force betterthanothers?-You just need to tilt your mobile accordingly to move theantsquickly in the limited space.-Sugars or cakes can add more scores.-Be careful not to touch the red or black barriers!-Monsters of Boss-level will appear to attack you sometimes(newroles will be added continuously)If you like Super Smart Ant, please post afive-starcomment.Your encouragement and suggestions are my motivation to createmoreinteresting games.For any question, please feel free to e-mail me.Super Smart Ant supports most Android mobile phones. Ifyourphone is of old version or can’t execute normally, we aretrying tofigure out more solutions and improvement.Other hot games:1. Monkey Block: a funny game of eliminating blocks, with morethanten thousands players every day.2. Monkey Puzzles: a block game requiring a lot of brainpower,youhave to solve each round, which can be regarded as themostdifficult block game.