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Create your own audio adventures with the Tonie-App – your mobilerecording studio Get creative wherever you go! Our Creative-Toniescan’t wait to hear and hold your favourite tales and tunes. Justuse the Tonie-App to record your very own stories, songs ormessages – it's as easy as a phone call. Select one of yourCreative-Tonies and off you go. From bedtime story to audiotreasure hunt, Creative-Tonies are up for everything: · Dad'sflight delayed? Mum having a girl's night out? Simply record andsend personal goodnight wishes for your loved ones, no matter whereyou are. · Create stories about your favourite Creative-Toniecharacters - let the pirate tell a tale of secret treasure or letthe mermaid sweeten your day at the beach, followed by somespooky-party tunes. · Create your own audio plays with familiarvoices for your child. Full of life: The Live option · With theLive option activated, you can share your experiences even moredirectly with your loved ones. If you switch the Live option on,the Creative-Tonie will play the most recently uploaded audiofirst. · You can even protect very special moments from overwritingwith a safety function. Features: All your Creative-Tonies at aglance · Recording function with the microphone of your smartphone· Upload files directly from your Dropbox or other document storageapps · Recording capacity: 90 minutes with max. 45 individualchapters/recordings (max. 10 with Live option activated) · Languageswitch possible: Just select English or German in your smartphonesettings · Coming soon: Automatically save all your recordings onyour smartphone Requirements: · Toniecloud account: create youraccount for free at · A Toniebox. · At least oneCreative-Tonie that is activated for you. Data Protection Policy: