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Brain Memory Trainer 1.0
Brain Trainer
Remembering big numbers is not very easy even for short period oftime. This app is here to increase you brain memory skills byremembering big numbers.This is simple app but challenging. Youhave to remember a number and reenter
Brain Games 3.8.8
Brain Trainer
Brain Games is a great collection of games to exercise differentparts of your brain with fun. It has 20 type of mind games tofulfill all your mind exercise. Each game has 15 levels andcomplexity will increase each level. Train your brain few minutes aday for better results. This is a suitable game for both childrenand adults. List of Mind Games : * Match Cards * Left Vs RightBrain * Memorize Faces * Duplicate Finder * Quick Search Skill *Memorize Objects * Math Skill * Colors Vs Brain * Multitasking *Focus Skill * Emoji Memory * Odd One Out * Comparing Skills *Flying Memory * Sum Up Game * Pattern Memory * Remember the OrderGame is integrated with Google Leader boards , so you can compareyou score with world and check your work rank.
First Words 1.5.1
Brain Trainer
First Word app is uniquely designed for your baby and toddler tointroduce top 150 words from different category.It has twosections.1) [12+ months] for one year old baby2) [2+ years] for twoyear old toddlerEach section has three modules to train your kid tointroduce (Training), take Challenge to recognize words anonymouslyand finally take fun Quiz.Training:12+ months section containscategories [Home, Toys, Alphabets, Colors, Fruits, and Numbers]having around 120 words for your baby.2+ months section containscategories [Animals, Birds, Vegetables, Flowers, Nature, Shapes,Vehicles, Instruments, Objects and Actions] having around 120 wordsfor your toddlerAnd each category has colorful quality pictureskeep your baby interest level high.Professional pronunciation ofwords for correct learningChallenge:Random words will be hidden andby tapping on each image will flip the word and your baby should beable to recognize and speak each word after it flips.This is reallyfun and important game for your baby's cognitivedevelopment.Available in 2*2, 2*3 and 3*3 words withanimation.Quiz:Finally a fun quiz to identify the word after itspeaks out and grabs a score for your baby.Quiz levels areavailable in 2*2, 2*3 and 3*3 words.
Sri Rama Chitra Mandir 0.7
Brain Trainer
Sri Rama Chitra Mandir.. Place for latest movies.Sri Rama ChitraMandir.. Place for latest movies.Sri Rama Chitra Mandir.. Place forlatest movies.Sri Rama Chitra Mandir.. Place for latest movies.
Bottle Shooter : SlingShot Game 1.1.2
Brain Trainer
Glow Knock Down is a challenging slingshot game.In each level youneed to knock all the bottles down to complete the levelsuccessfully.This game has 35 challenging levels to test yourslingshot skills.We have designed this game in Glow theme whichgives awesome game play experience while playing the game andbreaking the bottles.