Brandon Stecklein Apps

Helios File Manager 2.5.5
Helios file manager, formerly known as File Browser, is an allencompassing file management solution from Ape Apps. Helioscontains an ever expanding list of features, while striving tomaintain a clean simplistic look and feel. Helios is a file managerfor beginners and advanced users alike. Features include: -Standard file browsing and management features, including SD cardand root directory support. - Copy, move, delete, and rename singlefiles, or batch process multiple files at once with the multiselect feature. - Send files to your favorite cloud storageservices such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive -Enjoy Samsung Multiwindow support. Requires a multiwindow capabledevice such as the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, or other. Only Samsungdevices currently support the multi window feature. - Show or hidehidden files. - Manage your files and external sd card with ease. -Choose between file list mode or grid view mode. - Display graphicthumbnails on image files. - Pin a homescreen shortcut to any fileor folder on your system for quick and easy access - Now file extraction. You can read and extract data from any zipfile, right from within the app! - Noteastic support: Create newNoteastic Notepad note files right from within the app. - Fullfledged text editor: Helios now lets you create and edit txt, html,js, css, and xml files from within the app. You can even launch thetext editor from the home screen. It even has printingcapabilities! I am constantly improving my apps, so if you have anysuggestions on how to make Helios File Manager better, please sendme an e-mail or join the support community (link can be foundwithin the app menu). This app is for you guys, so help make Heliosthe best file management package on the market!
OCR Pro 0.2
OCR Pro is an advanced optical character recognition app thatallows you to convert your live physical documents into digitaltext .txt files using your device camera. OCR Pro takes the OCRfunctionality out of my award winning PDF Document Scanner app (seemy account details for that app) and turns it into a stand aloneapp. Eventually these two apps will work together and sharefunctionality, but for now, the OCR features are still inexperimental mode.OCR Pro requires the download of english languageOCR pack before first use. After that, operation is simple. Take apicture with your device camera (a picture of a text document) andcrop it, adjust the brightness, and so on. Once you have a goodpicture, the app will try to convert it into text and save it as atext file for you. Files are saved in plain .txt format.I stillconsider this app to be in an experimental stage, but it will beundergoing active development, so please leave feedback withsuggestions and ways I can improve it and make it better. As I saidbefore, once OCR Pro is out of the beta stage, it will replace thecurrent OCR component from my PDF Document Scanner app, and the twoapps will work in unison to provide cross functionality. Thanks fortrying OCR Pro, let me know what you think!
Network Browser 2.8.11
Network Browser is a simple file manager/browser utility forbrowsing files on your Windows network. It can connect to standardWindows or Samba shares. Use it to browse files on your Sambashares, view pictures, play network music, watch videos that youare on your network, etc. Presently, Network Browser should be ableto connect to most Microsoft Windows or Linux and Mac OSX smb sambanetwork shared folders. You need to know the IP address of thenetwork server you are trying to connect to. You can connect asguest, or supply your username and password. You can also openfiles that you find on your network. Tapping on a file will open itin the default editor on your Android system. Currently saving anduploading is not supported, but if there is interest in the projectI can certainly work to add these features. Network Browser nowsupports music and video streaming over the network! The currentrelease only supports mp3 format for music and m4v and mp4 formatsfor videos, but I plan on adding support for more media formats inthe future. Give it a try and let me know which formats you want meto work on next! Network Browser can now be your ultimate homenetwork media streaming app! Network Browser now supports AndroidTV! Stream videos from your network straight onto your Android TVdevice. Network Browser is for you guys, so if there is anyinterest in this project, I will add any features that you want orrequest. With time and effort this could be a fully functionalnetwork file manager and Windows Networking app, but if there is nointerest in the project then I will not put the time into it. Justlet me know! Network Browser relies on functionality from the JCIFSlibrary, which can be found here:
Strobe Light 3.5.4
An amazing Strobe Light for your Android! Uses your phone's LEDcamera flash to simulate a strobe light effect. Flashes the screenwhite and black if it cannot use the flash. Never be caught at arave without it! How many times have you been at a party when it'sgetting late, people are getting tired, and things are starting todie down? Have you ever sat at home and yearned for the days ofdisco to return? Have you ever wanted to give yourself a seizure toget out of class (please don't)? If you answered Yes to any ofthose, then a strobe light can fit the bill. Use strobe light atparties, at home, at the club, at school, or anywhere you think astrobe light could set the mood. Picture this. You are having aparty at your house. The cute girl from your biology class isthere. Suddenly your bro says 'Hey let's turn this into a rave!'Biology girl is feeling it. But sadly, you don't have a strobelight! Your guests leave in disgust and you are mocked for the restof the school year. It doesn't have to end that way. With StrobeLight app, simply turn on the switch, place your phone on thetable, and let the party begin. Mileage may vary by phone type andflash brightness. Should generally be bright enough to host a ravefor 15-20 people. Tip: When you press the music button, you willget a hip techno music beat to liven the mood, but you can alsolisten to your own tracks stored on your SD card. While the musicis playing, simply tap on the song name (it will say techno) and itwill pick music from your sd card! Supports mp3 and ogg musicformats (I haven't tried any others). Please leave comments withsuggestions on how to make the app better. This app is for you guysso help me make strobe light the best party app on the market!
Balloon Tunes 1.4.1
Balloon Tunes from Ape Apps is the ultimate musical balloon poppinggame! Geared towards kids but fun for adults, you will have fun asyou create music by popping colored balloons in this incrediblehand eye coordination game. Blast your way through 5 fun gameplaymodes as you pop balloons, make tunes, and reach for the top score!
My Planet 2.22.0
My Planet is a virtual simulation game where you take control of aplanet and try to grow a healthy and thriving population! It islike a virtual pet on a planetary level. Play God by manipulatingthe sunlight and the rain in order to grow as large a population aspossible. My Planet runs in real time, even when the the game isclosed. Therefore, you must keep checking back throughout the dayto make sure your planet is running at optimal levels. The controlsare simple to use, by mastery can take weeks. Can you achieve theultimate goal of growing your planet to over 1,000,000 people? Orwill your planet burn under the sun while your people anguish? Thechoice is yours! The ultimate goal of My Planet is to grow a happyand thriving population. Your population will continue to grow aslong as you have a healthy level of Vegetation on your planet(represented by the green bar). The more vegetation you have, thefaster your population will grow. Likewise, if your vegetationlevels get too low, your people will starve to death and populationwill begin to decline. Vegetation grows when it has the properamount of sunlight and water. For optimal vegetation and thuspopulation growth, you must try to keep your Sun and Water levelsin the sweet spot, indicated by your Sun and Water meters being 50%full. If you have too much sunlight, vegetation will dry up andyour people will die. If you have too little sunlight, vegetationcannot grow and your people will starve. Same concept with water.If you have too much, vegetation will flood out and die. To little,and drought will set in. Check your planet every day to make sureyou have the optimal amount of sun and water! I am always lookingto improve my apps, so if you have any ideas on how to make MyPlanet better, please let me know. I will continue to update andimprove the game based on feedback, so let me know what you wouldlike to see added in the future! This app is for you guys!
RAM Booster 3.10.6
RAM Booster is a handy utility that closes out all running apps,which can clear up your available RAM and improve deviceperformance.
Alien Update 1.1
Alien Update is a free news aggregationservice that brings you all of the hot breaking news and updatesrelated to the latest UFO sightings and other extraterrestrialrelated events. It is your central source for all of the latest UFOand Alien news from around the internet!
Ninja Level Up 1.7.0
Ninja Level Up is a classic linear style dungeon crawler roleplaying game. Made by the creators of the popular mobile RPG gamesLevel Up RPG and Deimos, Ninja Level Up is designed to be quick andeasy to pick up and play, the way a mobile RPG should be.Acceptable for kids and adults of all ages. The story begins 14years ago with a young boy who is washed ashore in Japan. He istaken up by an old sensei and trained in the ways of the ninja.After he is stuck by misfortune, he must use his new ninja skillsto honor his sensei and get vengeance on his enemies. Ninja LevelUp was build with the dungeon crawler gameplay style in mind, andis designed from the ground up to be a quick and easy pick up andplay roleplaying game that you can learn in just a few minutestime. Play it at school, work, on the bus, or while sitting intraffic (obey all traffic laws). If you like ninjas, RPG's, or werea fan of the original Level Up and Deimos games, then you are goingto love Ninja Level Up! There is also a lot more story and contentto come, so leave suggestions in the comments on what you thinkshould happen next!
Pizza Chef 2.7.4
Serve pizzas and become the ultimate Pizza Chef! Pizza Chef is anall new fun free game from Ape Apps where you are given controlover a pizza diner and must assume the role of top chef. Yourcustomers will place pizza orders that you must build and servebefore the time runs out. Use ingredients to build the perfectpizzas and get paid money by your happy clients! Finish the pizzasand earn enough money to move on to the next day. Fail, and youlose your job! In Pizza Chef, there are two modes of play: CareerMode and Time Attack. In Career Mode, you must earn one hundreddollars each day in order to progress on to the next day. As youprogress, the levels become harder as more ingredients are added tothe pizzas, and the orders start to get more and more out ofcontrol. Keep your customers happy! Career Mode contains a total of50 levels for non stop fun and family friendly action. Time Attackmode is unlocked by reaching day 10 in Career Mode. In Time Attackmode you are given 20 seconds to build as many pizzas as you can.Each time you complete an order, you get 10 more seconds added tothe clock. Pound out pizzas as fast as you can and see how muchmoney you can make! Pizza Chef is an entertaining game of skill,wit, reflexes, memorization, and time management. It is a fun gamefor kids and adults of all ages. I am always improving my games andlooking to add more content, so please leave me suggestions on howI can make the game better! This game is for you guys, so help memake Pizza Chef the best it can be! Special Credits: Gentle andCute from Mizzourah Fussby Karl Schröder
Mongo Madness 3.0.0
Mongo Madness is a fast paced run and jump 2d side scrollingplatform game from Ape Apps. It contains 32 exciting levels splitup into 8 worlds of increasing difficulty. Collect hearts to stayalive, jump on enemies to survive, and beat each level to thrive.Can be played with onscreen controls, keyboard, or gamepad. Thereis also a 12 level expansion pack called Mongo Madness - The LostLevels. It's just another lazy morning down in the Caves of Doom,until Mongo the orc wakes up and realizes that his girl has gonemissing! Help Mongo battle his way through eight stunning worldsand 32 action-packed platforming levels as he collects coins,stomps enemies, and saves the girl! With Mongo Madness, you willrelive the glory days of classic retro platform gaming, all in thepalm of your hand! **Special Credit** The music for Mongo Madnesscame from Kevin MacLeod at incompetech. Search for him online, he'sgot some awesome tracks!
Doorways Launcher 2.0.2
Doorways is a launcher for Android devices. It works on allversions of Android. Doorways is ultra small, ultra lightweight,and ultra basic. Why use up valuable phone memory on your launcherapp? Doorways simply presents you with your app list. That's it. Nofrills, just you and your apps. If you are ready for a sweet newlauncher, then go ahead and open the door to quality with Doorways!So I really do not know where I am headed with this project. Ifanybody has any suggestions of things I can add, just drop acomment and let me know. I can either keep it as a simple launcher,or add a bunch of features, I'm down for whatever. I guess it justdepends on what the people want!
My Business Empire 1.21.1
If you've ever dreamt of running and managing your own business,then this is the simulation game for you! Brought to you by thecreator of the epic My Planet, My Colony, and My Land simulationgames, comes the exciting corporate simulation game My BusinessEmpire! Start out as a kid with $20 and a small lemonade stand andbuild your way up to making millions of dollars on a space rockettransportation business! The possibilities are endless. My BusinessEmpire runs in real time while you are away, so your companies willbe earning you money, even when you are not playing. Hire managersto run your business for you. Rename your businesses for extracustomization. Level up your companies to generate more cash. Andopen new companies and new opportunities. The sky is the limit inthis amazing business sim game. For a unique look and feel, allgraphics in this business simulation tycoon style game were handdrawn with crayons. I consider this game to be in constantdevelopment, so please leave suggestions on new features and waysto make the game better. I will make frequent updates based on userfeedback. This game is for you guys, so help make the best that itcan be!
Laser Sword 2.4.2
It's an awesome laser sword simulation for your Android! There arevarious hilts and multiple awesome saber colors to choose from!
Selfie Studio 1.0
Selfie Studio is an amazing camera applicationthat lets you bring out the best possible self face portraitspossible. Using your front facing camera, Selfie Studio lets youtake a selfie picture, and then presents you with advanced editingand manipulation tools (powered by the Aviary software suite) tolet you produce professional and epic looking selfie pics in notime!Selfie Studio also keeps all of your selfie pics in one easy tomanage location. You can go back and edit existing selfie pictures,take new selfies, delete old ones, and even send and share yourselfie pics on social media or via text messaging.If you like taking selfie shots (and come on, it is 2014, whodoesnt?), then you owe it to yourself to get Selfie Studio. I alsomake frequent app updates based on user feedback, so if there areextra features that you would like to see added to Selfie Studio,please drop them in the comments section. This app is for you guys,so I will improve it in any way possible to help you take the bestselfies possible. Thanks for downloading Selfie Studio!
Finger Paint 2.23.1
Finger Paint is an awesome finger painting application that is funfor kids and adults alike! You start off with a blank canvas, yourimagination, and 42 fun colors to choose from. Tapping on the penicon will bring up the tools menu which lets you choose from small,medium, and large pen sizes. The paint brush tool is a new floodfill option, and the Bomb tool will clear your entire canvas to theselected color. And of course, the save button lets you save yourdrawing to your Gallery. An added feature of this version now letsyou share your photos after you save them. This way you can postyour drawings to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network andshow off your talents to the world! Finger Paint now adds fullsupport for devices with S Pen or other pen input devices. The apprecognized pressure sensitivity and adjusts ink opacityaccordingly. Try it out! I am always looking to improve my apps,and will update often based on feedback. If you have anything youwould like changed added or updated, please leave a comment or sendme an e-mail and I will get to it ASAP. This app is for you guys!Once again, thanks for trying Finger Paint from Ape Apps. Enjoy!
Popping Bubbles 2.12.1
If you are ready for classic bubble bursting fun, then you need toplay Popping Bubbles! In this fun casual free game for players ofall ages, you must pop the multi colored bubbles before they reachthe top of the screen. Watch out for the toxic gas bubbles! Gameplay is simple. Multi colored bubbles float up from the bottom ofthe screen. You must poke them with your finger before they floataway. If you pop 4 bubbles in a row without them getting away, youwill score an epic combination move and unlock thunder mode withgolden bubbles! Pop the gold bubbles for extra points! In thehigher levels, toxic gas bubbles will appear. If you poke them youlose points, so avoid the gas! Popping Bubbles features fivegameplay modes for players of all skill levels. There are thestandard easy, medium, and hard levels which include global highscores leaderboards and achievements. Then there are the casual andendless bubbles modes for new and less experienced players. Thereis also the Thunder Bubbles mode if you want to try something funand different. Popping Bubbles has something for everybody! PoppingBubbles from Ape Apps is the ultimate bubble popping game! Gearedtowards players of any age group, you will have fun as you burstbubbles in this incredible hand eye coordination game. I am alwayslooking to improve my games, so if you have any suggestions on howto make Popping Bubbles better, please leave a comment or drop mean e-mail. This game is for you guys! Help me make Popping Bubblesthe best free game on the market!
Honeybee Hijinks 1.5.3
Honeybee Hijinks is a fun and addictive endless flying game forkids and adults of all ages! You are a honeybee who must avoidcrashing into walls and the ground while collecting honeycombs.Race for the top score and see how far you can fly! Simple easy topick up and play controls for fast on the go flying fun. HoneybeeHijinks now supports gamepad and remote control support, as well assupport for TV devices. There are also leaderboards andachievements so you can compare your progress with the world!**Special Credit** The music for Honeybee Hijinks came from KevinMacLeod at incompetech. Search for him online, he's got someawesome tracks!
Deimos RPG 1.8.1
Deimos is an old school style roleplaying adventure game based onthe Level Up! RPG engine. You and a team of Marines must travel tothe Martian moon of Deimos and investigate recent events at ascience station. Progress through the game by making choices,fighting and killing enemies, and collecting powerful items andweapons that will help you along the way. Sometimes you just want aquick game that you can pick up and play, and then put back downagain on a moments notice. That's what Deimos RPG by Ape Apps isall about. Designed to be easy to learn (and kind of easy to mastertoo), Deimos is the perfect free roleplaying game for when you aresitting in the doctors office waiting for them to call your name.And the best part is, it's great for kids and adults of all ages! Iam always looking to improve upon my games. If you have suggestionson how to improve Deimos RPG, please leave comments and I will getto it. And if you like the gameplay style of Deimos, check out myother role playing game Level Up!
Ant Squash 3.7.1
Ant squash is a free smasher game where you squash bugs using yourfinger. Ants run down the screen and you must squash them. It seemssimple enough, but there are three difficulty settings split intomultiple levels for you to progress through while you smash ants.
Teddy Bear Terror 1.3.6
WARNING: Parents - Teddy Bear Terror is not intended to be a kidsgame! Evil blood thirsty teddy bears are on the march. You mustdestroy them before they destroy you! Teddy Bear Terror is aclicker type game that strives to take the genre into a whole newlevel of absurdity. Built off of the tried and true Level Up RPGengine, Teddy Bear Terror forgoes many of the finer elements of RPGgame play for straight up fast paced clicker game action, completewith gratuitous amounts of blood and explosions that makeabsolutely no sense in the context of the game. Gameplay is deadsimple. You just 'click' (tap) on the teddy bears as fast as youcan and then watch them go boom. You gain valuable experience andcoins with each teddy bear that you slaughter. When you've gainedenough experience, you will level up. Keep on killing teddy bearsand see how high you can level up! I promise that you will neverrun out of teddy bears to massacre. Meanwhile, you will be treatedto elevator style music while you play, courtesy of Kevin MacLeodof incompetech. So whether you are looking to relieve stress, havea laugh, or just kill a few minutes while you are waiting in linesomewhere, Teddy Bear Terror is the perfect game for you. And it'sbetter than hitting an actual real life person (or teddy bear),because in Teddy Bear Terror, the only consequences come from yourinner conscience! So what are you waiting for? Slay teddy bears!Honor your ancestors! Get the girl! All is possible when youdownload Teddy Bear Terror today! Batteries not included.
Barrel River 1.6.1
Flow down the brutal water of the mighty barrel river with nothingbut your wits and a rickety old barrel to guide you! Barrel riveris a fun filled action game where you must flow down the riveravoiding rocks and deadly jumping fish. As an added bonus, magicgold coins can be found on the river as well. Collect coins and tryto stay alive on this deadly river. Your score is determined by howfar you make it and how many coins you have collected. Compete withfriends for the top score! **Special Credit** The music for BarrelRiver came from Kevin MacLeod at incompetech. Search for himonline, he's got some awesome tracks!
Coloring Book 1.4.1
Coloring Book is a fun and free coloring sheet and finger paintingapp for kids (and adults) of all ages! Featuring many bright andfun colors, along with fun and engaging coloring sheets, coloringbook will allow your kids to draw to their hearts content. Includescoloring sheets of different fun animals, as well as humorousscenes from various Ape Apps games. You can also pick just a plainempty canvas to draw on, like a standard finger paint app. If youlike coloring book, please leave feedback and suggestions on newcoloring sheets or other features you would like to see added!Coloring book works great with touch, but for Galaxy Note users, isalso works great with the s pen accessory. Give it a try!
Pew Pew Pew 1.4.2
Prepare for a totally epic space shooting arcade adventure likeyou've never seen before. It's Pew Pew Pew from Ape Apps! Gameplayis simple. Fly around in your little space ship shooting things andgoing pew pew pew! See how many kills you can get, finishachievements, and go for the top score on the global high scoreslist! Will the fun ever end? Nope. Pew Pew Pew features endlessinfinite arcade shooting action, fun hand drawn ink pen graphics,and is appropriate for adults and kids of most ages. So what areyou waiting for? Achieve fame and glory on the global leaderboards!Impress your friends with your space blasting abilities! Get thegirl! All is possible when you download Pew Pew Pew today!
Fingerprint Lockscreen Prank 2.0.7
Fingerprint Lockscreen is a novelty app thatsimulates a fingerprint unlock mechanism for your Android device.When you launch the app, you are presented with a mock thumbprintscanning tray. Holding your finger to the scanner will exit out ofthe app. You can also press the lock button on the app which willcause the buttons on your device to become unresponsive, thuseffectively locking your device. To unlock it again, you hold yourfinger on the indicator light and then do a thumbprint scan. Thatway, people who do not know the unlock trick will not be able tounlock your device, but you will! It is the ultimate prank tomaking people think that you have a finger print lock screen systemon your phone.Just to be clear, the app only simulates a fingerprint scan, butthe unlocking mechanism is somewhat genuine if you use the app toit's full potential. Just give it a try and see what youthink!
Ginko 1.8.1
Ginko is a fun new take on the classic card flip and match memorygame! At the beginning of each round you are briefly shown all ofthe cards face up. They are then flipped over and you must rely onyour memory to flip them over and match them up in pairs! If youhave a match, you get a point. If you miss, you lose a life. Seehow many levels you can pass until you run out of lives! As youprogress you will collect magical gems along the way. Keep playingto see how many gems you can collect! Ginko features multiple funMemory game board themes that you can play. Keep things new andexciting by playing through different themes! Ginko is a great appfor training your brain. It will help you improve your memorizationskills and make you more sharp and intellectually focused. It isalso a great learning game for kids and adults of all ages! Whodoesn't love memory! I am always updating my apps, so if you haveany suggestions on how to make Ginko better, please just let meknow. After all, this game is for you guys!
Photag 1.9.0
Photag is a free and simple photo editor and doodling application.It allows you to draw or doodle on pictures taken from your cameraor your device storage and then either save them or send them offto friends. You can even print your pictures out after you editthem. With many fun pen colors to choose from, you will have agreat time editing your images with Photag. Photag is great fordrawing attention to or pointing specific things out in yourpictures before sending them off to somebody!
Metal Detector 2.1.3
Metal Detector uses your device Electromagnetic Field sensors todetect nearby metallic or magnetic objects. The app displays the X,Y, and Z field sensor readings and gives you the totalelectromagnetic field strength measured in microteslas. Normalambient EMF readings fall around the 20 - 40µT range, so anythingbeyond that could be something interesting!
Mr. Body 3.5.1
Mr. Body is an assistant application to the board game Cluedo (akaClue in North America). It currently acts as a replacement for thepaper game scorecards, and supports the original Cluedo, Clue:Secrets in Paris, Clue: Discover the Secrets, and Clue: The Officeedition. I will add more features and more editions of Cluedo uponrequest. Clue/Cluedo are trademarks of Hasbro. Mr. Body is not anofficial app and is not affiliated with Hasbro in any way.
Mr. Body 3.5.1
Mr. Body is an assistant application to the board game Cluedo (akaClue in North America). It currently acts as a replacement for thepaper game scorecards, and supports the original Cluedo, Clue:Secrets in Paris, Clue: Discover the Secrets, and Clue: The Officeedition. I will add more features and more editions of Cluedo uponrequest. Clue/Cluedo are trademarks of Hasbro. Mr. Body is not anofficial app and is not affiliated with Hasbro in any way.
Find My Car 3.2.0
Find My Car is a handy and free app that helps you locate your carin a parking lot. Uses your devices GPS radios to tag and retrieveyour vehicle location in a parking lot. Very simple to use. Whenyou park your car, open the app and tap on the blue arrow icon topin your current location. When you leave the store and need tofind your car again, your car's location in the parking lot will beon the map waiting for you to return to with ease! This app is madefor the the users, and I will update and add anything that you allwant. Help me make it the best it can be! E-mail me or leavecomments with suggestions on anything I can do to improve upon theapp. I will update as often as necessary to make sure the app meetsthe standards of the users! If you have issues on your particulardevice, let me know and I will get them corrected ASAP. Enjoy theapp, and shop with ease knowing that your car will be right whereyou left it when you get out!
End of the Earth RPG 1.8.0
When an evil AI construct threatens the destruction of humanity andof the very earth itself, there is only one man who can save theworld from certain doom. Sarge and his elite team of space marinesreturn to duty in this action packed linear role playing game fromApe Apps. It's Deimos 2 - End of the Earth! With a riveting storyline taking place soon after the events of the original Deimos RPG,Deimos 2 kicks the action and suspense up 50 notches and thenlights everything on fire along the way. After saving the Deimosresearch colony from destruction, Sarge and his team return toearth, only to find the planet under attack by a hostile roboticforce. The stakes are higher than ever. Will Sarge once again savethe day, or will earth fall to destruction? The choice is up toyou! Deimos 2 is built on the award winning Level Up RPG enginefrom Ape Apps. It is designed for quick pick up and play action.There is also now full gamepad support for Deimos 2. You can playon the go, or on the couch!
Ape City 0.8.0
Welcome mayor! Ape City is a a fresh city simulation game based onthe original classic city simulator, featuring epic hand drawngraphics and classic gameplay. You become mayor and take charge ofan empty plot of land, tasked with building and creating your ownsim empire from scratch! Along the way, you will have to care forand provide for your citizens, deal with crime and pollution,navigate the waters of the external market economy, respond todisasters, and more. All while trying to build and grow your veryown city! Ape City is purely a classic city simulation game, withno pay to play schemes and no annoying diamonds to sell. My goalwith the game is to create an honest replication of the originalcity simulation game. Right now there is still a lot of work thatneeds to be done, so feedback is greatly appreciated. Check out theofficial Ape City forums (link provided within the game) for thelatest updates on feature progression and the roadmap for what liesahead. And by the way, Ape City is being created totally fromscratch. I am not utilizing any code or assets from the open sourceMicropolis project. If you love city simulation games (like I do)but are tired of the constant in app purchase festivals which havebecome the norm for this genre, then I think that this game is foryou. The original city simulator was my all time favorite game whenI was growing up, so I want to make this a game that I will want toenjoy playing as well! Design and create a bustling and beautifulcity. Build roads, rail, parks, commercial, industrial zones, andhousing.
Noteastic Beta 2.2.0
The popular Noteastic note taking app is beingrewritten from the ground up, and this is the beta release of thoseefforts. This new Noteastic is fully compatible with the classicNoteastic app, and so all of your old notes should be availablehere. I am leaving the other Noteastic up for users who are notcomfortable using a beta, but feel free to check out the newfeatures!The new Noteastic allows you to sign in with your Facebookaccount and sync your notes across all of your devices. Other thanthat, it is still the classic note taking experience you know andlove. It is still missing some of the features from the originalNoteastic (such as the custom fonts and text sizes), but I will beadding all of the back in at some point. Please test out the betaand leave feedback and let me know what you want added!All future development of Noteastic will be going into thisversion. The classic Noteastic is in maintenance mode, but willcontinue to be available while this one is in beta.
Sarge 1.4.1
Get ready for action, adventure, explosions, and mayhem, withSarge! Sarge is a fast paced action packed side scrolling platformshooter from Ape Apps! You take up the role of Sarge, a spacemarine from the popular Deimos RPG series, who must kick butt andsave the world yet again. Fight aliens, robots, and zombies as yourun, jump, and shoot your way to glory. Along the way you will faceharrowing chases, intense boss fights, and hilarious cut-scenes.Will the shoot 'em up action ever end? Find out by downloadingSarge today! Sarge is available to play on all form factors,including phone, tablet, and tv. You can control the game withtouch screen controls, keyboard, or gamepad. Beachfront CelebrationKevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: ByAttribution 3.0 License the Getaway Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed underCreative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Blown Away KevinMacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: ByAttribution 3.0 License Rock and Roll Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed underCreative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Level Up! RPG 2.20.0
Level Up is a role playing adventure game built the way that amobile RPG is meant to be. Progress through floors by fighting andkilling enemies, and collecting items to make yourself morepowerful. Get help from various shops along the way and makechoices that can alter the course you take during your quest. LevelUp is basically like a clicker RPG on steroids. It is designed fromthe ground up to be a quick and easy pick up and play roleplayinggame that you can learn in just a couple minutes, but it will takehours to master. It is very addictive too. It's also jam packedwith content and updated frequently. For a free game, it'sbasically an epic deal. Game art and dialog is also lightheartedand humorous, keeping you coming back for more again and again!This is without a doubt the best mobile role playing experiencearound. There are also two additional modes of play. Clicker modetakes all though and strategy out of the game and just lets youclick your way to glory. Procedural mode will randomly createworlds for you and the game will go on forever. These are inaddition to the main adventure quest, which offers plenty to do andlots of achievements to unlock. Will you save the earth fromdestruction? Or will you aid in it's demise? The choices you makeduring the game will determine what happens next. Choose carefully!
Turbo Tank 1.6.2
Turbo Tank is an epic retro arcade shooter game where you drivearound in a tank and blow things up. Not just any tank, but a TurboTank. Along the way, you will collect upgrades and power ups tobolster your tank and help you reach the top score. Compete on theglobal leaderboards and try to get all of the achievements. TurboTank is the ultimate tank shooter game! Turbo Tank is brought toyou by Ape Apps and supports touchscreen play, mouse and keyboardplay (if you have them), and even works on Android TV devices withboth gamepads and remotes. Also supports the Moga gamepadcontrollers, in both Moga and HID mode.
My Land 1.32.1
My Land is a farming simulation game from the maker of My Planet,My Business Empire, and My Colony. You begin the game with a blankplot of land and $5000. From there, it is up to you to make it yourown. You can create a farm with crops and animals, or you cancreate a commerce area with side walks and pizza stands, or you cancreate a nature park with lakes and trails. The choice is yours! InMy Land, you may take up several avenues of revenue generation. Youcan do farming, business, or run a nature trail system. The farm iswhere the easiest money is to be made. There are no real rules tothe simulation, so you can basically do anything you want to. Feelfree to explore all that the game has to offer! My Land is designedfor phones and tablets alike, and also comes with full gamepadsupport. It should work with most controllers, and is especiallycompatible with the Moga line of game controllers. No setupnecessary for gamepad use, it just works! I consider My Land to bea game in progress, and as such, I am open to any and allsuggestions on how to make it better. If you guys want it to bemore farm oriented, I can add more farm related things. If you likethe business and nature side, I can work on that too. If you wouldrather start seeing it move in a different direction, tell me inthe comments! This game is for you guys! If you are looking for anice laid back farm sim game and do not want to be bothered withconstant in app purchase requirements and financial nags, then tryMy Land today!
Troll Land 2.6.1
Troll Land is a fun free fast paced 2d platform game designed forkids and adults of all ages. With many challenging levels, a globalhigh scores leaderboard, fun graphics, and intuitive controls, youwill be playing troll land deep into the night! If you are at all afan of side scrolling 2d adventure games, Troll Land is for you.Troll Land can be played with either onscreen controls, a bluetoothkeyboard, or a gamepad. Troll Land includes royalty free musiccreated by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech. Included tracks areCrusade, New Friendly, and Carefree.
Gone Rogue 2.1.1
Gone Rogue is an epic roguelike roleplaying adventure game! Explorerandomly generated dungeons, collect loot, defeat monsters, andlevel up! Find epic items or create your own by adding upgrades tosocketed items. Items are procedurally generated at run time, so notwo playthroughs will have the exact same loot! At it's core, GoneRogue is a traditional roguelike game that features hand-drawntile-based graphics. You can play in normal mode which lets youcontinue when you die, or you can play nightmare mode withpermanent death for a more traditional rogue like experience. Gameplay is turn based, but it also includes a realtime mode if youprefer. There are tons of weapons to find, items to collect, andzones to explore. Fight enemies with cold hard steel, or destroythem with magic. Head to town when you need to rest and recover. Ifyou'd like to have a say in the future direction of the game,e-mail me or let me know in the app market comments! Ambient soundsin Gone Rogue were created by klankbeeld at freesound.org Town music track isSuonatore di Liuto by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensedunder Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
My Colony 1.9.0
My Colony is a hybrid space colonization, city builder, simulationand strategy game developed by Brandon Stecklein and Ape Apps. MyColony offers both single player and multiplayer gameplay. Buildyour space city at your own pace, or join an online empire. MyColony is sort of a mix between the classic city builder games,real time strategy games, and civilization builder type games.There is no nickel and dime monetization in My Colony either, nodiamonds to buy. Almost the entire game is free, with one singlelow priced Premium Upgrade available to unlock decorativestructures and support the continued development of the game. Imodeled My Colony after classic PC style gameplay, and have avoidedthe more modern idle builder diamond fest pay to play model. Youcan play at your own pace. Building your city is simple enough forbeginners, and advanced enough for core gamers. Currently, MyColony features: - 4 unique civilizations to play as - Nearly 400unique buildings to build - Over ten different randomly generatedmap types to play on - Game customization and modding capabilities- Single player or multi player (both online or LAN) - Achievements- Supports touch controls, TV gamepad controls (works on mostAndroid TV devices), responsive interface for all screen sizes,even works with bluetooth keyboard and mouse on tablet devices -Sync progress across platforms Basically, My Colony is the game Ialways wanted to play on Android but could never find in the appstore. If you like games the way the used to be instead of the moremodern style, give My Colony a try. And if you would like to see meadd something, let me know in the comments or in the forumcommunity. This game is for you guys, so help me make it as good asit can be! Thanks for trying My Colony!
Troll Defense 1.7.3
The evil trolls of Mt. Golash have risen and are threatening toinvade the middle kingdom! Will mankind fall? Not on your watch.Build towers and destroy the evil trolls who are trying to escapein this epic tower defense game! Troll Defense is an epic mobile TDgame featuring the evil trolls of Mt. Golash. Tower defense gamesare my favorite genre, and I'd really like to continue improvingthis game until it is one of the best out there! Please leave mecomments and suggestions on what I can do to improve the app, and Iwill update it as frequently as the users want me to, and addanything you guys want. I want to make this one shine! If you lovetower defense and strategy games, go ahead and play Troll Defense!I mean, it's sweet and it's free. What more could you want?**Special Credit** The music for Troll Defense came from KevinMacLeod at incompetech. Search for him online, he's got someawesome tracks!
Asteroid Impact 3.3.1
Asteroid Impact is a fun and free arcade space shooter game set inthe future on the moon. A barrage of Asteroids falls from the skyand you must shoot them down by firing missiles at them. Tap on thescreen to shoot a missile. Watch out so you don't overheat yourmissile launcher! The year is 2048, and mankind has finallyestablished it's first colony on the surface of the moon! It is acrowning achievement for all of humanity. Suddenly, a massiveasteroid storm is detected on radar, and it's headed straight forthe colony! You are the colony's last hope. Man the rocketlaunchers and destroy the asteroids! - Hours of fast paced asteroidblasting fun! - 4 exciting modes of play! - Fun graphics and anaddicting soundtrack! - Global online high scores list lets youcompete with the world! - Chicks dig dudes who blast asteroids! -Can be used to train and prepare for the actual upcoming asteroidstorm! - You never know what will happen in Impact, you might evensee an alien UFO! Impact can now be played with your gamepad!Gamepad support works on both TV devices and others. I am alwayslooking to improve my apps, so please leave comments withsuggestions on things I can add to make it better! I update oftenbased on feedback! What are you waiting for!? Impress your friends!Honor your ancestors! Get the girl! All is possible when youdownload Impact!
GPS Speedometer 3.1.1
GPS Speedometer is a free and handy app that turns your device intoa fully functional Speedometer. It works by using your device's GPSradio and calculates your speed based on time and distancetraveled. The app updates in real time, supports Imperial andMetric units, shows your current direction like a compass, displaysyour total distance traveled, stores your top speed, and shows yourcurrent location on the map. It even allows you to share your topspeed over various social networks for bragging purposes. Justdon't go over the speed limit... Usage is simple. Toggle betweenMPH and KPH from the main menu. There is also a menu option toreset your top speed and distance traveled (odometer). Tapping onyour top speed will open a menu that will allow you to share yourtop speed via various social networks like Facebook, Twitter,Google Plus, or messaging. Please leave comments or send me e-mailon what new features you would like added! As you can see, Irespond to feature requests. Everything in this update wasrequested by the users, so keep them coming! This app is for you.
The Grid 2.5.1
The Grid is an amazing action packed 2D side-scrolling adventuregame from Ape Apps. It combines retro platformer action withamazing retro graphics for a fast paced gaming experience that isout of this dimension! After a long days work in his lab, anunsuspecting computer scientist falls to sleep at his keyboard. Hewakes up to find himself transformed into a glowing automotronicman trapped in a strange world known as The Grid. He must now run,jump, and smash his way through 12 action packed levels as he triesto escape from The Grid. **Special Credit** The music for The Gridcame from Kevin MacLeod at incompetech. Search for him online, he'sgot some awesome tracks!
Musical Kittens 2.5.1
Musical Kittens is an amazing musical composer application whereall of the sound effects are generated with adorable cat meows!This app will change your life forever. Meow your way to fame andglory by making memorable cat music. Save your songs and share themwith friends!
Mongo Dash 1.3.1
From the maker of Mongo Madness comes an all new 32 level Mongoauto running adventure - Mongo Dash! Mongo Dash is different fromthe original Mongo Madness platform game in that Mongoautomatically runs forward. All you have to do is make him jump,allowing you to play the game with only one hand! Collect coins,defeat bad guys, unlock new worlds, and save the princess.Everything you need for an epic run and jump adventure is here. Thefirst three worlds are completely free! Mongo Dash can be playedusing touch, a gamepad, or a keyboard.
Musical Kittens 2.5.1
Musical Kittens is an amazing musical composer application whereall of the sound effects are generated with adorable cat meows!This app will change your life forever. Meow your way to fame andglory by making memorable cat music. Save your songs and share themwith friends!
Bright Lights 2.6.0
Bright Lights is a unique drawing app for kids and adults of allages. It is fun for kids and adults of all ages, but older userswill instantly feel the nostalgia when they load up the app. InBright Lights, you draw pictures by placing colored dots on thescreen. There are many different colors to choose from. When youare done, you can either start over or save your picture to thegallery so you can share with your friends and family! BrightLights is a great casual drawing game, and is a must have for anyapp library, especially for art lovers and those who wish to lookback on their childhood days! With Bright Lights, you can make nicebrite looking retro art, with an 8 bit or pixel graphic effect.
Antiquitas - Roman City Builder 1.26.0
Antiquitas is an ancient city builder and simulation game. It isbasically the game you have always been waiting for. Transportyourself back to the Bronze Age where you are given an empty plotof land and a few coins. Transform the land into the ancient Romancity of your dreams! Current civilizations include the RomanEmpire, Gaul, and Egypt. More to come! If you love city buildergames but hate the pay to play swill currently littering themarkets, Antiquitas is for you. From developer Brandon Steckleinand Ape Apps, Antiquitas was built using the popular My Colony gameengine and features many of the same features, with more polish andan ancient Roman setting. There are no diamonds to buy or collect,no nagging pop ups, and no battles to worry about. Just good oldfashioned classic city builder fun. With many technologies tounlock, servants to purchase, independence to gain, and over onehundred unique buildings to create, Antiquitas will keep youplaying for months. And the best part is: it's free, with a handfull of decorative-only premium structures available to users whochoose to support development of the game with the low cost onetime upgrade. So what are you waiting for? Honor the gods anddownload Antiquitas today! * Various sound effects provided byZEDorDEAD * Various graphics created by jova * Midi soundtrack from and