Brandon Stecklein Apps

Alien Update 1.1
Alien Update is a free news aggregationservice that brings you all of the hot breaking news and updatesrelated to the latest UFO sightings and other extraterrestrialrelated events. It is your central source for all of the latest UFOand Alien news from around the internet!
Selfie Studio 1.0
Selfie Studio is an amazing camera applicationthat lets you bring out the best possible self face portraitspossible. Using your front facing camera, Selfie Studio lets youtake a selfie picture, and then presents you with advanced editingand manipulation tools (powered by the Aviary software suite) tolet you produce professional and epic looking selfie pics in notime!Selfie Studio also keeps all of your selfie pics in one easy tomanage location. You can go back and edit existing selfie pictures,take new selfies, delete old ones, and even send and share yourselfie pics on social media or via text messaging.If you like taking selfie shots (and come on, it is 2014, whodoesnt?), then you owe it to yourself to get Selfie Studio. I alsomake frequent app updates based on user feedback, so if there areextra features that you would like to see added to Selfie Studio,please drop them in the comments section. This app is for you guys,so I will improve it in any way possible to help you take the bestselfies possible. Thanks for downloading Selfie Studio!
Fingerprint Lockscreen Prank 2.0.7
Fingerprint Lockscreen is a novelty app thatsimulates a fingerprint unlock mechanism for your Android device.When you launch the app, you are presented with a mock thumbprintscanning tray. Holding your finger to the scanner will exit out ofthe app. You can also press the lock button on the app which willcause the buttons on your device to become unresponsive, thuseffectively locking your device. To unlock it again, you hold yourfinger on the indicator light and then do a thumbprint scan. Thatway, people who do not know the unlock trick will not be able tounlock your device, but you will! It is the ultimate prank tomaking people think that you have a finger print lock screen systemon your phone.Just to be clear, the app only simulates a fingerprint scan, butthe unlocking mechanism is somewhat genuine if you use the app toit's full potential. Just give it a try and see what youthink!
Noteastic Beta 2.2.0
The popular Noteastic note taking app is beingrewritten from the ground up, and this is the beta release of thoseefforts. This new Noteastic is fully compatible with the classicNoteastic app, and so all of your old notes should be availablehere. I am leaving the other Noteastic up for users who are notcomfortable using a beta, but feel free to check out the newfeatures!The new Noteastic allows you to sign in with your Facebookaccount and sync your notes across all of your devices. Other thanthat, it is still the classic note taking experience you know andlove. It is still missing some of the features from the originalNoteastic (such as the custom fonts and text sizes), but I will beadding all of the back in at some point. Please test out the betaand leave feedback and let me know what you want added!All future development of Noteastic will be going into thisversion. The classic Noteastic is in maintenance mode, but willcontinue to be available while this one is in beta.