Brandon Taylor Apps

SalesTaxCalc 2.0.3
This sales tax calculator allows you to quickly calculate how muchsales tax will be added to a item and give you the dollar amount oftaxes added as well as the total of the item after taxes have beenadded.The default tax percentage is 6% but this can be changed inthe settings so it defaults to the percentage in your state
Shoppers Calc 2.0
Shoppers Calc is a simple sales calculator used to help you figureout how much a item will cost after your sales percentage.No morefumbling through your phones calculator trying to do themultiplication and subtraction necessary to figure out just howmuch your saving.
TipCalc 2.0
Tip Calc is a great tool for quickly figuring out what the tip ison your bill.-Simple Interface-Allows you to split the bill betweenpeople-Change your tip%-Round your bill up or down-Change yourdefault tip percentage-Change default split by amount.-Shows whateach person part of the bill is