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TARDIS 3D Live Wallpaper 1.6d
The Doctor's good old TARDIS time machine right on your desktop.This 3D view takes you directly into deep space where you canobserve the actions of the TARDIS. Features: - Spinning TARDIS -Sliding on the screen accelerates/decelerates spinning. - 7Backgrounds to choose from. - Double-tap to dematerialize. -Optional sound on dematerialization. - Accelerometer poweredgravity stabilization engines. - Meteorite showers. - The TARDIScan make it snow even in space! (Christmas season special) Muchmore to come! Access the different customization options in thewallpaper settings. Permissions used and why: - Read ExternalStorage - for choosing your own image as the background - Internetand Network State - for the banner in the settings (No networkaccess during Wallpaper runtime) - In-app purchases - for theoption to support wallpaper development by buying the specialexterior or items The full feature change log could not possiblyfit here, if you want to check it out you can find it in theWallpaper Settings under "What's new?" If there's any problems withthe new update please send me an email. Please note the recommendedsystem requirements, devices that fall below them cannot besupported. A Doctor Who themed TARDIS 3D Live Wallpaper.Recommended system requirements: OpenGL ES 2.0 (Android 4.0+) 1GHzProcessor or faster 768MB RAM May work on lower end devices, but nopromises on usability and good FPS can be made. If your devicecould handle it, but the wallpaper doesn't work please send us anemail. Tested and working on a lot of old and most new devices.Battery usage is relatively low on tested devices (below 2%), whileabsolutely no battery is used while the wallpaper is not visible.Doctor Who and the TARDIS are a trademark of the BBC. Like us onFacebook:
Santa 3D Live Wallpaper 1.1.1
A Christmas holiday themed live wallpaper. A peaceful, interactive,3D rendered scene to personalize the desktop background on yourmobile device. 🎅 Featuring: Santa Claus and his faithful reindeerRudolph carrying the sleigh with Christmas presents. A journeyacross the world around a beautiful forest scenery, withsnow-capped mountains under the calming moonlight. Double-tap toperform a trick, swipe left to speed up the sleigh or swipe down todestabilize it. Included: - Animated 3D Santa Claus, Sleigh andReindeer. - 8 different animations, including Running, Galloping,Barrel Roll and more. (With more to come!) - 3 Interactionscurrently available (Double tap, Swipe left, Swipe down), each withtoggle options in the settings - Parallax 3D effect using thedevice's Gyroscope (can be disabled in settings) - Infinite forestscenery with trees and falling snow - Snow-capped mountains, ashining full moon and more! Optimized for battery life, even onmid-range devices. (Below 2% for tested devices) Happy Holidays! 1.1.0
"... to boldly go where no one has gone before." A beautifulanimated 3D view of the planets in our solar system. Features: -Free scenes include Mercury, Earth, Venus, Mars, with Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto available for purchase. Of coursewe'd never leave Pluto out 💓! - Natural satellites orbiting theplanets include the Earth's Moon, Mars's Phobos and Deimos,Jupiter's Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, Saturn's Mimas andEnceladus and Pluto's gravitationally locked neighbor Charon -Double-tap to travel between planets right on your home screen.Option in settings to disable traveling to individual planets (byremoving checkmark next to name). - Different camera views - Freemove (touch to rotate around the planet), Moon camera (follows thecurrent planet's satellite) or Sunset camera (view of the sun fromthe perfect angle) - Gyroscope 3D parallax movement effect, for a3D depth effect - Settings and personalizations for cameradistance, planetary rotation speed, orbit controls and more!Optimized for low battery usage on tested devices (below 3%), whileabsolutely no battery is used while the wallpaper is not visible(when screen is off, or another app is opened). Works for phonesand tablets with OpenGL ES 2.0 (Android 4.0+) and at least 1GB ofRAM. While lower end devices are supported please consider usingthe FPS limit in settings for better performance. Images used tobuild and display realistic 3D planets, natural satellites and thesurrounding space are either made for the wallpaper or releasedunder a public license from various space missions from NASA'sobservatories and space centers, the Hubble space telescope, theMessenger, Magellan, Viking, Voyager, Cassini spacecrafts andothers. For a full list of used resources and credits check out theAbout section in the settings. If you have any issues with thewallpaper please send me an email, enjoy!