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Teacher Class123 1.3.9
Free classroom management/communication tool, Class123 ● Givemeaningful feedback and keep track of everything ㆍGive instantfeedback to individuals or groups from your mobile or PC. ㆍRecordeverything from assignments to tests with checklist. ● Communicatesmarter ㆍ Share photos and stories on boards.ㆍ Send importantnotices via announcement and check read receipts. ㆍ Send privatemessages to students or parents.● Give positive motivationㆍUnderstand your students better with the feedback report.ㆍ Bringfun to your classroom with student avatars and animated feedback.(Connect your PC to the class screen and share with students!) ㆍReward students with the ‘wow camera’ using fun customized filters.● Organize and manage your classroom better with tools ㆍ Encouragestudents to participate in activities with the random selector.ㆍHelp students manage time better with the timer, stopwatch, andalarm. ㆍ Use the projector screen with the digital chalkboard toteach with visuals. ㆍ Set groups with the seating chart andencourage teamwork with the ‘Class goal tracker’. Don’t forget torate us in the app store if you’re enjoying Class123.We are alwaysopen to suggestions and your feedback matters a lot to us! :)Class123 website: http://class123.acContact:help@class123.acResources: page : community :
Student Class123 1.2.5
This free app is for students who have an access code, which isprovided by the teacher.● Stay engaged with Class123 - Check yourdaily progress with feedback report. - View class stories withphotos and videos and receive important notices. - Customizes youravatar by changing its appearance and facial expression. -Encourage friends with ‘wow together’. - Take pictures on ‘wowcamera’ with your avatar.
Parent Class123 1.2.7
This free app is accessible by parents using the Class123 accesscode that is provided by the students’ teacher.● Stay engaged withClass123 - Check real-time feedback from teacher. - View classstories with photos and videos and receive important notices. -Share your child’s positive behavior at home with the teacher oncea week. - Have fun with ‘wow camera’, where you can take pictureswith fun filters.