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Bravo Drift 2.1.0
Bravo Driving
Drive your sports drifting car and use a burning tire to draw aspecial aperture on the track!As a drift racer, it's time to startdrifting!Choose your car and follow your driving habits to get ahigher car drift score! 🏁Game features:🔸 Variety of cool driftracing cars: 12 specially adapted drift special racing cars, racingprototypes are all from the mainstream sports car in the market,what are you waiting for, come and choose your favorite car!🔸Personalized racing conversion system: 3 conversion systems:driving attributes, appearance attributes, body kits. In thedriving attributes, the front and rear wheels can be adjusted forgrip, suspension, engine, brake and steering angle. Appearanceattributes can be customized for wheel size, color, style, and bodycolor. The trim kit and rear wing can be modified in the body kit.🔸Exciting background music and perfect smooth quality: 360-degree nodead display of your cool car, smooth drift feel, feel the mostrealistic driving experience. The roar of the engine brings youabsolute enjoyment of excitement and puts you in a bloodycompetitive arena;🔸 Multiple gameplay: Has limited time challengesand free driving 2 game modes. A time-limited challenge requiresthe completion of a specified number of drift points within aspecified period of time. Note that points cannot be obtainedwithout the use of drift. Freewheeling can be unlocked aftercompleting a limited-time challenge.Download drift cheer now andfeel the most exciting drift game!If you want to play drift racinggames, make beautiful light circle ,drift cheering is definitely amust-see for you! 🏁
Fast Car Driving 1.1.0
Bravo Driving
Want to be the fastest car racer? Try this super car driftinggameand go speed drifting!Enjoy fast racing on racing cars andenjoyendless matches!Challenge the more difficult track and becomethestrongest drift racing driver!Game Features:● a variety ofclassicoff-road racing: 15 powerful off-road racing cars, whetherit is apower-type high chassis rally car or a speed-type lowchassisracing car, as long as you like, you can drive here;●Personalizedracing performance modification: 4 custom carperformance settings:You can make some performance adjustments toyour car based on yourdriving habits, including adjusting thetransmission, suspensionsystem, crash bar, and body height. Thesepersonality adjustmentsare free and do not need to spend gamecoins; 4 retrofit upgradesystems: You can use the gold coins earnedin the game to upgradethe four racing parts such as turbine, brake,exhaust, andsuspension, so that the performance of the car inpower, brakingand control can be significantly improved. , Moredifficult tocomplete a difficult speed drift;● High quality 3Dgraphics andrealistic background sounds: Smooth game screen, whenyou performcontinuous drift from multiple angles, the picture issmooth andnon-stopping. The most advanced multi-view playbacksystem allowsyou to watch your every game repeatedly and help youimprove yourskills. Shocking background music, perfect to take youinto therally off-road racing game scene, the most real car enginesoundeffects, body sounds from the actual rally car engine;● Nonetworkrequired: All levels can be played downstream in the offlinestate,without any network, anytime, anywhere, want to play andenjoy thethrill of speed brought you.If you like racing driftgames, thendownload Fast Car DrivingAdvanced game engine, take youtoexperience the new racing game!
Chasing Car Speed Drifting 4.1.0
Bravo Driving
🚗The most realistic 3D drift racing simulation on mobile devices!If you are an avid fan of car racing, then you will love ChasingCar Speed Drifting! Hurricane in the city, escaping from thepolice! Travel through the crowded city traffic and get rid of thepolice behind you! Game Features: ● More cool cars waiting for youto choose: 11 cars are waiting for you to choose. There are allkinds of sports cars here. Even rare cars can be added to yourgarage. You can also drive a police car and play as a policeman toarrest those desperados on the road. Each car has two differentstyles, basic style and modified style, and you can use a smallamount of diamonds to unlock the modified style; ● Powerfulconversion system: Two kinds of racing properties upgrade to reducefuel consumption, improve tire grip, so that your car can be morecontrollable; personalized racing color settings, 5 differentracing texture, 12 colors for you to choose, to create the mostunique cars; ● Multiple game items help you get higher scores:There are 4 different items could be used, choose and upgrade yourprops before the game starts, add extra points, get more money,increase the impact bonus, increase the refreshed items in thegame, and with the help of these props, you will be able toaccomplish these tasks more easily. If you feel that these itemscan no longer meet your needs, earn more coins to upgrade them. ●Easy to operate: Left and right click on the screen to control theleft and right offset of the car. Pay attention to the amount ofoil. Follow the oil tanker and you can add oil. If you find thatthere are police cars chasing you, be careful, never make acollision, or you will be caught by the police car. Join ourexciting fast racing chase and show your skills in the city!Fast-paced challenge, get more rewards!
Words Game: Cross Filling 1.1.0
Bravo Driving
Do you like innovative word puzzle games? Do you want amorebeautiful game interface? In the Cross Filling, you cancompleteone after another text challenge You can learn a lot ofunexpectedwords Here you can exercise your own puzzle skills. Whenreasoningintersects with knowledge, you will get the final truth.CrossFilling is a creative connected puzzle game The game is easytoplay, just swipe your finger to complete the operation. Let’s getabrain storm, slide your fingers correctly, and finishthesepuzzles. The perfect puzzle game, let you not only startbrainthinking in the game, but also let you learn more words inthegame. Game mode: ◆ Slide your fingers in the correctly toconnectthe letters ◆ Click the random button to change the order oftheletters, which may give you inspiration ◆ Click the lightbulbbutton to randomly prompt a letter to help you solve thepuzzlebetter. ◆ Click the finger button to specify the letterthatprompts a position. This is the best solution when youencounterdifficulties.