Bread Cat Studios Apps

Minotaur Labyrinth 1.1
Minotaur LabyrinthLeave those maze games where you play as a ballon a wood maze. No more tilting your phone. Now you can play as theMinotaur! You’ve been left in the center of the biggest and mostcomplex maze ever designed, hoping you’ll never escape. Prove themwrong!Now prepare to run! You need to find the Golden Skull hiddenin the Maze, and escape as soon as you can!Featuring:50 differentmaze levels (labyrinths) that will test your abilities withincreasing level difficulty.Find the hidden Golden Skull and escapethe maze in record time to get 3 stars on each level.The mostrecent Flat Design meets the art style of Ancient Greece to deliverthis amazing adventure.High-Poly models, High-Resolution texturesand advanced Antialias effects for a unique graphical experience inFull HD 1080p.The most advanced resource management offers you anoptimal gaming experience on every device, and the fastest levelloading. The end of endless loading screens.And the most important:In this maze game, you play as the Minotaur! (Now that's an actionhero).Do you feel like you've already driven over all kinds ofasphalt, fight all past, present and future posible wars, crushedenough candy and shoot down all those green pigs? Let's trysomething new! Let's try the Maze!Minotaur Labyrinth / Created byBread Cat Studios 2015
Stapp - Don't touch your phone 1.0.1
Stapp - Don't touch your phone!Tired of notifications everytime youtry to study, read a book, watch a movie or go to a park? It'sdifficult to get disconnected, right? Tired of your friends textingand taking pictures instead of talking to you? Maybe there's asolution. Maybe there's an app that let's you compete to see whostays longer without touching the phone.With Offline and Onlinemodes, Stapp is the best app for all those who don't want to dependon their phones all the time. Try Offline mode to check how longyou can stay without checking your smartphone. App's gonna detectwhen you switch to check your messages and you would have to startagain.The same goes with Online mode. Create a Bluetooth host andconnect with all your friends. Check who stays longer withoutchecking his phone. The loser pays the tab!Compete with the wholeworld in offline and online modes. Unlock Google Play Achievements!Get to the top of Google Play Leaderboards!And best of all... Enjoyyour life without using your phone!
Atom - made with Kotlin - 1.0
Atom is a game about atoms. Each level consists of a proton in thecenter, electrons spinning around of it, and a neutron that youcontrol. The objective is to reach the nucleus of the atom avoidingthe electrons.This game's got 50 fun levels that start easy butkeep getting harder. With sweet minimal design and music, andGoogle Games Achievements to compete with your friends.And it'smade with Kotlin and ReactiveX! Only the newest stuff!