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Poker Offline Online 1.50
Poker Offline Online allows to play Poker with Millions of Usersfrom all over the world in their quest to be the Poker Shark. Playthe First Poker Offline and Online and experience th best PokerExperience on Android Devices. It also allows you to play PokerOffline at your own ease!The Only Poker to have both Online andOffline Mode.The Only Mobile Poker that allows you to have hours ofFun, when you practice playing Offline Poker and then play Pokerwith REAL PLAYERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD!Poker Offline Online is theworld's favorite online offline poker game.Connect with Facebookand compete with your friends on Poker Tables valuing from $ 5,000to well over $500 Million. You can also play Poker offline at yourconvenience.They didn't call it Texas hold 'em Poker earlier, theyjust called it hold 'em Poker.… We thought then that if it were tocatch on, it would become the game.***YES TEXAS HOLDEM POKER ARENAIS HERE AND THIS IS THE REAL DEAL***Play the most immersive Pokergame in the world and join millions of Poker players in their questto be Poker Shark!Poker also allows you to choose from varioustables from real cities thereby making the experience morereal.FEATURES :★★★★★ Real Cities Real Poker Tables ★★★★★★★★★★Hundreds of thousands of Poker players online every day. ★★★★★★★★★★Free chips and a lot of bonuses daily. ★★★★★★★★★★ Personalizedprofile with custom avatars. ★★★★★★★★★★ Real-time multiplayer Pokergames. ★★★★★★★★★★ Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos.★★★★★★★★★★ Simple interface that's easy to navigate. ★★★★★
Hindi Dictionary Offline 3.5
Hindi Dictionary is an offline Hindi to English dictionary whichwill help Millions of People to search for the meanings of Hindiwords in English and also pronounce it well using Text-to-speechmethod.Features or Offline Hindi-English Dictionary is-* 35,000+words and expressions.* Beautiful and Simple latest Material designUI.* Option to add words to favorites.* Improve your vocabulary bylearning a new word every day using "WORD OF THE DAY" feature. *Works offline! No Internet connection needed.* App Speaks the wordsin English Pronunciation so that you can Pronounce it well.* Youcan see your recent translations for fast reference.Download thisSimple & easy to use Dictionary NOW..!! This only TRANSLATEEnglish words to Hindi Language with its meaning in Hindi.Like uson Facebook - us onTwitter - Store Link -
Knock Lock-App Lock Pro 6.5.0
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New in Latest Version : FakeIntruder, Camera, Music widget on Lock Screen, Quick Launch of APPS& CONTACTS, Flash Light. Stay tuned with us for more Updates.Thank You for your Love and Support!!!We don't feel comfortable interrupting your App experience toask for reviews. If you enjoy using Knock Lock, please leave us a 5Star Review on the Play Store :)***WITH OVER 500,000+ DOWNLOADS On FREE KNOCK LOCK ScreenLock ****** THE ALL NEW KNOCK LOCK-APP LOCK IS HERE , its UI has beenrecreated from Top to Bottom***Tired of using old locking techniques for your Smart Phone?Tired of locks that even a child can unlock?Don't worry, here comes the NEW and improved solution for ScreenLock & App Lock for your Android Devices. The innovative LockScreen will leave intruders baffled!With KnockLock so that you don't need to keep 2 differnt lockingapplications.KNOCK LOCK-APP LOCK will not only lock your device but alsoserver as an App Lock that will confuse any hacker!!!YES this is it..!!It's the INVISIBLE PATTERN LOCK.All you need to do is tap on the screen and unlock your device orApps. MAGIC! No unauthorized person will be able to Unlock yourdevice or access your Apps/ contents EVER! The INVISIBLE PatternLock is a revolutionary application that unlocks your devicewithout disclosing your Password.The lock screen is beautified by custom date and time formats withthe AWESOME HD WALLPAPERS! The path for unlocking is Hidden! Onlyyou are able to access your device or apps and prevent UNAUTHORIZEDor FORCED access.AND NOT ONLY THIS, you can now have access to over 4 types ofLocking Techniques both for Lock Screen or App Lock i.e KnockLock, Shutter Lock, Pattern Lock, TimePassword.Features of Knock lock PRO are-1. Prevent Unauthorized Access2. Invisible path to Unlock Pattern.3. Helps preventing accidental calling/ butt dialing.4. Prevents others from using your device.5. Superbly rich graphics.6. App LockChanges are a part of life, hence we work on it regularly tomake it more attractive & efficient. Be sure to give yourfeedback.Like us on Facebook - us on Twitter - Store Link -
Knock Lock - AppLock Screen 8.4.0
New in Latest Version : Intruder Selfie, Emergency Info on LockScreen, Camera, Music widget on Lock Screen, Flash Light and muchmore. Stay tuned with us for more Updates. Thank You for your Loveand Support !!!If you enjoy using Knock Lock, please leave us a 5Star Review on the Play Store :) *** THE ALL NEW KNOCK LOCK IS HEREAND IS COMPLETELY FREE****** WITH OVER 1,000,000 DOWNLOADS KNOCKLOCK IS HERE TO ROCK YOUR SMART PHONE ***Tired of using old lockingtechniques for your Smart Phone? Here comes the most advanced Lockscreen for your Android Devices. The innovative Lock Screen thatwill leave intruders baffled!Knock Lock FREE is the new way oflocking devices that everyone has been waiting for!!! And itsINVISIBLE.All you need to do is tap Knock Knock on the screen andunlock your device. MAGIC! The INVISIBLE Pattern Lock is arevolutionary application that unlocks your device withoutdisclosing your Password.The lock screen is beautified by customdate and time formats with the AWESOME HD WALLPAPERS! The path forunlocking is Hidden! Only you are able to access your device andprevent UNAUTHORIZED or FORCED access.Features of Knock lock FREEare-1. Prevent Unauthorized Access2. Invisible path to UnlockPattern.3. Helps preventing accidental calling/ butt dialing.4.Prevents others from using your device.5. Super richgraphics.Changes are a part of life, hence we work on it regularlyto make it more attractive & efficient. Be sure to give yourfeedback.Like us on Facebook - us on Twitter - Store Link - & Privacy: Contacts permission is used only if youenable Emergency Contact on Lock Screen. No contacts information istransmitted off from your device.
Football Goalkeeper 1.0
Join the Ranks of the Greatest Goal Keeps and become world’s number1 goalkeeper and save the balls to getting into goalpost. Show theworld your capabilities and make your dream come true!!!!Footballgoal keeper is a truly addictive soccer game. You need quickreactions and great hand-eye coordination to save the shoots. Useyour finger to control the goalkeeper’s gloves and react as quicklypossible and stop the ball from hitting the back of the net.Stopthe golden ball and earn more points but remember if you unable tostop the ball you'll lose!BEWARE of Banana peels and slippers! Someplayers like to play dirty!Save in style and earn more score!Likeus on Facebook - us onTwitter - Store Link -
Finger Slash 4.5
****WARNING**** Not for the faint hearted, as these fiery Bladesare behind your Finger to Chop them out..!!! Your partner justmight leave you as you desperately spend every minute of the daytrying (and failing) to beat this game..OVER 900k+ FINGERSSLASHED!****CAUTION****It May CHOP OFF your Finger and can make youbleed to death, so keep 911 on your speed dial..!! 'One of the Top10 Android Adventure Games of August 2014 -' - is the most thrilling, reaction time game specially designedfor your Android Phone.Test your reaction time by rescuing yourfinger from the Dangerous Rotating Blades for as long aspossible.Simply place your finger in the middle and the bladesstart to move. They are guided by the scent of your finger. Theyneed your finger, they love your BLOOD. You can remove your fingeras soon as blades comes near you, but if you do this more than 3times, you'll lose. The longer you Survive from those blades thehigher you score. Remove your finger too early then the game ends.Timing is essential.★ Features of Finger Slash:✓ New & ExcitingMODES Added.✓ CLASSIC MODE.✓ IMPATIENCE MODE.✓ TRAFFIC BLADES.✓RAINING BLADES.Finger Slash is a fun and pass around yet anaddictive game. So Time your Finger properly and save it fromgetting hurt by the blades.Like us on Facebook - us on Twitter - Store Link -
Can U Survive World Challenge 2
Download the Most Popular Game of all time!With millions of players online from various countries competingto reach Rank 1. Challenge anyone from the Globe and make him yourGame Buddy!Just Tap and Jump across the Boxes. If you think its easy giveit a try.
Teen Patti Gold - Indian Poker 2.0
★★★★★★★★★★DOWNLOAD now and receive $50,000 inchips for FREE!★★★★★★★★★★FIRST EVER OFFLINE TEEN PATTI!!***YES TEEN PATTI ROYALE IS HERE AND THIS IS THE REALDEAL***Teen Patti ("three cards" in English) (also known as Flash orFlush) is a gambling card game that originated in the IndianSubcontinent.The game is played with a 52-card deck. The cards rank in theusual order from Ace (highest) to 2 (lowest). The usual actionslike Blind, Chaal, Show are included.Ranking of the cards from high to low are:1. Trail or Set (three of same rank)2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)3. Sequence (straight or run)4. Color (flush)5. Pair (two cards of same rank)6. High CardTeen Patti is a three card game similar to other casino gameslike Poker, Texas Holdem Poker, Flash or Flush, Three card bragetcMore Free Chips:1. Initial Chips: Download now and get 50,000 chips FREE2. Daily Free Chips: Get more free bonus chips.FEATURES :★★★★★ Free chips and a lot of bonuses daily. ★★★★★★★★★★ Personalized profile with custom avatars. ★★★★★★★★★★ Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos. ★★★★★★★★★★ Simple interface that's easy to navigate. ★★★★★★★★★★ 10 Real Location Tables to choose from ★★★★★Best Features of Teen Patti Royale• Play on WIFI with friends• Create Local with simulated players without connecting to yourNetwork Services• Minimum wait time
29 Card Game 1.24
★★★★★★★★★★DOWNLOAD now and receive $50,000 in chips forFREE!★★★★★★★★★★29 Card Game is one of a group of South Asiantrick-taking games in which the Jack and the Nine are the highestcards in every suit. It is almost certain that they are descendedfrom the European family of Jass games, which originated in theNetherlands. Probably they were brought to the Indian subcontinentby Dutch traders.29 is usually played by four players in fixedpartnerships, partners facing each other.32 cards from a standard52-card pack are used for play. There are eight cards in each ofthe usual "French" suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. Thecards in every suit rank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. Theaim of the game is to win tricks containing valuable cards. Thevalues of the cards are:Jacks - 3 points eachNines - 2 pointseachAces - 1 point eachTens - 1 point eachOther cards (K, Q, 8, 7)no pointsThis gives a total of 28 points for cards. In someversions of the game, the last trick is worth an extra card point,for a total of 29: this total explains the name of the game. Mostplayers nowadays do not count the point for the last trick, but thename of the game is still 29, even when playing this version withonly 28 points.Traditionally, the Twos, Threes Fours and Fivesdiscarded from the full 52-card pack are used as trump indicators:each player takes a set of these cards, one of each suit. The Sixesare used to keep score: each partnership uses one red and one blackSix for this purpose.FEATURES :★★★★★ Free chips and a lot ofbonuses daily. ★★★★★★★★★★ Personalized profile with custom avatars.★★★★★★★★★★ Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos. ★★★★★★★★★★Simple interface that's easy to navigate. ★★★★★★★★★★ 10 RealLocation Tables to choose from ★★★★★
Knock Out 123 2.0
Knock Out is a simple Tap Tap game that willalways keep you engaged.Feeling bored while travelling? Waiting for someone at a restaurantor cafe? Or you are an Insomniac, this game will never make youfeel bored of any situation anytime.With Retro Sounds you can will relate to your Childhood gamesthat kept you glued to the consoles!The simple game-play allows everybody to play this game easily,You just need to Knock on the pix-elated Block sthat many times itasks for. Tap a Block thrice if 3, Tap twice if 2 , and Once if 1is written on it respectively.BEWARE- You need to tap as many blocks correctly within a minuteto make the high scores. BUT there is negative scoring also if youknock on the Background and not on a Block.This game uses Google Play services for Global Leader-board andAchievements. So enjoy playing and start competing with theworld.
Hearts Card Game FREE 1.15
★★★★★★★★★★DOWNLOAD now and receive $50,000 chips forFREE!★★★★★★★★★★Hearts FREE is also called Queen of Spades, andBlack Queen in India.★★★★★★★★★★THIS VERSION OF HEARTS NOT ONLYALLOWS YOU TO PLAY 10 HANDS or WHOEVER REACHES 100+ PENALTY POINTSBUT ALSO CUSTOM HANDS AND CUSTOM POINTS. YOU CAN NOT ONLY PLAY THECLASSIC 10 HANDS AND 100 PENALTY POINTS BUT ALSO 2, 5 OR 7 HANDSAND ALSO 33, 55 OR 77 PENALTY POINTS★★★★★★★★★★Hearts Card Game isalso called Queen of Spades, and Black Queen in India.The HeartsFREE is the classic and popular 4-player trick-taking card gamewith real betting. Players bet their stakes before the game startsin real world locations and try to double their chips. Even theplayers who come 2nd or 3rd are rewarded for their playaccordingly.Hearts takes place in 10 real world locations with realchips! Players can choose which table to play depending upon theirchips balance. You can choose to play Hearts from Atlantic City toMacao and enjoy the feel of a Real Hearts Casino on your Android.Ifyou don't have chips there are many ways by which you can get FREECHIPS for your Hearts Game!There are over 96 Achievements toUnlock. For each Achievement you get some Bonus Chips!2x and 3xDaily Offers that allow you to double your chips and cash!Playerscan not only customize their avatars but also their card decks,bring a personalized feel to the game by en-cashing your Cash andChips For each level up you are awarded Cash which can be used tobuy Card Decks.FEATURES :★★★★★ 3 DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE Game Plays★★★★★★★★★★ Classic, Rapid and QUICK Penalty Points ★★★★★★★★★★CUSTOM HANDS AND CUSTOM POINTS ★★★★★★★★★★ Play 2, 5 or 7 Hands★★★★★★★★★★ Play 33, 55 or 77 Penalty Points Game ★★★★★★★★★★ BestHearts Game on Google Play ★★★★★★★★★★ Real Cities Real Tables★★★★★★★★★★ Free chips and a lot of bonuses daily. ★★★★★★★★★★Customized Card Decks ★★★★★★★★★★ Personalized profile with customavatars. ★★★★★★★★★★ Real monuments as card Decks. ★★★★★★★★★★Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos. ★★★★★★★★★★ Simpleinterface that's easy to navigate. ★★★★★★★★★★ Real-timemulti-player ★★★★★If you face any issue with the game, please mailus at [email protected]
Wacky Racing 1.2
The craziest racing game of all time is finally here!Wacky Racers defies all laws of Gravity/Physics and allows youtorace across some exotic locations like the Sahara Desert,Colorado,Hawaii etc.Race with the cariest drivers and compete with them to winthefirst position. There are objects that you must complete inorderto Unlock Cars. These Cars help you in setting some crazylaptimes.You can also upgrade the Top Speed, Turbo, Breaks and Spinofyour car making your car perform some crazy stunts which helpyoudefy the laws of nature.Tumbling in the air fills up your Nitro bar which boostsyourSpeed! Even if you can't there are some bars that you cancollectand give your car a boost!Features :* Over 35+ Crazy Cars inspired from the real world* Over 15 Awesome locations to drive in* Crazy Objectives to Complete!Coming Soon :By the first week of May, Multiplayer mode will allow you toracewith the most amazing drivers of the world. Challenge yourfriendsand global leaders!
Media Lock - Gallery Lock 1.1.5
Media Lock - BG is a privacy app that protects your MediaFiles.Media Lock immediately blocks and prompts for password, ifanyone tries to access your images, music and videos etc. You cannow keep those private moments PRIVATE!Password Protect Your MediaFiles from your Parents, Girlfriend/Boyfriend, or evenFriends.Features of Media Lock BG:1. Fake Lock - In case yourParents or Girlfriend/Boyfriend asks for your Password.2. Preventunauthorized access of music files, pictures and videos.3. Nobodyelse will be able to access your 'Gallery'4. User-friendlyinterface.Best, Most Advanced, Efficient, yet easy to use.Like uson Facebook - us onTwitter - Store Link -
Blackjack 21 1.1
Breakout Games has bought the game for casino lovers. The famoustable game in casinos, 21 Blackjack is now brought to you by BG.With Real and clean design, as well as smooth Game Play, which willgive you a real and addictive gambling experience on your AndroidDevice. Tap chips to bet,then deal to start the game. The goal ofthe player is dealt an initial two card hand with the option ofdrawing cards to bring the total value to 21 or less withoutexceeding it, so that the dealer will lose by having a lesser handthan the player or by exceeding 21. You will get 100 free chips forevery successful invite you made to your friends. You shouldn'tmiss this game! Get it now! Good luck!Like us on Facebook - us on Twitter - Store Link -
Call Break 1.0
Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game played by fourplayers with a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The game iswidely popular in Nepal and some places in India. Call Break isbeing constantly updated in order to give you a better experience.If you have any issues, we request you to mail us at our support idrather than giving us a negative review. Support ID :[email protected] Now Play your favorite Call Break game inHindi and many more Languages ★★★★★★★★★★DOWNLOAD now and receive$50,000 in chips for FREE!★★★★★★★★★★ The game is very similar toother trick-based game especially Spades. In Call Break the term"hand" is used instead of trick, and "Call" is used instead of bid.After each deal player have to make a "Call" or "bid" for thenumber of hands he/she can capture, and the objective is to captureat least that many hand in a round, and try to break other playeri.e. stop them from getting their Call. After each round, pointswill be calculated and after five rounds of play each players fiverounds points will be added as a total points and player withhighest total point will win. Deal & Call There will be fiverounds of play or five deals in a game. First dealer will be chosenrandomly and after that, the turn to deal rotates clockwise fromfirst dealer. Dealer will deal all 52 cards to four players i.e. 13each. After the completion of each deal, player left to dealer willmake a Call - which is a number of hands( or tricks) he/she thinkswill probably going to capture, and call moves again in clockwiseto next player until all 4 players finished calling. The play Aftereach player completes their call, player next to dealer will makethe first move, this first player can throw any card, suit thrownby this player will be the led suit and each player after him/hermust follow the higher rank of same suit, if they don't have higherranked same suit then they must follow with any card of this ledsuit, if they don't have this suit at all then they must break thissuit by the trump card( which is Spade of any rank), if they don'thave spade also then they can throw any other card. The highestcard of the led suit will capture the hand, but if the led suit wasbroken by spade(s), then in this case highest ranked card of spadewill capture the hand. The winner of a hand will leads to the nexthand. In this way the round continues until the completion of 13hands and after that next deal will begin. Points After each round,points will be updated for every player. If a player captured atleast the number of call he/she had made, then for every call tocapture a player made - one point is given to that player and forextra captures - a single digit decimal of this extra capturenumber will be added to the points total i.e. if someone had made acall of 4 and he captured 5 hands then he will be given 4.1 or ifthe call was 3 then point would have been 3.2. But if a playerdidn't capture the call that he had made, then the total number ofcall would be subtracted from his total. End At the end of fifthround the winner will be decided, player with higher total pointswill win the game. Its also known as Lakdi/Lakadi in India.
Poker 3D 12.0
★★★★★★★★★★DOWNLOAD now and receive $50,000 inchips for FREE!★★★★★★★★★★POKER IS BACK AND THIS TIME ITS 3D!Poker 3D lets you play live poker with live players across theinternet. You can now connect with your friends and family to goagainst thousands of other players around the world. Watch thepros, or join and play with them if you think you are good enough.Earning achievements while maintains ratings and levels to help youimprove your poker skills.Join us now and receive daily FREE up to 50,000 Chips.FEATURES :★★★★★ Connected with Facebook for Profile Saving ★★★★★★★★★★ Customizable Avatars ★★★★★★★★★★ Chat with your friends and family around the world★★★★★★★★★★ Real Tables ★★★★★★★★★★ Free chips and a loads of bonuses daily. ★★★★★★★★★★ Personalized profile with custom avatars. ★★★★★★★★★★ Real-time multiplayer games. ★★★★★★★★★★ Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos. ★★★★★★★★★★ Simple interface that's easy to navigate. ★★★★★
Poker 3D Live and Offline 3.6
Poker 3D Live Texas Holdem allows you to play Poker in 3D Mode, inboth Online and Offline. World’s first Poker 3D Live Online andOffline Poker that you can carry in your Pocket.Play the best TexasHoldem Poker Online and Offline, and get a real life experience ofplaying Poker in a real Casinos.YES POKER 3D Live IS HERE AND THISIS THE REAL DEALTHE ONLY 3D Poker to have an OFFLINE and OnlineMODESConnect with Facebook and compete with your friends on PokerTables valuing from $ 5,000 to well over $500 Million. You can alsoplay Offline Poker at your convenience.Poker 3D lets you play livePoker with real Poker players across the Internet. You can nowconnect with your friends and family and go against thousands ofother players around the world. Watch the pros, or join and playwith them if you think you are good enough. Change the way otherPoker Players look at you. Change your look, change you avatar,change your hair style or change your suit. Keep it real. Wear yourfavourite suit or dress by spending your winnings at ourstore!FEATURES :- Connected with Facebook for Online Poker ProfileSaving- Sit and Go Live Tournaments- Real Casino and Poker RealTable with a beautiful backdrops- Daily Free Poker chips and aloads of daily Bonuses- Personalized profile.- Real-timemultiplayer Poker.- Double or Nothing Mini Game- Millionaire's Club: Exclusive Poker Table for Millionaires- Billionaire's Club :Exclusive Poker Table for Billionaires- Beautiful graphics andluxurious casino table- Simple interface that's easy to navigate-Customizable Avatars- Chat with Poker player from around the world-Simple interface that's easy to navigate- Beautiful graphics andluxurious casinos.- Black Tie EventFor suggestions and featurerequests mail us at [email protected]