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WhosDue 3.11.2
Brian J Smith
Keep track of which rabbits or cavies are due to have litters,whichrabbit litters are due to wean or process, and increasetheproductivity of your animals with WhosDue. WhosDue is alitterrecord keeping app that provides statistics to show you howyouranimals are performing in addition to keeping track of all oftheirlitters. With WhosDue you can have all your breeding andlitterrecord info with you wherever you are, and easily see whoisproducing well and who isn’t at any time without having tocheckcage cards, giving you the information you need to makedecisionsto make your rabbits or cavies more productive. Features:• See alist of who’s due to have a litter, which rabbits are due tobepalpated, and which rabbit litters are due to be weanedorprocessed sorted by due date and grouped by Breed on themainscreen. • Get a notification for rabbits that a nest box needstobe put in with the doe before the doe is due and anotherreminderthe morning she is due. The number of days before the duedate canbe customized in the settings screen. • Get a notificationwhen arabbit is ready to palpate or a rabbit litter is ready towean orprocess. Notifications can be turned on and off in thesettingsscreen to customize which ones you get. • Get anotification forcavies that they are due at the beginning of thegestation rangefor cavies. • Quickly and easily see the averagesurvival rate orlitter size of all animals of a breed ordered fromhighest tolowest. Tap a row to bring up the litter record for thatanimal tosee the full details of all its litters. Easily toggle theview toshow inactive rabbits and cavies or all rabbits and caviesinsteadof only active ones. • Long press on a breeding in thelitter tabof the main view to edit or delete it. Long press in thewean orprocess tabs to change the date or mark it complete. •Adding abreeding, updating results, or deleting a breedingautomaticallymakes the change for both the buck and the doe. • Viewall theanimals you have of a breed grouped by gender. Easily toggletheview to show inactive rabbits and cavies or all rabbits andcaviesinstead of only active ones. • Use the date calculator tofind outwhen breedings need to be done to have each class of rabbitfor ashow. Just enter the date of the show and the dates arecalculatedfor all classes. • Keep a list of all the miscellaneousrabbit andcavy related tasks you want to get done right in the app,and set adate time for a notification if you want a reminder. •Print a 3" x5" cage card and 2 1/2" x 4" carrier card from therabbit/cavylist. • Print a 3" x 5" cage card and 2 1/2" x 4"carrier card fora litter from the litter record. • Print a pedigreein portrait orlandscape orientation including custom logos from therabbit/cavylist. • Supports marking rabbits as Vienna Marked andViennaCarriers. • See all of the active does currently available tobreedand create rebreed reminders.