Brick Breaker Games Apps

Pop Balloon Kids Game 1.2
Pop Balloon Kids Game is Game for kids and baby above 1 years withmany balloons to pop so easy and fun to pop balloons and birds muchas possible Simply touch the balloon and birds to pop them and getpoints Every child likes to pop balloons easy game There are manycolors balloons to pop in this game The goal of the game to scorepoints by touching (pop) the balloons and birds and try to reachthe goal,-- Works with Dolls ChatPetz -- Game Features:1.Superballoon give you x10 score2.Hourglass to slow balloons for 10sec3.bubble X2 give you double score for 10 sec3.bubble X3 give youtripple score for 10 sec4.bombs - if you pop them you Game OverHowTo Play Pop Balloon Kids Game:Try to reach the goal in the game bypop balloons and birds to score pointswhen you over the target opena new target higher and you get more X score points every popVerysimple and easy to play ,kids will love to play itPop Balloon Kidsis a simple game for Kids for all ages
Shooting VR Game 2
Shooter Game Cardboard VR - VR Survival ShootingVR virtual realitygame shooting shots to kill enemies in virtual realityYou try toshoot as many enemies around you to survive and pass Levelshow toplay:You have to find the Enemy by looking in all 360 degrees whilewearing your Google Cardboard glassesJust stand with crosshairs onthe enemy to shooting Cardboard Google glasses virtual reality
City Subway Runner 1.7
Subway Runner City is running endless game with All your friendsare playing it can you beat their high scores?now you have toRunner for your life to escape the Bear Test your reflexes as yourace down ancient Bus walls and Subway try to Avoid hitting trucksand dodge all obstacles in the way buses and subway trains, Run andsurf in city around the Subway city Swipe to turn, jump and slideto avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power ups and see how faryou can run on Subway City.This game will check your ability. Dashthe screen as fast as you can or you will be defeat.Take to thestreets with boy or girl player and Run endlessThe City Subway RunStore has lots of items to improve your running. Get runnerupgrades to improve your power ups magnet, magic shoes, jetpackDASHas fast as you can! Features:✔ Beautiful Town City Run scene✔ busesTrucks subway trains to avoid!✔ bonus items: magnet, magic shoes,jetpack.✔Intensive and exciting running experience✔ Mission modeswith full of actions✔ Download this Runner subway, bus, townrunning game How to play:✔ Tap to jump✔ Drag left, right to moveleft, right✔ Drag back to slide
Princess Subway Surf 2017 1.2
Princess Subway Surf 2017 is an awesome infinity running game Allyour friends are playing it can you beat their high scores?now youhave to Princess Subway run for your life to escape the Bear Testyour reflexes as you race down ancient Bus walls and Subway try toAvoid hitting trucks, buses and subway trains, Run around the Buscity Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collectcoins and buy power ups and see how far you can run on Subway!Thereare a lot of challenge and the nice environment.This game willcheck your agility. Dash the screen as fast as you can or you willbe defeat.Take to the streets with Princess girl player and RunTheSubway Bus Run Store has lots of items to improve your running. Getrunner upgrades to improve your power ups magnet,magicshoes,jetpackDASH as fast as you can!HD Graphics with full ofactionsFeatures:✔Free play on google ✔ Impressive HD Graphics✔Excellent Places✔Beautiful Town scense✔buses Trucks subway trainsto avoid!✔Amazing game rhythm✔bonus items: magnet,magicshoes,jetpack.✔Intensive and exciting running experience✔ Missionmodes with full of actions✔ Developed Special Abilities andPowers✔Download this classic subway,bus,town running game How toplay:✔Tap to jump✔Drag left,right to move left, right✔Drag back toslide
Sky Game 1.4
Sky game is game space cool and fun style old sky Roads game in the90sthis game very hard to pass levels so you need to try hard ifyou like hard games its for you How to play:1.Choose Levels orClassic Game2.Tap screen to jump with Spaceship3.Try get best score4.Finish level to unlock the next levelSuper hard game and very fun
Cookie: Match 3 Party 1.3
Play awesome cookie crush match 3 game forfree and enjoy sweet cookies match 3 partyCookie: Match 3 Party is a very addictive connect lines game withmany delicious levels.Connect colorful lines Cookies to solve compelling levels in thispuzzle adventureslash Cookies to match three.So why you waiting for play now best match 3 gamesHow To Play:* Collect candies and sweets.* Make a line of Candy and pop them.* Sugary power-ups* Catch the Cookies that are identical and Crush it.Games Mode:* Collect all Blocks Chocolate* Break all Cages to free Jelly* Try to get 1-3 Stars to pass next level* Collect All ingredients* Collect the items to pass next levelWarning:Cookie: Match 3 Party Game is super addictive!join this Cookie: Match 3 Party Game match 3 or more Cookies inthis puzzle of lines!
Deluxe Brick Breaker 3.8
Deluxe Brick Breaker Break bricks Deluxe Brick Breaker, addictivegameplay, and challenges your brain simply drag the paddle tobounce balls and break bricks. Your objective is to break all thecolor bricks on each of the best parts of it is the limit of theball to tap paddle so the gameplay becomes harder and more all youneed to do is break bricks very simple destroy all the bricks topass the levels and enjoy. Deluxe Brick Breaker is a super-funattack galaxy game board that will keep you busy for hours! So whatare you waiting for? Play Deluxe Brick Breaker Game for free andcomplete all the galaxy levels⭐! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE GAMEFEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ★ Excellent Bricks Colors ★ Freeand simple control balls. ★ Play offline game no wifi needed ★Suitable for family and all ages ★ Beautiful backgrounds of galaxyand balls effect ★ No limit to play such as Heart, play as much asyou can! ★ Unique bricks with multi breaking ★ Challenging spacelevels filled with colorful blocks How to play Bricks BreakerDeluxe -bottom of the screen has a paddle to move the ball fromfalling to the bottom -hit a wall of blocks or bricks by deflectinga bouncing ball with a paddle -Drag Paddle Left, Right to move anddestroy all the bricks in the level. Try out this space board gamefor free and enjoy exciting challenge levels using your logic andaction skills to defeat the obstacle. Download Brick Breaker Deluxeand get ready for hours of addicting fun board games. -Warning-This Bricks Breaker Deluxe is a seriously fun and addictive brickbreaker game!
Soccer Bricks Breaker : Breakout 1.2
Enjoy Free Breakout Soccer Bricks Breaker Breakout Soccer Game withamazing Graphics of Football and more than 250 Levels this Gamestyle Arkanoid & BreakoutYour objective is to break all thecolors bricks on each the best part of it is the limit of the ballsto tap paddle so the game becomes harder more and more.your goal tokicks balls with the paddle until all bricks are a break Try to getstrike 3 stars on each level.What are you waiting for? Everyoneelse is already playing Bricks breaker! Don’t miss out on thischance to have tons of fun!Features: - Beautiful Background Soccerand Ball Effect- Fireball kick strike for Override all Bricks- 250+ Levels Map- Brick broken Grey need to break Twice- Silver Brickneed to break Three times- Gold Brick need to break Four times Howto play Soccer Bricks Breaker : Breakout- The bottom of the screenhas paddle kick the ball from falling to the bottom- Drag PaddleLeft, Right to move Warning:Bricks Breaker Soccer game is seriouslyfun and super addictive!If you enjoy other bricks breaker gameslike Breakout, Arkanoid, Break The Bricks, Brick Breaking , BricksBreaker, Flick Kick , Flick Shoot, Soccer Stars you will love thisBreakout game!
Pirate Treasures: Brick Breaker 1.7
Become to pirate with new game brick breaker Treasure is a Breakoutarcade game free with new great Pirate graphics and cool, our gameincludes many items like bonus and power-ups such as Multi-ball,Fire-balls, expand paddle and more.Destroy all the bricks to passlevel and enjoy the brick Breaker effectsYour objective is to breakall the colors bricks on each all you need to do is break Treasurebricks like old bricks breaker Arkanoidthis game is easy to playjust Move the paddle from side to side with your finger and bouncethe ball around the screen to destroy all treasureBricks.[Features]- Beautiful Background Pirate treasure and BallEffect- Over + 250 Levels - Brick broken Grey need to break Twice-Silver Brick need to break Three times- Gold Brick need to breakFour times- Fireball for Override all Bricks and break them
Balls Santa Breaker 1.4
bricks breaker Santa Claus is Arcade Game with amazing Graphics ofSanta Claus Xmas and more than 250 Levels this Game style Arkanoid& BreakoutShooting balls until you clean the board to pass thelevel so fun and easyjust break all why you waiting forenjoying brick breaker game now and tell all your friends! How toplay Bricks Breaker Santa:- The bottom of the screen has paddle tomove ball from falling edge to the bottom- Drag Paddle Left, Rightto moveFeatures: • Beautiful Bricks Colors• Beautiful Ice winterBackground Santa Claus and Ball Effect.• 250 + Levels Map.• Brickbroken Grey need to break Twice.• Silver Brick need to break Threetimes.• Gold Brick need to break Four times.• Shooter's bubbleFireball for Override all Bricks.• Tablet supported.Warning: ThisBrick Breaker (Breakout) game is seriously fun and superaddictive!If you enjoy other bricks breaker games like Breakout,Arkanoid, Break Bricks Brick Busting, Break The Bricks, BrickBreaking, Smash Brick, Brick Breaker, Block Destruction or BrickBuster, you will love this cool game!
Galaxy Shooter Balls 1.6
enjoy galaxy brick breaker Arkanoid breakout with amazing Graphicsand more than 200 Levels.our game is free with great graphics andmusic that includes many items, bonuses, and power-ups such asMultiball, Fireball, expand paddle and more so why you waiting fordownload this game.Features:- Beautiful Background Galaxy Alien andBalls Effect- 200 + Levels- Brick broken Grey need to break Twice-Silver Brick need to break Three times- Gold Brick need to breakFour times- Fireball for Override all BricksHow To Play:Move thepaddle from side to side with your finger and bouncing balls aroundthe screen to destroy all the colors Bricks.
Bricks Breaker Sweet World 1.4
Best bricks breaker Ever! Come and enjoy tasty candies in SweetWorld Candy with us with amazing graphics style Breakout and manylevels over 250 levels designed.Your goals are to destroy all ofthe bricks With new power-ups like fireball, multi-balls and moreLarge Paddle and +5 Moves.this break brick is super sweet andaddictive warning!shoot the ball with the aim paddle and smashcandy blocks to clean the board puzzleChallenge your brain withpuzzle sweet of ball and plan your steps.Game Features:❖ Over +250Levels ❖ HD Graphics❖ Many Bricks Colors❖ Beautiful BackgroundCandy, Biscuit and Ball Effect❖ Bricks broken Grey need to breakTwice❖ Silver Bricks need to break Three times❖ Gold Bricks need tobreak Four times❖ Fireball Frenzy for Override all BricksHow toplay Brick Breaker Sweet World❖ Drag Paddle Left, Right to movesmash and destroy all the bricks in the map.❖ hit a wall of bricksby deflecting bouncing balls with a paddle and bricks breakerif youlike games style Breakout, Arkanoid, Candy Match 3, Candies, Cookiematch 3, break bricks, block brick breaker you will love this game!
Reef Frenzy Brick 1.1
Play Underwater Reef brick breaker! Take a deep breath and diveinto journey underwater with new addictive bricks breakerthisbreakout game with awesome levels.Your goals are to destroy all ofthe bubbles bricks into beautiful aquarium very easy & simplebut we have a new feature you have limit paddle can touch the ballsso if the limit get to 0 you lose a very exciting underwaterfeature. * So why you waiting for Download it and Enjoy amusingfish underwater Brick Breaker. *Gameplay Features:• Try to get 3stars each level.• Challenge hundreds of levels reef underwater.•Spectacular bubble colors brick.• Silver brick needs to break twiceto smash it.• Gold brick needs to break three times to smash it.•Black brick its block cannot break it!• Supports any tablets.How toplay Reef Frenzy Breakout* The bottom of the screen has paddle tomove balls from falling to the bottom* Drag Paddle Left, Right tomove and destroy all the bricks in the map.* hit a wall of blocksor bricks by deflecting a bouncing ball with a paddleif you likegames style Breakout, Arkanoid, block, bricks breaker you will lovethis game!
Fox Breakout: Brick Breaker 1.3
Enjoy world bricks breaker (Breakout) with hundreds of challengelevels very simple smash and Destroy all the bricks to pass phaseand enjoythe best new feature of this brick breaker is the limit ofthe ball to tap paddle so the game becomes harder more and more allyou need to do is break the brickssimple Just focus on shoot ballsand breakingOnce you start, you will not stop playing Relax yourbrain with the champion of time killer!Features Bricks :Color Brick+ 20 ScoreBroken Brick + 30 Score need to break twiceSilver Brick +50 Score need to break tripleGold Brick +100 Score need to breakFour timesBlack Brick - is Block cant break!Shoot the ball with thepaddle aim and hit bounce balls to blast all the bricks to be anace brick Breaker game.Fox Breakout: Brick Breaker supported anyphones or tablet.If you like casual arcade games, bricks breakergames this fox breakout brick breaker game for you!
Blast Ball Breaker Free 1.2
Shooting Ball and blast bricks if you like brick breaker games youwill love this game【Game Features】- Excellent Bricks Colors-Beautiful Backgrounds HD Graphics- 300 + Levels Map- Silver Bricksneed to break Three times- Gold Bricks need to break Four times-Fireball for Override all Bricks Breaker- Crazy brick poppingbreaker game- No WiFi you still can play so you can play anytimeand anywhere you want. get action exciting experience by fire ballsfor a break and smash bricks so don't wait get ready for new ballshooter and match your skills game to the new brick breaker.ourbreaking perfect game to play when you want to relax and pass thetimeYou can download Blast Ball Breaker Free in Google Play forfree now!
Bouncing Ballz 1.5
Bouncing Ballz brick breaker shooter ballsbreak all the blockbricks to complete the puzzle level.
Shoot Brick Extreme 1.1
Get into journey Brick Breaker Extreme to become master Hero Spacepop breaker game!relax and have a fun playing the game with manylevels designed only for yousome bricks will give you power-ups toboost your game like extra balls, larger paddle, fireball, andstars score. awesome game all you have to do is pop and break allthe bricks until you dropchallenge your brain to make strategy ballmoves to clear the board to win levels and advance in excitingbricks puzzle map.Don’t miss out Shoot Breakout extremelyaddictive!!!Game features:- Easy and fun to break bricks any agesto play and enjoy. - Super boosters and power-ups balls help you topass levels.- Specials bubbles bricks need to break few times.-Broken brick breaker needs to break 2 times.- Metal Silver brickbreaker needs to break 3 times.- Master Gold block brick needs tobreak 4 times.- Dark Black brick block cannot be breaking.-Hundreds of awesome extreme levels.- Free to play fun andaddictive! - Enjoy Arkanoid Galaxy space design.- You have limitedmoves you can touch paddle.Note:This is a free game and supportstablet screen.Help us to improve the game by review/rate us 5 starsit won’t take more than a minute Thanks for your support!
Master Brick Marble 1.0
Shoot Marble ball to clean all bricks and pass levels Relax yourbrain, perfect time killer.get into legend adventure story andblast marbles brickif you like puzzle marble games, brick breakergames you will enjoy this game.[Marble features]Beautiful Kingdomdeluxe Bricks marble colorsFire Balls booster destroy and blast allbricks on your way.Try to get three stars in each level.Best masterfeature when moves get to zero you lose!Impressive mania marblebricks design.Over 300 levels map designed for you.Are you enjoybubbles marble royal games, bomb blocks or burst balls bouncinggames?If yes then you must try out our addictive Master BrickMarble king marble breaking bricks.
Toy Pop Rescue Pet 1.3
Rescue Pet is new puzzle game withdifferentmode game blast same cubes colorto help rescue pets sounds easy but try to do it with limitedmovesUse your moves wisely.Challenge your brain to resolve these puzzle game Try to clearallpets with skills and power-ups.How to Play:1. Tap on any 2 adjacent cubes to Pop in the same colortoblast.2. Collect color cubes or pets according to the mission.3. Make cool powerful boosters to pop and blast cubes.4. Blast different obstacles in different puzzle gamesDownload now Toy Pop Rescue Pet for free and start playingandenjoying the game! 2.0
Are you ready to be PRO brick breaker game? this balls game foryou! enjoy shooting game with amazing power-ups and tons of levelsdesigned to bring you a lot of pleasure and fun game! our brickbreaker game has new features of balls shooter games all in oneshooter game. some bricks will give you power-ups to boost yourgame like extra bounce balls, larger paddle, fireball, and starsscore. brick breaker game is simple, all you have to do is breakand shoot balls to break all the bricks until you drop sounds easy?try to do it with limited moves of the ball! Don’t miss out brickbreaker pro is best breakout game fun and addictive!!! FEATURESBRICK BREAKER PRO Exciting bounce ball effect and graphics.Fireball ball shooter to Override all Bricks for a crash breakoutHundred of levels designed Focus on shooting balls, bouncing ballsand destroy all bricks If you ready, let enjoy break bricks game!BRICKS BLOCKS Many impressive colors bricks Gold block brick needsto breaking four times. Silver block brick needs to breaking threetimes. Broken Grey block brick need breaking twice times. Don’twait to join the fun! break all the bricks like a pro gamer and winlevels! If you ready Download Now and try to be professional BrickBreaker!
Brick Breaker Fire balls 1.1
Challenge yourself in the new brick breaker fireballs. Swipe thepad to shoot balls fire and to the break all the bricks! bounceballs on paddle without fall down and bounce the ball to break theblock bricks. simple break all the bricks to complete the level andgo to the next level. play smart by shooting fireballs to poppingand relax your brain. Features: - Enjoy Galaxy space shooter design- Exciting bounce ball effect and graphics. - Relax your brain withshoot fireballs galaxy perfect time killer - Hundreds of levelscomplexity - Supports all phones and tablet devices - Fireballsdestroy and breakout all the bricks easily! for 10sec - Catchbonuses dropping from the brick to help you finish the level. Shootthe ball with the paddle aim and hit bounce balls to blast all thebricks Fireballs Brick Breaker supported any phones or tablet. Ifyou like casual arcade games, bricks breaker games this brickbreaker for you! If you ready, let enjoy endless fun bricks breakergame!
Brick Breaker Mania 1.0
Play & Start Cracking Blocks! the best bricks puzzle game forthe whole family to enjoy new adventure puzzle.This classic game isfree to play and super challenging brain.Get your finger and dragthe paddle right, left to hit and shoot the ball directly to blockbricks then pop all of them to complete the level.Shoot and rollthe balls try to aim the pad to blast breaking the bricksblocksbricks breaker mania will help you kill your boring withhundreds of levels maponce you start, you will not stop playingrelax your brain with the break balls!How to Play Swipe your fingerto throw the balls and break the bricks.Collect all the items toget additional balls, bigger paddle, stars, extra moves!Don't letthe ball move down to the bottom if your moves are down to zero youlose the game.Brick Breaker Mania Puzzle By Brick Breaker Game inpuzzle and family brain category.If you like puzzle arcade games,we highly recommend this mania puzzle game.You can download BrickBreaker Mania in Google Play for free now!
Blitz Bricks : Brick Breaker 1.5
The most addictive puzzle bricks breaker game that everyone canplay and enjoy! Shoot the balls and watch the bricks destroyed Freerelax your brain and get addictive fun. Play free offline withoutinternet or wifi, Blitz Bricks is a relaxing, fun brick breakinggame BLITZ FEATURES: * Play champion of a time killer * BlitzBricks Style Retro arcade games * Tons of map fun puzzles levels *Easy paddle and balls control * Destroy special kind of blockspuzzles * Free play offline no wifi is required! * Support tabletsand phones * Free bonus every day. * Collect power-ups from damagesto the bricks HOW TO PLAY: * Swipe to move the paddle and blitzcollide the balls * Destroy the bricks until all the board cleared* When the moves come down to 0 you lose. * Try to breaks as manybricks to clean the fun stages. If you like bricks breaker or retrogames you will love this blitz game. This free game is free todownload and also good for family and kids. A big THANKS toeveryone who has played this Arcade game!
Block Crush 1
Block Crush block puzzle match game. blast blocks by tap at least2cubes the same colorCrunch the same colored cubes block byusingboosters super addictive!Gameplay is amazingly simple and easytosuit everyone.Challenge your brain resolving these blocks cubewithyour skillsTry to collapse hexa puzzle to create specialsboostersto help you clear the level.No more crushing candies orblast toyscrush blocks and enjoy the new world of matchpuzzlesadventure.Easy to play and pleasurable but challenging tomasterfor all age just solving the block puzzle:Features BlockCrushFunand addictive puzzle match story.No WiFi you still can playthisfree puzzle anytime and anywhere you want. Crush 2 or moreadjacentcubes of the same to blastThe more blocks get crushing eachmove,the higher score you will getCollapse more than five blockstocreate some powerful boosters.Crash Hexa brick to createboosterBomb explodes around cubes pop.combine boosters to getmagiceffects that will help you solve the puzzle pop in notime.thereare many bricks puzzle in this game to play and have funto blastthemOur brick block crush game is a fun extremely to playsuperaddictive puzzle blast available now for free!Add to yourfavoritesnew puzzle match 3 game challenge and fun.So, download nowBlockCrush for free and start playing and best match puzzlesgame!Helpus to improve the game and earn your 5-star review. itwon’t takemore than a minute Thanks for your support!
Block Breaker Blitz 1.5
Enjoy Retro puzzle game. clear the levels and break all the bricks.addictive classic bricks game. It is a free game all you have to dois breaking all the bricks! [Features] - Easy to play - Hundreds ofpuzzles levels - Supports all phones and tablet devices - Find manyspecial colors brick - Play and enjoy endless fun - Control theballs and relax - Use Power up to clear the stages - Exquisite GameInterface - Everyday challenge bonus - New king fireball damage[How To Play] - Use in one finger to move the paddle and bounce theball - Destroy the bricks until all the board empty - When themoves on top come down to 0 is game over.
Magic Bricks 1.0
Magic Bricks is an extremely break puzzle fun game, perfectforboring time killer! break the brick and collect bonuses funandeasy use magic power-ups to solve the levels! blitz effectfireballto break all the blocks and complete the levels play smartto blastand relax your brain Do you enjoy magic puzzles? bricksbreakergames? block puzzle games? this game will give you a lot offunpuzzle crash pleasure! Magic Bricks is a popular astrologyfreegame for you to enjoy - no wifi and no internet required.breakcolorful bricks and blocks, blast fun levels, and experienceone ofthe best and cool free games! This is the break bricksbreakergame! Magic Bricks Game Features Free and fun match for allagesand gender! Beautiful magical UI background peak and effectsballFire Balls booster blast, break all the bricks on your way.Bestfun wizard feature when moves get to zero you lose! Impressivemapwith hundreds of puzzle block levels designed for you. Try toget apeak with three stars in each level. The most evolutionarypuzzlesEasy to Play Magic Bricks just Playing in one-handed or Onefingercontrols. Drag and swap paddle Left and Right to move andbouncethe ball to breaking all the brick in the board until itcrashesWhen the moves get 0 or ball fall to bottom line you lose!Oncewhen you lose a game you can watch a video to continue thegamewith +3 moves. Become part of the biggest wizard bricks toblastmuch as possible! Join the puzzle adventure, and enjoy alovely fungame of bricks break. Impressive effect astrology powers!Get coolpower-ups from break and blast blocks puzzle that will helpyoupass levels and beat challenges: extra paddle or 2 extrapaddles,fireball blasting all the block on the way, get heart extra5 movesand more free powers. Enjoy unique magical puzzle brick withplentyof charm and fun surprise new innovative features every brickwitha unique effect life of blitz and more. Download it today forfreeand add to your favorites new brick breaker gamechallengeaddictive and fun becomes the best puzzle magician BreakerBricks.
Ice Cream Smash 1.1
Ice Cream Smash is a fun of puzzle blast game with hundreds of icedsmashing levels! Smash at least two ice cream the same taste.Challenge your brain resolving these sweet puzzles with yourskills. blast the same cubes ice cream and enjoy spectacular effectfrozen your goal to smash ice creams and collect snow target. smashthe Try to collapse ice creams collapse to create some powersfreeze to help you clear the level. tap 5 ice cream to getfireworks that will clear a whole line or of delicious cubes. tap 6ice cream to get a frozen bomb that will blast all around the cubestasty. smash more than 8 sweet ice creams to get lightning smashingrandom cubes on the board game. you can also combine boosts to geta powerful delicious that clear all the puzzle board. collect allthe snow to clear the puzzles but to be careful with the moves ortime quest. ice cream smash have hundreds of snow levels to playwith tricky obstacle puzzles, you will have to blast all the icecreams to achieve the goal. How to Play Tap at least 2 or morenearby adjacent cubes Ice creams of the same taste to blast andcrush them. Collect ice cubes to win the puzzle. Achieve requiredscore to pass levels. Use and choose wisely boosters that will helpyou solve the puzzle in no time. Features Ice Cream Smash Amazingitems and fun story! Free to play and super addictive! Easy and funto start but a super challenge. Tons of iced levels. Ice creamsmash game has Spectacular winter graphics and snow animation.Notes Support devices (Phones and Tablets). Ice Cream Smashcontains interstitial ads and in-app purchase.
Smashing Bricks 1.1
JOIN BRICKS BREAKER LEAGUE if you love balls games this gamegiveyou a lot of brain teasers PLAY for FREE the best bricksarcadegame with hundreds of epic levels the best way to relax andpassthe time! Smashing Bricks will give you many pleasures youwon'tneed to worry about getting bored soon. Use your tactics tosolvethe brick puzzles, Destroy all the colored bricks by bouncingballsstraight to the bricks to smash, Use powerful boosters to winthelevels easily. This free brick breaker game is free to downloadandalso good for family and kids Challenge family and friends andseewho can reach high scores and levels SMASHING FEATURES Not havetowait for lives, as they are unlimited! Tons of puzzleslevels.Addictive and relaxing aim the paddle carefully to pop thebricks.Try to reach high scores and get 3 stars. Shoot fireball toexplodeand smash all the colorful bricks PLAY SMASHING BRICKS Useyourmoves wisely to solve the puzzles. No WiFi and no internetrequiredto play bricks breaker. Get everyday bonus coin to buy funBoostgaming. Focus on shooting balls, bounce your ball and destroyallbricks Don’t wait to join the fun! break and blast all thebricksnow and win levels!
Break Castle 1.1
Knock balls and bouncing the balls to the brick and break allthebricks by swiping the screen. Your mission is to crushmanycolorful bricks until your clear the board!
Balls VS Colors 1.0
Destroy all the color bricks to clear the board game &win.Control endless balls and use your brain to break the bricksandcomplete colors levels. If you love color games, you will lovethiscolor game. Features: √ Free to play √ Simple ball controlandpaddle √ Play without wifi or internet √ Collect bonuses andscore√ Over 400 colored levels How To Play: Use your finger tocontrolballs and bricks, Move the paddle to bounce balls. Destroyall thecolor bricks and get a lot of pleasure and fun. Focus yourlimit ofmoves that count touch the paddle with the balls game. Thisclassicgame is free to play and challenge your ball skills. Don’tmiss outBalls VS Colors! Download Now for free!
Bricks Breaker: Dominos Game 1.0
Bricks Breaker: Dominos Game is a fun domino game, Break allthedominos to win the puzzle game. Control multi-balls and useyourbrain to break the bricks and complete fun levels. Just relaxyourbrain and get fun. this bricks breaker game is funnyandchallenging. Your mission is to break many colorful dominosuntilyour clear the board. bounce ball and breaking dominos brickssoundeasy? try to do it with many balls, limit moves and gethigherscores. Don't worry, we bring you lots of power-ups to helpyoudestroy bricks domino to solve the puzzle game. Features: ♦️Freeto play ♦️ Simple ball control and paddle ♦️ Play without wifiorinternet ♦️ Over 400 levels ♦️ Break the dominos with fireballsTryout the addictive puzzle game in the google play and enjoyfunlevels, amazing challenges, and exciting levels. Join theDominosBricks Breaker addicting game, and enjoy the adventure!
Brick Breaker Space: Galaxy King 1
Play a new game for free, shoot balls and break bricks acrossthegalaxy! Get ready for adventure intergalactic of once inalifetime! [Features] - Easy to play, simple control multi-balls-Unique effects and bricks with multi breaking - Hundredsofdifferent levels - Collect items that will help your gameplay-Unlimited lives no need to wait! - Free to play nointernetconnection required [How to play] - Simplest break brickswith ballto clear and win - When moves reduce to 0 you lose - Tryto get aReach with the highest score at each level Have anyquestions forus? Contact our support team at