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More Eggs! 1.0.7
More Eggs! is a game about building an egg empire. Doing so willrequire lots of tapping birds, upgrading the factory, and a littlepatience! Tap the bird to get an egg, and use that egg to increaseeggs per tap, discounts, and much more! DISCLAIMER: this is afreemium game. Buying things is totally not required, but as youprogress in the game, you will get more from these purchases!Thisis Brick By Brick Games' first game! It's a $0 budget game; all thegraphics and sounds have been handmade or taken from the publicdomain. It is still in development and will likely continue toreceive updates and occasional gifts!If you find ANY bugs with thegame, it would really help to post them on the forum! I will try toaddress as many as possible once they're posted.FORUM:http://brickbybrickgames.proboards.comIf you would like to keep upon the development of this game, visit our blog! Posts will be putup on any updates to or events in the game!BLOG:
Door Frenzy 1.3.0
A game of swiping doors left, right, up and down while you gothrough timed and frenzy challenges. Although the game is a simpleconcept and is easy to play, it can become very difficult to getthe highest score amongst your friends.Door Frenzy Mode: While youare swiping doors, the doors will begin moving faster and fasteruntil the speed hits a terminal velocity. Try to keep up... IF YOUCAN!!!30 Second Challenge: In this mode, the doors do not speed up,but the goal is to get as many doors swiped within the small timeof 30 seconds. How many can you get?
Dunk City 0.4
Dribble a giant basketball through town! Avoid chaos bybouncingbetween buildings and see how far you can get! For morechallenge,go for swishes and see how big of a streak you can build.