Bright Creations Apps

Nav&Go 1.2.0
Nav&Go is the first indoor navigation and way finding app thatmakes indoor navigation easy in malls, airports, events,universities, museums and other public venues.Nav&Go indoornavigation app benefits users who are unfamiliar with routes withinbuildings where we offer users the best mapping experience.WithNavandGo you never have to ask for directions again!Download theapp and start enjoying your indoor experience.Features:• IndoorNavigation and way finding.• Maps of malls, museums, events &universities in Egypt• Navigation across multiple floors andbuildings, in an intuitive manner.• Indoor navigation solutionenables path routing from point A to Point B within buildings.•View information about closest venues to your current location•Ability to add your favorite Venue to “Favorites list” to return toit later.• Up-to-date directory in Malls.
com.brightcreations.travelbucket 2.5.2
Travel Bucket is a travel companion app to keep track of all thecountries you've been to, and the countries you want to go to. Itallows you to see where you're friends have been to, and match youup with friends to see who also wants to travel to all thedestinations you're interested in. You also get to compete withfriends and see who's the biggest global traveller! Download theapp & start crossing countries off your travel bucket list!Features: • Done That - List all the countries you’ve been to aswell as shows the percentage of the globe you conquered • BucketList – List all the countries you wish to see in your lifetime •Friends – See where your friends have been & what countriesthey have listed in their bucket list. • Leader board – See yourfriends’ ranking in each continent and globally. • Match Up – Viewa bucket list of all countries that are listed by you and yourfriends & see the common countries you share with friends. • Myprofile – my profile feature is now added, you can view your donethat list, bucket list and list of your own recommendations sharedto all your friends Update: - We have removed Trips andRecommendations based on user feedback
Mall of Arabia 1.1.2
Using the Mall of Arabia mobile app you can easily browse stores,restaurants, deals and events at one of the largest malls inEgypt.The Mall of Arabia mobile app will help you: • Quickly browse300+ stores at Mall of Arabia• Navigate your way around theproperty using a detailed map• View upcoming events & offers•Check out what is "Showing Now" at the Mall of Arabia cimena• Getinformation about the Mall
Passin 3.0.0
Passin is a smart mobile app, developed by Bright Creations thataims at providing employees the ability to self- evaluate theirworking performance through counting their office hours. It is alsobeneficial to managers and employers who need to check out theirteams' attendance sheets as it provides detailed analytics on whois inside the company and who is not. Passin is regardedindispensable in terms of scheduling meetings and getting allpeople within an organization always connected through its WiFi andGPS Geo-fencing technology. Found on App Store and Google Play,Passin can be downloaded and used to smart phones and tablets.Theapp allows the user to:• Accurately monitor the attendance usingWiFi and GPS Geo-fencing• Sign in and out automatically using theirsmartphones• Manually schedule meetings• Receive push notificationsfrom the dashboardThe Company's Dashboard for the Admin tomanage/analyze the detailed attendance logs as well as analysisgraphs and information to keep track of the company'sperformance.The dashboard allows the admin to:• Keep an eye onemployees’ attendance record• Keep track of employee’s status evenif they are out of office• Monitor the performance of employees bychecking analysis reports/graphs.