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Car Parking Free 13.8.1
Update:-Halloween update is here with night mode from level 91-95Update:-A huge arabian desert has now been added to the free roam map foryou to drift and surf across the vast sandy dunes.Update :-- 4 new vehicles have been added to be driven in the free roamingmode.- Increased the area of free roaming modeUpdate :- New Dry Dock shipment containers area added.- New levels from 81 to 90 added- Ford F-150 Truck addedUpdate : A new Roof top stunts update is now available featuringLamborghini Gallardo from level 71 to level 80.Go crazy on the extreme wild stunts. Watch the gameplay video fordetailed info.Note : A walk through video for completing level 60 has beenuploaded on BringItOnGames' youtube page.If you love 3D vehicle simulation games and love the twist of a bitof challenge, then car parking free might be the perfect game foryou. car parking free presents the player with easy to learn andhard to master style gameplay. The game starts off by presentingsimple tasks such as parking your car in the right spot withouthindering your path with any obstacles. But as you progress themissions become more and more difficult and it becomes hard toreach your target. None of the level are impossible to complete aswe ourselves have played and tested the completeness of the game.In different ways the game presents you with the tasks that requireyou to drive your car in a way that we people usually do in ourdaily life without even consciously knowing. Such as reverseparking or taking tight turn really slowly avoiding the traffic ina congested traffic jam. its like a proper driving simulator.The game features some of the most awesome, powerful, exhotic andluxurious cars at your disposal to enjoy driving. A wide of drivingpossibilities. You can drive a fast luxurious sedan or perhaps youmight like to drive a supercar crossing the streets in a flash oryou might be a big guy who light big wheels under him, you candrive 4x4 offroad suv jeep and enjoy your kind of ride.In this game you can drive 13 different vehicles and following arethose vehicles,- Toyota Camry- Honda Civic- Nissan Skyline- Corolla X- Ford F-150- Lamborghini Gallardo- Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren- Audi R8 Coupe- BMW 730 li- Alfa Romeo 159 Sedan- Toyota Corolla Rav4- Lexus Limousine- Marcopolo Senior Midi Passenger BusThe game presents beautiful and stunning graphics. you can changethe graphics quality according to your device from Settings >Video menu.if you are learning to drive from a driving school or academy thenthis game will help your driving and parking skills a lot.The game takes place in a normal city environment with a lot oftraffic and roads blocked because of construction. There is a hugeparking lot at the center of the city and two multi level parkinglots. In some situations you will have to find your way through thecity to get to the target point. Be careful as you sprint throughthe city as there might be a sudden road block at the corner justto startle you.The gameplay controls are very simple. A steering wheel on the leftallows you to turn your front wheels. The race paddle can be usedto increase car throttle. The brake pedal is used as the handbrakefor more amusing driving. The gear button can be used two changethe gear to forward or reverse to drive your car forward orbackwards.There is a time limit to complete every level so try to drive asfast as possible and drift around the corner to beat the chaseagainst time.Features :- 95 levels with different challenges (71 - 80 stunts Update)- 3 Different graphics quality settings to allow best performanceon all devices.- Realistic Vehicle physics simulation- 3 different background music- uber-cool vehicle paintsDont be a drudge, rev your engine and race through the champs andbecome the real champion.So get ready to chase the clock while you sprint through thetraffic cars. yolo!
Extreme Furious Driving 1.5
Extreme Furious Driving Simulator is a drivingand parking game featured with realistic vehicle physics and HDgraphics. There are 1 sports car and 2 trucks: the American MuscleMustang GT Coupe, Ford F150 and Chevrolet Silverado.You can drive GT Coupe from the beginning of the game and test yourskills against the challenging levels by reaching your target intime. Other cars can be unlocked by picking up stars scatteredacross all levels. Sprint in the beautiful environment to chaseyour own high score! More vehicles and levels will be comingsoon!★Features★ ★★★★★ Realistic Vehicle Physics★★★★★Multiple playable vehicles★★★★★20 challenging levels★★★★★HD graphics with 3 different quality levels★★★★★ Beautiful city parking lot environmentSo don't be a drudge and let’s get started with some vroomvroom!
Car Parking Asphalt 3D 2015 1.3.1
Think you can drive?Think you have control on your ride?Are you ready to put your driving skills to a test and see if yougot what it takes to complete one of the most challenging parkinggame?Then get started..Car Parking Asphalt 3D is an amazing car parking simulator gamethat requires ultimate level of precision!The parking situations in Car Parking Asphalt 3D require you toshow your maximum skills in controlling your vehicle's accelerationand brake. You confront many obstacles like traffic cars , roadbarriers etc. show your driving precision by avoiding theseobstacles and parking accurately in the parking spot.The faster you park your vehicle, the better rating you get.In Car Parking Asphalt 3D you get to drive three different vehiclesand number of levels and try to co-op to the situation.lets see who gets to the top of the rank.. And a Happy new Year toeveryone.
Modern Battle Tank War 2.2.1
Super amazing tank shooting game onAndroid!Just drive your tank to penetrate the rival base and kill requiredamount of rivals!Two exciting modes for you to play-Mission & Survival!The delicate 3D scenes and new tech applications make gorgeousvisual effect of this game—Just be astonished by the lifelike tanks and powerful specialeffects!Your blood will be burning in the flying bomb rain!Come on and have a try!★Features★★★★★★various lifelike tank models★★★★★delicate graphics★★★★★powerful BGM★★★★★multi battle modes
Biker Dude Road Riders 1.4.1
Now who doesn't like to ride a choppermotorbike...!Note : Do not forget to set your Graphics Settings in MainMenu.Get ready to ride a heavy bike on high speed while racing your waythrough the heavy traffic. Be careful not to hit the traffic or theside concrete barriers or at such a high speed your will be thrownoff the bike flying high in the sky like a flightless bird. Thegame features in Venice highway where you are just enjoying yourday by driving on a high speed.The games offers beautiful graphics and awesome handling.your target is to drive as far as you can avoiding the trafficcars.Put your motorcycle riding skills to a test.share your score with your friends.Update :-New environments added.Desert sunsetHighway on the green belt in the wildHighway on the endless sea.
City Speed Racing 2.1.1
Street Racing is not just about speed and fastcars. It about controlling your vehicle and keeping your head clearto the target and then moving swiftly through every situation whileracing through the street filled with traffic.City Speed Racing offers you to experience the feel of streetracing on a super cars on wide open roads with swift ,fast andskilled opponents. The game offers realistic car physics andcontrols and allows you to take full control over the ragingmonsters under the hood.Features Vehicles :- Nissan Skyline GTR R35- Porsche Carrera 911- Nissan 350Z- Lamborghini Murcielago 2015You can choose between hood camera, Wheel cam or rear cam to seewhich one suits you better while driving.City speed racing offers the player to drive 4 different super carson different environments in multiple weather conditions. Some carsare fast and have good stability and stick to the road but someoffer more drift control for players who like to slide their waythrough the tight corners and chase their extremechallengers.The game also provides realistic and beautiful graphics for playersto enjoy while driving. While racing your opponents might try toram your car into the side fence to take the lead but its up to youto dodge their attacks and move fast towards your target and crossthe finish line before them.City speed racing provides 4 different control types for people tochose from. You can play touch controls for racing and braking andturns or you can use tilt controls to turn or you can also chosesteering onscreen controls to help you drive better. You change thecontrol settings from the settings menu or the pause menu.Features:- Realistic Vehicle Physics- Intuitive game controls and user interface- Eye catching graphics- 2 Background Music- 4 different control types- 3 different camera types- Real fast racing super cars- Multiple car colors to choose from.- Nitrous boost- Motion blur effect.- Optimized for low end phones.While racing through the highway you might need to slow down a biton tight corners before you sprint ahead to gain advantage overyour opponents. You can think of it as a racing academy course tolearn about the feel of racing and become champs of car driving.Unleash the monster in you and don't be a drudge, leave everyonefrozen in fear, tear apart the asphalt and leave your opponents inthe dust of your burning rubber.if you love to drive fast cars then this game is the best choicefor you.So start your engines and lift off, Yolo!.Music by :- Dl-Sounds- Djuro
3D Parking Bus Simulation 2015 1.1.1
Ever thought of driving a school bus orpassenger bus just for fun which most of people don't get to?if you would love to do it then here is your chance to try it outand while your at it, test your driving skills.Complete the challenging tasks and show how good you are when itcomes to driving and controlling large vehicles.Game features a passenger bus with extremely realistic drivingphysics.Your target is to drive through the designed path and park your busat the destination without hitting anything on your way. Try not tosprint like cars or you might not be able to stop it in time.3D Parking Bus Simulation by BringItOn Games offers,- Challenging Game play- Realistic physics- Awesome 3D Graphics- 28 unique levels- 3 different Camera angles- 3 different Control types- Dynamic shadowsSo get on your bus and start driving....
Subway Run 3D - Halloween 2.3.1
Subway Run 3D is an addictive endless runnergames.Keep moving forward by evading the trains and other obstacles andcollect coins and other goodies on your way.Subway Run 3D presents,- Beautiful Graphics- Different types of obstacles- addictive music- Coins and other pickup boosts like double jump to make the gamemore fun- smooth swipe controls- simple and addictive game playDo not forget to Log in to google+ to share your score with yourfriends and world wide.Halloween Update :Halloween is here. Full bright moon shines as the werewolves howland the witches laugh and descend upon the streets with theirwicked magic. Bats flying with their glowing red eyes. The pumpkinsturned evil with an evil grin on their faces.The Halloween update is now here and it includes the Pumpkin headking character. New Halloween targeted environment has been addedwith lots of dead trees and pumpkins. A new soundtrack has alsobeen added to the game. As you run through the hurdles, watch outfor the new pumpkin grave stone and cross hurdles. Jump when youget close to them or you will get hit and buried under it.Summers Update :The winters and the Christmas is over, the frozen ice has meltedand the summer season is upon us. Enjoy the bright days and warmenvironment while jumping and dashing through the busy streetsfilled with traffic cars. Jump over the cars and the containers andcollect as many coins as you can. your target is to chase yourfriends high score and sprint as far as you can.Features :- New Music track- Summer environment- new and day graphicsFollow Us :
4x4 Mountain Pumpkin Hunt 1.7.1
Do you love to drive off road 4x4vehicle?Then get ready to have some hill climbing fun in 4x4 MountainPumpkin Hunt.This game features hummer with realistic physics in a mountainrange where you are free to drive as you like while putting yourdriving skills to a test and complete the tasks given withing thetime.There are 2 play able modes of this games ..1 - Time Trial2 - Treasure HuntTime Trial:In Time Trial mode you will be given 1 minute at the beginning ofthe sprint and an arrow pointer will guide you towards your target.your target is to find and capture the pumpkin before the time runsout. once you capture your target you will be awarded points andadditional 5 seconds will be added to your remaining time andanother target will appear on the map. You have to capture as manypumpkins as you can before the time runs out.Treasure Hunt:In Treasure Hunt mode you will be given 1 minute at the beginningof the race and there would be multiple pumpkins scattered acrossthe map at many difficult to reach positions. your goal is to getthe maximum number of pumpkins within the given time. The pointerwill guide to towards a random selected target. Remember! its notnecessary that the pointer guides you towards the nearest target.So use your instincts as well.Note : If you get stuck or flip your cars accidentally, you canpress the reset button on the top left of the screen to reset yourcar. But it will not reset the time.So lets get started with the pumpkin hunt. Lets see who can climbthe mountains on this 4x4 vehicle. Yolo!Update :-Christmas is here and the whole mountain is frozen and covered withsnow. Santa has dropped presents all over the mountain along withthe falling snow. Collect as many presents as you can. You mightalso be able to find the hidden Christmas tree on your hunt.
Brainiac Memory Match 1.0.1
Memory match is a vast category of puzzlegames. Brainiac memory match is a pair up game which also falls inthe category of memory matching games.Brainiac memory match is simple yet extremely challenging andenjoyable game featuring a lot of objects to discover as youprogress through the puzzles.The offers five different type of object categories which revealthemselves as you complete levels. The categories include :- Christmas Objects- Kids Toys- Maths Symbols- Counting Numbers- Sports SymbolsA total of 250 different objects and symbols are currently presentin the game.Brainiac memory match also offers 4 different types of game playtypes which include:- Arcade Mode- Time Trial Mode- Moves Limit Mode- Leader Board ChallengeEach of these game modes (excluding Leader Board challenge)includes 50 different levels each to be played. each level isunlocked as you complete the previous level.The arcade mode offers a game play without any time limit of moveslimit. It also stores you last best score in that level that youcan share to your friends and family or the whole world through anyof your preferred social media network.The time trial mode offers 50 levels in which you have to completea level within the given time.The Moves limit mode offers many levels in which you have tocomplete the level within the number of moves allowed in thatlevel.The Leader Board Challenge mode offers a grid of 25 X 25 which youhave to complete and its score will be shared through in gamegoogle play services leader board to all the players playing thegame. This is a challenge mode which provides with a sense ofchallenge against the rest of the players.The game play is fairly simple as you get a number of flipped cardsaccording the level. Each cards has an object on the other side ofthe card which is chosen from one of the five categories writtenabove. When you click on the card the card flips and shows you theshape. Then you have to find the same object which is also hiddenin one of the other cards.Each object has 1 pair in the complete level so you will only find2 of the same cars even if you are at level 50 where you get a 100cards to reveal.The game presents an easy to play and hard to master type fun. Kidscan also learn a lot from the objects hidden behind the cards asthey include lots of daily life objects which are seen on Christmasor are one of the kids toys.Kids can also get a stronger grip on counting numbers by revealingand matching them.The game also offers in-app purchase to play the game without beingdisturbed by the ads.There are multiple achievements to be unlocked as you play thegame.Brainiac memory match is a colorful and cool way of spending timewhile challenging your brain to remember the things you see andalso a good way for the kids to learn about the different things inthe world. The game includes objects toys, such as teddy bear,panda, soccer ball etc.Also many sports symbols like cycling andracing etc.Hope you enjoy the game. The further updates of the game willinclude more real life objects for learning such as means oftransports in the world etc. Yolo!!Credits:Opening game music by"Snow Music" By"Canyon Sunrise" by Eric
4x4 Desert Safari Attack 1.5.1
4x4 Desert Safari Attack is an off road jeepsimulator featuring Gatling gun mounted on a hummer vehicle. Youtarget is to chase down bandits and rebels causing trouble in thedesert and forcing people to run away from their safari trip.Drive your vehicle and destroy all the targeted cars in each level.Some cars will sprint away from you as you try to get close to themand some of them will come straight towards you and hit directlyinto your car.Put your drifting skills to the test by trying to drift in the sandand hit the enemy cars from the side to flip them and cease can play with 3 different control types and 3 different cameraincluding hood cam.So are you ready to have some Gatling fun in the desert ?- Realistic car physics- Awesome Graphics- 3 different control types- AI enemy cars- 4x4 hummer- devastating mini gunYolo!Update :-We have updated the graphics of the game making it one of the mostrealistic desert games.Halloween Update :-Halloween update is now available for download. It includes a brandnew night level with lots of poison fog to make it difficult tosee. The rebels have taken control over the pumpkins and are nowplanning to make a run for it so that no one can have pumpkins onthis Halloween. So drive through this thick fog and bring thoserebels to justice.
Flappy Plane Flyer 2.2.2
The Plane is taking off!!!Get ready to tap your way through the blockage and fly your paperplane across the land of black and white.Try to survive in the hurdles and achieve the highest score on theleader board among all the players.Try to meet all the challenges and unlock achievements supported byGoogle services.Connect to your friends on Facebook and challenge them to beat yourscore by sharing your! Get ready to rumble...!!!!
100x Ballz Clash 1.3.1
Are you ready for a very simple but yetchallenging game?Its Very Simple! All you have to do is try to pot the balls intothe cups moving below and try to pot as many ballz as possible. ifyou successfully pot the balls you will be awarded depending uponthe color of the ball and the color of the cup. if you drop theballz you won't be getting them back..the game will end when ball count runs down to '0'.Difficulty of the game keeps on changing depending upon lets get started...- Now You can restore ballz while playing on the expense of 100pointsA complete new and challenging game play. Now you have to surviveagainst 3 different Super Powered ballz.- A Bomb which can destroy nearby ballz in an instant.- Gravity Changer which can eliminate the force of gravity forballs and make them drift away- Freezer which can freeze movements of ballsAll the Super ballz have their timers. within that time if you areable to pot them in the cup you will be rewarded for your courageand speed. but if you fail to do so... you will lose points andballz.But fear not! there are also Special ballz which award points ifyou catch them ranging from 2 points to 128 points at once..That is your chance to get a higher score.If you loose too many ballz and you have a high score you canexchange score for ballz. 100 points for 5 balls... its agamble...Lets Get Started.... and Survive if you can...
Wrong Way Race 1.0.4
Ever thought of racing in the Wrong Way andfacing your opponent?lets see how long can you manage to evade crashing and burstinginto flames...Game features really cool 3d graphics.extremely simple single touch game play.- Black Car is the player car.- Touch the screen anywhere to change the lane.- Avoid the incoming car (if you can ;p )- click the play button to restart level.- click the Ranking button to see your friends and other peoples'high score
Modern Space Galaxy Defender 1.0.1
The science has advanced to a point where weare no longer contained only to the planet earth. We have traveleddistances in the outer spaced and have seen many more planets whichlead us to believe that we are not alone. We now have reach toevery planet in our galaxy. Which also increased the danger ofbeing attacked by creatures which we don't know are peaceful orhunting for soil full of natural resources.Today that though has become a fact when we got attacked by anotherlife form. And not only just one, our galaxy is under attack by theplanets and species of another galaxy. They have sent theirdiseases and viruses like Ebola to weaken us and attacked when wewere unprepared. Now it is up to you as a pilot of one thespaceships, to battle the aliens, their minions and mother ships inthe open space filled with meteors and falling debris and defendour galaxy from this threat and become the guardian of the galaxy.They will target you with their laser weapons and space mines, sobe careful as you clash and smash and chase the aliens back totheir galaxy.Modern space galaxy defender is a 2D game with dazzling 2D graphicsfeatured in the open space. The player can control his spaceship byusing touch controls. The spaceship will follow where ever youplace your finger on the screen. Your spaceship will automaticallydetect the nearest enemy and fire at it. The fire rate changes asyou pickup upgrades for fire power and in some modes, will beupgraded automatically.Modern space galaxy defender features many different types ofenemies which use different methods such as melee attack or laserfires or mines to attack the player's spaceship.Each enemy you destroy will give you points and will drop smallamount of health refill which you can pickup to restore yourenergy.Your spaceship is protected by a force field. This shield willprotect you against the enemy laser attacks to a certain point.When the shield energy is low you will get damaged by the laserattacks. shield will automatically refill if you don't receive anydamage for a short period of time.The shied however will not protect you from melee attack from shipsor meteors.Upgrades will spawn time to time which you can pickup to refillyour health or reduce the damage received from collisions.The upgrades include :MagnetMelee defenseVoid bomb (a black hole that sucks enemies to death)Explosion bombCloak mode (ghost)HealthWeapon UpgradeTime Warp (Slow motion)Speed (increase spaceship's speed)All modes have different upgrades to offer according to thesituation.So lets get started. Get into the battlefield and smash all thealiens and blow them to smithereens. Drive them all toextinction.
Pumpkin Head Halloween Runner 1.0.1
The pumpkin head is on the run trying tocollect all the pumpkins before the next Halloween. The police isafter the pumpkin king trying to arrest him and take him back the pumpkin king in collecting all the pumpkins before he canget caught.The game features endless game play with lots of pumpkin pickupsand beautiful night graphics with glowing pumpkins. Simple swipecontrols with soothing background music to enjoy.Sprint as fast as you can and don't let the chasing police captureyou before you complete your target.Follow Us :
Blow n Pop Balloon 1.0.1
Get Ready to POP them out....!We all try to pop out as many balloons as possible on birthdayparties. But we do that with needles.. that's easy isn't it?Lets try to Pop out balloons by blowing more air than they canhandle..lets see who can pop out more balloons in a minute..All you have to do is blow air in your microphone to fill air inthe balloons till they pop.Enjoy the colorful graphics and intuitive game play with yourfriends and family.Each time you pop a balloon, a new balloon with different colorwould pop up.. take it down as fast as you can.NOTE: After playing two to three times make sure to inhale andexhale for a few seconds to catch your breath again.Going overboard with exhaling might lead to dizzy feeling.
Drive In The Road 1.0.5
Think you have a grip on car ? Then try tocross this desert while preventing from hitting in theboundaries..All you have to do is touch the screen and drag it left or right tocontrol your car. Try to be very precise with your movements whilegoing through the narrow roads.Game gives you cool graphics and a very challenging and addictivegame play experience.Stay in the line to survive and get higher points..lets see how long you can survive...Instructions :- Touch the screen to start playing the level.- drag your finger on the screen to left and right to move the caraccordingly..- Try to be very precise in your movements.. (Ninja skills)
Tappy Racer 1.0.1
Tappy Racer is an extremely addictive and easyto understand game.Game presents beautiful 2D graphics and one touch controls.You can touch the screen to change the lane and overtake thetraffic. You can choose to drive from 9 different cars.Cars will be unlocked as you score higher. All the cars will beunlocked if you score above 50.Retry as many times as you like and try to get higher score.You can share you score with your friends on google+.★Features★★ 1 Touch controls★ Beautiful 2D graphics★ 9 different cars to choose★ music and sound fx★ A beautiful traffic race to enjoydrive you way through the traffic and become the top trafficracer.
Brainiac Sliding Puzzle 1.0.1
Sliding puzzle games is a category of puzzlegames. Some say that playing puzzles increases your ability tofocus on something, your attention and your problem solvingcapabilities. Some others also say that its just a game so justhave fun. well i'm one of them.Brainiac sliding puzzle is a game which presents you with multipleoptions of puzzles that you have to solve using your cool math andintuition. The game presents images sliced into multiple dimensionswhich increase the difficulty and fun of the puzzle.The game play is extremely simple as you just have to click thetile adjacent to the empty space to move it there. Its a casualsingle touch game without any time limit so you can enjoy it andrelax at the same time.The game provides you with almost 20 different paintings and imagesof objects like cars, bikes, or games which you can select as theimage that will be sliced.To increase and decrease the difficulty of the challenging puzzle,counting numbers are presented on each piece of the puzzle so thatyou know where does a certain piece goes. You can turn it off withan eye icon on top left of the screen. You can also have a view ofthe complete image for a while if you cant seem to understand wheredoes a certain piece goes.In order to test your skills you can play the game with thecounting number off. it will increase the difficulty of the game.your target is to solve all the puzzle and chase the high score ofother people.So enjoy the game and let us know what do you think about it.Yolo!Note : This game uses google analytics to gather informationregarding your game play in order to enhance the userexperience.Credits:Opening game music by"Snow Music" By"Canyon Sunrise" by Eric
Sugar Link Sweet Rush 1.0
Link sugar candies and connect rainbow dropstomaster this fun and challenging link and connect puzzleadventure inthe land of sweets and candies.Enjoy the diversity of levels and the sweet delicious tasteofeach win.Features:★ Hundreds of exciting levels filled with candy★ Sugary sweet challenges and fun power-ups!★ Connect and Link in all directions★ FREE to play!Like on Facebook: on Twitter: @BringItOnGamesVisit our website:
Winter Christmas Bubble Shoot 2.0.1
Come on and play this wonderful bubble gamethemed by Christmas!Just enjoy the happy BGM, delicate scenes and resplendent specialeffects!Touch wherever you want to shoot bubbles.Connect 3 or more same-colored bubbles to remove them.But don’t let bubbles reach the bottom line or the game will beover!Come on and have a try!Christmas Day is coming soon!★Features★★★★★★easy to learn★★★★★multiple levels★★★★★delicate images★★★★★must-play on x-mas
Dead Shot Zombie Hunter 1.2.3
Update :- Halloween update is now the streets getting filled by the pumpkin head zombies. Don'ttake them lightly as they might cause more damage than youthink.Zombie outbreak has begun. People who survived, they startedbuilding huge walls around their small towns making it a safe placeto live. But it didn't last long.. one small mistake lead thedestruction of your whole town. The zombies have found a way in andare now a huge threat to the survivors living with you in the townas the city is now filling up with the walking dead andcrawlers.As a skilled sniper, its your job to help the survivors gatheralive and evacuate the city.Dead shot zombie hunter takes place in a small town of survivorswhich are now about be overrun by the zombies. Help the survivorsto survive against the hordes of zombies trying to eat out theirbrains.Dead shot zombie hunter puts the player in multiple situationswhere they have to defend from a distance or survive an attack byswarming zombies on themselves in day and night. Zombies havedifferent characteristics, there are crawlers, walkers and runners.The crawlers are slow but persistent. The walkers are your averagezombies. The runners are fast and are extremely dangerous.Player can unlock different sniper rifles with unique properties tounleash the storm on the zombies.Intuitive touch controls and adjustable zoom for sniperrifles.Dead shot zombie hunter Features :- Multiple Sniper Rifles to purchase- Realistic sound effects- Realistic graphics- Multiple graphics adjustment options- Day and Night environments- Multiple achievements and Leaderboards to compete with yourfriendsBe the guardian for the survivors and bring death from above to theundead.Find us on :Facebook : : :
Cricket Jump 1.0.1
Story : This young little cricket("insect")loves to watch Cricket("game") matches but since he is too small hecannot get to watch it from inside the stadium without gettingsquashed under the feet of all the crowd. So he is now going to tryand climb a tall tree so that he can watch the match from outsidethe stadium and enjoy the world cup.Description:Cricket Jump is a simple game in which you have to tap the screento get the bug jump on the tree branches and get as high aspossible before the time runs out. Every time you climb a branch,time is added to the timer allowing you to play for a bit longer.The faster you climb the more time you have. But be careful not tojump on the bad branches with spikes on them. They are hardlyvisible but they are deadly. You can share your score with yourfriends and compare it in the leader board and try to unlock allthe achievements. There are 2 leader boards naming Score("points")and Out("death count").Features :- Beautiful 2D Graphics- Single Touch Controls- Intuitive and easy game play- Achievements and leader board- Screenshot sharing on social network- Awesome 8 bit Music by Erick Skiff
Halloween Bubble Pop Shoot 2.0.1
Are you ready to relive your games childhood?Amazing Shoot Bubble Go is an arcade game from late 90s. It is nowavailable to your modern cell phone to enjoy your childhood game onthe go.simple 1 touch controls with awesome graphics. try to match 3bubbles of the same color to destroy them.Be careful though! you have a time limit in which you have todestroy all the bubbles or the ceiling will fall down and you willlose.The ceiling keeps moving one step at a time as you shoot moves down more often as you progress through the levels. Thiswill give you the ultimate challenge and make you run away from it.But you can retry as many times as you like. Don't try to finishlevel like a bunny.The game features :- Intuitive one touch controls- Awesome and colorful graphics- Over 1500 unique levelSo get started on exploring your childhood game.Update - :Halloween update is here. The Halloween update includes a newenvironment and mysterious bubbles with bats, pumpkins, skulls andlots of stuff bound inside them. Do your magic with these frozenmonster bubbles and complete all 1500 levels.
Dead Walking Zombie Hunter 1.5
Cities are torn apart by war, but this citywill be torn down by zombies. Despite of the city surrounded byhuge walls and building, the city is not safe from zombies. Theyfind their way and bring down the city and its people. You asshooter have to save the people by killing the zombies.The twist comes when you gradually progress from dead walkingzombies to crawling ones and than to runners. You have to defendthe people sometimes yourself, taking care of people’s declininghealth and managing the ammunition.The attack may take place in day or night and the complexity variesaccording to progression. Man up to face scary night attacks tocreepy day scenarios.You can buy different snipers and upgrade yourself. The drasticzoom helps you defend yourself from attack from a distance.Dead Walking zombie hunter Features :- Multiple Sniper Rifles to purchase- Realistic sound effects- Realistic graphics- Multiple graphics adjustment options- Day and Night environments- Multiple achievements and Leaderboards to compete with yourfriendsFind us on :Facebook : : :
Fast Lane Car Racer 1.4.1
Update 1.2: - Game has been optimized to runwith higher fps on low end phones while choosing Low Graphicssettings. Also Motion blur and dirty lens effect has been optimizedto run even better now.- Nitrous has been added to player cars- Player can now change the color of his/her carNote : Please set graphics settings according to your device forbetter performance and visuals.Racing is not just about speed and fast cars. It about control andkeeping your head clear to the target and then moving swiftlythrough every situation and hurdle that comes in between whilestaying in the fast lane.Fast Lane Car Racer offers a chance to experience the feel of speedon a super car on wide open roads with fast and skilled opponents.The game offers realistic car physics and controls unlike most ofthe racing games out there and allows you to take full control overthe raging power under the hood.You can choose between hood camera, Wheel cam or rear cam to seewhich one suits you better while driving.Fast Lane Car Racer offers the player to drive 4 different supercars on different environments in multiple weather conditions. youcan say its jungle fever driving such cars in such environments.Some cars are fast and have good stability and stick to the roadbut some offer more drift control for players who like to slidetheir way through the tight corners and chase their extremechallengers.The game also provides realistic and beautiful graphics for playersto enjoy while driving. While racing your opponents might try toram your car into the side fence to take the lead but its up to youto dodge their attacks and move fast towards your target and crossthe finish line before them.Fast Lane Car Racer provide 3 different control types for people tochose from. You can play touch controls for racing and braking andturns or you can use tilt controls to turn or you can also chosesteering onscreen controls to help you drive better.Features:- Realistic Vehicle Physics- Intuitive game controls and user interface- Eye catching graphics- Background Music- 3 different control types- 3 different camera types- Real fast racing super carsUpdated Features :- Multiple car colors to choose from.- Nitrous now available- Motion blur effect.- Lense dirt effect- More Vehicle stability- Optimized for low end phones.While racing through the highway you might need to slow down a biton tight corners before you sprint ahead to gain advantage overyour opponents. You can think of it as a racing academy course tolearn about the feel of racing and become champs of car driving.Unleash the monster in you and don't be a drudge, leave everyonefrozen in fear, tear apart the asphalt and leave your opponents inthe dust of your burning rubber.if you love to drive fast cars then this game is the best choicefor you.So start your engines and lift off, Yolo!.Next Update 1.3 :- Next update will include City night environmentrace track.
Run Run 2D 1.0.1
Are you ready to run for your life?Then start running in Run Run 2DTry to guide the little pixel runner out of the maze before he getssucked by the never ending void.Extremely simple controls with addictive game play.- Touch on the top half of the screen to jump.- Longer you touch, higher the jump- Touch on the half bottom of the screen to slide.-Pickup the diamonds to boost your scoreTry to run as far as you can...Run Run and Never Return...
Blow it UP 1.2.1
Get ready to test your lungs....Your glider is ready to fly across the beautiful scenery.All you have to do is "Blow air into the microphone of your device"to keep your glider in the sky.Oh! the weather doesn't seem too good.. be careful of entering theclouds or you might get electrocuted.keep the glider off the ground and below the clouds and survive aslong as you out for the Mountains that might block your can change the "Sensitivity" of the microphone before you startplaying.lets see who can maintain his breath for maximum time.NOTE : After playing two to three times make sure to inhale andexhale for a few seconds to catch your breath again.Going overboard with exhaling might lead to dizzy feeling.
Xtreme Parking Maniac 1.0.1
Car driving is something that almosteveryoneloves and most of the people do it every day. If you loveto drivevehicles and take them to another level then xtreme parkingmaniacis the best thing for you.Xtreme Parking Maniac offers presents you some of the bestsupercars to drive in a big environment which comprises of drydocksfilled with shipping containers, buildings, multi-storyandsingle-story parking this game you have to put your driving skills to a test anddriveyour way through the challenging paths and avoiding any andallhurdles while trying to reach to your destination ontime.The game features realistic vehicle physics system tosimulaterealistic car behaviour.The game offer a variety of situations where you have to driveontothe shipping containers or some times find your way or jumpyourway on to the roof tops pulling of dare devil stunts.the game features supercars such as Audi A6, Mazda RX-7,LamborghiniAventador, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro etc.In each level you have to reach certain check points before youcango to the final stage. Each level has 3 stars on it. You canusethose stars to unlock new vehicles.each vehicle has unique properties. some parts of the map mightnotbe accessible by all vehicles.The controls are very simple and straight forward.All you have to do is drive safe and lets drive and yolo!
Highway Rage Rider 1.0.1
Ride the super bike through the heavytrafficwhile maintaining your speed to score big. There 5 differentsuperbikes that you can try. unlock those bikes by collecting coinsonthe road as you ride through the traffic.The Halloween is here and it brings pumpkins filled withragescattered all over the highway. collect 10 rage pumpkinstotransform into a raging pumpkin head rider. You canstaytransformed longer if you keep collecting the pumpkins onyourway.As long as the rage mode is activated, you are invincible. Butbecareful not to hit anything while you are in normal mode oryouwill be sent flying above the vehicles onto the highway.The ragdoll physics is implemented in the character to give youarealistic feel of getting thrown off the not forget to login to the play services to share your scorewithyour friends.Features:-- 3D beautiful Graphics- Realistic bike physics- Realistic ragdoll human physics- Rage mode with flaming bike
4x4 Mountain Driving Adventure 1
4x4 Mountain Driving Adventure bringsclassic4x4 rock climbing challenge to mobile. You are presentedwith agorgeous mountain environment filled with trees and rockswhere youwill have to show your driving and hill climbing skills toconquerthe challenges presented to you.The game features different 4x4 trucks including silverado andfordf150. You can choose between vehicles to select and drive. Ineachlevel you have to overcome the given situation and reachthecheckpoints before the timer runs out.Each level might require different vehicle to complete iteasily.The mountain terrain will put your vehicle control to testas thecheckpoints sometimes might be accessible if you climbtherocks.The game offers beautiful graphics and realistic vehicle physicsforyou to enjoy. The game offers 3 different types of controlsschemesto choose from so that you can enjoy it at its best.You can also choose the graphics quality according to yourdevicespecifications.The game also offers a free roam mode where you can drivearoundfreely without any timer and enjoy the completemountainenvironment.The area of the environment is 1000m qube in real world scale.Soits a lot of rome to drive around .
Hill Conquer Race 2D 1.0.1
Up for a hilly adventure? then go nofurtherand start your engines in the hill conquer race 2d. Thissimple toplay and extremely fun game features enjoyablephysicssimulation.The game offer multiple cars to choose from and each car has itsownunique abilities. All these unlockable vehicles can be usedinvarious playable environments. Some cars might be suitable foronlyfew of the environments.Safety of the driver comes first so we have decided to keep theroofof the vehicles instead of making them convertable, But tomake thisinteresting we have added explosive bomb with the carantenna.So while you drive, be careful not to let the aerial antennatouchthe ground or your driver would be flying high in thesky.The game offers many environments to explore including themountainranges, green hilly landscapes, huge deserts, sewersetc.You can unlock vehicles by earning coins within the game. Forsomeenvironments, you might want to try different vehicles to seewhichone takes you far.The game offers simple on-screen controls which are easytounderstand. Keep an eye on the fuel because if you ran out offuelin the middle of the desert, well then you will be found bythearchaeologists looking for ancient remains.Put on your seatbelt and enjoy this simple and fun game.Note : This game offers in-game ads for monetization andofferingrewards to the player. You can stop seeing ads by making anin-apppurchase. Any data collected within the game is only used toofferbetter ads and is not used in any other way.
Tank Crusade t-90 Simulator 1
Tank Crusade T-90 Simulator is an actionfilledgame featuring russian t90 tank in full battle mode.The game offers the player a chance to experience the feelandexcitement of driving a war ready battle tank. The player candrivethe t90 and fire explosives through the tank.The game features 10 different levels where the player has todefeatthe rogue invaders who have taken control of some of the keyislandsand are preparing to launch an attack.The player has to clear each island from the invaders anddestroythe missile launchers before they have a chance to attack.Eachisland is secured by their watch towers which pack aheavyweaponry.So it would be wise to attack the watchtowers from a distanceorthey might detect you and attack. You have to destroy all theenemyforces on each island to successfully complete themission.The controls of the game are really simple. You can use thejoystickto control the movement of the tank lower body and you cantouch anddrag on the right of the screen to move the tankturret.You can also click on the zoom or focus button to go in cockpitviewmode which might make it easier to aim.The game features beautiful graphics and realistic tank controlstogive the player the best gaming feel.The targets are identified by the on screen identifiers so youcanfollow them to reach the targets. The red indicators markthetargets which might be able to launch attacks towers you.The rest of them point towards the enemy units which might not beathreat to you but need to be destroyed.Those units might include apache chopper helicopter,missilelauncher vehicle, radar vehicles.So be careful out there and destroy them behind theenemylines.
Wings Of Conflict WW2 1
Important Note : Please adjust thesensitivitybefore playing the game from settings menu or pausemenu.The device will calibrate every time you start a level or resumethegame after pause menu.Wings Of Conflict WW2 is a flight simulation game featuringP47Thunderbolt from world war 2.The game offers the players a chance to enjoy flying thunderboltinthe enemy lines and destroying their base setups before they getachance to stabilize and launch an attack.The game offers 10 different levels in which the players hastodestroy all of the main enemy targets. Important enemytargetswould be protected by the anti aircraft guns. So you have tobecareful and try to destroy the enemy targets from adistance.The enemy targets include nuclear power plants, enemybarracks,defence tower posts, enemy aircrafts and planes, tanks,battlevehicles and battleships.The game offers beautiful graphics to enjoy and a realisticflightcontrol system to enjoy flying the plane.The controls of the game are extremely simple. you just tiltyourdevice to control your aircraft.Get ready to go behind the enemy lines and blowing the enemytosmithereens. Be cautious , be gentle with your plane, andsmasheverything the enemy holds.
Pedal to Metal Drift Racing 1
Pedal to Metal Drift Racing is afreestyledrift game featured in arabian desert drift arena. Thegame offersthe players a chance to enjoy drifting on some of thebestsupercars in arabian drift arena.The game features 3 different types of controls to choose fromandthe gameplay is extremely simple as well. In each level,therewould be different hurdles placed in the arena and you willhave todrift between them and reach a total score of more than 20thousand(20,000).The total drift points are calculated by the combination ofsingledrift points and multipliers. Each level you complete willgive youin game coins based on your score which can be used to buynewcars.The game offers 6 different cars which unique specifications. Itsupto you to choose from those vehicles to do the bestpossibledrift.The game features in a beautiful arabian desert where peoplehavegathered in a drift arena to watch worlds best drifters todofreestyle drift and burn the asphalt.So lets get started and let loose the drifting monster.
Classic Tetris Brick Game 1.0
Classic Tetris Brick Game is a simpleclassicgame from almost every 90s kids childhood.The game is extremely simple and easy to play. The gamefeaturesbeautiful flat graphics to enjoy. The controls are simple.Theplayer has 4 buttons on the screen. 2 buttons can be used tomoveleft and right, 1 button is used to rotate the incoming block,and1 is used to move faster down the incoming brick.The game revolves around combining the incoming blocks andfillingall the lines. once a line is filled it will be removed andyouwill earn points.Try to get as many filled lines with bricks as possible to earnmorepoints.
Basketball Mayhem 1.0
Basketball Mayhem an extremely funbasketballgame. The game features first person view of a basketballplayer inthe street trying to make a sore.The features simple single touch controls where the player hastoaim for the basket and then press the shoot button to throwtheball. The longer you keep the button pressed, the strongerthethrow will can see how strongly the player is going to throw the ballbychecking the power meter on the right bottom of the screen.The player will have 1 minute to score as many goals aspossible.There are extra points if you make a combo or 2x or3x.The features the street basketball style for people who love toplayoutdoor basketball matches.The game presents beautiful graphics and realisticbasketballphysics for the players to enjoy.
Xtreme Offroad Supercar Driver 1
Xtreme offroad supercar driver is anawesomegame for people who love supercars and 4x4 offroad driving.Thegame is a blend of off road mountain climbing and theadrenalinfilled fun of driving fast cars.The game features some of the best super cars in amountainenvironment where the player has to drive on to themountains toreach to its goal. The game offers a very beautifulscenery todrive in and realistic vehicle physics to enjoy the feelof drivinga car.The game offers extremely simple controls and 3 differentcontroltypes to choose from. The game also offers 10 differentmissionsalong with a free roaming mode where the player can enjoydrivingup and down the mountains as long as he or she likes.The game features 5 different supercars which can beunlockedthrough the coins which can be earned by completingthemissions.Each vehicles has different power and transmission. So youmightwana try them all to enjoy the game at its best.