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K.O. King 1.5.5
Being Bullied at School? Want to get even with your Parents? Hateyour Boss? Feel like you can't cope anymore? Too bad you can't goaround beating people up...or Can you? K.O. King offers just that:a way to blow off some steam with no one getting hurt.K.O. King isa Live Feed Boxing App that allows you to connect to Random Playersfrom around the world and Test your Skills.How to Play: While in awell-lit room (or outside during daylight) go on a World Tour toConnect with a Random Player from around the world. Once the matchhas started: Tap your opponent’s face to Jab, Swipe left or Rightto land a Hook, to Uppercut swipe up, and to block swipe down.Sounds simple, right? WRONG! Because you'll need to practice yourskills we also have included a Gym Mode where you can uploadpictures, Take Photos to use, or use a Live Video feed of thepeople around you to sharpen your skills.This App requires you tobe in a well-lit area to play, needs your phone to have a frontfacing camera for World Tour and a Rear Facing Camera for the Videoand Snap Shot Matches while in the GymThis app was designed to helppeople cope with their anger in a healthy way and with the intentthat it will decrease violence in schools, homes, and work places.We also believe that, if we have a socially acceptable outlet forour anger, it can help create friendships and build strongercommunities.