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Russian Mafia Orleans 1968 1.0
Roll up on a dangerous new trip throughtheCity of Sin in the latest episode of the acclaimedopen-worldaction game! You got a chance to become one of them. Thenyou haveto play this Russian Mafia Crime game. At your disposalwillpowerful arsenal of weapons and ammunition which will be endueyouwith incredible power. You are waiting for fights, race andevenshootout with police! Try yourself in the role of agangster!You have to put up your crime city empire within the City ofAngels.You just got out of San Andreas country prison. You can dotwothings struggle to make living or you can start playing inthecriminal underworld. The streets of San Andreas are full ofgangs’crooked cops and other low life scum. Dive into the gangwarfareand hope nothing goes sour, make sure you win back youroldinfluences over the City of Angels. You can do two things,struggleto make living or you can start playing in the criminalunderworld.Live a real life of gangster in Russian Mafia .You as a player are given a full sized city where you can gonuts,but don’t go on a rampage because then the cops will be uponyou.The action in this crime simulator 3D game revolves aroundshootingand killing your enemies. The streets are as deadly as itgets.Build up your gang from the toughest bunch of streetsoldiers,ex-cons and wanted crooks roaming the blocks. To surviveand thrivein these dangerous neighborhoods you need to take outrival gangsbefore they get to you first. Equip your gang withdeadly weaponsand get right into in the action as only one side cansurvive adeadly shoot out. Arm your gang with some of the mostlethalweapons on the streets, from handguns and magnums topowerfulmachine guns & deadly weapons.Russian Mafia Simulatoralso hasa linear mission line that takes you through the differenttypes ofmissions inside the game. These missions are super fun todo and toplay. You get to drive people around, take out other gangmembers,deliver packages and shooting. As you progress through thisgame,the missions become crazier and sicker. Along the way youwillsteal cars or bikes, clean out warehouses, and deliver packagestothe right destination. All to earn some cash that you can spendongun, cars and fun. Save your criminal family and take controlofthe streets. Join a gang to participate in raids, ownpropertiesand dominate the game. Dive deep in this world oflawlessness andanarchy, theft cars and illegal weaponry, grandcrimes and streetfights. Join now and be number one in Las Vegas!Remember you havea certain amount of time to complete each missionin this 3Ddriving game so make sure you don’t get bogged down inthe traffic.This mafia simulator game is totally free..!
VR World Futuristic Robot Pro 1.0
Your phone will take you into the worldoffuturistic robots! It has long wanted to get into the worldoffuturistic robots? More that it was all in virtual reality?Thenthe game VR World Futuristic Robot Pro is for you! The gamewillreveal vast expanses of virtual reality where you will findthefuturistic robots. More you can turn your phone into avirtualreality helmet to get a better look of futuristicrobots!Features of this fascinating game:1. The huge open world of futuristic robots!2. Virtual reality, this way it is!3. A bunch of secrets that you need to solve!
Robot X Ray Battle 3D 1.0
* 3D third person shooter.* Amazing transformations.* Mech mode with unlimited ammo.* Great selection of devastating weaponry.* Multiple tasks and great rewards.You are a unique intelligence, brought to Earth from space.You’vebeen given a chance to adopt among the normal citizen in aform ofan X-Ray car. Will you use your power for good deeds andhelppeople fight other robots? Or will you destroy humanity? It’syourchoice.Decide fast because the real war of the machines is coming!
Transporter Truck: Robot X Ray 1.0
You are a carrier of futuristic robots XRay!Want to experience a new sensation in the game simulatorcargocarrier? Then this game is for you! You have to carry onitsfuturistic robots truck X Ray. The robots are equippedwithpowerful X Ray guns and if you drop at least one robot X Ray,he isinvolved, and will destroy you, beware! Vozite futuristicrobots XRay gently. Razvezite them all over the world to fulfillallgovernment mission.What is special about the game Carrier Robot X Ray:1. Transportation Robot X Ray2. Excellent truck simulator3. Cool physics at the truck and robot4. elaborated futuristic robot X Ray
Russian cars: Traffic Police 2.0
You are in the forest by car trafficpolicechasing criminals on the road!You are a police officer and the DPS at your disposal Lada VAZ2108.You have to catch all the criminals on the road. In order torise tothe rank of police captain DPS you need on your Lada VAZ2108 tocatch up with all the criminals on the roads. Russian carsare notstrong, be careful that your Lada VAZ broke. The DPS all goonlyeights!Features of Russian Cars: DPS 2108:1. Steep Russian simulator wheelbarrows DPS.2. There is a bunch of Russian wheelbarrows3. This simulator will not leave you indifferent4. Very well done simulation of weather and water
Grand Futuristic Robot Auto 1.0
Welcome to the game FuturisticRobotMachine!You are transported back into the world of futuristic robotsandmachines you engulf the battle for the universe. Pile ofvariousfuturistic robots have arrived on the ground to capture it.Yourfuturistic robot car ready to go! Are you ready? Yes?! Then,infront of the battle robots. Sludge after the planet earth andsavethe people! At your disposal all the cars of the city! Bringdownfuturistic robots and see how they fly off famously. Morechildrenhave a huge open city!The town lives a full life, in it its own infrastructure.Untilthe moment when the alien arrived futuristic robots therewaspeace. Now you need to again restore order and return the cityinthe original appearance. Ready for battle, to defeatyourdestiny!
Smoke Vapor Simulator FREE 1.0
Smoke Vapor Simulator FREE - simulationofsmoking a real electronic cigarettes! Pairs on the screen!Pretendsmoke sweet thick smoke from your phone! Realistic joke ofafashion gadget!Choose the type of vape, the act that really drags on, and pressthebutton on the screen to go smoke or steam! You are a chainsmoker?Want to quit, but the hands themselves drawn to cigarettes?Use thesimulator to produce smoke, and quit Smoking!ATTENTION! Smoke Vapor Simulator FREE - simulator to drawfriends!The phone is not able to smoke or vaporize the tobacco ortheliquid for electronic cigarettes! Thing for drawing - not arealcigarette or hookah!The game does not contain nicotine, is not addictive andabsolutelyfree! Simulator electronic cigarettes harmless!
Crash Test Luxury Car 3D 2.0
It is a muscle simulator about the crash carof sports series. If you want to test yourself in such an unusualfield, as crash car, then Crash Car Muscle Simulator is for you!Here you have the opportunity to do with the car what you want. Useany muscle tools and destroy, mutilate, saw, turn it into a car inthe mountain of wrecks! Doing this you can multiply, so will not bebored - try all muscle ways of crash car. Amazing 3D graphics andtrue physics of simulator let you fully enjoy the beauty of thecrash car process and appreciate the beauty of the muscle method inthe creation of wrecks. Do not forget to show simulator to yourfriends, and make muscle together to create a new still-life ofwrecks. The simulator is completely free, so everyone can at leastnow get a lot of emotions and turn a sports car into the mountainof wrecks. So do not wait and install the game! Release the spiritof destruction and do not forget to show the wrecks and the wholeprocess to your friends!
Super Hero Car Simulator 1.0
You're a superhero in his super car!This simulator hero's car, in which you have to save the world.Yoursuper power - it is your car and thanks to him, you becomeasuperhero. Hero - it's not just a word - it is agreatresponsibility, you have to eradicate the evil of this world.Helpthe residents of the city and become the hero of whom dreamofall.Features Super Hero Car Simulator game:1. You play the role of a superhero by car2. Best simulator stole hero3. A pile of different chips4. Full immersion and cool car simulator
Artillery vs Tank Robot X Ray 1.0
This game is about a battle againstArtilleryTank Robot X Ray! In this game you have to fight withrobots X Rayare at times more powerful tanks. At your disposal willbe only theartillery! With the help of a single artillery you haveto defeatthe tank robots X Ray who arrived from a distant planetProteksima.Shoot the robots X Ray and blow them to save humanity!Features Artillery Tank vs Robot X Ray:1. Battle robots with futuristic tanks X Ray!2. At your disposal a powerful artillery!3. You will enjoy an exciting battle !!!
Russian Car: Kamaz Driver 1.0
Russian Car Kamaz Driver - racing videogameexciting ride on the road to the Russian KAMAZ cars withrealphysics effects.Now you can manage, drifting and feel like a real Russian KAMAZcarfor free!Follow the mission, collect money and get pumped cars Russiancarindustry.BPAN - it's a fact!*** GAME FEATURES ***- Dynamic game to give endless pleasure.- Beautiful KAMAZ vehicles.- New roads with developed infrastructure.- Ease of Management.- Realistic acceleration.- Beautiful graphics.
Crash Robot X Ray Simulator 2.0
On the ground attacked the robots X Ray andyou have to Crash out!You caught a huge and evil robots X Ray who wanted to take over theplanet. That he did not do evil, it is necessary to Crash. The gameis Crash Robot X Ray Simulator will help you Crash the robot X Rayand save the planet. The game has different weapons and tools forCrash robot X Ray.Features Crash Robot X Ray Simulator:1. The only game where you can Crash the robot X ray2. Cool simulator for transmitting time3. Cool graphics and realistic damage system
Russian Driver Gazelle Cargo 1.0
Russian Driver Gazelle Cargo - is arealphysics engine game.Ever wanted to try a muscle car simulator and Offroaddriving?Now you can drive, drift and feel a muscle car for free!Accurate physics engine that can deliver the most realisticracingfun possible.>>> GAME FEATURES- Real dynamic game feeling with endless fun!- Easy controller!- Realistic acceleration!- Beautiful graphics!- Accurate physics!DOWNLOAD Russian Driver Gazelle Cargo NOW FOR FREE!
President Parkour Trumpet 1.0
President of parkour in the UnitedStatesbecame a Trumpet! Trumpet is now president of parkourandpresidential elections are held in the style of parkour.Theelection race is on rooftops and in it leads Trumpet. Your taskisto help him win the race and be the best president of parkourinthe United States. Trumpet trained by the best, and his trickswillbe the brightest in this race.• in the style of Parkour Trumpet waiting for you in thisgame• The best simulator of parkour style Trumpet• In the first presidential election race takes place ontherooftops
Dinosaur Zoo in Сity 3D 1.0
Tired of angry dinosaur zoo transportanddinosaur truck games? Want to try something more exciting,perhapsa better dino game? Bringing you the next best DinosaurTransportTruck 2016 game but this time we combine the concepts ofoffroadtruck driving, city helicopter and vicious dinosaurs in onetitle!This is one of the those free dinosaur games for kids whichgivesyou the best dinosaur simulator, dino hunter and dinotransporterexperience that you’ve always carved for. You thoughtdinosaurtruck was fun? Or maybe you liked dinosaur simulator? Thisgamecombines dinosaur truck, dino simulator and gives you a tastefordinosaur helicopter! The best 3-in-1 dinosaur simulator free ofalltime.This isn’t one of those boring big 3d city games in whichangryvicious dinosaurs take over the city. Nor is this a jurassiczoogame in which you will be bored like you were in animalzoosimulator tycoon. In this game you get to drive a heavyarmoredtruck with a dinosaur inside it. Drive the heavy armoredtruckthrough the city and be on the watch for these viciousdinosaurs inthis angry dino zoo simulator. The jurassic dinosaurtime is backand more dangerous than ever.Story Line:Your job is to take the jurassic beast, known better asthevelociraptor, to the city zoo from the theme park and all thewayback! In other words, be ready to a guardian of theprehistoricbeast, tame it and be a dino transport legend.You have trained the velociraptor and you direct it into theeurotruck transporter. It is time to become a dinosaurtransportertycoon and take your job to the next level. Enjoy anoffroaddriving adventure while transporting the giant prehistoricbeast!In this mission, you become the giant 3D dinosaur raptor andenjoythe velociraptor & trucking simulator in the jurassiclife. Inthe next mission, once the dino is in the trailer, you gotruckingand become an offroad truck driver. Your job is to takethevelociraptor to the helipad where the big helicoptertransporterwill carry the trailer to the city zoo and do truckerparkingthere. Then you embark on a big helicopter flight adventureandcarry the raptor dinosaur to the city.Hell breaks loose in the city when the raptor escapes!Thevelociraptor is a carnviores beast and its your job to stopthedinosaur city attack! Be brave and catch all the raptorsbeforethey hurt anyone in their dino attack city to save theJurassicisland! Gear up for the greatest dino transportadventure!After you capture all the giant 3D dinosaur and stop theirJurassicescape and dino city rampage plan, your job is to take themagainto the zoo so that kids can see them. Remember, this is not apetdelivery or wild animal transport game, in this title youaretransporting deadly carnivores dinosaur beast on the offroadtrack,be so on your guard as you enjoy the euro truck driving andbe areal trucker.
World Robot X Ray: Survival 1.0
It is a world of robots X Ray, and thenyouwill survive! The world is fully captured robots X Ray. You arethelast of the human race, and your task is to destroy the centerforthe production of robots X Ray. In this huge world, you willfindthis center. On your way will meet the huge robots that X Rayinpower has no equal. You have to hide or fight the robots X Ray.Butthey also have the ability to camouflage, X Ray robots to turnintothe car. Survive at all costs for the sake of humanity!Features World Robot XRay: Survival game:1. The huge open-world robots X Ray2. Freedom of action3. Excellent graphics4. The best simulator of survival about robots
X Series Carobot X Ray 1.0
You newest robot X Series Carobot X Ray!You are out of order, and your only goal to destroy the city.Youcan ride on the truck or to transform it. Your Carobot XRayinfected with a virus so you need to destroy the city. Againstyouwere good Carobot X Ray, but has closed, and they are notmobile,you can beat them. Now you are the king of the city andallCarobotX Ray.Features X Series Carobot X Ray:1. Play the evil Carobot X Ray.2. The town is inhabited by good courage Carobot X Ray.3. You can sit down at any transportation in the city.4. Excellent graphics.
Robot X Ray Warfare 3D 1.0
You have to save the world of futuristicrobotX RAY!You are a robot that is able to transform into a car and has averypowerful cannon. How long have you already live on planetearth,but your peace of mind ends when fly futuristic robots XRAYenemies. You have to fight with enemy robots futuristic X RAY.Beprepared to repel the invasion, and become the firstrobothero!Features Robot X Ray Warfare 3D:1. Huge futuristic robot car X Ray at your disposal.2. The enemy robots can also transform into cars3. A good simulator that will not let you get bored
Simulator Parking in The Rain 1.0
It's time to learn how to park the truck intherain!The most difficult to park the truck in the rain and that youwilllearn in our parking simulator. At your disposal is a hugetruckand you have to learn how to park in the rain. The rain isverypoor visibility, especially if you drive in reverse on thetruck.Otochite their skills and perform the most complextruckparking.Features Simulator Parking in The Rain:1. Parking in the rain on the truck2. Excellent truck simulator3. The set of high-quality levels
Crash Test Robocar X Ray 1.0
It is time to conduct a crash test RobocarXRay!Robocar X Ray is very durable, so break it will be verydifficult.You will spend a phased crash test Robocar X Ray. First,try tobreak it with his fists, then a gun, and if you do not get agun.Crash test Robocar X Ray is a fascinating simulation ofdestructionof the machine. In the game Crash Test Robocar X Rayrealisticphysics damage.Why should I download the game Crash Test Robocar X Ray:1. It's a great simulation of destruction Robocar X Ray2. Spend a crash test on the fatalistic car3. Do everything to destroy the foreign object
Hologram Pineapple Pen 1.0
Hologram Pineapple Pen - simulator,3Dprojection Pineapple Pen! The game Pineapple Pen appears onthescreen, turn on the camera, flash, flashlight, and it seemsthatshines 3D Pineapple Pen image! Everyone loves PineapplePen!Hologram Pineapple Pen - a simulator with which you could playyourfriend! If one got bored, cheer his performance HologramPineapplePen!Play with Pineapple Pen, that he uttered sounds!Attention! Hologram Pineapple Pen - only a joke, a simulator!Thecamera phone can project images on any surface! Phone is notadevice for generating a laser hologram - it is only a simulator,ajoke!
Real Crash Safe Simulator 1.0
This is a real simulator for the opening ofthesafe!You are in the best simulator in a broken safe and you need toshowyour skills that open it. Crack a safe in less than a minute,andyou will get a super prize. This simulator can also be usedformachine gun and more rapid cracking the safe.IMPORTANT: The game Real Crash Safe Simulator training isnotmaterial and does not use a realistic model of behavior ofthesafe. All that is represented in the game it's just a fictionnotrelated to real life.
Russian Mafia City Shooting 1.0
The term was initially connected totheSicilian Mafia, however has following extended toincorporatedifferent associations of comparative techniques andreason, e.g.,"the Russian Mafia" or "the Japanese Mafia". The termis connectedcasually by the press and open; the criminalassociationsthemselves have their own terms - e.g., the Sicilianand AmericanMafia call themselves "Cosa Nostra" and the "JapaneseMafia" callsitself yakuza .So, a police man Called Max who has anormal andhappy life with his beloved wife Jenna in San Andreasdistrict,along with their little princess Britney who spend all herday inthe backyard, playing and jumping over the flowers, but themostterrifying day for Frank is about to happened when anunknownkiller has assassinates his wife besides to his daughter,that wasa stab in Frank’s heart and it turns him into a connivinganddeceptive monster who eagers revenge and to accomplish hismissionwhich become terminate and eliminate the killer who tookhisfamily’s life and the spirit of living. Frank had some kindofinformation about a Russian family mafia man who was seen bytheneighbors, and after that he succeeded to join the gangstersandthe Russian mafia family to follow every single move of thatmafiaman who was called Romanov, he was extremely aggressive withhisvictims and he committed a number of vulgar crimes, in additiontodoing illegal and illegitimate missions such as heists andsellingluxurious and fancy cars and motorcycles, that was the priceto becommitted to the job and loyal to the big boss and that’s allwhatcoast Frank to join the gang, he was selling illegal packagesinSan Anderas. However, he still have that bright side of the dutyasa policeman, the police was like the second family for Frank,hewould do anything in his power to save innocent lives asaconsequence, he slightly lost that spirit and he becomesagainstthe force of the police just to take his revenge evenfighting thecops, that is the game is all about .it’s that viciousand intensebattle between the mafia and the police. This gamecalled Police VsMafia Crime Drive and it’s all free and for androiddevices, itallows you:=Take the entire control of the gangster Frank atanydirection=Dominate and rob fancy cars and use them to have more cashtopurchase your needs=there not only cars in the game, you will enjoy ridingothervehicles such as trucks, helicopters,etc=Mafia VS Police 3D Crime Drive is your best way to to explorenewway of crimes=this virsion of the game contains the jetpack and tank,whichispretty much enjoying in the game=multiple,several and even funnier mission awaits you sobeready=the realism is appearing in Mafia VS Police 3D Crime Drivethanksto its fantasic and mesmerizing graphics=San Andreas is the best spot for this game,is makes itfantasticlycredible
Hardcore: Robot Parkour 1.0
This Hardcore: Robot Parkour meettheLord!In a world where information can be delivered only on the roofsofthe city run by robots. The robots parkour is the only meansofcommunication. You have to perform dangerous stunts to yourrobotdelivered the information with parkour.In Hardcore game: Robot Parkour you will find a lot of obstaclesanda lot of emotions! Become the king of the streets and the bestrobotparkour world has ever seen. Join the Clan RobotParkour!Features Hardcore: Robot Parkour:1. Parkour Robot2. It is very difficult levels3. Excellent graphics4. A bunch of tricks and effects