BroadWay Solution Apps

Kid Story 1.0
You can find out a lot of funny,strange andentertaining stories for your kid.There are two types of story one which can easily understable byKids, and other arein Text form which they will get while mother read and listen tothem
Friends Locator 2.0
Friends Locator is an application whichisusually used by those people who have hundreds orthousands of Phone contacts and they don't remember any one bynamewhen they go some where.But they need to contact some one there for help or in this case they will just open up the application and itwillautomatically find out the current location and will bringthelistof friends contact on the screen.Application will faciltate the user with these functionalities:>> Search out current location's(street,city,state)contactlist.>> Display detail information of any contact.>> You can message or phone him just with one clickstep>> Show contact(friend) and the location on Google Map.>> Calculate the distance between you and yourfriendlocation
Lost Phone Tracker 2.0
Lost PhoneWorst situation comes in our life and we got worried when wefaceit, on this earth we have good and bad people and we have goodandbad luck, both cases are chaos and examine our strengthens andourpreparation that how we face and recover from it.As now day our daily activity is limited mostly to smart phoneandwe are extensively using it for different purposes likeforcontacting, social activity, banking purposes, utility billsandmany more. So the price of smart of smart phone also increasesaswe should need this functionality and which is impossible inthelow category mobile phone, so we are getting and buying higherandmuch higher price of smart phone (mobile phone).Now the problem is that what would happened to us if we lost itorsome one stole it, because we may have essential informationorbank account password etc in this phone. So, we are goingtopresent a solution for this, which will recover your phone evenifyou lost, someone stole or you have been misplaced it.What this module will do.=> Create an application which couldn’t be uninstalledwithoutyour password=> A password for login, no one will be eligible to use thisappwith out password=> Save two phone no (emergency contact no) and emailaddresswhere info will receive if you lost your phone, either afteroneday, after 5 days, or any limit which you to put and saveit.=> When someone stole and change its SIM card your phone isstillsafe, because this application will get all the informationof thedevice (phone no, current location etc) and will send it toyouremail address and emergency contact no=> So once you got its lat, long and current address and phonenoyou can track down it and you can get it back.=> Phone will show on the map once you lost it.=> You can send messages (hidden process).Here in this case you will send your password and amessage“myphone?” which will receive on your lost phone and it willturnof GPS and WIFI and will calculate the location where it isandwill send it in moment, while this process will handleinbackground and it will not show on your lost phone screen=> If some one attempted to login to this application withwrongpassword, you will get an info message and email.=> If you forget your password you can get it back easilyMisplaced Phone• Find out your misplaced phone in moment• Save code in case of misplaced• Send a code and make your Phone ringing in higher volume• Send a message and get your misplaced Phone locationIf your phone is misplaced and you are unable to get it, thenjustsend that code which you have saved here. It will start ringinginhigher volume, and you will get it in a moment\n\nIf you havelostyour phone and you want to get its location info,then justsendthis message , like (12345myphone?) you will receive amessageabout its location"
File Manager 4.1
Features:1.Create Folder with user choice good name.2.Delete and Move files/Folder3.Rename and Copy/paste files and Folder4.Show detail properties of both files and folders5.Zip and extract Folders6.Browse files and folders.7.Open files in various way8.Install .apk application from sdcard.9.Easy navigation process.10.Easily search out audio and video files11.Search any specific file or folder by name12.Share it with your friends and at social media
My Tasks List 2.0
Tasks List will make you able for doingyourtask and jobs on exact day and exact timing.It will remind you about your Incomplete Tasks and those Taskswhichyou should be accomplish today.Even it will also help in testing and showing your punctualityandregularity and display the result in percentage.Means now you can find out your promptness.Features included:>> Create new task and schedule it>> Show all incomplete tasks>> Display an expired or failed tasks>> Prompt your today's task.>> Find out your punctuality in percentage.
Diet and Exercise 1.0
This application will help and guide you, thathow to get good health while care about you balanced diet and goodexercise. It will also help in preparing best breakfast, lunch anddinner meal.Features included:>> Diet for men, women and kids>> Exercise for men, women and Kids
Cloud Manager 2.0
My Cloud Data is an application based onideato manage your Data Cloud account. You can access thethreedifferent types of Data cloud services. Which has beenlistedbelow. One will also be able to get download and uploadfiles. Alsoyou can copy/move/delete/rename files and can create anynewFolder.