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Fernanfloo 2.9
You think you have what it takes to become Fernanfloo? It may lookeasy to be Fernanfloo but it is not. Every day Fernanfloo mustbattle an army of animals who are looking to stop him frombroadcasting to you, his fans! Work your way through each levelunlocking Power-ups and new Costumes for Fernanfloo all whiletrying to get the highest score. Compete with your friends andeven…Fernanfloo himself! Thanks for playing and don’t forget torate the app, Fernanfloo reads all of the comments.
TGN 4.3.2
Game on! The TGN app is the destination to seesome of the best video game top 10’s, Easter eggs, gaming facts andto stay connected to other TGN gamers!
Squad Rivals 1.1.2
Choose your ultimate Squad, attack and evade enemies, and take backthe city from the evil Greedy Corp! Collect hundreds of charactersfrom chefs, hipsters, astronauts, to tech moguls (to name a few),including top YouTube stars like Bart Baker, Chad Wild Clay,Azzyland, Angry Grandpa, and many more. Fight back with the rightSquad across numerous game modes and levels across the city. ☆Featuring your favorite YouTube Stars! Including Bart Baker, ChadWild Clay, AzzyLand, Angry Grandpa, Keemstar, itsAlexClark, andmore. See full list below! ☆ Hundreds of Characters to collect.From cat-throwing cat ladies, knife-slashing chefs, to squadbuffing selfie models, and many, many more. ☆ Classic ArcadeGameplay with deep progression. Evade enemies and obstacles withsimple swipe controls and maneuver your Squad to attack acrossvarious locations Level up your best Squad Members and dominate. ☆Beat up Greedy Corp. Bosses. Watch out for the DJ's mad beats andbombs, avoid the paperwork-hurling Office Boss, and look out forthe Mall Cop on her super-powered segway. Select the right Squadand take them down. ☆ Take on Squads globally. Choose your bestSquad and take on the eSports Arena. Earn huge rewards as you workyour way up the Leaderboard. Play Squad Rivals now and put togetheryour best Squad with some of your favorite YouTubers. Stay tunedfor plenty of future updates with new content and exciting newfeatures! FULL LIST OF YOUTUBE STARS! Bart Baker Chad Wild ClayAzzyLand Angry Grandpa itsAlexClark Keemstar Infinite ListsCleanprincegaming InquisitorMaster UnlistedLeaf MagikarpUsedFlyEtika Relaxalax iMav3riq Bootramp
Ride or Die! 1.0.60
Ride or die with BHAD BHABIE! Jump on & joyride any car on theroad, dodge heavy traffic, and outrun the cops in heated high-speedchases. Find her stolen cars and get them back, while the cops doeverything to shut you down. Upgrade rides to win Street Racesagainst your rivals. Collect & customize all of Bhad Bhabie’soutfits. Get ready to Ride or Die! JUMP ON & JOYRIDE EVERY CARJump on and ride any vehicle on the road, from fire engines to icecream trucks, and sports cars to taxi cabs. Jump to the next beforeyou get thrown off, and see how far you can go. OUTRUN THE COPS Thecops will do whatever it takes to stop you - they’ll run you offthe road, set up roadblocks & spike strips, and even send theSWAT van after you. Lose the cops! COLLECT & UPGRADE YOUR RIDESFind Bhad Bhabie’s stolen cars on the street and get them all back!Repair & Upgrade each ride in your garage and take them StreetRacing to rule the streets. PLAY AS ☆BHAD BHABIE☆ Play as the toprap artist, BHAD BHABIE, nominated for a Billboard Music Award andkilling it as a Hot 100 rapper. Collect her music video inspiredoutfits! Jump & joyride through traffic, get back Bhad Bhabie’srides, and race to win while evading the police. Bhad Bhabie ownsthe streets. Play Now - Ride or Die!
Spy Ninja Network - Chad & Vy 1.6
HEY SPY NINJAS, CHAD & VY NEED YOUR HELP! Join the SPY NINJANETWORK to help Chad Wild Clay & Vy Qwaint defeat ProjectZorgo! Use Spy Ninja tools to climb the ranks, collect NinjaGadgets to battle in Operation X, and see if you’re among the bestin the worldwide network. Get clues from Chad & Vy aboutProject Zorgo, and receive special intel through the app! 🔻 USE SPYNINJA TOOLS The more you play, the more you help the fight againstProject Zorgo! ● HACK PROJECT ZORGO: Build circuits that lead intoProject Zorgo’s computers and together, we can access their secretinformation! ● DESTROY THE VIRUS: Project Zorgo is trying to stopus, blast their viruses off our network! ● MIND SHIELD: Shield yourmind against Project Zorgo! Train your mind by memorizing thesequence. ● GADGET MASTER: Find Spy Ninja Gadgets needed to defeatProject Zorgo! ● HACKER MASK SMASH: Smash as many Hacker Masks asyou can! Help Chad & Vy hack into Project Zorgo Members' HackerMasks! More tools will be released as Chad & Vy gear up againstthe Hacker! 🔻 OPERATION X HAS BEGUN - NINJA GADGET BATTLE! CollectNinja Gadgets including the katana, sais, and nun-chucks, andBATTLE in Operation X! The further you go, the more you help Chad& Vy upgrade their Ninja Gadgets on YouTube! 🔻 CLUES &INTEL FROM CHAD & VY Chad & Vy will be unlocking cluesthrough the Spy Ninja Network so be on the lookout! Plus get secretupdates and intel. 🔻 WHO’S THE BEST SPY NINJA? View the scores ofthe top Spy Ninjas in the worldwide network. See if you have whatit takes to be the best Spy Ninja in the world! If you’re a trueSpy Ninja then download the app and get on the Spy Ninja Networknow - Chad & Vy are waiting for you to help take down ProjectZorgo! KICK-BUMP! 👣