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Programmers Calculator Binary 8.2
Programmer Calculator is a Beautiful,simple yet powerfulapplication with Hex Dec and Bin numbers displayed simultaneously.Flat UI with minimalistic design makes its appearance soothingwith no visual clutterIt supports Binary Hex Decimal and octalsystemsIt supports all the bitwise operations required by adeveloper and still maintains almost zero visual clutter.Itprovides option to edit Individual bits in a binary number. Itsupports BYTE (8bit), WORD / SHORT (16bit), DWORD / INTEGER (32bit)and QWORD / LONG (64BIT) Signed and Unsigned numbers. It providesFloating Point mode and fixed point mode. It can show IEEE 754Representation of numbers. Programmer calculator supports followingOperations:- Inc (Increment)- Dec (Decrement)- RoL (Rotate Left)-RoR (Rotate Right)- Or (Or)- Xor (Exclusive Or)- ShL (Left Shift)-ShR (Right Shift)- Not (Not)- And (And)- Add- Subtract- Divide-Multiply
TapeCalc 5
A tape calculator with a detailed list of all the operandspresented in a such a way that you will fall in love with.Percentand tax calculation are very simple.Disocunt can be calculatedusing percentage buttons or tax buttons.Tape calculator is designedfor people adding different items on a daily basis or for officeexpenses listing.Tape calc list just shows every operand and allowsyou to edit it with just a single tap.Tape calc allows you to addcomments against every list item.Tape calc has Tax+ and Tax-buttons to let the shopkeepers or office expense trackingsimple.Adding or subtratcing sales tax or VAT will becomeeasier.Following explains how to operate with the calculator,EditNumber:To edit any number just click on the number and startentering the new number. Edit Comment :Click on the comment sectionof the list and enter the new comment in the dialog that appearsand click OK. Edit Operation :Click on the operation and then enterthe new operation in the dialog that appears there. Set Tax Rate:Long press "%" key and then enter the tax Rate click on ok. Fulllist View : Long click anywhere on the list to view it full screen.
Programmers Calculator Pro 8.0
Cheers!! This app is just to show your support for the developersefforts.The free version of this app also will remain ad free.Please buy this only if you want to Donate.Programmer Calculator isa Beautiful,simple yet powerful application with Hex Dec and Binnumbers displayed simultaneously .Flat UI with minimalistic designmakes its appearance soothing with no visual clutterIt supportsBinary Hex Decimal and octal systemsIt supports all the bitwiseoperations required by a developer and still maintains almost zerovisual clutter.It provides option to edit Individual bits in abinary number. It supports BYTE (8bit), WORD / SHORT (16bit), DWORD/ INTEGER (32bit) and QWORD / LONG (64BIT) Signed and Unsignednumbers. It provides Floating Point mode and fixed point mode. Itcan show IEEE 754 Representation of numbers.
Citizen Calculator GST 6.4
* Business check and correct calculator* India number system comma*Retro citizen calculator looks* Swipe to view calculation list oroptions* Save and load* Share calculation* GST calculator added*Option to remove GST calculator* All existing themes have GST taxcalculator
TaxPlus Calculator 1.1
TaxPlus Calculator is a calculator with tax plus and minusfeature.It comes with all the features of a basic checkcalculator.All the buttons are designed to look good and give theuser a proffessional feel.The buttons are placed in positions whichthe user can learn easily.Check calculator Mode:TaxPlus calculatorhas Check mode.User can check all the steps for the correspondingcalculation by just pressing this button.Correct calculatorMode:When a user is in check mode, Pressing this button once willbring him to correct mode where he can correct the number enteredfor the corresponding step.To commit the correction user will haveto press correct again.Mark Up feature:User can use this feature tofind out the mark up cost. To do so the user will have to enterfinalPrice press "MU" and enter discount followed by either "=" or"%" buttonsSet Tax Rate:To set tax rate Long press set button >enter tax rate > Press set and tax- will displayamount in the result section and tax will be displayed above.Thereis no need to press tax button againTaxPlus Calculator tries tolook similar to the physical TaxPlus Calculators available in themarket so that the people who are already used to working with theolder TaxPlus calculator can now download this TaxPlus calculatorand use it with the same functionalities.