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Time Until | Beautiful Countdowns 2.6
Bruno Schalch
Easily create stylish countdowns for any event in the future orpast. Features: 🌄 Online gallery with hundreds of free images. ✏Background image and font editor to customize each countdown. ⏰ Setreminders that trigger before or when an event happens. ⌚ Selectone or more of the following units for each countdown: Seconds,minutes, hours, days, working days, weeks, months and years. 📱Full-sized widget and small widget to display a countdown on yourhome screen. ✉ Share as images or short videos. ⏳ Sort countdownsby date. 🔎 Full-screen mode. 🌙 Dark mode. 🍃 Very light apk. 😌 Fewads that are not disruptive. Count down to any special date; it canbe Christmas, a birthday, New Year 2020 or your next road trip. Youcan also set a past event and count the time since. See for howmany seconds you have been alive! Your timer is precise to thesecond. Enter immersive mode by double tapping for a full-screenexperience. Two widgets are included with this app, one showscountdowns just like they are shown in the app and the other showsa smaller countdown. Premium Features: 🔁 Repeating countdowns forrecurring events like anniversaries. 🔔 Notifications with alarms. ♾Unlimited countdowns (free version limit is 10). 🚫 No Ads. ✏ Morefont options and black text. Suggest any feature you'd like to seein future updates. If you like the app, please rate. It helps alot! Permissions: The "Read the contents of USB storage" permissionis to read the images you pick for backgrounds. The networkpermissions are to display non-invasive ads and for the onlinebackground gallery. In app billing is for the optional Time UntilPremium upgrade. The shortcut permission is only for futureversions of the app that may use it.