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A fun and addictive classic bubble game that will help you killyour boring time. Create combinations of 3 or more bubbles to burstthem. Try to burst all the bubbles for the minimum amount of timeto get high scores. Rules of the game: - Make a combination of 3 ormore bubbles of the same color. - Aim by moving your finger acrossthe screen. - Remove your finger from the screen for a shot. - Usethe target line for accurate shots. Features: - More than 2000interesting levels. - Simple graphics. - Fun music and sound.
com.riobma.bubbleclassic 61.6.3
Your goal is to collect a combination of balls of the same color,from three or more pieces, and then shoot at them. The game will beinteresting not only for children, but also for adults.
Plunge into the world of jungle and adventure right now. Help themonkey Bona make a combination of different balls, and then shootthem down. In front of a lot of attractive and interesting levels,it is impossible to break away.
Shoot so that fruits and vegetables fall into clusters of 3 or morefruits or vegetables. For example, strawberries for strawberries,blueberries for blueberries, apples for apples and so on. Theresulting groups of identical elements will burst and disappear.Try to burst all the fruits with vegetables to go to the nextlevel.
Configure the combination and shoot down the balls of the samecolor. The game has many different levels, with each new level toknock the egg becomes more difficult.
com.riobma.bubblegarden 31.1.7
Harvest from ripe, juicy fruits. To do this, you need to makegroups of 8 fruits, based on three in a row. You will find manyinteresting and challenging levels.
Explosive and fantastic ball game. Which will bring you pleasure,addiction. A good way to spend your free time on an airplane, busor train. The rules of the game and controls are the same in bothmodes, as in traditional classical bubble shooters. The goal of thegame is, as usual, for a shot, you need to form groups of identicalcolored balls, and then shoot them. The more bubbles you burst, thehigher the score will be. Addictive is that it has many interestinglevels, from which it is impossible to tear yourself away. Withouta doubt, this is a free game that can take you down any mood. Theinterface is beautiful and clean, not overloaded. The gameplay isexcellent and flawless, with bright effects. Everything works veryquickly - you will notice it right away. This game is so addictivethat it can cause a mania. At any time you can continue the gamewithout losing the entire previous process. Do not sit back, butstart playing right now, enjoying the explosion of bubbles. Thereare more than 2000 levels ahead. Features: ● Over 2000 interestingand tightening levels; ● Puzzle mode; ● Arcade mode; ● Quickanimation; ● Explosive effects.
The classic game of marbles, you can choose 2 game modes are"standard" or "arcade". Game rules are very simple, create acombination of 3 or more balls and knocking them going to newlevels. The game has over 1500 challenging levels.
com.riobma.poultryfarm 25.6.8
You could stay in the role of the hunter on ducks. Group the chainof balls with ducks and shoot them.
Shoot down the berries on the principle of three in a row. To dothis, you need to form groups of 8 types of berries, and then shootwhere there are most berries.
Cat Farm 35.4.8
In this fun and interesting game, you need to help Kuzya collectall the balls with the mice. To do this, you need to makecombinations of 3 or more colored balls, and then shoot them. Donot wait, start playing right now.
Try to collect all the wild berries. Your goal is to form acombination of the same berries, and then shoot them. Only in thiscase they will disappear from the playing field, and you will beable to get points and move to a new level. Features: - More than1000 interesting levels. - Vivid effects. - Stunning graphics. -Classic mode by levels. - Infinite mode.
com.riobma.bubbleisland 38.1.1
Immerse yourself in the summer berry world in which you have topick up all the berries. To do this, you need to create acombination of identical berries, and then shoot at it. The fasteryou clear the playing field, the more points you earn. The game hasa classic mode, as well as arcade.
com.riobma.berriescrush 25.3.2
Cheerful and addictive game in the style of three in a row. Youneed to swap vertically or horizontally 2 near the standing fruitto get three or more identical fruits in a row. If you manage to dothis, then you will not only earn points, but also clear some ofthe sections on the playing field that were occupied by fruits ofthe same species. Earn points and bonuses by removing as manyfruits as possible during the game. You can choose the game in theclassic mode, as well as in the mode by levels. There are more than200 interesting and fascinating levels of complexity ahead.Features: - Over 200 levels. - Stunning gameplay. - Classic mode. -Mode by level. - Beautiful graphics. - Explosive effects. Startplaying right now!
Combine more than 3 bubbles of the same color in groups, and thenshoot them. There are many different levels ahead. You are waitingfor more than 1000 levels that will not let you get bored, nomatter where you are.
com.riobma.canscrush 20.7.7
Fun and exciting game in the style of three in a row. Changevertically or horizontally 2 identical aluminum bars adjacent toeach other in such a way as to obtain 3 or more identical cans inorder to blow them up and get points. Your time is limited, try toarrange and blow up the banks as soon as possible. The game has theusual classic mode, as well as mode by level. Features: - More than200 cool levels. - Cool gameplay. - Beautiful graphics. - Brightand explosive effects. - Classic mode. - Mode by level. Have a goodtime!
Crocodile Farm 25.7.1
Interesting game the essence of which is that you need as quicklyas possible to remove all the fruit from the field, for this youneed to connect 3 or more identical fruits and shoot them with aslingshot. Act quickly to score as many points.
com.riobma.fruitfarm 41.5.1
You - happy farmer who churn fruit, thus moving to the next levels.You need to collect the fruit group, and then shoot them down.
com.riobma.fertilefarm 33.2.3
Help the hamster to collect all the balls with vegetables. To dothis, you need to group the chains of the same vegetables, aim andshoot. The faster you clear the playing field of vegetables, themore points you earn and move to the next level. With each newlevel it will be more difficult to do. Do not give anything to theabyss. Start playing right now.
Corn Bubble 27.6.3
Create chain reactions and shoot down the corn balls. Try to knockdown as many balls at a time to move on to more interesting levels.
In this interesting game, you need to try to knock down all theballs with bees, moving from lungs to more difficult levels ofdifficulty.
Immerse yourself in the russian farm where you have to work hardand knock ripe vegetables, but this would not be easy. You need tocollect and shoot down the vegetables group consisting 8 varieties.
com.riobma.duckfarm 35.1.2
Interesting and exciting game of balls. Your task in a short periodof time to release all the ducks from the multi-colored bubbles. Todo this, you need to create a chain of identical in color bubbles,and then burst them. Do not wait, start playing right now.
com.riobma.forestgoodies 22.3.3
Immerse yourself in the world of the forest collecting wood gifts.Your mission - to bring down as many berries for this, create achain consisting of several identical berries, and shoot at themwithout letting them fall down.
com.riobma.bobikbubble 15.3.0
You will enjoy over 100 exciting and colorful levels. The game isincredibly simple, you need to connect multiple bubbles with thebones, of one color, aiming to restore the line and shoot, going tothe next level.
Match the same color balls in 3 rows vertically or horizontally,thereby clearing the playing field and earning points. The fasteryou match the balls, the faster you clear the board and go to thenext level.
com.riobma.christmaspuzzle 20.7.3
Help Santa Claus to shoot and smash identical balls withsnowflakes. To do this you need to send the ball to the ball of thesame color. If the balls of the same will be from 3 or more - theyare broken, and you go to the next level. Have a good time!
Bubble Worlds 20.8.9
Create combinations of 3 or more bubbles to blow them up. Try assoon as possible to clear the entire playing field from the balls.The rules of the game are very simple: - The goal of the gameremains unchanged in all modes. - Make a combination of 3 balls ofthe same color so that they burst. - Aim by moving your fingeracross the screen. - Remove your finger from the screen for a shot.- Use the target line for accurate shots. Features: - Mode puzzles- more than 2000 challenging levels. - Endless mode.
com.riobma.russianduck 32.1.2
A fun ball game in which you need to save all the ducklings. Therules of the game are very simple, form groups of 3 or more ballsof the same color, and then shoot around the chain to release theducklings.
Play famous classic game of marbles. The aim of the game is verysimple, consists of a single color balls and shoot them. The gamehas 2 game modes - arcade and puzzle. You will find many differentlevels of complexity.
Beautiful and exciting game of marbles, from which it is impossibleto break away. The aim of the game is very simple - you have tomake combinations of 3 or more of the same color balls and shootthem down.
Play a fun and attractive game of balls, from which it isimpossible to break away. The game has over 2000 levels of varyingdifficulty. You can select puzzle mode and arcade mode. You need toform a combination of colored balls, and then shoot them down, witheach new level to do this becomes more and more difficult.
Tightening and fun classic game in balls, from which it isimpossible to come off. You need to form groups of different balls,and then shoot them. Shoot the balls to make a row of three ballsof the same color and then burst them. Pass on to the new excitinglevels in our game - with every new level the game will get steeperand more interesting. Enjoy an exciting workout for your brain withpuzzle mode, or arcade. Features: - Puzzle for children and adults;- There is an arcade mode; - More than 2000 levels of varyingcomplexity; - Stunning gameplay.
Shoot Bubble Deluxe
A classic ball game. A good way to have fun is your free time. Therules of the game are very simple and the same in arcade and innormal mode. You need to make groups of the same color balls, andnoticeably blow them up. The faster you blow up the balls, the morepoints you will earn. Do not sit back, start playing right now,enjoying the explosion of bubbles. Features: ● Over 2000interesting and tightening levels; ● Normal mode; ● Arcade mode; ●Fantastic animation; ● Bright and explosive effects; ● Incrediblegameplay.
Line & Points 4.5.0
Play an interesting puzzle. Your task is to connect all the pointswith one touch, to get a certain geometric figure.
com.dialekts.draughts 4.1.2
Play a traditional, inspirational board game checkers. You can playwith a computer, as well as for two with a friend or with someonefrom the family. Good luck in the game!
Cockroach Smasher
In this exciting game you must crush as many insects with yourfingers as possible. Do not let insects eat bread.
Shoot Eggs 2019
In this interesting game, you need to knock down all the dinosaureggs in a short time, moving from easy to more difficult levels.The game has 2 game modes, classic as well as endless mode. How toplay: - The main mission in the game is that you need to destroyall the eggs on the playing field. - Create groups with the samecolor eggs, consisting of 3 or more. - Tap the screen, aim andshoot. - Destroy all groups to complete the game and go to the nextlevel. Features - Beautiful and fast animation, explosive effects.- Colorful dinosaur eggs. - Over 2000 challenging levels.
Shoot the creeping mass of multi-colored eggs, trying to complementgroups of single-color eggs to three or more with shots. A clusterof 3 or more eggs, formed by a shot, explodes, freeing space. Tryto score more points and remember: either you blow up the wholearmy of eggs, or finish the game, unable to bear the egg press.Don't wait, start playing now!
Egyptian Bubbles
No one has yet managed to solve the mysteries and mysteries of theEgyptian pyramids. No one knows who and how built them in ancienttimes. But we will leave all these puzzles to archaeologists andscientists, and we will shoot ourselves. The key process is theshooting of precious stones at them, with the goal of grouping thesame color. For example, a yellow gem, launched and caught in agroup (cluster) of the same and complementing it with three or moreyellow stones, breaks all this cluster into small stones. The gamehas more than 2000 levels, and on each of them you need to completeyour task. Destroying a lot of gems.
com.dialekts.travel.bubble 1.1.0
Play bubbles in offline mode, wherever you are. Shoot thecreepingmass of multi-colored bubbles, trying to complement groupsofsingle-color bubbles to three or more with shots. A cluster of 3ormore bubbles formed by a shot bursts, freeing up space.