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Air Force Legend 2015 1.3
Air Force Legend 2015 is a classical scrolling Galaxy Space CombatFighter arcade game on AndroidIn the year 2048, a new chapter inthe story of humanity is beginning as we expand to the furthestPlanet in the universe. In a scenery of mystery, intrigue, andopportunity, you'll take the reigns as Commander of a galacticoutpost vying for power. It won't be easy though, you'll need tomarshal all your AirForce and employ a variety of strategies torepel those who wish to eradicate you. Make no mistake: the threatof Space Pirates, enemy outposts, aliens, and the unknown loomsbefore us. Your legend is waiting to be written, Commander.Thehottest Air Force fighter game is no push over, but theinvigorating gameplay and vast library of achievements will keepboth casual players and hardcore gamers hooked as you upgrade yourfighter and take it a little deeper into the incredible battlefieldtime after time.Command your Galaxy AirForce to galactic conquest!Galaxy Air Force is a space combat fighter game that has beenwaiting for a hero like yourself.FEATURES:★ Beautiful levels withimmersive missions to complete. ★ Multiple extreme boss battles. ★Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombs andmagnets. ★ Risk everything to rescue civilians. ★ Brand new weeklytournaments against other players. ★ Boost your final score with ahost of in-game achievements. ★ Rescue fallen opponents to winextra lives and stars. ★ Accessible to beginners, as well ashardcore shooter addicts. ★ Full voiceover and incredibleelectronic soundtrack.★ Seven gorgeous scenes,Vivid sound effect!ifyou the best and most enjoyable flight shooting game,this game isfor you.
Jelly Star - Splash Mania 1.0
Join people all over the world enjoyingawesome puzzle fun with Jelly star splash mania,Switch the jelly tocrush! This is a really fun and addictive game. Easy to play,switch a jelly to match no less than 3 of the same jellies to clearthem. When you get the target points , the level is complete.Connect the jelly blocks so they explode at your fingertips! Apuzzle game that's always refreshing, The more jelly connected, thebigger the explosion, the higher the score!Fun for every age!*WHY YOU’LL LOVE JELLY STAR - SPLASH MANIA *- NEVER STOP PUZZLING: Hundreds of hyper-addictive matchinglevels, and it is completely FREE- MATCH AT YOUR PACE: 100% fun, with no annoying time limits- PLAY HAPPY: Match the super-cute Jellies to add tons more fun toyour day- UNIQUE LEVELS: 3 completely different match game typesHow to play:1. Connect/align three or more same jelly to score points, toobtain more Health Points, and to launch strikes.2. Touch two closed jelly or two puddings to make three jelly in aline.3. Archive the target scores in limited time to level up.4. Eliminate the more jelly quickly can get extra scores and jellystar.5. Touching the bomb jelly can clear a row, a column or a square ofjellies.
Pool Billiards GALAXY World 1.0
Welcome to the Pool Billiards game GalaxyWorld, Cool GALAXY TableCloth,Nice graphics,Real hit sense. GALAXYPool Billiards is an easy but nevertheless fun and well developed2D billiard pool game for your phone!How about a nice little gameof pool? This is the No.1 Pool billiards game with stunning GALAXYTable Cloth in Android market and it's totally FREE.Billiards, also more formally known as Snooker or pool billiards,is the family of cue sports and games played on a pool table havingsix receptacles called pockets along the rails, into which ballsare deposited as the main goal of play. Popular versions includeeight-ball, nine-ball and soonker. An obsolete term for pool issix-pocket.GALAXY Pool Billiards game is a classical 8-ballbilliards Game!Game Features:- With Google Game Leaderboard.- classical 8-ball billiards Game- Single and two player quick games.- 4 different types of Pool GALAXY theme tablecloth.- Stunning graphics & Dynamic sound effects..- Intuitive touch controls, apply spin and swerve with ease- Aiming let you shoot with one single finger touch from anywhereon the screen