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Bulbapedia - Pokémon Wiki 29.0.29-alpha-2018-11-06
This is the one and only official app for Bulbapedia, the communitydriven Pokémon encyclopedia. The app has everything from our wiki.Every guide, every article, every Pokémon fact, it's all here andeasily accessible in app form with improved navigation andfeatures. - Complete Pokedex : All Pokemon Generations I-VII AlwaysUp to Date! - 31,000+ articles on all Pokemon related topicsimaginable including Pokemon GO - Offline Viewing: Save articles toyour reading lists and view them anywhere with or without aninternet connection. - Walkthroughs & Guides If you don't findwhat you are looking for in our app, it probably doesn't exist. Theapp is updated in real time from the actual Bulbapedia website, soyou'll never miss out on any important updates we publish. Ourdedicated community of contributors and wiki editors have added anincredible 31,000+ articles on all Pokemon related topicsimaginable including Pokemon GO, and that number keeps growingdaily! Don't have access to data or wifi? No problem, just save thearticles you want to read later with our handy "reading list"feature and view any and every article offline anywhere. -Discover: browse through and discover all of Bulbapedia's articles,created by fans like you. With our random page viewer, you canalways stumble across new and exciting content for viewing. -Multiple Tabs: Open multiple articles and keep the ones you aren'tviewing in the background to click through and revisit with ease. -Table of Contents: Quickly and easily skip to any section of anarticle. Swipe from the right side of the screen to reveal thearticle's table of contents, and select where you'd like to jumpto. - History: The app automatically saves every page you visit inyour history section so you never lose track of what articlesyou've visited. - Offline Viewing: Save articles to your readinglists and view them anywhere with or without an internetconnection. Any page you've previously visited is automaticallyavailable for offline mode through your history section. Perfectfor when you're on the go without access to wi-fi. - Complete andup to date Pokedex. Bulbapedia is not affiliated with Nintendo,Creatures Inc., Game Freak Inc., or the Pokémon Company. Pokémoncontent and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Nintendo,Creatures Inc., Game Freak Inc, The Pokémon Company, and theirlicensors. All rights reserved.