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Card Counter 1.3
Bullet Team
Do not refuse to play with your friends anymore. SCOPA, SCOPONESCIENTIFICO, SETTE E MEZZO, BRISCOLA e TRESSETTE, but also POKER eBLACKJACK will not have any secrets for you and you will alwayscome back home as a winner.Mark the cards you see on the table andforecast the next moves of your opponents.If someone looks at you,you can obscure the screen and nobody will discover your secret.Nowthe following decks are available:- Napolitan- French- Spanish-German
SpaceTrack Client 1.2
Bullet Team
Are you a spacecraft operator?Are you always worried about spacedebris and about possible collisions?If you have a Space-Trackoperator account, this is the right app for you. This app is basedon the Space-Track APIs so you will be able to download ConjuctionData Messages (CDM) wherever you are simply by your smartphone ortablet. You will not need to turn on your computer anymore and evenon holiday you will keep your satellite constellation undercontrol.You can download the CDMs in real-time or you can enable anautomatic service that will check for you the presence of newcollision risks.Do not hesitate to contact me if you have anysuggestion.
Bullet Bet Predictions 2.2.3
Bullet Team
BULLET is an innovative football platform which employs ArtificialIntelligence algorithms to support almost 1 MILLION football fansall over the world. ---- STATISTICS AND PREDICTIONS FOR MORE THAN200 LEAGUES---- More than 200 football leagues are constantlymonitored thanks to complex algorithms which analyze historicalresults, home/away performance and team form to provide accuratestatistics and predictions for several football events. ---- BESTSTATISTICS AND MATCHES OF THE DAY ---- Every day the most likelyresults are grouped in the best statistics sections and the mostinteresting games in order to maximize your revenue. ---- BULLETMACHINE: OPTIMIZE YOUR STRATEGY ---- Artificial Intelligenceoptimizes your chances of winning by automatically selecting thebest games according to your criteria. You will be able to choosethe leagues of interest, the number of matches and the oddsinterval for each one. ---- LIVESCORE, NEWS AND VIDEOS ---- BULLETnot only provides the livescore for the major football leagues, butit also offer the possibility to read news from the most famousfootball newspapers in all languages and to watch highlights,interviews and videos from the official football league and teamchannels. ---- FREE TELEGRAM CHANNEL: 90% WINNING PROBABILITY ----Join now the free Telegram channel @bulletbetpredictions(https://t.me/bulletbetpredictions) and you will get 3 times perday very high probability football matches and many otherofferings. Don't waste your time anymore, join the channel rightnow! ---- CUSTOMER SERVICE---- The development team is always atyour service. If you want to report something or give us someadvice, do not hesitate to write us to bulletscommesse@gmail.com.We will answer you as soon as possible and we will try to give youeverything you want. All these features make BULLET one among themost powerfull football app all over the world. Choose theArtificial Intelligence, download BULLET, decide to win for FREE!!!