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AnimeTap 1.0.1
Big battle started in Konoha! First place is aHOKAGE rank! Tap faster than Neji use him ninjutsu :)Can your fingers win this fight? Let's check!New anime and game characters will connect to battle too.- Many level backgrounds (and pixel styled in nextupdates)- Many famous characters, drawn by our hands.- Endless game with easy mechanics for playing,- AFK bonuses!- Minimalistic design.- In next updates you will see many new things and we will start asome quests for community.
Ninja War: Konoha Defenders 1.2.19
Fight like a beast!You must train your skills and your ninjas for big battle.Sakura, Kakashi, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Jugo and another waits you inGreat War of ninja in Shippuuden universe.Now in game:- 10 playable characters from famous anime- 7 various arenas for fight and training- Original soundtrack- Hardcore gameplay with unstoppable action- Missions with rating system- Survival mode. (Early Access)- Perfect 2D anime style graphics.Read about characters and more lore about this universe here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naruto
ShinobiWar: Destiny of Ninja 1.1.1
Play with your favorite heroes inShinobiWar.ShinobiWar is new 2D anime ninja battle game.It's fan project, maded for fans. All rights reservedbyowners.